X Factor Live Results 1, Fix Factor?

Fix Factor?

Battle of the breasts!

First noticeable introduction of the judges saw Nicole and Tulisa sport some busty (no) bras, leading to a group song of all contestants.

Nicole and Tulisa enter the stage

Emelie Sande’s Read all about it, to disperse any critique that is negative. So X Factor chiefs want only good press, yet go about obtaining it the wrong way that creates bad instead. Think about it first. District3 were way off in vocals once more. MK1 were awkward, Union J found it tough Jahmene was a little pitchy and Lucy was bobbing along. James Arthur added good intensity.

Shortly after, the first guest, Leona Lewis sang, with a velvet draped heavenly feel to an enriched power ballad.

Ne-Yo came up afterwards in the second half of the show, performing new track Let me love you which certainly got the party started with a sweet dance vibe before phone lines close with the telephone vote. Getting the audience to wave their glow sticks too made a party atmosphere with a great track.

The Results

Announced in no particular order, the acts names were called out. Kye, James, District3, Ella, Lucy, MK1, Melanie, Jahmene, Jade, Union J, and Christopher all secured their place for next week’s live show, leaving two to duke it out in the sing off, where judges would select the person to go home. With only one place guaranteed it was…

Rylan Vs Carolynne

Carolynne has the ‘Kitty Brucknell effect’ where no one takes to her, nor understands her work ethic. We did not write this as audience must vote on their own choices, not influence from media, willy nilly, like the national derogatory press. We live in a sad society with shameful teen girls as young as thirteen willing to throw their knickers in the air for teen boys who have nothing to offer in talent vocally nor as a personality. The over-sexualisation of today’s children is something perhaps X Factor producers should consider revising. Currently, the state of society with this practice now encourages these teen fans to hunt down any critique of credible intent to abuse them, hence creating trolls of our children also. This is not fully X Factor’s fault, but something that is wide spread thanks to media influence.

The male version of Katie Price, Rylan went first in the sing off, singing Beyonce’s one night only, on auto tune. Rylan, who struggled to express vocals out and fully exposed the auto tune, moving the microphone far away from this mouth as the sound came out,

Carolynne Poole went second with a soft, smooth version of Faith Hill’s there you’ll be. Carolynne’s vocals rose above the ashes and smashed the auto tuned Rylan out of the water with proof of song. So, how will the votes from the judges go?

The pathetic cabaret audience cheer for Rylan making the in-house audience a mockery, filled with hundreds of females and barely any male’s in sight. The audience at home strategically made a point to pace Rylan in the bottom. They want him gone.

New seating arrangement is fine. Show is not.

This has happened before when expressing who should be leaving. It was a clear audience message from the public. They didn’t want a part of this Rylan debacle any longer. Nicole, mentoring the boys category naturally saved Rylan. Gary kept his act, Carolynne, as predicted.

Now time for the real votes. Tulisa chose to save Carolynne in order to seem like the youngster wasn’t inconsistent on the panel, though claimed it was “a singing show” and voted in favour than a “entertainment” aspect.

As always in X Factor history, when Louis Walsh gains the casting vote, you sense it all goes wrong. Louis often keeps the show dragging over time as unable to make his own mind up every time. After a very long wait, Louis, who said he wants to keep Carolynne in the show, had a producer rush to his side to utter something to him. Louis backtracked his decision instantly, and took the vote to deadlock.

Deadlock means when the vote is tied, the most public votes survive. Rylan received the most votes and remained in the competition, sparking mass claims of “Fix Factor” with all viewers who sent a message to producers with the bottom two they wanted Rylan out. Producers feel Rylan creates the ratings of the show, which proves that the X Factor plan on de-humanising Rylan to create attention and gain exposure to boost X Factor’s name after last year it lost 2 million of its viewers for some of the same practices  This practice has anger many and exposed the process of inner workings further and in a negative light. Now, the show seems to have lost more viewers in respect who plan to boycott the show.

Walsh, whose three groups were near pitiful in performances, may be the next to face the sing off next week as a message for this betrayal once again.

Since we wrote yesterday in our review, Carolynne was a contender, but seemingly did not gain enough exposure among others. The reason she lost was due to us reporting generally, yet the teen females saw that the beloved child groups were in “danger zone” and chose to vote for them in order to save both. That is the problem X Factor AND society face at large. If you tell a child not to do something, they will go and do it in defiance.

Furthermore, there was awkwardness in the votes as Nicole desperately pleaded with Louis to save Rylan during the vote, a new all time low, where Scherzinger, once favourable with the UK public, may have lost all credibility – awful. It doesn’t matter, Nic is already going to be leaving the show after this stint and replaced by Spice Girl Mel B. Louis’ constant deliberation, prompted Tulisa to tell Walsh to select a name of the to, on their print out in front of them, in case they forget their names.

Mel B helped auditions early int he series, making a delightful, yet ‘scary’ impact.

Gary Barlow was livid and stormed off the set.

There is a problem. Gary may end up leaving the show. Nicole is finished, Tulisa should be ditched as inconsistent and Louis needs to leave after unable to make any decisions nor give acts a chance to make their name or guidance as he is supposed to do and all about his own ego.

Carolynne was mature about the decision but noted when asked of Louis choice – “No he never saves me.” Walsh neglected Poole last year at judge’s houses.

Barlow, joining his act on stage, said it was an “absolute joke” in reference to the travesty of the shows’ hypocrisy.

Controversy. Did Holloway pull Louis puppet string?

On sister show X-tra Factor, directly after the main show for exclusive gossip, Louis chose to sit there and smile unrelentingly. Today was also Simon Cowell’s birthday, noted on the show. This was probably the last thing he needed.

As become a shambolic pre-determined show once brimming with talent, and an all-time low of bartering for votes, X Factor couldn’t be more doomed. Even if Simon Cowell should return eventually, the damage is done and is scraping the very core of what X Factor’s essence once used to be. They need new judges, with Barlow remaining and production values based on the show and its talent, not a reality, Big Brother/The Only Way Is Essex/Jersey Shore ‘reality’ spin on TV to ‘Americanise’ the format which was successful in its own right. Hire me, I’m your saving grace. Till then, X Factor will be lucky to survive in three years’ time.

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