Strictly Come Dancing 2012 Week 4: Halloween

Strictly Come Dancing 2012

Week 4: Halloween

This week was “Horrorwood” Ooh, scary…

Opening the gates to the nightmare on Borehamwood, the cast launched a groovy Thriller dance to the classic Michael Jackson hit.

Cut to Tom Daley in the audience during Brucie’s recounted tale of terror featuring Anton DuBeke, voted off last week.

A range of styles would be on tonight’s show but one that wasn’t scheduled was Brucie’s impromptu verison of viral superhit Gangnam Style.

Heeeeyyy, Sexy Bru-cie! Whoop!

Below are the scores from judges Craig Revel-Horwood, Darcey Bussell, Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli and the mark we would give professionally.

Dani and Vincent

Cha Cha Cha

Scooby Doo Theme Song – Hoyt Curtin and the Singers

Taking on a Velma and Shaggy inspired Scooby treat, spooky Simone and Dani this was a humourous sight to start the mood of dance. Finding some slight groove, Dani looked decent, but still didn’t amaze with a wow impact just yet. Is capable, but glad to see she is aiming to insert her personality into the routine to become a contending force in the competition, though needs more strength of character. Under the spooky Frankenstein costume was the spooky, returning Anton. Rumbled by “those pesky kids.”

Where put the steak? On face for a manicure.

Tasty sausage sandwich Len compares to. Bruno thought he was watching Denise Welch as Vincent. Spirited fun. Nice footwork. Timing and placement, needs expanded.

Clean, fast footwork, must extend lines. Late with arms initially – CRH.

That fast with that many moves, -DB. Over exaggerate the hips.

6, 6, 8, 7


Richard and Erin

Paso Doble

O Fortuna – Carl Orff

The “boag-eyman” Erin and partner Richard, took to the cape floor. Dancing to the theme of rival show, The X Factor, a dark and fiery start with good cape swing action, and strong moving presence, commanding the arena as domineer, slow in parts t concentrate on steps. Good turns, and kicks focused, was very pleasing and tantalising structure though needed a bit more assertiveness than meek in parts, though overall, very commanding.

BT- drama, like Gary Numan with a temper. Posture, lines and timing not there. Execution not as refined. CRH- cape very good and turn out. Needs to be earthed with floor, strong preparation. Nice scissor action, needs more arch to dance. I’m disappointed.

DB – Character was spooky matador. Worked hard but needed more tilt. Flex the glute muscles she advised. LG – Butch bullfighter. Into character. Got to get tight butt. More shaping, but you came out and give it some!”

So macho, called Sinitta.

5, 5, 7, 5,


Lisa and Robin


Witch Doctor – Don Lang

Taking command of pupil Robin ‘Wicked’ Windsor, Riley got her groove on instantly, with very good work on the floor as character and routine to the dance. Looked comfortable. Tipped Rob upside down again. A Lift? Bit exhausted at this point ending on a barrel roll with wit and grace.

Acted well, danced poorly. No cross and swivel. Step touch, step back. Otherwise not a Charleston. DB – fastest Charelston. Could become messy but wasn’t that messy. Spring and Energy back. LG – plenty of fun, speedy and energy. Parody of a Charleston. Well done. Bruno – a spinning banshee. Facial Aerobics, Bruno then knocked his suit prop on his shoulder off thinking it was real.

Bruce picked it up for Bruno as a hairpiece. Bruno thought he would give Dynasty’s Joan Collins a run for her money.

Giving Joan Collins a run for her money!

Gentleman Robin took some responsibility for role soles placed on Lisa.

6, 6, 7, 7,


Sid and Ola

Cha Cha Cha

Ghostbusters – Ray Parker Jr

Bruce gave a beautiful introduction to Iveta Lukosiute. Rolling off the tongue, who helped in training as Ola had to get off to Poland for other reasons.

Equipped with super soaker props, Sid did a lot of basic and unattractive steps here and there. Started with a breakdance from Sid. Once getting into a hip swivel and arm extensions was too slowed down and concentrate on look to audience and concentrating on one move there and then and neglected other parts of routine which couldn’t join to the rest of the routine.

DB- Fabulous to see more dance conflicted. Don’t worry. Can see concentration on your face.  Need attitude. LG – Ola-ween! All too safe. Take risks. Go down fighting. Len said “go for it” as Bruno added break the spell. Lacks detail, power and accuracy. You can do it. CRH duded it a “Halloween nightmare.” Oooh Err. Nothing more to add.

2, 5, 5, 5


Nicky and Karen


Weird Science – Olingo Boingo

Advising Brucie not to use inter-speak Forysthe apologised he was Tote InAppropes #Horror in a lovely 2012 linguistic humour segment.

Karen ‘Howling Hauer was soon brought to life by Byrne to begin, though slow in hold. Steps took a while, fell flat in performance. Boring, lacked enthusiasm and attack as intended. No dance aptitude. Got the GMTV dancer effect. Tiresome and tedious.

LG – stomped footwork, got through it to the beat. BT – found secret formula. Don’t go off the style (of the Tango) CRH – main priority is your posture. Picking feet up too much, liked routine. DB – entertaining. Lift knees looked marching instead. Had narrative.

6, 6, 7, 7


Fern and Artem

American Smooth

Killer Queen – Queen

Artem’s chicken fillets made an appearance full on tonight to please the audience. Servant to Queen Fern, soon ushered her from her throne with a graceful lift well leading into a slower than usual floor work. A little backward unfortunately. Lovely lady won’t make her go further and hopefully she’s aiming to improve to have a really great, memorable dance for her time on the show.

BT – too being, too nice. Song defines character and movement. Plain, not impact it should have have.

DB – smooth. Take a few more bad roles. Be brave. Be bad. LG – got howl, not wow. Push her he asks Artem.

4, 5, 6, 6


Public announcement with lost watch was pointless but hilarious. Simplist comedy is most effective. Thumbs Up. 😮

Denise and James

Cha Cha Cha

U Can’t Touch This – MC Hammer/ Superfreak – Rockwell

James wanted Denise to get her freak on. Time for a lesson, girls?

Released from birdcage, almost tripped in a minor blip, bless. Took seat like a cabaret scene. Then into hold with James getting bit raunchy. Slow movement. Lot of time in twirls. Focused on routine, lost some attack and fluidity. Standard but not interesting.

CRH – partial to whip, but not hip. Energy spins brilliant. LG – never disappoint, needs fabulous leg action. Liked it, needed more crisp. BT – side to side alright, back and forth need lustrous hips working. Simple and basic steps.

7, 7, 7, 7


Michael and Natalie


That Old Black Magic – Sammy Davis Jr

Surviving the dance off as victor last week with Natalie ‘Living dead’ Lowe, Vaughy was haunted by Craig’s comments and hilarious woke up in bed with him. Back to the stage, Vaughan magic upped a beauty from a beast with Natalie, into a swift race round the floor in a pleasing effort. Good togetherness with partner. In steps. Back heel kick met with lively audience in house, with followed up hop alongs, looked impressive for previous struggler. Back into his magic clothes changer device, magician Mikey scored a beaut. It was a sustainable effort.

DB – ballroom is your thing, hold and top line beautiful. Light, precise. Cheeky grin. LG – teased a 7 from Len as Michael has hopes for. BT – a miracle, transformation. CRH – gave a few claps to them.

8, 8, 8, 7


Victoria and Brendan


White Wedding – Billy Idol

Cookie Cole Backward strutting and wafting of arm lines in a vanilla gothic themed ghoulite, twirl spins and nothing else seemed to dominate the routine. Di d not feel like the powerful Tango it could have become. All Brendan moves, no connection with partner and Victoria was way off and too lost, sadly. Needs to really let go. Reserved. Felt empty.

LG – need faith, sharp and crisp. BT – haunting beauty with hint of madness. Loved it. CRH – lost posture, hand problem, routine excellent. DB – wonderful to see fight in you.

7, 8, 8, 8


Colin and Kristina


Superstition – Stevie Wonder

We haven’t seen the prequel to the Resident Evil series yet, starring Craig as Brucie points out. Maybe Colin will haunt him down for acting tips!

Stroking his black cat like Blofeld, Kristina rips cape off velvet wonder Colin into some airy lifted placement to the floor. Fair leg step overs, from sultry Kristina, with good turns though had awkward beginning before hand into them, ended on lift to floor spin. Good connection.

Developing so well – Brucie

Haphazard foot work, nerves into lifts. Got a disco groove, great rhythm Bruce adds.

DB – not dirty but saucy Salsa. LG – lovely rhythmic tick. Very encouraged but major incident. Colin knew and accepted graciously.

Do more Disco!

5, 7, 6, 6


Louis and Flavia


Disturbia – Rihanna

Limp ‘rigormortis’ early on in routine. Too mechanical/robotic. Constructed. Not Free. Backflip again as signature piece wont be any good overall. Rather tedious now. A lift, also technically? All is relayed on to cover up inaccuracy. Only doing it for look based than being professional. Very slow. Disinteresting.

CRH – ineffable, loved it. Thumb up on Flavia back, needs to go down. DB – Spookily good. BT – Tango of the season. (Only been 2 or 3.)

8, 9, 9, 9


Kimberley and Pasha

Paso Doble

Hungry Like The Wolf – Duran Duran

With a little red riding hood theme, a back fumble in twirl. Slowed in centre. Pasha flip, a lift? Strawberry Pist-(P)aschio had storytelling narrative however, in a pleasing mix of routine. Fluid in arm flips and transitional holds with Pasha, needs more bite in attack. Too long away from partner, too distanced. Not enough close chasing, should have captured her faster, whilst being kept little at bay and then break free to dominate Wolfy Pasha.

DB – Intensity, kicks, very nice. LG – Competent performance, tad more aggression. Like popping off to Sainsbury’s at start. Postural perfection. BT –Excellent lines, very well danced. Executions in the arm. CRH – Fiery, punchy, fantastic shaping.

8, 8, 7,8


With Bruce’s comedy, and presenting quips, the judges accurate, fun and credible critique and the glam of Tess, with high audience engagement, Strictly Come Dancing once again trounces competition and keeps the public enthused, as it should aim. It was another talent packed evening for the series with overall pleasing moments to watch.

Some hot favourites are in trouble tonight though.

Danger zone

Victoria, Colin and Sid.

Results to follow.


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