Harry Potter ‘Quidditch’ becomes Unofficial ‘sport’

Harry Potter ‘Quidditch’ becomes Unofficial ‘sport’


Teams from Australia, the United States, France and the United Kingdom participated in a special 2 day event where the fictional sport became a reality involving a worldwide movement, based in Oxford, England, earlier this week.

The Olympic torch relay would be passing through the city over the period, and was said to have seen the sport commemorate the gesture, while adding a technical game of their own.



The final was won by the US team. The sporting event became the largest so far. Quidditch has been played minimally beforehand, in January.

The game sees 7 members on a team, riding broomsticks attempt to catch a golden snitch, made famous from the novels and screen showings of the Harry Potter series.



National teams competed in Cutteslowe Park before the final two teams faced one another during the torch arrival celebrations at South Park on Monday 9th July.

Leah Farrar, of the International Quidditch Association, said it was the UK’s biggest Quidditch event to date. She went on to state “For obvious reasons we can’t fly but it’s a very physical, intelligent and complex sport.”


The players have aspirations the sport will one day be an Olympic one.



“Maybe one day, we’re still learning and having fun, but it’s good to be part of all the celebrations surrounding the Olympic torch.”

Children also were able to learn the ropes, in a mini game of now dubbed “Kidditch.”

JK Rowling’s vision has never been broader.

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