Strictly Come Dancing Week 2 Results

Strictly Come Dancing Week 2


The results on Sunday 14th October returned the dance off, where the four panel judges would select who would leave the competition and who would stay for another guaranteed week, after the two polled the lowest viewer votes.

After some recaps Tess revealed the tense results. Couples making it through, announced in “no particular order” were – Nicky and Karen, Denise and James, Lisa and Robin, Louis and Flavia, Fern and Artem, Kimberley and Pasha.

The first couple in the bottom two – Johnny and Iveta.

The rest of the results are revealed, safely through – Colin and Kristina, Victoria and Brendan, Dani and Vincent Sid and Owen, Jerry and Anton. Of the last two, Michael and Natalie were safe, leaving Richard and Erin to duke it out in the danceoff.

Beforehand were tonight’s musical guests –

Scissor Sisters

Let’s have a Kiki

Showing us how to have a fabulous Kiki, “put your middle finger in the air” and move it up and down in a funky manner. After a groovy atmosphere, it got serious again.

The bottom two, based on public votes were Johnny Ball and Richard Arnold, who would perform again in the cliffhanger collision. Both danced better though only when pressure was truly on.

Judges Vote

Craig saved Richard for content. Darcey content and confidence saved Richard again. Bruno gave another vote to Richard, therefore forcing Johnny and Iveta out of the competition. Len, however would have made it a 4-0 vote to save Richard and Erin.

Leaving veteran of Strictly Johnny Ball as the first contestant to be leaving the tenth series.


Ball believed he had much more to give following his departure. Ball scored 20. Jerry and Nicky, tied on 18, while Michael scraped through on 15. Richard accumulated 19 overall in the main Saturday showcase.

Iveta Lukosiute

Strictly should consider hiring her next year and remove Aliona instead.


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