X Factor UK 2012 Week 2

 X Factor UK 2012 Week 2

This week’s theme to the songs is “Love and Heartbreak”. Was this Tulisa’s choice? Whoever thinks these up, it’s just terrible.

Jahmene Douglas

Tears Dry On Their Own – Amy Winehouse/Aint No Mountain High Enough – Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell

Bag of nerves Jahmene was first on the starting blocks. Nicole chose to quiz Jahmene’s relationship status. Why quiz someone with – “you got a girlfriend?” These shows are always obsessed with asking if in relationships. Why is this the sole focus of one’s being in life? Move on, its 2012. Not everything is about this, which is exactly why all these teen girls lose their knickers at age 13. Fits the show I suppose, as all these girls desperately screaming over who they fancy. #Pathetic

Speaking through the song, unknowing the classic until one quarter way through, messing up this style, it was a ‘light’ vocal coasting along.

Mash ups should be banned. He ruined both those classics to make it ‘current.’ You might as well just go home. You might stay for a while due to teen votes, but overall, you won’t have a full on career, Steve Brokesteen.

Timid vocals, no strength of character and just some random guy on stage saddled with sob story sympathy votes. No career waits for you at the end of it.

Christopher Maloney

Alone – Heart

Unrecognisable song at the get go. No instant connection in trying to reform the show. Louis head bobbing like an old fart.

The VIP club bar detracted from the performance in the background. Stereotypical glitterballs. Very cabaret, and over reliance on one word. What was it all about?

Nicole added “who is that” as Chris responded he had to “Sing for me life.”

Nic wanted something more meaningful. Just like Rylan, right?

“Easy choice” –  Louis Walsh snapped. No credibility from Walsh’s tired statements. Just mute him. No point being on sho with “nothing” comments.

Union J

Bleeding Love – Leona Lewis / Broken Strings – James Morrison and Nelly Furtado.

Someone send that meteorite to quell the X Factor. Bleeding hell. One Direction meeting / comparison aside, Union J destroyed another classic. Why do they seem to think that they can bypass classic songs? Tackling huge artist songs and then assuming you can sing them because you randomly pick any song. These are not ANY songs. Song selection is as crucial as performance. Go home. Withered trees said it all. Attempting classics? This is their problem, think they are good enough to take on epic feats. Then fall flat on arse syndrome. One word on auto repeat.

Louis Walsh, mentor to the boy group, gave advice that they should “rehearse.”

Over ambitious Nicole believes that they can “sell out the O2.”

Listen to these desperate girls. Society is truly screwed. You moan at Jimmy Savile, yet girls PUT themselves on the line in today’s age. It was a different time then, granted, but with today’s attitudes to over sexualisation, many suffer the “girls are asking for it” when something terrible is likely to happen, all from this display on show. Parenting and the show’s outlook need to be increased on disciplinary matters.

By the way, girls, George is dating Ella Henderson.

Ella Henderson

Loving You – Minnie Ripperton

Tough high notes. Very pitchy, wrong song. After first week, attempting to shine just on one yodel note, which was good, was with yet another ‘safe’ arrangement which proves that while Ella might get through first few weeks, won’t be the star everyone is hoping for by taking the easy route. Auto tune on her note doesn’t help neither. Anyone remember the ‘favourite’ Austin Drage?

Suck up Nicole said it was “timeless”. It simply isn’t memorable when she sings her next few songs, and therefore, isn’t “timeless.”

Tulisa took the cake. Allowing acts to do their own things. Your job is to MENTOR not allow them to ALWAYS do their thing, otherwise, proves that there is NO NEED for Tulisa there. What are you paying her for to sit there and let acts ‘do whatever.’

There showed no signs of potential growth on this outing. Hopefully next week will change, but with the typical youngster mentor unable to guide, Contostavlos’ position is under viability. Ella also got comparisons of Leona Lewis by some fans on Twitter. Compared to Leona proves your problem. You wont be as good as her, and shouldn’t try to mimic her formula because, as an artist you aim to be, will ruin every chance you try to make to raise your platform and become a carbon copy. Need to be individual artist.

James Arthur

Mary J Blige – No More Pain

Intensity beckoned in a tense and pleasing showing from Arthur. Tulisa gave a grimace.

Nicole standing up again. This showed desperation and unwelcomed by masses of fans sick of the standing up and clapping Cheryl Cole syndrome. The show continues to be about judges and not the acts.

Arthur allegedly suffered a panic attack at time of his performance.

By the way girls, James is dating Lucy Spraggan.

Lucy Spraggan

Golddigger – Kanye West

Synonymous with her guitar, Spraggan’s version of Goldigger was unrecognisable. Without trademark guitar has nothing on her own merit. Needs to be guided. Gliding along. Won’t go far at this rate. Boring, uninteresting and unable to sing relevant to audience need will cost her soon enough. Plus, booty poppers and acoustic arrangement didn’t work together.

X Factor can turn the mild mannered people into a strong, misguided opinion when mindless girls harp on that people should be respected if disliked. Respect is earned. You earn and silence critics with talent on show, not making a song and dance of every instance involved, which highlights another X Factor issue to alter.

District 3

I Swear – All For One

Cheesy smiles for adoration. Revolving platform. Toned down vocals, nothing different from last week. No improvement. Confetti. Lame.

Three Caucasian white boys sing Boyz II Men. You can’t make this stuff up. (Louis wanted the Boyz II Men version, though audience remember All 4 One. How embarrassing you forget. ) You don’t become talent through sob stories; you become talent by telling your story through song.

Louis – deluded, as ever, claiming they were a “word class band.”

Nicole – feeding girls, asking to rub baby oil over these, well, babies. These are young girls, what is wrong with you asking and cavorting your breasts asking if girls ‘fancy’ them?

Jade Ellis

Amy Winehouse – Love Is a Losing Game

Too big a song too early on, so off in parts, though overall was best so far. Though still another ‘safe’ performance. Why X Factor dehumanise its “girls” is beyond me when they can really sing. Saving it all for the end to be carried will not win you a career. Showing strength and progression week in, week out is how to make your name. Not hide it for weeks. Of course, Tulisa is using this to try and ‘win’ another victory, back to back, further highlighting the desperation on set and not about the acts.

Last year Contostavlos won the show with the first ever group, Little Mix. Mix, so bad in vocals, needed an edge. Tulisa, who launched a revealing storm that front runner Misha Bryan aka ‘Misha B’ was a “bully” behind the scenes, which had no place to be mentioned on air, cause public manipulation among girls to vote against B as a form of contradictory ‘Bullying’ and place her in the bottom two. B has launched a solo album since.

Jade did have lovely earrings. Reminds me of Pat Evans (nee: Butcher) from Eastenders.

Take a risk, or go home.

We can’t make up our own minds, so let’s bring Adele in to influence our star power on the show to boost approval with her Twitter comments.


Blame it on the Boogie – Jackson 5

The duo of Tinie Tempah and Curly Sue were up next. Another Louis influence of being highly dated and choosing all the SAME songs year in year out, probably on his iPod playlist, this grimy, urban band aiming to make a stamp on their individuality was once again removed.

Redundant, MK1 sang a fair song, though lost their essence and became lame and devoid of energy as well as emotion. No effect to draw you in.

Would’ve been better in clown suits. Weak vocals.

Louis said it was “fun.”

Kye Sones

Love the way you lie –Rihanna feat Eminem / Thank You – Dido

Trying too hard at start? Transition to Dido did not work. This was worst week. Last week was excellent. This week, the two songs did not match nor intertwine together. With a little blare of power vocals towards end, could not save it.

More production than last week having nothing in backdrop, but it was slightly off.

Louis’ non comment of “missing something” without explanation made more inconsistency.

Great vocals. But didn’t work together, despite taking a risk, though taking risks are needed to stamp an identity, which we commend and hope all acts take forward encouragement from.

Rylan Clark

Groove is in the Heart – Dee Lite / Gangnam Style – PSY / Pump up the Jam – Technotronic

Looks like he might do a Madonna or Britney with his headphone on.

Panda’s placed being Brian Friedman’s vision sounded as awful as it turned out to be, they had no place on the “catwalk.” There was a reason Friedman was fired before, just like Louis. He has lost the realisation of the show and adding to its lunacy.

Friedman’s ego, through the roof.

Doing the song “Ibiza style” talking through vocals, performing a moment of Take That at the start then saying , no not really, am having a  joke, with nonsense pandas and exposed autotune to its fullest, Clark/Friedman/Scherzinger lost every core to their ideology. Strutting down the catwalk “Rylan-style” just to be a play on words was just dismal.

Essex are NOT proud of Rylan, as was ultimately disgraceful and it wasn’t entertainment. Contostavlos, who insulted the public once again said that anyone who didn’t like Rylan was lying to themselves. You speak for yourself, sweetheart.

Take your deluded brain elsewhere telling the world how to think. After this performance alone, he needs to go. Comedy goof with no entertainment value. It is not fun nor humorous. Are you surprised with his levels of abuse? You (Scherzinger), X Factor, Rylan, and Tulisa, are stoking the fire. It wasn’t a risk; it was all he could do.

Dictating to the public, yet unable to know her own state of mind doing what producers influence on her. Inconsistent claims to say something favourable with the public to get votes for her own ego to win again. Someone who doesn’t know some of the old songs last year to judge on and this year. Offers no helpful advice and just spouts randomness to gain votes when she isn’t getting her breasts out on screen as a statement  It isn’t supporting the show.

Melanie Masson

Never tear us apart – INXS

Masson should win, but she won’t but hopefully some music execs will give her a contract. I would certainly buy it, and would be first in line for a copy to review if anyone wishes to send. 🙂 Currently, I’m skint, not a cheapskate.

Last week given stick for dressing floral, tonight attired her in a white suit. Both are great looks, and that shattering vocal rippling through the competition. Though she needs more than to just stand in a stationary position. Give her some deeper rock band influence; let her evolve as who she is. She needs to come across to public for the contender that she is, because she is exceptional.

Tulisa ruined the show again with a “MILF” comment proving how sexually disgraceful this young daft comedy character on the panel is, desperate for her own ego to evolve as a star when there was absolutely no need for the comment in place.

Cowell’s shows are in critical need of life support. UK version is dying, USA is failing. Strip away all except Barlow, unless he leaves willingly. Though with Gary likely to leave, the whole panel and creative show behind the scenes needs a shake-up, and in quick succession. Cowell’s return on the tenth anniversary next year will not help it a year after the damage has been done.


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