Strictly Come Dancing 2012 Week 4: Results

Strictly Come Dancing 2012

Week 4: Results

Tess and Claudia introduced the show, where Tess has a mesmeric centric circle centerpiece.

After a recap of performances the first batch of results safely through to next week were announced in no particular order – Louis and Flavia, Victoria and Brendan, Kimberley and Pasha, Lisa and Robin, Michael and Natalie. The first couple in the dance off are – Sid and Ola.

 After this the first guest took to the stage.

Paloma Faith

Never Tear Us Apart


Paloma, who seemed to have a flowery episode of Um Bongo in a train dress looked ever more a musical star with originality and enriched vocals with dominance proving a force to look toward in order to learn from for young hopefuls today seeking talent and grace.

Talking with the judges, and a fabulous look through Len’s Lens at Bruno being bitten with smitten Colin, and Craig and Darcey’s flimsical thriller hands, the results were back.

The next couples surviving to next week are – Richard and Erin, Dani and Vincent, Denise and James, Nicky and Karen, Fern and Artem.

Leaving Colin and Kristina to face the dance off, to mass shock with the audience.

The dance off

Sid and Ola

Holding the prop instead of dancing with partner may have affected, though the steps were seemingly similar to the first night. There was no real oomph thrust into the routine along with leggy Ola’s kicks.

Colin and Kristina

Second time around, both displayed concentration and attention to detail in their steps and deliverance of them with the routine. Shouldn’t have been in this position possibly, however, is the strong of the two lowest couples. More potential, and proved he was going for it. In for the long-haul.

The Judges vote

In the event of a tie head judge Len has casting vote.

Craig – More dynamic, simply better dancers. Saves Colin and Kristina.

Darcey – Saves Colin and Kristina.

Bruno – Overall strongest couple, saves Colin and Kristina.

Len’s vote would have been against, and would have saved Sid and Ola. Can’t forgive huge mistakes, and Colin made it again.

It’s a shame that Owen, who can dance and was a potential dark horse, took a slowed down process that halted his strictly journey. Cockney lad Sid proved he can dance and wear shiny sequins with his brightly inducing smile. Could have gone far if stepped up earlier. Don’t hold back!

Strictly Come Dancing 2012 Week 4: Halloween

Strictly Come Dancing 2012

Week 4: Halloween

This week was “Horrorwood” Ooh, scary…

Opening the gates to the nightmare on Borehamwood, the cast launched a groovy Thriller dance to the classic Michael Jackson hit.

Cut to Tom Daley in the audience during Brucie’s recounted tale of terror featuring Anton DuBeke, voted off last week.

A range of styles would be on tonight’s show but one that wasn’t scheduled was Brucie’s impromptu verison of viral superhit Gangnam Style.

Heeeeyyy, Sexy Bru-cie! Whoop!

Below are the scores from judges Craig Revel-Horwood, Darcey Bussell, Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli and the mark we would give professionally.

Dani and Vincent

Cha Cha Cha

Scooby Doo Theme Song – Hoyt Curtin and the Singers

Taking on a Velma and Shaggy inspired Scooby treat, spooky Simone and Dani this was a humourous sight to start the mood of dance. Finding some slight groove, Dani looked decent, but still didn’t amaze with a wow impact just yet. Is capable, but glad to see she is aiming to insert her personality into the routine to become a contending force in the competition, though needs more strength of character. Under the spooky Frankenstein costume was the spooky, returning Anton. Rumbled by “those pesky kids.”

Where put the steak? On face for a manicure.

Tasty sausage sandwich Len compares to. Bruno thought he was watching Denise Welch as Vincent. Spirited fun. Nice footwork. Timing and placement, needs expanded.

Clean, fast footwork, must extend lines. Late with arms initially – CRH.

That fast with that many moves, -DB. Over exaggerate the hips.

6, 6, 8, 7


Richard and Erin

Paso Doble

O Fortuna – Carl Orff

The “boag-eyman” Erin and partner Richard, took to the cape floor. Dancing to the theme of rival show, The X Factor, a dark and fiery start with good cape swing action, and strong moving presence, commanding the arena as domineer, slow in parts t concentrate on steps. Good turns, and kicks focused, was very pleasing and tantalising structure though needed a bit more assertiveness than meek in parts, though overall, very commanding.

BT- drama, like Gary Numan with a temper. Posture, lines and timing not there. Execution not as refined. CRH- cape very good and turn out. Needs to be earthed with floor, strong preparation. Nice scissor action, needs more arch to dance. I’m disappointed.

DB – Character was spooky matador. Worked hard but needed more tilt. Flex the glute muscles she advised. LG – Butch bullfighter. Into character. Got to get tight butt. More shaping, but you came out and give it some!”

So macho, called Sinitta.

5, 5, 7, 5,


Lisa and Robin


Witch Doctor – Don Lang

Taking command of pupil Robin ‘Wicked’ Windsor, Riley got her groove on instantly, with very good work on the floor as character and routine to the dance. Looked comfortable. Tipped Rob upside down again. A Lift? Bit exhausted at this point ending on a barrel roll with wit and grace.

Acted well, danced poorly. No cross and swivel. Step touch, step back. Otherwise not a Charleston. DB – fastest Charelston. Could become messy but wasn’t that messy. Spring and Energy back. LG – plenty of fun, speedy and energy. Parody of a Charleston. Well done. Bruno – a spinning banshee. Facial Aerobics, Bruno then knocked his suit prop on his shoulder off thinking it was real.

Bruce picked it up for Bruno as a hairpiece. Bruno thought he would give Dynasty’s Joan Collins a run for her money.

Giving Joan Collins a run for her money!

Gentleman Robin took some responsibility for role soles placed on Lisa.

6, 6, 7, 7,


Sid and Ola

Cha Cha Cha

Ghostbusters – Ray Parker Jr

Bruce gave a beautiful introduction to Iveta Lukosiute. Rolling off the tongue, who helped in training as Ola had to get off to Poland for other reasons.

Equipped with super soaker props, Sid did a lot of basic and unattractive steps here and there. Started with a breakdance from Sid. Once getting into a hip swivel and arm extensions was too slowed down and concentrate on look to audience and concentrating on one move there and then and neglected other parts of routine which couldn’t join to the rest of the routine.

DB- Fabulous to see more dance conflicted. Don’t worry. Can see concentration on your face.  Need attitude. LG – Ola-ween! All too safe. Take risks. Go down fighting. Len said “go for it” as Bruno added break the spell. Lacks detail, power and accuracy. You can do it. CRH duded it a “Halloween nightmare.” Oooh Err. Nothing more to add.

2, 5, 5, 5


Nicky and Karen


Weird Science – Olingo Boingo

Advising Brucie not to use inter-speak Forysthe apologised he was Tote InAppropes #Horror in a lovely 2012 linguistic humour segment.

Karen ‘Howling Hauer was soon brought to life by Byrne to begin, though slow in hold. Steps took a while, fell flat in performance. Boring, lacked enthusiasm and attack as intended. No dance aptitude. Got the GMTV dancer effect. Tiresome and tedious.

LG – stomped footwork, got through it to the beat. BT – found secret formula. Don’t go off the style (of the Tango) CRH – main priority is your posture. Picking feet up too much, liked routine. DB – entertaining. Lift knees looked marching instead. Had narrative.

6, 6, 7, 7


Fern and Artem

American Smooth

Killer Queen – Queen

Artem’s chicken fillets made an appearance full on tonight to please the audience. Servant to Queen Fern, soon ushered her from her throne with a graceful lift well leading into a slower than usual floor work. A little backward unfortunately. Lovely lady won’t make her go further and hopefully she’s aiming to improve to have a really great, memorable dance for her time on the show.

BT – too being, too nice. Song defines character and movement. Plain, not impact it should have have.

DB – smooth. Take a few more bad roles. Be brave. Be bad. LG – got howl, not wow. Push her he asks Artem.

4, 5, 6, 6


Public announcement with lost watch was pointless but hilarious. Simplist comedy is most effective. Thumbs Up. 😮

Denise and James

Cha Cha Cha

U Can’t Touch This – MC Hammer/ Superfreak – Rockwell

James wanted Denise to get her freak on. Time for a lesson, girls?

Released from birdcage, almost tripped in a minor blip, bless. Took seat like a cabaret scene. Then into hold with James getting bit raunchy. Slow movement. Lot of time in twirls. Focused on routine, lost some attack and fluidity. Standard but not interesting.

CRH – partial to whip, but not hip. Energy spins brilliant. LG – never disappoint, needs fabulous leg action. Liked it, needed more crisp. BT – side to side alright, back and forth need lustrous hips working. Simple and basic steps.

7, 7, 7, 7


Michael and Natalie


That Old Black Magic – Sammy Davis Jr

Surviving the dance off as victor last week with Natalie ‘Living dead’ Lowe, Vaughy was haunted by Craig’s comments and hilarious woke up in bed with him. Back to the stage, Vaughan magic upped a beauty from a beast with Natalie, into a swift race round the floor in a pleasing effort. Good togetherness with partner. In steps. Back heel kick met with lively audience in house, with followed up hop alongs, looked impressive for previous struggler. Back into his magic clothes changer device, magician Mikey scored a beaut. It was a sustainable effort.

DB – ballroom is your thing, hold and top line beautiful. Light, precise. Cheeky grin. LG – teased a 7 from Len as Michael has hopes for. BT – a miracle, transformation. CRH – gave a few claps to them.

8, 8, 8, 7


Victoria and Brendan


White Wedding – Billy Idol

Cookie Cole Backward strutting and wafting of arm lines in a vanilla gothic themed ghoulite, twirl spins and nothing else seemed to dominate the routine. Di d not feel like the powerful Tango it could have become. All Brendan moves, no connection with partner and Victoria was way off and too lost, sadly. Needs to really let go. Reserved. Felt empty.

LG – need faith, sharp and crisp. BT – haunting beauty with hint of madness. Loved it. CRH – lost posture, hand problem, routine excellent. DB – wonderful to see fight in you.

7, 8, 8, 8


Colin and Kristina


Superstition – Stevie Wonder

We haven’t seen the prequel to the Resident Evil series yet, starring Craig as Brucie points out. Maybe Colin will haunt him down for acting tips!

Stroking his black cat like Blofeld, Kristina rips cape off velvet wonder Colin into some airy lifted placement to the floor. Fair leg step overs, from sultry Kristina, with good turns though had awkward beginning before hand into them, ended on lift to floor spin. Good connection.

Developing so well – Brucie

Haphazard foot work, nerves into lifts. Got a disco groove, great rhythm Bruce adds.

DB – not dirty but saucy Salsa. LG – lovely rhythmic tick. Very encouraged but major incident. Colin knew and accepted graciously.

Do more Disco!

5, 7, 6, 6


Louis and Flavia


Disturbia – Rihanna

Limp ‘rigormortis’ early on in routine. Too mechanical/robotic. Constructed. Not Free. Backflip again as signature piece wont be any good overall. Rather tedious now. A lift, also technically? All is relayed on to cover up inaccuracy. Only doing it for look based than being professional. Very slow. Disinteresting.

CRH – ineffable, loved it. Thumb up on Flavia back, needs to go down. DB – Spookily good. BT – Tango of the season. (Only been 2 or 3.)

8, 9, 9, 9


Kimberley and Pasha

Paso Doble

Hungry Like The Wolf – Duran Duran

With a little red riding hood theme, a back fumble in twirl. Slowed in centre. Pasha flip, a lift? Strawberry Pist-(P)aschio had storytelling narrative however, in a pleasing mix of routine. Fluid in arm flips and transitional holds with Pasha, needs more bite in attack. Too long away from partner, too distanced. Not enough close chasing, should have captured her faster, whilst being kept little at bay and then break free to dominate Wolfy Pasha.

DB – Intensity, kicks, very nice. LG – Competent performance, tad more aggression. Like popping off to Sainsbury’s at start. Postural perfection. BT –Excellent lines, very well danced. Executions in the arm. CRH – Fiery, punchy, fantastic shaping.

8, 8, 7,8


With Bruce’s comedy, and presenting quips, the judges accurate, fun and credible critique and the glam of Tess, with high audience engagement, Strictly Come Dancing once again trounces competition and keeps the public enthused, as it should aim. It was another talent packed evening for the series with overall pleasing moments to watch.

Some hot favourites are in trouble tonight though.

Danger zone

Victoria, Colin and Sid.

Results to follow.

X Factor UK 2012 Week 4 Results

X Factor UK 2012

Week 4 Results

Sunday’s Results show became yet another controversial decision with the viewing public.

Tulisa marching with a purpose, making a tiresome statement to show off a cigarette patch as the judges entered was just daft.

Group song

Without You – David Guetta feat. Usher

One member of group Union J begin. Rylan and Jade mask one another. Kye picks tempo and vocals up. Low pitch from Union J, Jahmene warbles in, Christopher gives it some wellie. District3 come in from nowhere like hopping bunnies, James and Ella come in strong. District3 then shout off key into the mic, as Union J add into the contrast terribly. Everyone joins together which proves disjointed overall. Group songs used to be outstanding. Not any more. Kye and James stood out.

Last night’s drama was replayed with the acts before the first musical guest took stage.

Do remember, this was the exact same song in the same group collaboration last year. Unique.


We Are Young

Described as “Power pop and Indie Rock” multitasking with a drum beat to strong setting and charismatic tone, Fun proved how to be a professional group on stage with heightened, cool vocals and a crisp ensemble  sound as a group.

Judges Worst of the evening?

Nicole – District3 and Jade.

Gary – Agree with Nicole.

Tulisa – confident about my girls. Christopher, but I know he’s got a strong following.

Louis – Union J won (last night), Jade is at risk.

Robbie Williams


“Britain’s finest global superstar”

Everyone loves the “one and only” Robbie Williams. I do , too. However, I am a professional, and that song, was not one of his best, especially as a comeback single. The beginning of the song has a catchy beat and makes you want to get involved initially, though slightly dips in the middle and lacks lyrical power. Sorry Rob.

One thing Rob does do is perform, and made up for it giving it some, though he did drop a “vote Rylan” mention. A pleasing thing for some, though losing credibility from others.

Working the crowd, Rob even straddled Louis with a hug making tons of people Jealous, and even placed himself on the knee of a guy front row in a comedy moment for a serenade, to prove X Factor has some blokes in its audience.

Red or Black balloons showered the stage with pink ‘candy’ confetti.

Everyone still cheers for Robbie, so no worries. Oops, Gary co-wrote that.

“Who impressed during masterclass” Dermot asked Robbie, who answered “Ella.”

The Result

The acts were now announced in “no particular order”  who would return next week – Ella, District3, Jahmene, James, Kye, Rylan and Christopher.

The Sing Off

Union J Vs Jade Ellis

Leaving the two left to battle, the group went first.

Union J

Perfect – Pink

Trying a low, acapella esq, with light backing sound to acoustic tones, took an easy performance to plea with “Pretty Pretty Please” which highly exposed their awful singing. They could not safeguard themselves and the “harmonies” were all over the place jumping from one to another which rose their sound with near shoutish yells of sob story.

Jade Ellis

White Flag – Dido

Put the willies up Union J for a moment

“The very beautiful, very talented” A strong vocal to begin with an evangelic Dido performance receiving praise from the audience in attendance, Jade’s smoky, sweet voice had Union J worried in the background assuming they would leave the contest. Jade’s rising vocals lifted the crowd, mood and tone of the song with a unique style for a new age. It was a classy performance from Ellis, deserving to stay and defeated competition vocally.  But, how will the votes go?

The Vote

Now in the hands of the judges, Louis save his group Union J as Tulisa voted to keep her act Jade, naturally keeping ego in place.

Louis was loudly booed for “sending home Jade.”

Nicole voted to send home – She said of Jade- “strong young woman, one of my favourite voices with a tone. You’re a recording artist and a brilliant one” Union J – you boys, your work has proven yourself to me” Nicole saved Union J.

Loud boo’s for Nicole.

Gary has casting vote. Of Union J he added – “not been exceptional, excited to see what you do next,, seen commitment and ambition in your eyes. Some place to go with you guys.”

“Jade you’re a phenomenal vocalist, I wonder if I want this more for you than you want it.”

The act sending home was, Jade.

The audience were miffed. Jade became the next contestant to be voted off the show. Gary’s integrity came under question about how much pride he had to possibly swallow to keep his judges and show bosses on side to protect his own acts. Already in the doghouse with Mr.Cowell for being honest, some felt he had no choice but to cave in to the status quo.

Nicole was seen as a contradiction who has no levels of star judging and only as an over sexual elder woman suffering a mid-life romantic crisis desperate for teenage boys as eye candy.

Jade remained a professional about the decision humbly stating – “Thank you for all your critique.” “Now my life begins.” Mentor Tulisa took it on the chin – I apologise if it’s my fault. Maybe I should have given her (more) ballads. Ballad’s would not have helped. Everyone assumes a girl should do a ballad, like the groups, which is another safe and easy option that shows no star quality to win. Unfortunately, certain judge’s behaviour causes acts to leave instead of the talent on show, as well as backstage politics.

X Factor UK 2012 Week 4: Fag Ash Frenzy!

X Factor UK 2012

Week 4: Fag Ash Frenzy!

Dermot gave a spooky entrance as the show soon started. Robbie Williams was in the same hotel, per chance, and gave the acts some tips as a guest mentor testing the water for the panel by Cowell next year.

Kye Sones

Let Me Entertain You – Robbie Williams

Opening the show with a ”never covered before” as a Robbie only song, Kye, looking very much a star with hair and make-up like a breath of fresh air, sang in unison able to hit the high notes belting out the tune powerfully and maintained tone of the original song, while adding a new spin on the track with his own style. Being in Robbie’s shadow will always be compared initially, though this performance was showing of Kye only and not one thought of Robbie’s version rang through until afterwards, if at all, which is a rare feat for a performer to do, especially early on in the series.

A unique quality to a star singer and performer with potential X Factor. Class act. People still need to vote for him, though, as his age group might not necessarily be remembered in the wake of untalented ‘competition.’

Louis – “not sure” ? Of what? No explanation.

Tulisa – Even better. Is that it?

Dermot O’Leary would ask Louis “what do you mean?” LW – good, but something missing. Louis, booed by audience, said there was no “X Factor”, seen as another attempt to sabotage rival acts outshining his to leave after witnessing potential competition.

Union J

Sweet Dream – Beyonce

No Direction, look at the eyes.

Stood on a car for no apparent reason, once again in a Louis Walsh no direction centrepiece, it failed to mask Union J’s inadequate vocals, where half weren’t even trying to sing, carelessly. Attempting another song way too big for them and in a dynamic that was not a group song, reliant on one word alone, as always, and making sure teen females were placed at the front row pit so they could cheaply touch girls hands like last week, which also detracted from performance, was terrible. Disconnected. You won’t get with them girls, plus George is dating Ella.

Tulisa – up your game, two weeks improvement, easy.

GB – seen it before. Change it up.

NS – absolute perfection. Understatement of the week to protect her own acts and favour to Louis saving Rylan. Harmony and energy we asked, and they gave, she added. It is hard to fathom that Nicole, a singer and a group member makes outlandish claims as such.  They never moved with energy, they walked around minimally, as with their vocals on the pre-recorded studio sound system in rehearsals.

Louis Walsh – I believe your next group and that’s it. A shock come when you leave X Factor bubble and it all goes to pot. Ahh Louis, always a Simon Cowell shadow two years late missing the boat.

Rylan Clark

Toxic – Britney Spears/ Horny – Hot ‘n’ Juicy feat Mousse T/ Poison – Nicole Sherzinger

Rylan, with a Vajazzle on his face

Kylie and Robbie gave their celebrity endorsements.. X Factor’s goal to get exposure from celebs to boost the show profile through de-humanising Rylan had its moment.

Nicole as Deetah von tease in leather bodice surprised Rylan and all the boys at his birthday bash. The new Sinitta arrives. She looked like a curb crawler from Stringfellows or Spearmint Rhino. No surprise she snogged Chris Brown months ago, when still with F1 racer Lewis Hamilton. Rihanna is supposedly back with Brown.

Rylan came down on an elevated platform as the glass ceiling. Nice try at subtle messages Nicole.

Ignoring any performance vocally halfway through lost the song, then turned into ‘horny.’ Tarts. No reaction. Lifted on stage. Unleashed Poison unto us, then touching Gary. Rylan’s vocals were soon tired. Needed female backing dancer to sing for him.

Welcome into the asylum. Mash up every week highlights deep inaccuracies that can’t be erased.

LW said Rylan reminded him of fashion designer “a young Jean Paul Goutier” on a singing stage. Party girl Tulisa felt it was “like Mahiki on a Wednesday night” and said he tried to “deliver to best of your ability.” No ability involved.

GB – Giving an honest critique. Not worse than last week. Music loud, couldn’t here sing. Dancing good. Is that enough?

Over sexual mentor Nicole added – little devil, you’re horny, were going to bed tonight. Favourite performance so far. Beautiful job. Slipped in a “Team Robbie” for exposure comment too. What a crawler.

Ella Henderson

Bring Me To Life – Evanescence

One of my favourite tracks. Bit off in vocals to begin. Slow/low pitch to rise up with. Too big a song despite effort to shake it up. Needed much more of a song to project her quality capabilities to audience. It was another safe, stand and sing performance with a cute, dainty outlook. It was lacking of an “X Factor” quality. Holding back won’t cement a future.

Gary mentioned about using her age as a bargain tool in previsous weeks used by Tulisa, saying “you an adult competing with adults, using 16 is disrespectful” while ending she had a “good chance” to go further.

NS – least favourite performance. Wrong Key. Chorus is epic, (felt) anticlimactic. High note at end. Finally Nicole speaks a minor piece of sense.

LW – take a chance. Versatile.

TC – glad you had fun. It’s Halloween. Different from original makes songs your own. (It didn’t it was off) so therefore wasn’t making it her own, juvenile Contostavlos comments, exposing her piffle inadequacies with repetitive claims of other judges and same words each week.

Ella needs to take risks. She’ll be leaving the show in a few weeks if not.

Christopher Maloney

(I Just) Died in your arms tonight – Cutting Crew

Looked like a star for first time in attire. Song vocals were strong. Not lively enough for young audience and current projection will be his possible downfall. Tulisa evil eye mid performance. Wait for her comments 😮

NS – fun. Stance and rocking moves. Good jobs on vocals.

LW – looking for future recording star. Claiming it was like Panto, reminded him of Tony Christie. Bitchy Walsh strikes again. Maloney was mature in the abusive comments hurled subtly. Louis Walsh’s pantoMIME continues every week.

TC – I want tostop blaming you and go to your mentor. How many 80s classics are you going to let him destroy Tulisa barked when attacking Gary.

So, Tulisa doesn’t want to be rude to Christopher, then tells him through Gary with her outburst that Maloney is “destroying” songs. That’s not being rude to the artist as he waits on stage after this catty judge dominance is over, standing there like a sap to the drama of a child?

It’s not fair to say offensive comments Tulisa added. Again, juvenile behaviour on the panel. Tulisa also does the same thing with her acts. Talk about double standard. Think before you speak? But, she cannot, because she is, a child.

#ChristopherMaloney looks and sounds like a star, but teen audience will ruin the voting process. Shame on talent @GBarlowOfficial #XFactor


Every Breath you take – Sting/ Neyo – Monster

Clockwork orange inspired in their costumes, District3, who may not be aware that the film has a sexual abuse connotation with the image, and in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal AND the over sexualisation of females, which even Louis Walsh and other ‘grown-ups’ on X Factor are aware of, dressed them in the three rapist costumes.

Also given to us as an anonymous tip off, though unconfirmed and currently “alleged” of Dan’s self-harming issues the three looked like extras on set.

Auto tune exposed from mic pull away again. Not really singing. Break into ‘Monster’ mash up. Why? It did nothing for the song. All about antics jumping around on stage. One word reliance. Since you gone then bellowed. A third mash up? If you need three songs in one, you detract from the song, have no actual level of tone and ruin every form of credibility you hope to achieve, and the Clockwork Orange suits had nothing to do with the song.

TC – On point. This isn’t a dance show, luv. Cor, its wafting in here… (passes ashtray)

GB – fed up of mash up’s. Backward.

NS- agree with Gary. Harmonies. Monster – wrong key. What is the costume about?

LW – admitted they were “not as good” as last week. Potential is fantastic. Give them a chance plea.

Start and finish a song. No risk.

One of the group added – “appreciate your comments” then adding it was a “monster mash-up, so…” in an unappreciative speech of disregard.  Adolescent arrogance of the youth today. This is the problem. Mass disrespect.

Jahmene Douglas

Killing Me Softly – The Fugees

Last saturday was emotional, Jahmene squeaked. Emotionally drained, he confessed. Not enough in the tank.

Killing me softly was appropriate. Timid every week. No star quality as fretting little boy begging for sympathy votes with his shy demeanour. The act is already outdated. When is he actually going to sing? Warble, Warble, Warble… A nothing song. Forgettable. Meek. Nothing exceptional. Expects to be carried.

LW – World class. (again)

TC- Little muffin. Gunna call you the Man who can’t be moved. She said. Donating her “Urban roots” to a new act this week, Tulisa reminder band MK1, voted off last week sang that very song in the sing off, see Week 3 results in previous post. Contostavlos – Can’t find one negative critique added. Hmm..

GB – Simple and effortless. Gorgeous. Talked about American singers being great, then added Jahmene could add contrast to them in competition. Might work in USA but not UK. Shouldn’t that also be your focus?

American mentor Nicole sexpest added – understated. Serving his musical appetite, Nic wanted him to  “Taste, feel, enjoy, and have meaning” in his culinary musical serving. Hire Gordon Ramsey instead. “Everyone will talk about it” she believed. Nope. Back to clouded and deluded again.

Jade Ellis

No Lucy’s were harmed in the making of this statement.

Tulisa introduced her act with a public statement as if someone had died, or was gravely ill.

“Lucy I’m thinking of you, in my thoughts and get well soon.” Lucy Spraggan received a “bye” (might be a bigger bye soon) to next week. She wasn’t dead or anything, just vocally damaged, which viewers felt was distasteful. She should have either been thrown out, or left, they felt. Feeling the show has lost its core motives, and unknowing what to do in any crisis after it only seems to seek mainstream bright lights attention and no bad publicity living in a happy bubble of exposing others and not being caught in the sparked flames of contradiction, the answer is very clear.

She should not have performed and still been up for the public vote. If people felt that was unfair, she always has the option to ‘sing.’ It’s not like many of them are actually singing to a pre-recorded rehearsal track anyway, is it?

What a way to ruin Jade Ellis’ performance. You all forgot about her.

Jade Ellis (Take Two)

Freak Like Me – Adina Howard

Look good. Sang great, but still slow tone and talking through song than singing. Tone of song with drum/bass kick in was awkward and did not work together as an arrangement.

Watered down, where it could have been electric. Tulisa playing safe with girls again, hiding how great they can be to try to stay in competition. They would stay in competition and be propelled to the front in high value if they burst out excellent performances, with dance and style, instead of a stand and sing and move a little bit around. A couple of stationary sways does not constitute as “dancing.”

GB – Love image. Look like pop star. Weaker vocals. Worried for you.

NS – frightening. (No reaction to that comment) Didn’t get it. Reminded Nic in auditions of Gabrielle. Energy and non-belief.  You were awkward.

LW – Not the girl we saw in auditions. Better than that. Style than substance.

Tulisa claimed more hypocritical lines – Everyone’s forgetting themes. (See Week 1 show , where Tulia granted Spraggan an opportunity to break the rules and perform her own song disregarding the themed week.) Chance to grow and change up in weeks. Learning along. Try different things. Trying to dance and do something different. (Making sure she slipped in a sympathy vote) Lost voice and confidence, last week (in case we all forgot, or simply weren’t watching). Louis chirped in it didn’t help this week in song choice, where Contostavlos snapped  instantly “I disagree!”

She can be good, but wasn’t this week as she could have been. No time for confidence to come in a voting public who do not care for confidence and only look. Surely you figured that out in the ethos of the show since making unspoken alliances with Louis and keeping Nicole ‘on-side.’

James Arthur

Sweet Dreams – Eurythmics

A second sweet dream song. Though this was more of a Muse track (which they covered) , having potential to be exceptional.

Intense beginning with gothic underline. When major kick in came, didn’t elevate notes as higher than level pitch, which should have been launched.

Aiming for a dark, enriched outcome, was slightly stationary and missing the ingredient to excel further. Held back. Pleasing overall in light of rest of acts filled with hypocrisy. The arrangement was clearly guided at Muse than Eurythmics.

GB – brilliant.

Ghetto diva Nicole said of the Caucasian James – difference. An International recording artist. Brought soul and blues. Girls be having sweet dreams about you, that was dope, dude.

While James is a powerful option to have a future and one of the few with immense talent of the pack, these statements are too farfetched and placing on a pedestal that will eventually crumble beneath him with pressure placed. It was good, but in no way an “international recording artist” yet. Not even one album released. Lose the ludicrous statements and offer reality and constructive advice. It was capable, but needs more foundations laid first to build that platform to rise above on.

Christopher Maloney, Rylan Clark and Kye Sones are the three odds on to face the danger zone.

Sinitta is in the building

Sources also report Simon Cowell ordered all judges to attack Christopher Maloney with negative comments, despite performance value. Louis Walsh continued that tradition as puppet to Cowell. Sherzinger didn’t help. Cowell plans to name Scherzinger head judge next year in a u-turn despite initially planning to remove her from the show, and is now aiming for Gary Barlow to suffer his beefy wrath. X Factor is ever more political than it ever has been, fans feel. Most have switched off as a result.

Earlier in the show, humour spread its way through in a light hearted manner, which Contostavlos childishly reacted to in a negative, pitiful manner. Barlow who joked that he did not wish to feel the force of Tulisa’s “fag-ash breath” irked the twenty-four year old, with an open mouthed reaction who bit back with claiming Barlow was an alcoholic drinking red wine before the show. Tulisa couldn’t take it. (A joke, that is.) X Factor neglected to mention this time that fag ash breathe trended worldwide. Usually they can’t wait to inform us on Twitter status. Tulisa was previously called a “chav” by judge Louis Walsh.

Over on Xtra Factor, directly after the main show for some sisterly gossip, the magazine show saw moody Tulisa ‎say “its fine” when asked then responds “Dont apologise to me on screen!” as Barlow attempted to right a wrong in an adult manner after aiming to have some banter on the show. Barlow admitted he had “a sip” of red wine only. Sitting next to a smoke screen, perhaps he needed it.

Playing the victim, Tulisa said people had to attack others when their acts couldn’t cope. Tulisa last year created an on air storm when claiming artist MishaB was a bully to other contestants backstage engulfing a media storm that caused the audience to bully Misha, thanks to Tulisa’s comments which she later admitted shouldn’t have been mentioned, question the validity of those claims. Seeing B as competition as favourite to int he show, as she was, B was voted off before the final. Tulisa won the show last year with a girl group, Little Mix, which she became too personal with, to feed her ego a victory among the judging panel.

When X Factor is ready to grow up and removal all its problems, Tulisa, Walsh and Sherzinger, which won’t likely happen in defiance, the show proves to be a tiresome format that has lost its edge, humour and fun. Ego driven adolescents and ludicrous statements jumping off one split second to the next with every performance, acts are simply forgotten and the judges panel is in turmoil.

Louis reaction to “Fag Ash Breath”

Within three years X Factor may truly have its fag end stubbed out.

X Factor 2012 Week 3 results

X Factor 2012

Week 3 results

After judges introductions and the satin shimmer of dresswear from the ladies, no patch on Cheryl/Dannii Minogue’s style wars, despite Tulisa and Nicole’s attempts.

Ella tough start. Ryan over trying, Kye good. Jade strong , The groups all sing together one line to protect all flaws in union J and District 3. James pleasing. MK1 fair. Jahmene handled a couple of lines OK, though still anxious. Christopher sang confidently as Lucy looked naked without her guitar. That’s why she needs to find her feet without it in the group song.

Labrinth feat. Emeli Sande

Beneath Your Beautiful

With a smooth, crisp sound from the 88 keys and duet with Emelie Sande, Labyrinth provided another corker of a tune. Sande was equally important to add perfect tone together with a stunning backdrop of a snowflake lavalamp on screen staging.

Asking judges who faced danger zone, Gary and Louis agreed Jade may suffer from her vocal difficulties due to illness. Nicole said Christopher Maloney as Tulisa abstained in another pointless decision having her as a judge who cannot give a decision.

Dermot then introduced JLS with their new single. Neglecting to announce their “new single” title…


Hottest Girl in the World

Homegrown band JLS returned to perform a good stage presence to show how it is done with style. When quizzed Aston and his bandmates felt their favourite act so far was James Arthur.

The Result

Announced in no particular order who made it through to next week were – Union J, Ella, James, Rylan, Christopher, Jahmene, District3, Lucy, Jade.

Everyone focused on protecting Christopher, favourite to leave, meaning they forgot about Kye also. Both should have made it through but it is clear, many are not voting in the overs group which therefore now deems the show pointless and childish as X Factor have lost the elder market. Seeing mature people with talent leave week in week out shows that X Factor’s audience, based on teens alone, means there is no place for the show anymore.

Welcome back the Mickey Mouse club!

The sing off

MK1 Vs Kye Sones


The man who can’t be moved – The Script

Fair but pitchy. Very off in vocals together after the rap segment. Over singing one another and didn’t work together as they had hoped.

Kye Sones

I can’t make you love me – Adele

Battling the flu, not revealed in his Saturday show as a cheap method to remain in the show, Kye gave a smooth, charismatic and beautiful tone to his vocals from the offset showing what a singing star he is. No one knew of the flu, because he still sounded decent with it. Now that’s talent in abundance.

The Result

Louis sending home Kye. He managed to say this very quick this time.

Gary – one of the best sing offs in the show. Sending home MK1.

Now the real votes once more. Nicole votes to send home MK1 based on sing off performance.

Tulisa – MK1 reminded me of NDubz, connected with you, Kye amazing performance. NDubz song, “if I don’t stick up for my roots.” Opts to send home Kye in another travesty of misjustice. Voting on a personal feeling once more and not a professional vote highlights how inept the juvenile Constostavlos is on the panel that is supposed to vote based on singing not feeling. Has no place on the show, and highly devalues it.

Deadlock comes the THIRD week running.

Act with the fewest votes leaving the contest is MK1. They were on borrowed time, as are all of Louis acts.

Strictly Come Dancing 2012 Week 3 Results

Strictly Come Dancing 2012

Week 3 Results


After a brief introduction from Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman, and performance recap, the results were soon announced in no particular order.

Making it through were – Kimberley and Pasha, Louis and Flavia, Nicky and Karen, Sid and Ola, Colin and Kristina, Dani and Vincent.

First in danceoff are Jerry and Anton.

Great presence, but not enough stretch. Great chemistry with Anton, however so not all is lost Len mentioned.

Bruno had a chance to critique Tin Man Craig as Limp, Lacklustre, placement disgusting! in yet another light felt, humourous take with the audience.

Rest of results who are safe – Denise and James, Fern and Artem, Lisa and Robin, Victoria and Brendan,

Bottom two and in the danceoff are – Michael and Natalie

CRH’s tips – Listen to the music, most important. Timing and Rhythm.

Dance like never before, your only as good as your last dance.


Dionne Warwick

Dionne Warwick


Five grammy winner and rightly so “sensational” Dionne Warwick sang her new single with sheer grace and Hollywood glam.

Aliona Vilani returned from her injury to join partner Pasha during this performance. Her partner Johnny Ball, whom she didn’t dance live with as a result of injury, was eliminated last week. Aliona once again showed off, which is again highly annoying.


The Dance off


Michael stripping

Jerry and Anton went first. Michael and Natalie performed second. Props take too long to get into the dance and don’t help the routine. They should be banned or indeed dancers should avoid them at almost, if not every cost. They detract from the dance. Michael wasn’t able to fully get back into the rhythm and as a result, should probably leave of the two. He has seemingly gone as far as he can in comparison to Jerry. Both efforts were better, but a little too late, obviously.


The Judges Vote

Craig – improved slightly, saving Michael and Natalie.

Darcey – Michael and Natalie were saved.

Bruno – Neither improved, timing and with a whisker, saving Jerry and Anton

Len – now has casting vote and will save the couple of his vote. Len saves Michael and Natalie.

We won’t be able to see Jerry’s Paso Doble to Paint It Black. 😦 Everyone was on their feet for the glam, classy lady in her final dance.

Strictly Come Dancing Week 3 – Hollywood

Strictly Come Dancing

Week 3 – Hollywood

Hollywood week opened with the heartless tin man Craig Revel Horwood making a clunky entrance in a humorous beginning to the glammed up evening.

Fern and Artem


Supercalifragillisticexpialidocious – Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke

Mary Poppins themed. On floor centered  Walking early on. Pause. Then leg work started. Walk round umbrella, minor stumble. Needs much more involvement. Stationary. Momentum increase. Good back heel kick. Spin on floor awkward, yet personality a pleasing sight. Acting but no dancing.

Len commented – Jolly good, made me feel happy.

Prim and proper,  Bruno said. Needed extra oomph! Punch for presentation.

More swivel and feet together. Laboured. Craig added. He enjoyed the the flick kick too.

Missing energy but enjoyed it, Darcey finished, after a technical hitch in microphone.

Artem took some Marshmallows from the sweet stand upon the stairs with Fern.

5, 6, 6, 6


Victoria and Brendan


Up where we belong – Joe Cocker

Officer and a Pendleton

Taking on the ever overused Officer and a Gentleman. Good arch back. Awkward legs being dragged. Nerves. Carry lift. Another lift. Brendan instructions. Looking tired. Lift at end. Three lifts. Lacking of content, not much story told, just a random dance.

Dave Arch and his excellent orchestra were introduced.

BT – Sizzle, boiled over. Mangled. Concentration lost. CRH – Actress emerging. Chiffon and arms timing issues. Improving.

Beautiful – Darcey claimed. Advising to try using paper in between her ”flayed fingers”, should practice paper aeroplanes, demonstrated by Craig, almost.

Wobbly. Back to peddle. Pumping them tires now. Keep eyes on road – Stumbles. Len surmised.

4, 5, 7, 6


Michael and Natalie

Cha Cha

Hot Stuff – Donna Summer

Not full of flavour…

Doing the Full Monty. Sitting down, not good. Trouser rip sashays. Twirls. Trying hips. Legs fair movement. Bit of rhythm but not too much. Nearly fell off the chair upon end in good spirits.

CRH – not your dance. Not better than last week. Timing. Top and lower body connected, give it your all Bussell argued. Len – all celebs lose timing at some stage, BT – bitterly disappointed waiting for full monty to distract me. Listen to music. Full manic. It’s all in the music.

Seems Stripping may have saved him. Perhaps a more body revealing shirt would have helped.

3, 6, 6, 4


Jerry and Anton


Mrs. Robinson – Simon and Garfunkel

The Graduate themed. Revealing screen. Got turn into hold, with connection. Good floor work, good hotfooting. Bounce. Good fun mimicking feet kicks. Behind screen frolics to end.

Bruce felt – best dance to date, not taking the mick. (Hall being Rolling Stone Mick Jagger’s ex wife and good friend still.)

Darcey – suits you. Start well, lost concentration, no bathe. Much better. More Upstairs downstairs – Len mentioned. Neat and tidy down he added.

CRH – better behind screen. Posture! X3. Anton bite back, “darling!” Better than last week, Anton beams.

3, 6, 5, 4


Sid and Ola


Here I Go Again – Whitesnake

Sid Rock

Rock of ages influenced. Bandana. Good start. Air Guitar with real prop. Not in hold. All for show, no performance together. Not taking serious. Back in hold, lost half the dance already. Serious concentration on steps visible. Lacked connection with partner and became just doing the dance to finish. Nothing dance.

Len. – Ages to get started. No aggression, not sharp. BT – Les Dawson or ACDC – once into hold not good. CRH – stompy, slompy, clumpy.

4, 4, 5, 4


Kimberley and Pasha


Get Happy – Ella Fitzgerald

Summer stock rendition. Bench. Twirls. Slow start. Good bounce, fast, enjoyance. Slowed down steps, legs jumping, both seemed to be in air. A lift, technically? Running splits good. End on bench.  Tad off in parts, but most together, overall. Improvement but not impressive.

Tempo. – Brucie commented.

Spirit of song – BT. DB- Great attack. Top line core worked on well. Pleasure to watch. LG – Arms straightened.

7, 7, 7, 8


Denise and James


You’ve got a Friend in Me – Randy Newman

Yee haw cowboy!

Jessie and Woody from Toy Story. Come to life. Wooden mockery, funny and clever. Denise leading James good. Very slow, watered down somewhat. Good feet. Seemed slightly pointless, however, despite a good level of steps and posture.

Beautifully danced and acted – CRH. DB- needs an edge in performance. Elegant. LG – Verbal pat on back, excellent. BT- set story so well, smooth gliding, retained character. Combined and smooth.

8, 8, 8, 8


Colin and Kristina

Argentine Tango

Goldeneye – Tina Turner

Sharp, lift, in hold good, tone as dark and mysterious added powerful dimensions. Contained leadership of sexy siren Kristina. Spectacular.

DB- more risks needed. LG – shaken than stirred. Did ok, not enough. More dancing, as actor you can sell it. CRH – Authority, dominance, adored lifts, spectacular, not easy, fantastic.

Tess – smoking hot

7, 7, 6, 6


Richard and Erin


9 to 5 – Dolly Parton

Surviving the dance off last week, returned with cheese fest. Fair steps. Heel kicks good. Kept in hold. No leadership.

LG – bright, lively, mincey, flow your sausage! BT – expecting full out Dolly, listen to boss, improve, footwork improvement. Very good. CRH – didn’t mind it. Well done. DB- Make sure weight doesn’t go back in hold, enjoyed style.

6, 7, 6, 6


Dani and Vincent


Somewhere over the Rainbow – Eva Cassidy

Bruce laughing at own joke was great. (The ability to laugh at one’s self is the key to success. Don’t take life too seriously people and life will be much better and less stressful.)

Good heel rotation by partner staying grounded. Good spins. Feet very selective to stick to lift rules, which is pleasing. Dog run in at end. Graceful, hard effort, but boring. People don’t know who she is or what she stands for in dance. Forgettable This is advice to surviving. Show yourself in the dance. Currently an extra. Needs to evolve in Strictly as a character with personality explaining her being..

Romantic and sweet – BT. CRH – loved routine. Clean turns. Needs eyes up. Extensions needed. DB – smooth in hold. Works wonders every week.

7, 6, 8, 8


Dog poo thrown was hilarious.

Lisa and Robin


Hanky Panky – Madonna

Dick Tracy essence. Authority, moves from side synchronised very good hold in turn. Rob stumble, followed with strong ownership on dancefloor as solo and join partnership, with a great leapfrog of Robin to end over Lisa. Riley may be first female big girl to win. Easy to see why money is on her. Light on feet, full of exuberance and super-hot dancer. Contender.

CRH – Brilliant. DB – never fail to entertain, missed spring and bounce. Choreography good. LG – bundle of joy. Captured feeling of Jive. A go-er. BT – Spunky lady. Vibrant, vitality. Bring whole room to its feet.

8, 6, 7, 8


Nicky and Karen


Hey Pachuco – Royal Crown Revue

Once the mask is on, a different person merges. Good style. Arms at start. Feet in time. Then bit fumbly. In jump around. Fair rotation. Toward end, still has habit of disbanding from partner. Needs to maintain partnership than dismiss it in dance. First half good, second tiring. Tale of two halves. Good Improvement.

LG – last week no life, this week full of life. Straighten legs. BT – wacky, loony quality of Jim Carey captured,  leading with conviction. Good to see. CRH – starting to win over. Characterisation, movement. Amazing job.

6, 7, 7, 7,


Louis and Flavia


(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life – Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes

Dirty Dancing. Louis should be more but isn’t all that. Still boyish dancing and not man enough. Maybe that can’t be taught. Everything is still boyish with his attitude to the competition. Attempting THAT lift.

Flimsy arms. Lethargic. Stand there and wait for Flavia to move/command. Robotic. Spin lift hold. Flavia doing all work. Louis splits jump. Did THAT lift to end well. Rest of dance preceding it wasn’t there. All Flav and no (Louis) action.

The hypocrisy of the fancy me, he looks hot, and no actual dancing ruins the format of show essence. He didn’t dance well, just standard and is rather lazy yet gets fancy votes to save him, wake up will you. This audience in Britain is pathetic and weak.

LG – lacked attack. Timid. BT – smooth, well placed. Stretch those legs, like concord taking off. CRH – contained, simmering, understated. Hip rotation, fantastic. DB – spark of emotion. Go to a nightclub and free up she adds. Bruno claims he is free instantly. Ugh. Beautifully danced.

Lifts, only hips and Flavia doing it all detracted. All about nostalgia with THAT lift from THAT film and no sizzling Salsa. Dance got lost in the moment, rendering it obsolete.

8, 8, 6, 8


Danger zone –

Michael, Dani and Richard.

Results to follow.

X Factor Week 3 – Club Classics

X Factor Week 3

– Club Classics

This weeks theme is club classics.

Christopher Maloney

Star to fall – Boy Meets Girl

Atop a center platform, entered a  good opener, however needs a rise and fall. Rise should extend after the initial build up at “Trying” a little tired out afterwards was the song. Performed with heart, bright essence and good beginning to the show.

Warm cheese toastie – Nicole said. Louis mentioned it was club classics, cheesy and fun. Remembers buying it in 1988. Tulisa Contostavlos muttered acts were “finding feet for the first two weeks, though she didn’t “get it” in reference to his singing. Too cheesy. Rylan is fun cheese. Not fun for me Tulisa continued.

Maloney aimed to be “better than what am, that’s the show” responding to the emphasis on the shows ethos.

Maloney is favourite to leave the show tomorrow. Merseyside need to give “The people’s choice” a big vote.


Gypsy Woman – Crystal Waters / Pass Out – Tinie Tempah

Are not in the slightest bit “current” as they should be

Louis says they should “stick to something that makes them different.” The previous week Walsh made them sing a disjointed song that removed them of such identity.

What was it? Mash up section was terrible. If you need to do multiple songs in one – 1) it detracts from the one sole performance. 2)  Can’t be a good artist to rely on two styles, which also fail to gel together and Pass Out isn’t really a club classic.

Tulisa – Perfect song choice. Though didn’t like the Tinie Tempah part – cant do it unless own spin on it, she claimed. Better than that, she felt of the group. Gary Barlow – Impersonators, stick with something. No need for the mash ups. Nicole – frickin’ shamazing? Aiming to bust a move makes the show daft and a joke from Sherzinger. Louis said it was “fun” once more.

Needed edge back, amazing classic tune. Do you understand the word “classic?” It means, do not attempt.

Jahmene Douglas

Say a Little Prayer – Aretha Franklin

Awww. Another sob story instantly opens on Jahmene and his “thug” dad who abused his mother and was jailed. Because no one else has a rough life. Too shy and retracted isn’t going to sell records.

Awful opening. Completely removed every being of the song and its tone. Tried to make his own, fine, but ruined it all and attempts to do so.

Meek. Weak. Looked completely lost on stage and some random who stumbled on there instead. Only relying on a screech. No singing was involved. Not even good enough to be in a boy band. No identity, lack of style overall and missed the point of how to ‘do’ the song. Plus it wasn’t a club classic.

Ludicrous Louis, raising Nicole’s perplexed brow claimed Douglas was like Ray Charles. Louis, who mentored Jahmene lat week when Nicole was out of the country, said he was a “world class” star eventually. Contastavlos said he was “Adorable.” Amazing you are, she added. Your whole life build up to this moment. Jahmene started crying. GB – tough week. Being respectful with honest critique, said there was “no need to move.” Tulisa chipped in he was “here for a reason.”

Can’t handle it visibly. Sympathy vote again. That’s what carries him. Madonna, Coldplay, Queen, Michael Jackson and the world class stars never made it being a teary sympathy vote.

Jade Ellis

Free – Ultra Nate

Vocal problems halt rehearsals.

Wrong song. Didn’t fit tone of Jade’s voice. Ultra Nate was epic vocals to replicate and express, which Jade was unable to do from the get go. Awkward to watch. Felt ‘all over the place.’ Another safe performance, despite vocal ‘illness.’

GB – Safe but pretty good considering. NS – suck up to Brian Friedman nearby. No belief, she responded. Louis – every inch a superstar but not singing like one. No energy, nor passion, he said. Give more to last. Wasn’t enough.

You don’t know that yet, it’s not Sunday, Tulisa barked.

 You’ve had a rough week Louis continues.

 Tulisa interrupts again “not lost their voice, have they?”

Self-righteous opinion of egotism blocks professionalism.

James Arthur

Sexy and I Know It – LMFAO

Singing a club classic with a guitar in an acoustic manner, which negates the show’s weekly theme, destroyed reputation of both. Highly disinteresting. Dermot earlier claimed this week was meant to have you “getting up and dancing around your coffee tables.” Hardly.

It was just terrible, despite the fact Arthur can sing. Wrong week for the guitar. Wasted performance.

LW- deserve a record deal. TC – great rendition. “Fun” she spoke. GB- Amazing x3, while stating James “turned song on its head.” Performance of the series. Hmm. Well, hasn’t been much to go on, has there. NS – he has passion in his pants. Obsessed with sex and feeding those girls (and possibly boys) load of rubbish about encouraging sexual activity with each other, which devalues the show highly.

Union J

When Love Takes Over – David Guetta feat. Kelly Rowland

They all look terrible, just LOOK at them enough.

Attempting another highbrow song. Who do they think they are? Ruining yet another classic after botching Queen in the first week, on a centred elevated platform just standing there, all 4 were off in vocals and confined to one space. There was no involvement in the ‘song’ and just going and touching fans hands in front row. It was safe, cheap, tacky and lowly in singing. They cannot sing and have made no improvement.

Inconsistent Tulisa harped it was a  “wicked performance.” (There was no performance, they were stationary.) Standing there only. GB – more harmony. NS – same as Gary. Cool and effortless. We agree with Nicole. It was effortless. They certainly  put no effort in. More energy from club classics week and not a ballad Nicole requested. LW- it’s working. The image.

Union J admitted they had “lots to work on.”

Rylan Clark

On the Floor – J Lo ft. Pitbull / Pleas don’t stop music –Rhianna /I See You Baby / (Shakin’ That Ass) – Groove Armada

Rylan, who isn’t a natural brunette and was originally brazen haired, wailed at his bearded being sheared. Once performing on stage had terrible vocals. Ridiculous shoulder pads. Stupid half cut body suit. Melding both songs together as a mash up then reverting to initial song was pointless, unnecessary and ridiculous. Mid-way through he spoke in the song once again “I’m so sorry for my behaviour  then proceeded to ‘sing’ I see you baby (shaking that ass.) Ended with a collapse with everyone covering him.

Walsh, sucking up to the ego once more assessed Rylan’s performance with – Another great Brian Friedman production. We need you in competition, says Louis who planned to vote off Rylan in the first week before a producer swiftly told him to save him instead.

Tulisa who was bitterly laughing at Gary childishly with a screech said Rylan was rusty but entertainment factor and she loved it for all the wrong reasons but always wanted to see it again, yet Tulisa voted him off in week 1 for a “singing competition.” Truthful Barlow added-  Ten talented people in competition, every week your here they get voted off. Best performer? You were actually the worst. NS – club classics and dancing, only one dancing and working a sweat, she campaigned. Rylan didn’t sing and cant just dance only. Notice how the weak ones only dance and the safe ones only sing ballads. X Factor is a mix of all and adapting to the framework of style, is it not, launched nine years ago? Or has it lost its own identity on what it is meant to achieve?

Barlow-gate. Louis and Richard chatting to save Rylan from leaving the show, sparking “Fix Factor”

Rylan responded – Not the best singer, I agree with Gary. Brian leaving this week!

At frickin’ last. Now you need to refresh the panel and sort out behind scenes production to fix the fix factor.

Dermot said it was over to “North London’s finest” as Contostavlos introduced an act.

Lucy Spraggan

Titanium – David Guetta feat Sia

After being removed from the hotel following a boozy, raucous night out with Rylan, her work ethic was under question.

Equipped with trademark guitar, doing the same thing over every week, Spraggan is typecast and won’t be anything other than same old and boring. She had a chance to change the format for a marketable audience and has completely missed the point on how to do it. It won’t sell mass records or make audiences go crazy overall in the future. Lucky to be a supporting act at Sainsbury’s store opening a supermarket.

GB – keep us guessing, clever as if you written it. NS – endearing about you is your lyrics. (They weren’t her lyrics.) You’re titanium, babe. LW – love your new hair, great storyteller, more fun off screen than on. TC – your allowed to mix play with work. Takes after mentor. Does she really? Tulisa, adding many traits to Spraggan’s repertoire yet to be proven, claimed she was – Artistic, a musician, like you said (from Louis) storyteller, brilliant performance.

Kye Sones

Save the World – Swedish House Mafia

Piano accompaniment was supportive. The Gothic scrapheap further enhanced talented capabilities Sones is with outcome being an excellent singer needed for the competition. People need to vote and save him, as he is the only contender left that may not get many votes due to age, which would be shambolic. Beautiful, lingering, sweet tones and perfect charisma with talented vocals.

NS – wanted it to be epic, and it was. Has meaning, honest, simple. Technically vocal, doesn’t bother me. How I feel is important, which highlights Nicole’s position as also inconsistent. The judging role is based on talent not feeling. LW – perfect performance. Amazing. Doubtful Tulisa agreed with Nicole. Kye, “is back.” Only way to go is up. GB – performed amazingly.

Dermot raised that his mentor gave them a “hard time.” Pushing acts with critique that helps improve is what helps people go further. Other judges are molly coddling their acts and they are putting in worse/lacking performances. We all make blips we need to learn from, and being told and learning to improve on them makes you stronger overall, when there is support and guidance on offer. #NoBS.


Beggin’ – Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons / Turn up the Music – Chris Brown

The boys having fun partying in Mahiki nightclub. Are they old enough? Even doing wrestling superstar John Cena’s “you can’t see me” wave proved how inadequate they are.

Beggin’ has already been done. Not exactly a club classic is it? Standing on an elevated platform in the middle again, saying one word over and not any high vocals. Bursting into turn up the music, one looks around to other band member for guidance. Dancer lifts a top up to steroytpe audience being a tart once more. No connection just three boys standing on stage, looking highly uncomfortable like puppets. Three Caucasian men sing another ‘RnB’ style.

TC – girls are attracted to you. Attracted to confidence, she added. They are not; they are attracted to looks and toned bodies, not brains. Girls are weak, as a result of this and wont amount to greatness in future life aspirations.

GB – A revelation since coming out of bottom two. Let loose a little. NS- Tulisa’s right. All about confidence. I saw abs, baby oil was ok.

Why don’t you just take your top off, Nicole? See the difference?

Louis – Now we have two new boybands, he claimed, whilst selling down his other band, you know that MK1 group.

Dermot then lifting top up again to show off abs. Pathetic. All one can do to get through. Plus, isn’t that over sexualising our kids, once again? Should anyone strategically place someone in that position?

Other group did exactly same arrangement. Second half was more clubby, but first and majority of song, was not. Terrible configuration.

Ella Henderson

You’ve got the Love – Candy Staton

With tense music akin to the showdown last year. Ella, dressed in speckley sequin frock sang fair but this is the problem. When acts stay safe in ballads, they become shelved, you must take risks but they won’t work one week because it is a process of training those styles. Many make mistakes of singing ballads, then a club theme then revert back to ballads because they have been shelved from changing styles.

Though this was a decent effort, still wasn’t any level of exceptional as perceived by all.

GB – Worried for you. Moving cheapens your act. Screaming Tulisa butts in-  she’s 16 have fun, move around. What professional behaves in this manner?

Louis branded his fellow judge a “chav” speaking of Tulisa

NS – some people can’t dance. Did them in 90s. Class act making a presence. Effortless. Find something but cant. (Check mine. It’s full of sense.) LW- she’s got X Factor, then, Louis acts should all go home? TC – who knew you could do up tempo HA HA HA. She’s sixteen! Let’s not forget that. Sympathy vote based on age? Is there any low Tulisa wont go?

Stand there or Move? The great debate. In this case Ella should move in the future, but Barlow’s point is that if she was standing there to sing, as she was, then she did not need to do a couple of arm wafts. If she was working the whole floor, then dancing is required, and Ella needs to do this sooner than later, if to prove not just a one hit wonder, ballad babe. Everyone in the biz does a ballad, meaning what future is there for you if you do same thing everyone else is?

Who-ey Walsh

With Dermot entering with a stunt double pre-recorded losing all touch with reality, Tulisa unable to make her own comments and opinions, based on everyone else’s on the panel to repeat, while childishly defending acts for her own ego to win instead of helping them develop into mature acts, Nicole being an over sexualised tart losing her credibility and Louis Walsh never having any, while honest Barlow being abused for helping acts, the whole attitude of the show, and daft pranks from Rylan, the show is forever remaining a disaster. This week, unable to stick to the format of a club theme to regain viewers and excite audience failed to understand it’s brief. There was one silver lining. One stain has left, but many more blot out the show and needs a serious overhaul with people who can save the show. Currently with the backstage politics and egos of judges all in alliance with one another, will prove costly to X Factor’s televised survival.

Strictly Come Dancing Week 2 Results

Strictly Come Dancing Week 2


The results on Sunday 14th October returned the dance off, where the four panel judges would select who would leave the competition and who would stay for another guaranteed week, after the two polled the lowest viewer votes.

After some recaps Tess revealed the tense results. Couples making it through, announced in “no particular order” were – Nicky and Karen, Denise and James, Lisa and Robin, Louis and Flavia, Fern and Artem, Kimberley and Pasha.

The first couple in the bottom two – Johnny and Iveta.

The rest of the results are revealed, safely through – Colin and Kristina, Victoria and Brendan, Dani and Vincent Sid and Owen, Jerry and Anton. Of the last two, Michael and Natalie were safe, leaving Richard and Erin to duke it out in the danceoff.

Beforehand were tonight’s musical guests –

Scissor Sisters

Let’s have a Kiki

Showing us how to have a fabulous Kiki, “put your middle finger in the air” and move it up and down in a funky manner. After a groovy atmosphere, it got serious again.

The bottom two, based on public votes were Johnny Ball and Richard Arnold, who would perform again in the cliffhanger collision. Both danced better though only when pressure was truly on.

Judges Vote

Craig saved Richard for content. Darcey content and confidence saved Richard again. Bruno gave another vote to Richard, therefore forcing Johnny and Iveta out of the competition. Len, however would have made it a 4-0 vote to save Richard and Erin.

Leaving veteran of Strictly Johnny Ball as the first contestant to be leaving the tenth series.


Ball believed he had much more to give following his departure. Ball scored 20. Jerry and Nicky, tied on 18, while Michael scraped through on 15. Richard accumulated 19 overall in the main Saturday showcase.

Iveta Lukosiute

Strictly should consider hiring her next year and remove Aliona instead.

Strictly Come Dancing Week 2

Strictly Come Dancing 2012

Week 2

With the revelation hat the “dreaded dance off” will return and co-host Tess Daly exclaiming reminiscence to “Ben Hur in the ballroom” our glitzy gladiators took to the dance arena.

Nicky and Karen

Cha Cha Cha

Dynamite – Taio Cruz

Venezuelan Karen seemed eager to impress as the new dance professional on the show after last weeks criticism.  The pair’s dancing had open alone performance once more. Slow side stepping. Takes time getting used to finding some rhyhtym. Byrne was slow and lacking of energy, too much alone dancing than with partner, which was minimal, with no big ending. Learning ropes to be pro dancer. Lookers won’t wash with me, “darling.”

On that note, Craig noted the dance reminded him of a Zumba exercise class. Hip rotation was pleasing, however. Commitment was there though confidence and attitude were debatable. Darcy shared her isolation’s. Said it was “going in right direction.”

Scores – 4, 5, 4, 5

My Score – (4)

Colin and Kristina

Viennese Waltz

Kiss form a Rose – Seal

Tone. Extension in arms and hands good. Trying with posture positively. Decent spin. Slow in parts. Week 2, of course. Sweet. Embrace. Elegant. Romantic.

Dave arch orch.

Bruno – nice extends. More drive and musicality needed. Not so involved. Detracted. Double hand flick like fly swatting was acknowledged. Dancing to height was understood. Darcy  – elegant frame, stooping. Len said it was “Sophisticated.”

6, 6, 6, 6


Dani and Vincent


Mamma Do the Hump – Rizzle Kicks

The salt n pepper pot Dani came to shake. Should have danced to Harry Belafonte’s Shake Shake (Jump in the line.) The song from Beetlejuice for all thinking of song.

Lift off onto the floor counts as lift. Cardinal Sin. Good drop down. More confidence. Sizzle shakes, doing the maracas. Few twirls. SECOND lift.

Craig claimed it had a “dismount splat” though a brave forward manoeuver. Full on, flat out Len said. Blossomed and great content were added.

7, 6, 7, 7


Fern and Artem

She’s always a Woman – Billy Joel

Viennesse Waltz

Instant connection in partnership with charismatic tone.

Skirt wafting may be a confidence booster, but eventually you’ll need to have the confidence without it. Do not rely on it every week to mask insecurity. Graceful.

Darce delved in with a “beautiful feeling.” Though Fern needed “belief” as Len mentioned  stronger posture needed. Improvement. Doing the dusting Bruno laughed but was pleased with follow through and fantastic floor.

6, 6, 6, 6


Richard and Erin

Cha Cha Cha

Love Shack – B52s

Personality needed last week. Had it in abundance this week, and OMG, what a quiff! Working the dancefloor with confidence and joy. Animated cheese. End sways good. Slow and patchy. Flamboyance.

Exuberance. Props not really necessary. Little Mermaid / arm up bubbles ripples were a laugh.

Blissfully barmy. Bruno barked in joy as Darcey, who received a kiss liked the “weird enjoyance.” Relaxed, but, create arm tension, she added. Must lead her. Bouts of energy. OTT but fun.

3, 6, 5, 5


Victoria and Brendan


Moondance – Van Morrison

Lively start, feet lift. Concentrating on steps too much was visibly apparent. Awkward turn around Brendan. Awkward spin back into hold. Fair outing.

Clean classy and confident from Len. Vast Improvement. Rigid. Quicker in turns. Craig responded. One point worthy for remembering routine he added. *Wink* Thanks “Darhhling.”

To break away, you must disband but maintain connection in partnership. This will be how they develop if intending to remain in show.

6, 6, 7, 7


Michael and Natalie


This Ole House – Shakin’ Stevens

Ot Oh! A Jive! Good luck with that on week 2. Regardless, Vaughny took to a country jive which set a good feeling. Good hip and into it flow. Good turn drop downs with Nat. Fast swifts. Good kicks, rapid pace, Darcey interaction. And wheeling Nat in her cart. Taking the horse to water…

Toughest dance and a very good performance of THAT dance of a male dancer leading, though some comedy moments. Timing bad but made up in content and style.

Oddest jives ever. Bizarre. Hips awkward. The judges noted.

Not often I like comedy routines, but this supported the dance to a good level than the usual bad bounce around the floor. Apparently judges did not agree.

2, 5, 4, 4


Louis and Flavia

Viennesse Waltz

Puppy Love – Donny Osmond

Flav Ca-catch-ay!

Topiary fluffed daisy Flavia flittered round the floor like a blooming nightingale led by Louis. With dignified elegance. Bussel felt that it however lacked emotion.

7, 7, 8, 8,


Denise and James


Tutti Frutti – Little Richard

Sprouting back from injury in the week, Denise dazzled with a jovial Jive. Exhausting demand. James chatting up audience member started Denise off. Excellent symmetry and kicks. Cartwheels. Tooty Fruity arm flings. Swift and powerful in spins. Near perfect transitions. Character. Talent. Slowed towards end, but still kept intensity.

Best jive for a long while, most certainly.

Denise the goer on turbo Bruno expressed. “FAB –U LOUS!!!!” said Craig.

8, 8, 8, 8


Johnny and Iveta


Everything – Michael Buble

Telling the Cinderella tale with Iveta gliding around the floor, and an amazing spin from Iveta, this woman proved a hearty professional to the show with commitment to helping Johnny Ball lead. However, slightly off in leading, Ball needed more dominance in himself, as lacking some confidence, possibly due to being the eldest contestant. Just go for it and give it some. Hire Iveta.

Len enjoyed the enthusiasm. Out of hold nice lines, in hold stiff, Bruno felt. Decent effort Craig mentions.



Sid and Ola


Hips Don’t Lie – Shakira ft Wycleff Jean

Sid was following Ola. Needs to lead her. Waiting for her to join him in hold. Few shimmys from Sid in sparkle sequins. Handstand was technically a lift.

Bruno – lack of technique. Haphazard – CRH.

Routine good though missed the point of it with the content and just using the dazzle with leggy Ola.

Handstand constitutes as a lift? No? 1 point deduction.

6, 6, 5, 5,


Kimberley and Pasha


Someone like You – Adele

Shaky steps dipping, mostly together. Lovely twirls. Stumble among them. Turned into unstable nearing a car wreck. Take more care. Needs further focus, though had a fair concentration. Pat Evans (Butcher) earrings.

Darcey focused on gapping. Good lines. Len  – limp, no conviction. Dazzle, not decline. Len is right, got to do better than just coast through. Bruno added it was “pretty.” Commendable effort.

Wayward in places, but fair, overall.

7, 6, 6, 7,


Jerry and Anton


Pennies from Heaven – Frank Sinatra

Slow process. Spark competitive edge to ‘light firecracker up her.’

Good twirl into hold, eye contact and smile, feel of romance. Tense step after. Style and a touch of class. Light as her feathered dress, though will take longer to raise this swan. Needs passion to s-ignite the competition. Longer you wait, longer you risk elimination, and the moment you’re ready to ‘start’ may be moment it ends.

Len – content, heel turn, mix of steps, probably too vertical as the problem. Stretch and move to be developed by Anton, who didn’t want to reveal everything in first few weeks. Yes, but waiting will cost.

Only as good as your last performance. Can’t expect to be carried.

Craig caught a one liner. “Preying mantis posture” in his garden, he felt.

3, 5, 5, 5,


Lisa and Robin

Viennese Waltz

Never Tear Us Apart – Paloma Faith

Robin’s protruding nipples! Yes, the big girls can dance. Partnership. Bit more connection though needed. Storytelling included. Meant to have been Cinderella themed.

Needs to be refined Bruno spoke. Craig was impressed with her dexterity.

Allow leadership of her.

7, 6, 6, 6


Results to follow.