X Factor UK 2012 results Week 2

X Factor UK 2012 Results

Week 2

Rebecca returns.

Nicole wafting her skirt, Tulisa soldier hips, focused Barlow and the one on the end.

Rebecca Ferguson

Rebecca Ferguson, in a gold catsuit looking good, sang her new single. What a way she has come from being a former contestant years ago. This and many alike her, have made their names. It is doubtful any stars will evolve to this level anymore at this rate of the shows progression.

Taylor Swift

Apparently she’s going to be “president at 30” Dermot informs us in her epic introduction.

After country act Carolynne Poole left the competition, Swift, who had numerous cheers and positive response to her country performance, made X Factor come to the realisation hat its double standard of booting off a country star in the making had a potentially wide market in today’s music era in the UK. X Factor threw away a chance at making a country rooted UK essence in favour of some comedy clips, met with high negativity from fans.

Taylor also spoke in middle of her song, address not getting back with an ex, like, ever. Was it Taylor Lautner?

It was a good piece, nevertheless.

The Result

Names called in a random order who were safe from the sing off were – James, Lucy, Union J, Ella, Jahmene, Christopher, MK1, Jade, Rylan, Kye

District3 Vs Melanie

These were the two we predicted in the bottom with Kye as third in trouble. We don’t need to write as results come out to say we were right, but after last week, fans saw this and voted to defy our “danger zone” groupings. Now, without this, District3 have easily fallen into the bracket of bottom two. It is a shame that Melanie joined them, but the audience of youngsters often neglect talent in the Over’s which is a shame for the show overall once more. Melanie is a star, but doesn’t get the votes as not enough done to highlight her instead of media appearances and jokes from characters with the groups and Rylan.


Look into my eyes – Bryan Adams

Can’t get a general note out, struggling looking to others for help, off slightly. Individual vocals couldn’t support one and other. No essence to their core. Stand and sing rather uncomfortably. Auto tune also helps. Auto tune is a machine that sings for them and they just mime on stage to sound good, if it isn’t all ready re-recorded in the studio in rehearsals.


Where did you go when things went wrong – The Bluetones

A smooth, crisp level of intensity rising blowing District3 out of the water with a powerful and in tone of the rest of the musical piece performance.  Sheer excellence. Travesty to the bottom two once again.

So here come the votes. Louis wouldn’t send his act District3 home, which he should have if he had any credibility.

I have to save my own act – you don’t “have” to, you choose to in order to contain your ego having a chance a win in a bid of desperation.

Tulisa provided the most childish aspect once more, proving she has no place as a judge. “ One of the most amazing voices” she told  Melanie Masson. Of District3, she claimed “beautiful harmonies” which have been constantly reiterated by the other judges before her and stated both acts were “both talented in different  area’s” That was a lie. D3 showed no talent and no harmonies in their collaborations.

The ‘you better save my act’ with the unspoken word pact.

She would vote by choosing to “Go with my heart” which then adds further proof of inconsistent, as judges are hired to vote on talent, not a heart string. She needs to be sacked. Contostavlos opted for Melanie to go. The reason is that Tulisa knows District3 will eventually leave the competition, so booting out a rival early on increases her chances to win, in her mind. Louis plays the same way.

Gary saved his star Melanie.

Nicole said District3 “killed it tonight.” OK… Though she voted based on the sing off alone, as what a judge is supposed to do, Tulisa. Scherzinger saved Melanie, forcing the vote to be tied. At least she redeemed herself momentarily here.

The vote went to deadlock. Again. The least public votes would leave, forcing talented rock chick Melanie out of the competition, in yet another farce of the show.

Pure grace and dignity

So tonight’s recap was all about the judges and not the acts. Nicole staying near to Walsh and Contostavlos, while the two are in alliance with one another highlights the ratings plummet and shambles that the show remains in.


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