X Factor UK 2012 Week 4 Results

X Factor UK 2012

Week 4 Results

Sunday’s Results show became yet another controversial decision with the viewing public.

Tulisa marching with a purpose, making a tiresome statement to show off a cigarette patch as the judges entered was just daft.

Group song

Without You – David Guetta feat. Usher

One member of group Union J begin. Rylan and Jade mask one another. Kye picks tempo and vocals up. Low pitch from Union J, Jahmene warbles in, Christopher gives it some wellie. District3 come in from nowhere like hopping bunnies, James and Ella come in strong. District3 then shout off key into the mic, as Union J add into the contrast terribly. Everyone joins together which proves disjointed overall. Group songs used to be outstanding. Not any more. Kye and James stood out.

Last night’s drama was replayed with the acts before the first musical guest took stage.

Do remember, this was the exact same song in the same group collaboration last year. Unique.


We Are Young

Described as “Power pop and Indie Rock” multitasking with a drum beat to strong setting and charismatic tone, Fun proved how to be a professional group on stage with heightened, cool vocals and a crisp ensemble  sound as a group.

Judges Worst of the evening?

Nicole – District3 and Jade.

Gary – Agree with Nicole.

Tulisa – confident about my girls. Christopher, but I know he’s got a strong following.

Louis – Union J won (last night), Jade is at risk.

Robbie Williams


“Britain’s finest global superstar”

Everyone loves the “one and only” Robbie Williams. I do , too. However, I am a professional, and that song, was not one of his best, especially as a comeback single. The beginning of the song has a catchy beat and makes you want to get involved initially, though slightly dips in the middle and lacks lyrical power. Sorry Rob.

One thing Rob does do is perform, and made up for it giving it some, though he did drop a “vote Rylan” mention. A pleasing thing for some, though losing credibility from others.

Working the crowd, Rob even straddled Louis with a hug making tons of people Jealous, and even placed himself on the knee of a guy front row in a comedy moment for a serenade, to prove X Factor has some blokes in its audience.

Red or Black balloons showered the stage with pink ‘candy’ confetti.

Everyone still cheers for Robbie, so no worries. Oops, Gary co-wrote that.

“Who impressed during masterclass” Dermot asked Robbie, who answered “Ella.”

The Result

The acts were now announced in “no particular order”  who would return next week – Ella, District3, Jahmene, James, Kye, Rylan and Christopher.

The Sing Off

Union J Vs Jade Ellis

Leaving the two left to battle, the group went first.

Union J

Perfect – Pink

Trying a low, acapella esq, with light backing sound to acoustic tones, took an easy performance to plea with “Pretty Pretty Please” which highly exposed their awful singing. They could not safeguard themselves and the “harmonies” were all over the place jumping from one to another which rose their sound with near shoutish yells of sob story.

Jade Ellis

White Flag – Dido

Put the willies up Union J for a moment

“The very beautiful, very talented” A strong vocal to begin with an evangelic Dido performance receiving praise from the audience in attendance, Jade’s smoky, sweet voice had Union J worried in the background assuming they would leave the contest. Jade’s rising vocals lifted the crowd, mood and tone of the song with a unique style for a new age. It was a classy performance from Ellis, deserving to stay and defeated competition vocally.  But, how will the votes go?

The Vote

Now in the hands of the judges, Louis save his group Union J as Tulisa voted to keep her act Jade, naturally keeping ego in place.

Louis was loudly booed for “sending home Jade.”

Nicole voted to send home – She said of Jade- “strong young woman, one of my favourite voices with a tone. You’re a recording artist and a brilliant one” Union J – you boys, your work has proven yourself to me” Nicole saved Union J.

Loud boo’s for Nicole.

Gary has casting vote. Of Union J he added – “not been exceptional, excited to see what you do next,, seen commitment and ambition in your eyes. Some place to go with you guys.”

“Jade you’re a phenomenal vocalist, I wonder if I want this more for you than you want it.”

The act sending home was, Jade.

The audience were miffed. Jade became the next contestant to be voted off the show. Gary’s integrity came under question about how much pride he had to possibly swallow to keep his judges and show bosses on side to protect his own acts. Already in the doghouse with Mr.Cowell for being honest, some felt he had no choice but to cave in to the status quo.

Nicole was seen as a contradiction who has no levels of star judging and only as an over sexual elder woman suffering a mid-life romantic crisis desperate for teenage boys as eye candy.

Jade remained a professional about the decision humbly stating – “Thank you for all your critique.” “Now my life begins.” Mentor Tulisa took it on the chin – I apologise if it’s my fault. Maybe I should have given her (more) ballads. Ballad’s would not have helped. Everyone assumes a girl should do a ballad, like the groups, which is another safe and easy option that shows no star quality to win. Unfortunately, certain judge’s behaviour causes acts to leave instead of the talent on show, as well as backstage politics.


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