Strictly Come Dancing Week 3 – Hollywood

Strictly Come Dancing

Week 3 – Hollywood

Hollywood week opened with the heartless tin man Craig Revel Horwood making a clunky entrance in a humorous beginning to the glammed up evening.

Fern and Artem


Supercalifragillisticexpialidocious – Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke

Mary Poppins themed. On floor centered  Walking early on. Pause. Then leg work started. Walk round umbrella, minor stumble. Needs much more involvement. Stationary. Momentum increase. Good back heel kick. Spin on floor awkward, yet personality a pleasing sight. Acting but no dancing.

Len commented – Jolly good, made me feel happy.

Prim and proper,  Bruno said. Needed extra oomph! Punch for presentation.

More swivel and feet together. Laboured. Craig added. He enjoyed the the flick kick too.

Missing energy but enjoyed it, Darcey finished, after a technical hitch in microphone.

Artem took some Marshmallows from the sweet stand upon the stairs with Fern.

5, 6, 6, 6


Victoria and Brendan


Up where we belong – Joe Cocker

Officer and a Pendleton

Taking on the ever overused Officer and a Gentleman. Good arch back. Awkward legs being dragged. Nerves. Carry lift. Another lift. Brendan instructions. Looking tired. Lift at end. Three lifts. Lacking of content, not much story told, just a random dance.

Dave Arch and his excellent orchestra were introduced.

BT – Sizzle, boiled over. Mangled. Concentration lost. CRH – Actress emerging. Chiffon and arms timing issues. Improving.

Beautiful – Darcey claimed. Advising to try using paper in between her ”flayed fingers”, should practice paper aeroplanes, demonstrated by Craig, almost.

Wobbly. Back to peddle. Pumping them tires now. Keep eyes on road – Stumbles. Len surmised.

4, 5, 7, 6


Michael and Natalie

Cha Cha

Hot Stuff – Donna Summer

Not full of flavour…

Doing the Full Monty. Sitting down, not good. Trouser rip sashays. Twirls. Trying hips. Legs fair movement. Bit of rhythm but not too much. Nearly fell off the chair upon end in good spirits.

CRH – not your dance. Not better than last week. Timing. Top and lower body connected, give it your all Bussell argued. Len – all celebs lose timing at some stage, BT – bitterly disappointed waiting for full monty to distract me. Listen to music. Full manic. It’s all in the music.

Seems Stripping may have saved him. Perhaps a more body revealing shirt would have helped.

3, 6, 6, 4


Jerry and Anton


Mrs. Robinson – Simon and Garfunkel

The Graduate themed. Revealing screen. Got turn into hold, with connection. Good floor work, good hotfooting. Bounce. Good fun mimicking feet kicks. Behind screen frolics to end.

Bruce felt – best dance to date, not taking the mick. (Hall being Rolling Stone Mick Jagger’s ex wife and good friend still.)

Darcey – suits you. Start well, lost concentration, no bathe. Much better. More Upstairs downstairs – Len mentioned. Neat and tidy down he added.

CRH – better behind screen. Posture! X3. Anton bite back, “darling!” Better than last week, Anton beams.

3, 6, 5, 4


Sid and Ola


Here I Go Again – Whitesnake

Sid Rock

Rock of ages influenced. Bandana. Good start. Air Guitar with real prop. Not in hold. All for show, no performance together. Not taking serious. Back in hold, lost half the dance already. Serious concentration on steps visible. Lacked connection with partner and became just doing the dance to finish. Nothing dance.

Len. – Ages to get started. No aggression, not sharp. BT – Les Dawson or ACDC – once into hold not good. CRH – stompy, slompy, clumpy.

4, 4, 5, 4


Kimberley and Pasha


Get Happy – Ella Fitzgerald

Summer stock rendition. Bench. Twirls. Slow start. Good bounce, fast, enjoyance. Slowed down steps, legs jumping, both seemed to be in air. A lift, technically? Running splits good. End on bench.  Tad off in parts, but most together, overall. Improvement but not impressive.

Tempo. – Brucie commented.

Spirit of song – BT. DB- Great attack. Top line core worked on well. Pleasure to watch. LG – Arms straightened.

7, 7, 7, 8


Denise and James


You’ve got a Friend in Me – Randy Newman

Yee haw cowboy!

Jessie and Woody from Toy Story. Come to life. Wooden mockery, funny and clever. Denise leading James good. Very slow, watered down somewhat. Good feet. Seemed slightly pointless, however, despite a good level of steps and posture.

Beautifully danced and acted – CRH. DB- needs an edge in performance. Elegant. LG – Verbal pat on back, excellent. BT- set story so well, smooth gliding, retained character. Combined and smooth.

8, 8, 8, 8


Colin and Kristina

Argentine Tango

Goldeneye – Tina Turner

Sharp, lift, in hold good, tone as dark and mysterious added powerful dimensions. Contained leadership of sexy siren Kristina. Spectacular.

DB- more risks needed. LG – shaken than stirred. Did ok, not enough. More dancing, as actor you can sell it. CRH – Authority, dominance, adored lifts, spectacular, not easy, fantastic.

Tess – smoking hot

7, 7, 6, 6


Richard and Erin


9 to 5 – Dolly Parton

Surviving the dance off last week, returned with cheese fest. Fair steps. Heel kicks good. Kept in hold. No leadership.

LG – bright, lively, mincey, flow your sausage! BT – expecting full out Dolly, listen to boss, improve, footwork improvement. Very good. CRH – didn’t mind it. Well done. DB- Make sure weight doesn’t go back in hold, enjoyed style.

6, 7, 6, 6


Dani and Vincent


Somewhere over the Rainbow – Eva Cassidy

Bruce laughing at own joke was great. (The ability to laugh at one’s self is the key to success. Don’t take life too seriously people and life will be much better and less stressful.)

Good heel rotation by partner staying grounded. Good spins. Feet very selective to stick to lift rules, which is pleasing. Dog run in at end. Graceful, hard effort, but boring. People don’t know who she is or what she stands for in dance. Forgettable This is advice to surviving. Show yourself in the dance. Currently an extra. Needs to evolve in Strictly as a character with personality explaining her being..

Romantic and sweet – BT. CRH – loved routine. Clean turns. Needs eyes up. Extensions needed. DB – smooth in hold. Works wonders every week.

7, 6, 8, 8


Dog poo thrown was hilarious.

Lisa and Robin


Hanky Panky – Madonna

Dick Tracy essence. Authority, moves from side synchronised very good hold in turn. Rob stumble, followed with strong ownership on dancefloor as solo and join partnership, with a great leapfrog of Robin to end over Lisa. Riley may be first female big girl to win. Easy to see why money is on her. Light on feet, full of exuberance and super-hot dancer. Contender.

CRH – Brilliant. DB – never fail to entertain, missed spring and bounce. Choreography good. LG – bundle of joy. Captured feeling of Jive. A go-er. BT – Spunky lady. Vibrant, vitality. Bring whole room to its feet.

8, 6, 7, 8


Nicky and Karen


Hey Pachuco – Royal Crown Revue

Once the mask is on, a different person merges. Good style. Arms at start. Feet in time. Then bit fumbly. In jump around. Fair rotation. Toward end, still has habit of disbanding from partner. Needs to maintain partnership than dismiss it in dance. First half good, second tiring. Tale of two halves. Good Improvement.

LG – last week no life, this week full of life. Straighten legs. BT – wacky, loony quality of Jim Carey captured,  leading with conviction. Good to see. CRH – starting to win over. Characterisation, movement. Amazing job.

6, 7, 7, 7,


Louis and Flavia


(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life – Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes

Dirty Dancing. Louis should be more but isn’t all that. Still boyish dancing and not man enough. Maybe that can’t be taught. Everything is still boyish with his attitude to the competition. Attempting THAT lift.

Flimsy arms. Lethargic. Stand there and wait for Flavia to move/command. Robotic. Spin lift hold. Flavia doing all work. Louis splits jump. Did THAT lift to end well. Rest of dance preceding it wasn’t there. All Flav and no (Louis) action.

The hypocrisy of the fancy me, he looks hot, and no actual dancing ruins the format of show essence. He didn’t dance well, just standard and is rather lazy yet gets fancy votes to save him, wake up will you. This audience in Britain is pathetic and weak.

LG – lacked attack. Timid. BT – smooth, well placed. Stretch those legs, like concord taking off. CRH – contained, simmering, understated. Hip rotation, fantastic. DB – spark of emotion. Go to a nightclub and free up she adds. Bruno claims he is free instantly. Ugh. Beautifully danced.

Lifts, only hips and Flavia doing it all detracted. All about nostalgia with THAT lift from THAT film and no sizzling Salsa. Dance got lost in the moment, rendering it obsolete.

8, 8, 6, 8


Danger zone –

Michael, Dani and Richard.

Results to follow.


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