Strictly Come Dancing 2012 Week 4: Results

Strictly Come Dancing 2012

Week 4: Results

Tess and Claudia introduced the show, where Tess has a mesmeric centric circle centerpiece.

After a recap of performances the first batch of results safely through to next week were announced in no particular order – Louis and Flavia, Victoria and Brendan, Kimberley and Pasha, Lisa and Robin, Michael and Natalie. The first couple in the dance off are – Sid and Ola.

 After this the first guest took to the stage.

Paloma Faith

Never Tear Us Apart


Paloma, who seemed to have a flowery episode of Um Bongo in a train dress looked ever more a musical star with originality and enriched vocals with dominance proving a force to look toward in order to learn from for young hopefuls today seeking talent and grace.

Talking with the judges, and a fabulous look through Len’s Lens at Bruno being bitten with smitten Colin, and Craig and Darcey’s flimsical thriller hands, the results were back.

The next couples surviving to next week are – Richard and Erin, Dani and Vincent, Denise and James, Nicky and Karen, Fern and Artem.

Leaving Colin and Kristina to face the dance off, to mass shock with the audience.

The dance off

Sid and Ola

Holding the prop instead of dancing with partner may have affected, though the steps were seemingly similar to the first night. There was no real oomph thrust into the routine along with leggy Ola’s kicks.

Colin and Kristina

Second time around, both displayed concentration and attention to detail in their steps and deliverance of them with the routine. Shouldn’t have been in this position possibly, however, is the strong of the two lowest couples. More potential, and proved he was going for it. In for the long-haul.

The Judges vote

In the event of a tie head judge Len has casting vote.

Craig – More dynamic, simply better dancers. Saves Colin and Kristina.

Darcey – Saves Colin and Kristina.

Bruno – Overall strongest couple, saves Colin and Kristina.

Len’s vote would have been against, and would have saved Sid and Ola. Can’t forgive huge mistakes, and Colin made it again.

It’s a shame that Owen, who can dance and was a potential dark horse, took a slowed down process that halted his strictly journey. Cockney lad Sid proved he can dance and wear shiny sequins with his brightly inducing smile. Could have gone far if stepped up earlier. Don’t hold back!

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