Regulating the Internet

Regulating the Internet

You CANNOT regulate the internet.

Politicians calling for changes in the law or making exceptionary measures are being considered. Many wish to change the net outright.

Sure, parents will say yes, regulate it. Politicians, especially the Conservatives, like to claim they are on the ‘side’ of the people, especially those with children, as they believe we, as humans, are only on the Earth to procreate and have families.

Certain cases have sparked tipping the edge.

Last years Twitter mishap, where an unnamed footballer, who can now be named, took an injunction out from the courts to gag a female he had an affair with. One user exposed the affair over Twitter beforehand. Everyone knew, but the footballer sought the court order, and received it.

The reason, he did not want leaked was that it led to the revelation that his private life had been overstacked with far greater repercussions. He was having an affair with his brother’s sister for a number of years, even though both parties were married.

Only two days ago, a young female child was sexually abused by a boy of 14 years of age. The judge blamed pornography and society for manipulating the youngster into the atrocious act. If it had been an adult, they would have had the rule book thrown at them tenfold. The female’s mother, infuriated, wanted a young offender’s institution as the sentence for the abuser.

The fact he got off due to age and a technicality also undermines the justice system and the judge legitimacy to make decisions. The child, if manipulated, per se, should then have had a sentence in order to teach. Getting away with it, means he and others his age will understand it is highly acceptable to do this, break rules and cause crime to society.

Many may use this as yet another reason to regulate. Pornography does not cause this behaviour; it is parental lacking without role models or education. (Future post on Internet and sex shall be on in a few days.)

Parents believe internet porn corrupts our children, as do the government. Parents and the government do not live in the real world, which is why the internet creates a reality that is not in the real ‘public’ world, but hosts a world in which the reality of people and the proper issues discussed exist. Politicians and parents want to bury their heads in sand or say “I’m not listening to that” failing to take responsibility or understanding why things happen, because they take a prejudiced opinion that their way is correct, when completely out of touch as to why people do these things.

If they listen to the internet and its voices, you’ll learn a hell of a lot more, which is why freedom of expression is essential. We also live in a democracy that encourages that in Britain. Should that go, then Democracy in the UK is exposed and unveiled as a double standard that simply does not exist.

You can say online what you cannot in public, because you will either be stabbed, shot or someone who disagrees with your thoughts will claim racism. Or they simply just don’t like the look of you and feel they have power to control anything they want.

Parents, if believing the internet is the point of all evil, then need to understand that it is solely the parent to control what their child sees online. Too lazy to set parental controls and allow children to see porn is not the fault of the internet, nor its providers or advertisers. It is down to parental guidance. Would you let them watch such a film, for example, Saw or a horror film, knowing what it entails? No. So sticking them on a PC to do whatever they like is infeasible.

You moan too much is out there, but it is your sole responsibility to take action and shield your children from it. Porn, films and advertising are always going to be there in order to drive the economy and social need forward. So it is down to you to set your parameters in internet safety and parenting. It takes more than just a click of a button to set a level of blockage to a website.

Would you allow your child to play outside on their bike or scooter, near a busy road or motorway, without supervision?

Exceptions with trolling, racism and all else of abuse should be made, but in order to make exceptions, first and foremost, we need to understand what they mean, before prosecution and not just on a biased thought based whim. Again we shall have this in a forthcoming post.


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