X Factor UK 2012: Week 8 Results

X Factor UK 2012:

Week 8 Results

Alliance remains.

Group song

Viva La Vida  – Coldplay

James Arthur starts fair but still standard. Whining Rylan, Jah-diva-mene, Maloney getting into mood with good note. Jahmene walking on with mime of song seemingly uninterested. Lazy. Union J harmonies all over and off. Quiff guy bad, George incapable. The other one sings. Jahmene nothing words. Ooooohhhh moans of Uinon J, joined by Rylan and James, Union J add worse tone to it, to ruin. James attempts to save it, as song given is more his style. Funny that, huh?

Bruno Mars

Locked out of Heaven

Prince and the Revolution meets Blues Brothers in Motown era.

A dazzling jazzy blues number with a cool RnB tone. Energetic band, charismatic vocals and proof of a real singer without over doing it vocally. Less is more. Great dance moves too with a sway and stylistic swag on.

Tulisa is not singing as scheduled last week. X Factor could be sued for false advertising if there aren’t careful, though it felt Tulisa would be blown out of the water up alongside Rihanna or Bruno.

Asked who impressed, of the other acts as judges usually asked are to answer in an ‘unspoken word’ of knowing format, Louis Walsh entered a biased approach. “Union J improved” he blared at high volume. He added “Weird dancers of Fernando” in relation to Christopher Maloney’s performance in a pre-determined attack once more. Parrot puppet Tulisa added he favourite was James also stating “Fernando creepy” after claiming it “wasn’t her style” to cruelly defame and abuse someone personally. Gary Barlow gave a clear, consie answer “Rylan” as Nicole opted to select her own once more ”James Arthur was ***** Buddha or butter? Computer nor English language can compute.



Water raining, stream around, keeping Ri-Ri dry-dry. Beaming sun strobe lights and mist. A real artist on the stage.All are inferior. Funny how the judges disliked Chris Maloney’s performance, yet some similarities in staging were apparent. Yet all judges cheered for the RnB popster Rihanna, whose vocals infused with performance can hardly be challenged.

The Results

In “no particular order” the votes to reveal the first act saved and returning next week is – James, Christopher and Jahmene.

Union J Vs Rylan

Hacks sucking up to the show to gain popular press attention for their own egos saw once more the Antichrist of ‘journalism’ running amock of the profession as celebrity gossip gabber Dan Wooton believes Union J were better vocalists than Chris Maloney. Whether you like em or not, Maloney is certainly better than Union J and Rylan. Many other ‘downgraded’ forms of media are doing the same, proving all puppets and not an actual “journalist.” Hire a real one. I’m right here.

Come on, you odious hack! Union J are terrible. Shows how a random person built on fandom blagged his way into the ‘field’ and still has no journalistic intent nor charisma.

Rylan Clark

Wires – Athlete

Rylan works the stage and walks around whilst giving a sweet kiss to Gary. High notes terrible. Can’t reach them so has to breathily sing vocals. It was an improvement for Rylan in grounds of singing yet was credible of a Week 1 performance. He had slick hair.

Union J

Run – Snow Patrol

Sympathy song bearing the lines “do we have to go?” from the pupping cutie eyes.

The quiff guy singing all the time as lead is wrong choice. His look, the look of desperation and pity on his blank face is dreadful. The two bookends on the end Jaymi and the other one can actually carry the group if there was actual direction on this group, but they have Louis Walsh along for the ride, as well as being utterly clueless among themselves to figure out what to do. The guy in middle killing everything with his over indulgent, egotistical, assumptive bighead attitude acting as the “leader” of the group marring all progress possible. Learn to take a back seat or leave.

Nicole said it was “passionate and emotional” though opted to send home Union J.

Louis Walsh said of Rylan “fantastic guy, great fun, role model, performer. Amazing career” though felt in the sing off “the boys totally won” thus sending home Rylan. He said that quite quickly didn’t he?

Gary added “great sing off and last night” Union J were the “band everyone wants to sign” (hardly.) Rylan had “best vocal performance (and was his) best song choice.” Among the great fun and “none personal, in good fun” honest Barlow sent home Rylan.

Tulisa had the final vote. With no acts of her own, she spoke of the group, mentored by friend Louis Walsh. “Union J – four amazing lads on and off stage. Ryland you’ve entertained. Admire your strength while having to put up with what you’ve had to in this competition.” The noble Constostavlos decided her vote on “most potential to sell records. Pains me to say, act sending home is Rylan.”

Tulisa is fighting for her job, manages to praise non-bullying methods and managed to correctly say Rylan after speaking Ryland in the same sentences together.

Rylan officially called time on his X Factor stint. Upon leaving he had this to say of his time in the competition “Feels so right, had a massive seven weeks.” His highlight came at judges houses. Singing Emeli Sande’s hit Read All About It with all the finalists.

On sister show following the results, Nicole Sherzinger said it was “Not my style to put anyone else down in this competition as mentioned last week by Tulisa” in response to a caller on other contestants in the competition judges felt shouldn’t be there. This of course is the same Tulisa who has done so to Christopher Maloney at full force last week in her upset at controversial decision of Ella leaving to low votes and having her puppet string pulled by producers and Simon Cowell to purposely insult and victimise Maloney on stage, to which she complied. Sherzinger, who has constantly mentioned “cheese” to subtly attack Maloney and vamp it up towards the last few weeks as per Cowell’s request along with bitchy Louis Walsh, who attempted to insinuate and out Maloney’s sexual orientation on television in a derogatory manner broke their integrity foremost. Nicole said yes without saying yes.

Gagging his mate, Si.

One thing is certain. The judges have forgotten what their role on the show is, and the levels of abuse have driven countless viewers away as a result. If judges cannot do exactly that and use the show to bully based on their own preferences than being a professional, to which Gary Barlow has been, then the show is a false façade that needs to be highly investigated by regulators and bullying groups, as well as possibly fined and even removed from television altogether. Should we condone abusive programmes specifically designed to run a production to mentally abuse members of the public?

Childish Tulisa barked “No!” after a caller asked if Gary would complement Christopher if he was not his mentor. Everyone knew this was an inaccurate truth from the 24 year old girl on the panel. Tulisa did the exact, ‘pretend I didn’t hear you can you repeat the question’ moment to create bad tension with the public in a feeble attempt to manipulate their votes. She heard very clearly again.

Barlow added the “public already answered” when explaining they selected the people’s vote into the show.

Louis, who glanced down, and many already know anyway, the judges have the question written down, on their cue cards in front of them which Tulisa checked beforehand.

Tulisa then chose to laugh and point at Gary with Louis when his back was turned. Children on a panel, low voters, and low audience ratings. X Factor wonders why it is in such chaos? The fact they allowed that to go out, without a professional production is just shambolic.

Got a cupcake, somewhere, presumably.

Ella Henderson later called in as Tulisa did some promoting on TV. No Product Placement endorsement was acknowledged. Ella was aksed who she thought the competition was between. “Chris and James” she said, as Tulisa snubbed that comment with attitude. Ella soon retracted her speech when realising a frosty atmosphere from the studio production. She wasn’t supposed to say that name…

Tulisa and Ella continued they had “missed our girly chats. Cupcake.”

Tons of plugs were mentioned at Olly Murs with his new single last week reaching number one in the charts. Olly cannot fathom why he isn’t nominated for BRIT Awards’ Best Male for 2013. We’ll give you more detail later.

Until then, the show is further into chaos with its de-humanising and victimised bullying of one star, as Cowell is “desperate” for a male to win so he can have a new ‘Matt Cardle’  who has been sent to the realms of obscurity since a new record label had esteemed faith in him. He has, and remains the only male to remain strong with a career out of X Factor and stands tall among the charts.

X Factor UK 2012: Week 8

X Factor UK 2012:

Week 8


This week’s theme is to ruin classics from ABBA and Motown

as acts sing two songs each.

Rylan Clark

Mamma Mia – ABBA

Alice in Wonderland meets the asylum.

Louis claimed Rylan was “not a joke act. Brilliant song choice Nicole. Your people’s champion” in another dig at Christopher Maloney.

Tulisa spoke “Loved staging. Well deserved. My kind of cheese. Love you Rylan.”

Gary –  “officially declare check mate. Respect you for getting to week 8. Their choice whose here” speaking of the public.

Nicole – “that’s the way how you open the show. Looking so fine. Sung amazing, so proud of you.”

Well done for X Factor allowing Women bishops into society on the chess board.

Union J

The Winner Takes It All

Stereotype song. Still won’t learn selecting song that is over their assumption is a mistake. Tulisa most inconsistent judge forever if ever there was one follows.


GB – best of luck to you think you’re on a roll.

NS – that’s what your future looks like up on stage. Courageous and strong and Josh such ease.

Ease = lazy.

LW – everybody sings. Please vote, as Louis ASKED for votes live on air as he has done years on end. It breaks certain ruling and code in media law.

Sob story Jahmene’s was ramped up to scale 10, this time with his mum involved to gain votes.

X Factor’s sympathy propaganda abusing regulations struck again.

“Child survivor of the year award” which had NO relevance on the show was presented to Jahmene and not one piece of singing aspiration was mentioned. Should a person who needs a singing show who hasn’t fully sung to win just because he is lost in life and needs confidence? Because no one else in the world has a hard life?

Jahmene Douglas

I have a dream

X Factor stooped to a new all-time low with the bulls**t ometer.

Breathy, no vocal singing. Just airy talk through words, with one blaring pitchy noise on big notes, still cannot sing a whole or even part of song, just noise.

Could not have been more boring.

LW – don’t think really suited you. Incredible role model. (didn’t he just say that to Rylan?) On a podium, like lewis Hamilton, Nicole he laughed. Well, she likes a Lewis lookalike, doesn’t she? Though not that Louis anymore, perhaps?

Wot a beautiful, beautiful performance repetitive Tulisa adds. “ I said it last week and I’ll say it again, running outta ways to kiss your butt, strongest voice in competition.”

GB – another great performance. Slightly rushed ablibs. Well done.

NS – don’t think it was a great performance, it was the performance, the American adds, to no reaction of her Americanised audience playing.

James Arthur


There’s James Arthur, with his guitar, again.

Busker esq. Uninteresting and just standard. Hard to see albums sold should he wins at this rate of downplay. Has the wrong mentor. Has been shelved by about twelve professional years’ worth. It’s a shame, had the most potential of the top two.

LW – travesty without you in show. TC – that is what is so amazing bout you, take a classic to point I barely recognise it. (That’s called uninteresting.) I want either you or Jahmene to win competition. Propaganda.

NS – make that song better.

Christopher Maloney


Another classic look and a sound of a star.

In middle of dancers flapping to make him seem ignored, smothered or forgotten. Diversion tactic.

Very good change in the vocals. Maloney has improved drastically. Charismatic, tender.

NS – lovely theatrical piece, very good vocals, (pause.) Little bit of a snoozer, can’t knock you for working very hard,


LW – Abba the musical. All the guys around you with tops on. Walsh strongly implies trying to cast insinuations to Maloney’s sexuality which is high level victimisation.

This, of course comes from Walsh, who has never had a mention of his romantic liaisons, never had a female in the press or linked to any in sight, and has been involved in homosexual scandals in the past.

TC – in underwear, staging creepy, stop myself giggling,. Vocally very good.

GB – sorry bout comments should be focusing on vocals of yours. Very good.

Rylan Clark

Baby Love / Stop! In the name of Love / You Keep Me Hangin’ On – The Supremes

OMG, like, look at feet, not so well gel!

Another clouded confusion of songs ruing the essence that once was The Supremes. How could you Nicole? You should be ashamed.

Union J

I’ll be there – Jackson Five

Look kids, they’re all wearing the same clothes! Plaid or what!

Typical Louis boyband slecetion of the teeny bopper Jackson Five for a teeny bopper bundle of cuties to look sweet on stage.

What about the singing? They wasn’t any. All minimal, all this spikey haired ruiner of the band, apparently he’s called Josh, destroying song from front of house aiming to be the star of the group, neglecting that “the gay one” can actually sing the best. The one on the end, and the other bookmark on the left, couldn’t have less direction if they tried.

James Arthur

Let’s Get It On – Marvin Gaye

Yearning to Scherzinger for guidance.

A classic from Marv, James tackled it with grace, well placed once he rebuked his trademark guitar and sang a bit of soul the judges have been harping on about for weeks. Only now he gets a soul number. It was a fair vocal with a not so engaging stage presence and lacked anything near Marvin’s classic. Note the word is classic. You should consider not attempting a classic, because, you will never compete with that, and look ever inferior. It can harm your reputation.

After Louis stated best vocal performance of the night, James’ ego is highly going through the roof believing he is better than the rest.

Jahmene Douglas

The tracks of my tears – The Miracles

Ella was voted off because she was boring. James was in trouble because he was, boring. Jahmene is boring.

The vocals were as we continually repeat, which should ring volumes to X Factor, the process isn’t working, and Jahmene, who needs to “win” for personal development to feel like a human in a mass sympathy vote, who would also then be ruined by the business, is a massive sigh of tedious exhaustion.

Christopher Maloney

Dancing on the Ceiling – Lionel Richie

Got the party groove going upbeat and another good vocal performance.

An upbeat motown number instead of all the boring, mundane tracks before him from the rest in the competition, Maloney entered yet another good vocal performance. The vocals were sharp, crisp and fitted the tone of the song, which is ever essential. Remember when everyone used to say song choice comments, notice how, none have mentioned these when their acts can’t do well in that critique of commentary. That should tell you enough of the competition, surely?

ABBA should gain a knighthood for the musical donations to this country only to be obliterated. They’re probably chuckling round their fires with a cuppa! Motown was also a chance to shine for all acts and X Factor producers had hoped James and Jahamene would topple Christopher as feeling they had more soul. Truth be told the double J’s failed to deliver to their fullest potential, begging the question, are they all out of steam now? With boring performances and no real outlook even should they have a record deal. With a “poor man’s Professor Green and Edwin Munch’s famous painting screaming to no sustainable effect, what more can they actually offer in spite of Maloney actually looking, sounding, and receiving praise for his vocals, on a singing competition, as a star? If X Factor were clever they would realise if Maloney is polling most votes, Cowell would be “quids in” either way.

Cowell has never really cared about the show reputation, has he? This year the act will not be chasing the Christmas number one single race as in previous years, after Rage Against the Machine toppled previously disallowed to be mentioned victor Joe McElderry, who has also signed to another label akin to Matt Cardle. Cowell is said to have been championing a boy (James or Jahmene) from the start, and plans to make Scherzinger head judge after intending to dump her initially. Many feel this is why she was given the strongest category and fixed to make “X Factor history” as first judge with all three acts in the quarter finals.

Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Week 8 Results

Strictly Come Dancing 2012:

Week 8 Results


Strictly opened with the dance crew from Britain’s Got Talent performing with the Show’s professional females in a very good opener and pleasing beginning.

After the recap from hosts Tess and Claudia, the first batch of results were revealed as to who were safe.

The couples through to next week were – Kimberley and Pasha, Louis and Flavia, Nicky and Karen.

The first couple to make the dreaded dance off were – Michael and Natalie.

After gazing down Len’s Lens at some more hilarity angles with Craig getting his groove on, bowler hat gent Len entering with a cheeky bum pat with sheer gumption and comedy clips the results were back to Tess.

Making it through were – Dani and Vincent and Denise and James.

The next couple making up the dance off were – Victoria and Brendan, leaving Lisa and Robin through to next week.

The Script

Hall of Fame

The Script. Or Danny, as he’s known…

Good song, good band, was OK performance. Not really moved, like them, but all for Danny show as re-signed to The Voice UK to be screened, on the BBC, in the spring of 2013 to combat Britain’s Got talent on rival show ITV.

The dance off

Victoria and Brendan

Much better second time round letting go and enjoying it as advised by the judges. Still minor in armogarapy and steps timid though better than original performance, but not enough to classify as a full on great routine. Bless her, but, its time to go.

Michael and Natalie

Michael very stationary but will he add any dark personality? Little more grace and movement with attack than previously. Must remain routine as before, however did show more attack and attempt to improve the dance and its presentation. Decision is easy tonight, but, will the votes go as such?

The Judges Vote

Craig – completely smashed it, thought fantastic. Michael and Natalie saved.

Darcey – Yes I’m gonna save Michael and Natalie.

Bruno – Save the best foremost. Michael and Natalie

Len – Agreed with Michael and Natalie.

Victoria humourously adds she would save them too. “So much fun, loved every second, pushed out of comfort zone.” Costume, hair and make up were graciously thanked by Pendleton. “Fantastic experience.”

Brendan added – Emotional rollercoaster. So excited to work with. Proud of her.

Heart of the nation, but “Queen Vic” now peddles on.

Having a fun dance at end.

A lovely lady but her time to go.

Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Week 8

Strictly Come Dancing 2012:

Week 8

As always, scores are below from judges Craig Revel-Horwood, Darcey Bussell, Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli, along with our professional score. Brucie recounts his tale of going on an 18 – 30 holiday after Dani had one. It was in 1830. Ba Boom! Was a great crowd pleaser and start to smile with.

Dani and Vincent


Single Ladies (Put a ring on it) – Beyonce

Good sass and sizzle start with Vincey flamboyant chest gyrate with spangle sequins shimmer. Good for her but lacking some spark in energy a little. Good poised strength of character in routine. Hot aeroplane down end lift, but still a lift, technically.

1 yr out Craig? Cheers. Need a cheap call for a fill in? 😀

LG – got party started. Brave start. Lots of basic stuff going on, thought it was fabulous. BT – I would put a ring on it. Babycham aside, hip action, I loved it. CRH – one hot little dancer. Body ripples perfection. Tidy Samba. Beyonce quotations he loved loved. Sir Bruce Forsyth added –  didn’t hear quotations.

You want a quote? 🙂 I can provide…

Darecy ended the critique – Attitude and confidence brilliant. Running promenades be stronger and cleaner. Loved it.

9, 9, 9, 9


Kimberley and Pasha


When Doves Cry – Prince

To celebrate Kimb’s belated birthday, Strippergram Brucie arrives!

Caught up in beads was just fantastic. Brucie is certainly needed for Stritly.

Attitude to begin, but getting into start from that takes bit of time to regain momentum. Sharp turns but in between gaps not enough powerful feel of dance content. Poised, focused and strong but lacking the narrative to the audience. The dance was good points but what was the story? That was missed in the projection of getting all the steps ticked off the box. As for the dance, it was a good feel and tone to it with a great connection, but not both of their dance, needs to be with the audience a home as well.

BT – vixen. Dance brilliant. Staccato just killing it, going for it, getting better and better, did I see slight wobble in middle? Was absolutely great. CRH – yes you did see. Something happened. Loved drama at top, set story brilliant told all way through, hand shaping placed into the crack, of Pasha’s armpit. Little loose. Fabulous.

Crowd hysteria with “crack.”

Storytelling and moody pouting pleased Darcey. Attack, loved it. LG – gotta agree partly, loved the mood. Passionate. Your hold goes in and out little loose. Feet little flat throughout but feel mood and intensity of dance was spot on.

Bruce bids farewell to Pasha Bolognese as Pash throws his tagliatelle hands up.

8, 9, 8, 9


Victoria and Brendan


Candy – Robbie Williams

Oh my god! at that into hold at start almost knocking one another out. Awkward exchange, despite trying to begin well. Sorry. Falling flat after hand walks looked stranded and awkward on own. lift,

Love her but, atrocious. Sorry, we want to like but it was just awful.  End on shoulders spin around lift.

Bruno lick his lolly. Len nothing. DB – love hearts, CRH – gobstopper.

CRH – prop candy sticks had more fluidity. Len – bit light. Needed more go in it. Lifts good agree with DB, bit more oomph that’s all. BT – very fetching. Gorgeous. When stand still your fabulous. Some much to offer and still don’t deliver. Get into it let yourself go, it doesn’t happen. You look amazing. Use it.

Too shy, doesn’t know how to apply it. Still always Brendan moves.

4, 6, 6, 5


One Twitter user, Katie Kileen added – “Brendan dragging round floor is just cringe.”

Louis and Flavia

Paso Doble

Dirty Diana – Michael Jackson

Cape work. Twirls looking at Flav as a mate.

Jump round to floor uninteresting and a lift. Arms not very good. No impact made, fair feet, lethargic move around in hold. Easy. Safe, in hold repetitive circling the floor. Head shake interaction mean nothing just for show, ends VERY unattractively to no interest on a floor spin.

DB – arrogant, forceful attitude not there for me. Missed the story, wanted you to perform. LG – thunder and lightning. Needs attack. Nothing going on! No fire in the blimmin’ thing. BT – totally agree can produce beautiful shapes, should be left breathless. Based on matador and arena. CRH – have to learn to act these dancers. Go no further unless.



Being a performer as gymnast? Then that means that he hasn’t got ‘it’ as a performer.

Lisa and Robin


As if we never said goodbye – Barbra Streisand

Pampering. Gorgeous Riley rose up to stride towards beau Robin centre of floor with a very good spin and close interaction with emotion and tender romance. Mirroring one another with excellent timing and remaining feel with story,  interaction pertaining to the routine, had a strong basis of love and dance. Near perfect.  Almost a nine. Borderline.

LG – like some, but feeling not exciting. BT – nice surprising and understated, expected fire. Careful, nice but not overwhelming. CRH – slightly tempestuous and aggressive lost sensuality. Not a dance that suits, what did do danced well. DB – so try, hard to sustain moves. So brill in Latin, don’t think this is your dance.

7, 6, 7, 7


How is a big lady who is not “aesthetically” framed to be viewed as doing a good job. She did.

Michael and Natalie

Argentine Tango

Bust Your Windows – Jazmine Sullivan

Good start, dark, commanding, stationary. Natalie leading, however. Good up forward leg back lift. Careful on steps looking to Nat for guidance. Spin around lift. Drag leg back close connected lift good. Spin around and jump spin.

BT – concentrating in getting through routine lost sexuality and routine.  CRH – lacked resistance and lead. Adornments very stiff. DB – such an attentive partner. Missed domineering man. Hungry and passionate for her. Beautiful lifts. Lovely lines. Concentration. Needs more arrogance. LG – wish I had a stiff adornment. (Craig laugh’s) Part one, learn dance, two – perform it. Full routine. Lifts good. Spin on floor. So much good going on. Overwhelmed by one thing.

Bruno scared motions were hilarious.

Woman reacts to male influence of dance actions.

We’ve all come to love the transitions Michael Vaughan has made on his journey but HE was the one carried in that.

6, 7, 7, 6


Nicky and Karen


Doop – Doop

Wanna play the game with you…

Theatrics did not save this dance to begin, a funky beat was too overly disjointed and made this a comedy typical stodge premise. Comedy clown of SCD, lacking  real interest. No connection with partner.

CRH – wasn’t a disaster. Suited you down to the ground, your best yet. DB – it was magic. Quirky, fun. LG – like set up. No stress express. Top two this week. BT – character, slapstick, energising. Never lost Charleston. Imaginative, fresh.

9, 9, 9, 9


Denise and James

American Smooth

Imagine – John Lennon

Lift up around by hands. Embrace with smooth sultry tender around. Good command from James. Elegant twirl above head lift on shoulders. Wobbly carousel spin. Good arm out rotatory action. Stunning lift at end. Lovely job, with exquisite lifts.

DB – graceful, musical, pleasure to watch. Effortless. Make it seamless. Beautiful lines. Sailed round that floor. LG – like sea wave after wave of effortless motion. Class. BT – smooth… finesse, silk, emotional connection, for me was perfection. CRH – James thumb up on occasion, Denise perfection.

9, 9, 9 10


Danger zone –

Victoria, Louis, Michael

If CRH leaves SCD it will be tough. But screw him for trying to pinch my X Factor job, darhling! :p

Results to follow.

X Factor UK 2012 Week 7: Results

X Factor UK 2012

Week 7: Results

All smiles…

Group song

Young – Tulisa

Union J began with a fair start from singer Jaymi. Jahmene standard. Rylan getting into party mood. Christopher given some rubbish lines to look weak. Ella voice didn’t match the style of song.

All together sounded like a watery cheap back alley performance. James enters with the musky tone well. Rylan shimmy’s to some words. Union J guy aiming to be front member with terrible vocals. Group re-join. Arthur looks highly uncomfortable. Jahmene a lost, non-entity. Rylan at some party not bothered about the song, in a karaoke manner. As a group and the song, it was run down and should have been avoided. All a caricature gimmick.

When asked on the performances of acts biased Tulisa said of her act Ella, “one of her best performances.”  Pass her a new script. Host Dermot O’Leary said Nicole would be the first judge to have all three acts in the quarter finals for an ego boost. (Yeah, but it doesn’t actually mean anything, does it?) Careful on cont-sa-nants Dermy.

It was reported earlier in the week stubborn Jahmene Douglas refused to sing the scheduled TGIF single by Katy Perry as it disagreed with his morals for including lines regarding drinking and partying as he is tee-total. He also added he wanted to be in the sing off, for a laugh, highlighting how much the competition doesn’t mean to him. He added he needed to win to “grow as a person” for personal development.

Olly Murs

Troublemaker (feat. Flo Rida)

Crowd pleaser Olly Murs enters from opening doors walking down light up stairs. Careful how you approach those stairs. Is this the new version of Michael Buble come Jersey Boys? Braces were a good look but didn’t fit his body and way too loose. As for the track, we like Murs as an individual, though his music of that different style doesn’t instantly appeal or grab us as we would like to. Bear in mind one enjoys this ‘type’ of music, but Murs is a bit too easy with it. Not much lift up in the lyrical approach, however, we do like the beat and style of this track and are pleased to say we do like it. There is always one song of any artists that you do like despite the main one’s missing the point beforehand. Has a strong following and enjoyable chap. We wouldn’t turn down a pint int pub and a good ol’ chat, put it that way. He’s cool and this tune was pleasing., but repackaging is crucial to success.

Flo Rida did not make an appearance.

Alicia Keys

Girl on Fire

Dark ninja gothic queen with a Chinese dragon following her proved to be another epic, class act, with an exquisite and powerful star that blew everyone out of the water and stamped a statement on the musical industy. Standing tall on a very powerful and sturdy star pedestal. The performance was outstanding and the musical tone was enriched. How can you contest that?

The Result

Nicole thrilled for Rylan, forgetting her real acts…

Announced in “no particular order” the first contestants to survive till next week’s quarter final are revealed.  Those through are – Union J, Rylan, Jahmene and Christopher.

X Factor once again left Christopher last to be named so that the audience will boo and assume it is his fault, it isn’t so don’t be so easily manipulated. He polled the most votes, according to sources inside.

One hates to say it and it isn’t gloating, but, I told you so. One day, someone, somewhere, will listen, for once and take note. Last week we clearly stated Ella V James would happen. Union J and Rylan are sympathy votes, and Maloney is the most popular, yet X Factor are doing everything in their power backstage to mar Maloney’s potential win which is again, victimisation and a form of bullying. It wasn’t his fault, but announcing him last is meant to manipulate you. Open your eyes, instead of being played. Aren’t the British public “cleverer” than that?

The sing off

Ella Vs James

How will the vote go? Will there be a decision?

Tulisa bullishly introduced her act as “A girl who does not deserve to be in the bottom two tonight, it’s my little star Ella.”

Ella Henderson

If you’re not the one -Daniel Bedingfield

Her voice isn’t fitting the style of songs. Song choice is the most crucial lesson Ella can learn. It is the wrong songs selected. Her range cannot control the notes. Everyone has to make the song their own in some way, sure, but, don’t take on a song that cannot carry her tone. Choose something specific than a “yeah, that will work” in a rushed five minute decision without any thought process.

Ella gave a good rise in the high notes, but still off in parts and can only produce the high notes, which comes off to the public. Hard to see mass albums sold afterwards.

James  Arthur

Fallin’ – Alicia Keys

Distasteful Nicole exclaims with borderline swearing upon introducing her act – “One of the greatest talents to grace this stage, this is James E’ff’n Arthur.”

James loudy shouts with his trusted guitar. Claims of a Professor Green with a guitar, Arthur is ruining the rise and fall with notes with his attempts at intensity coming through to showcase his talent, which is highly ruining it. Strained, awkward and a little sloppy.

Hmm, it’s a conundrum, but we never sit on the fence. We would save, thinking hard on it, James, slightly tipping it.

The Vote

Infuriated, volatile adolescent Tulisa adds “People are voting for the wrong people. Ridiculous. People not voting for who they should be” going off on a personal tangent to insult the public’s integrity.

Nicole’s resolve faded to a sour note mentioning “Tragedy for the show that you two are in the bottom two” as most talented.

Bookend Louis added “I’m in shock. I hate seeing these girls (Tulisa and Nicole) upset. Ella, so much potential. James, amazing, a ready-made act for record deal.”  Louis opts to send home James. Tulisa alliance is always strong.

Gary – “Finally. It’s a singing competition. The razzmatazz and staging, put behind you,  it’s about the vocals. Act sending home is Ella.”

DEADLOCK arrives! The public vote now boots out the one with the fewest votes. Who is it, Dermot?

Leaving the show is – Ella.

Stroppy Tulisa released a boorish onslaught after failing to get her way. The audience were in uproar on Twitter adding “Who does she think she is? Not going her way, she throws a tantrum!” The mass hypocrisy of Rylan and Union J praised from Tulisa’s own mouth in previous show comments has cost her for trying to build alliances with judges when Ella faced this situation. Tulisa CANNOT blame others when SHE praised those comedy acts. This is what happens when you lose your mind. It is inevitable.

The recent WAG joined her departing act on stage repeating “It is ridiculous. People thought she was safe, nothing wrong with her performances.”

Didn’t see that one coming, did they?

Come off cloud nine and realise that people didn’t vote for her because they didn’t like her performances and safe play in the competition, running out of steam, coasting along with no risks taken.

Union J were saved by teen girls because they fancy them to save from last week’s sing off. Jahmene is a mass sympathy vote, and Christopher is most favourable due to his journey and progression as an artist, as the show ethos pertains to. James and Ella were both boring performances. Once realisation from own personal ego, one may learn to be a little more dignified and mature while understanding how it works.  No one is voting for a girl, because all the girls are busy throwing their knickers at Union J and Jahmene with sympathy and adoration. You’ll never be with them, but public like to think they could have a chance in their warped version of reality. It is the way the show and the pitiful audience allow themselves to run.

Receiving torrents of judge/backstage abuse for singing and being popular on his musical transition.

“Im close to Tulisa. So sorry for my…” Nicole adds after the result on sister show The Xtra Factor, admitting personal connection clouding judgement calls, as well as apologising half-heartedly for her obscenities.

Tulisa further implied aggressive aspersions “I’m back to my urban roots, don’t ask me any question!” Angry, juvenile, emotional children on the panel are the biggest risk possible. After receiving mass amounts of wonga as a panellist having all on a plate, Contostavlos choose to slate the very shows format and the public’s integrity.

Tulisa would not stop her torrent of misunderstanding by continuing on “If you like an act pick up the phone and vote” she added in the most inconsistent display of language possible. That’s exactly what the voters did. It just happened to be that they did not like Ella nor the mentorship of safe and boring performances.

One caller rang in and said “her song was slower.” She added “Love Ella, but was slower.” Defiant Tulisa chose to place another  calculated personal  attack on Christopher once asked by co-host Caroline Flack, yet the audience boo that Rylan got through, when asked if Rylan should have got through also. Tulisa only blamed Maloney for gaining votes on his credibility, as comedy goof Rylan, whom Tulisa constantly praised, sailed through. She felt Rylan was OK to go through.

She slammed him being annoyed with “That Christopher’s through” with a slouched, bratty face beamed to the nation live on air.  Twitter users instantly wrote she was “Proving Twitter right that she is a chav” as Louis Walsh branded her. Louis said he thought Rylan would go.

Tulisa encouraged a caller to repeat his comment when debating if Christopher should go through having heard it correctly first time. Unable to handle rejection and hopes of winning the X Factor, Contostavlos sails out of the quarter finals and as the first judge to have ZERO acts in the competition.

At least she can “sit back and watch it” as she mentioned on Saturday’s main show.

The audience cannot blame Maloney for Ella’s departure when Rylan and Union J are two of the worst singers in the show which forces a double standard on the show and its whole backstage victimising production after failing to realise that the act’s they personally asked to audition to go through to live shows were not as popular or talented as they once previously thought.

Twiiter users claim Tulisa was “Vexed”

Most added they would turn off their screens again, not because of Ella, but because of the bullying to Christopher and Tulisa’s scathing attacks, whilst Nicole’s annoying catchphrases of no sense and distaste removed them from the audience of watchers.

You can see last week’s results show where we clearly saw this one coming! – https://falsefabs.wordpress.com/2012/11/13/x-factor-uk-2012-week-6-results/

Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Week 7 Results, Wembley

Strictly Come Dancing 2012:

Week 7 Results, Wembley

Diner Chic in group collaboration for Wembley’s 2012 class which was a good meld together of all involved at front of house. Even Craig at the lemonade and kisses booth!

James pushing the dodgem with hosts Tess and Claudia was great. Who doesn’t love a sparkling driving wheel?

Claudia Winkleman billed the musical acts highly tonight, as “pop princesses“ Girls Aloud and the “Queen of Pop” Kylie were on tonight. Claude is just doing her job, but, technically let’s re-establish the reality. Kylie is the “princess of pop” which means Girls Aloud are the daughters of pop, perhaps? We shall explain in fuller detail later in the week.

The first round of results were announced as who was saved – Dani and Vincent, Michael and Natalie, Lisa and Robin and Denise and James.

The first couple to face the dance off were – Richard and Erin.

Claudia now explains there was a technical glitch on Saturday’s broadcast where some of Michael’s dance was missed on transmission, however is available in full on the BBC iPlayer catch up service on the BBC website.

Girls Aloud

Something New

After a decade of hits, Girls Aloud performed their catchy comeback single with a risky live performance which was respected as all five females sang to a credible level which made them respected for that. The song, however, was an upbeat, catchy and powerful return for the five strong female group which can really get you enthused and ready to rise up with integrity. We like this one a lot.  Great comeback track.

After some funny clips from Len’s Lens with “six times” the floor expanded from the regular set, and Bruno and Len ploughing into Tess and Claudia in the dodgems humourously, giving some Claudia ‘Whiplash’ Winkleman, the rest of the results were soon revealed.

Joining the safe couples next week are – Victoria and Brendan, Louis and Flavia and “oh is that u?” a voice reminiscent of Flavia rings out. Now its down to boyband versues girlband. On place left going to – Kimberley and Pasha, leaving Nicky and Karen in the bottom two.

Kylie Minogue


Stunning glass frock on Kylie with a great interaction to the floor with dancers around and an all-round star act performing once more in a great production with an all-time classic. Faultless and a go getter theme to encourage party atmosphere. G-lass act!

The Dance off

Richard and Erin

The Man from Del-Monte!

Enthusing the crowd, great cartwheel from Erin with a flutter shuffle of feathers. Lift Erin down looks bit tired but getting more oomph than previously. Banana boys join in sashaying as Richard shoves Erin all at sea. No buoy for her. Will they be voted off the island?

Nicky and Karen

More energy beginning looking better than last night into hold, even though still lacking a little finesse with clarity. More fluid arms and kick with air guitar. Good back drag through legs of Karen with catch lift up, steading themselves. It is a shame that they give better on their dance off. They, like all couples should give it that extra spark of attack to not fall in the bottom two. We did think Nicky would be in the bottom two, but we didn’t wish to influence votes. We give three couples who are facing it, but will probably turn it around.

The Judges Vote

Their fates sealed, the judges now vote.

Craig  – For sheer exuberance and energy I save Nicky and Karen

Darcey – Both performances very well goes down to content and energy. Nicky and Karen saved.

Bruno – highly entertaining but have to go with power and content, delivered by Nicky and Karen.

Len – I did agree, Nicky and Karen.

Richard began his departure speech stating – “I thought I’d always miss the wardrobe most.” Thanking his partner Erin Boag, classing her as “special” as Boag returned with praise and glad she could call him “her friend” out of their partnership.

It will be difficult to see anyone fill the void of Richard and Erin as a great coupling for entertainment, but it was their time to quickstep out of the competition on a high note.

X Factor UK 2012 Week 7: Guilty Pleasures

X Factor UK 2012

Week 7: Guilty Pleasures

After a pathetic, 24 TV drama style recap of last week’s drama of Louis Walsh failing to vote, the show, which showed no follow up nor point to this recap on screen was a waste of production time. It had no speech, no engagement and no relevance. How far backward are the show producers? Hire someone to fix it, i.e, me. What else have you got to lose, except millions of viewers? Alas, beginning the show were last week’s bottom two stars.

Union J

Call me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepson

Not exactly a “guilty pleasure” seeing as it was a massive hit in its own right for Carly Rae Jepson, however Union J felt they were big enough to tackle another epic song, recently released over the last year.

The performance was utterly dry and absent of any singing with vocals highly strained in a terrible fashion and uninteresting whilst adding a batch of boring context to the mix. There was no star buzz, intrigue or quality in talent and song power. Do them a favour tonight and let their bubble burst. Stood on a box again.

It was revealed on Xtra Factor afterwards that Union J already have a manager, which means that they have a manager. They firstly didn’t sing well for votes and secondly are conning the system of the show as they will have some bookings in their “career” afterwards, proving they are cheating the show. One Direction last year were signed by Simon Cowell when there were four acts left to the end, which now saw them go on to have a career despite ego of said judge wanting to win as the first group and with them. They came in third on the show of their year.


Ella Henderson

You’re the one that I want – John Travolta and Olivia Newton

Calling her song on a stage at Disney World in Paris a “gig” which was actually a performance on stage, was not her fault, as the show told ‘em all to say “gig.” Starting with a slow one word linger for long time and safe vocal speaking in tune, the acapella version with piano keys behind was rather dormant and more speech than song. A transcribed tune. You might say. Brief melody and a big shout moment near the end over halfway through which was just a shout and no actual interest, until a long lasting one note held at end for the ‘big’ finish. It was simply a nothing performance.

Nicole – didn’t touch me. Didn’t like song choice but you made it work. Slowed down then picked up. Voice sounded glorious. You have so much fire.

There was no spark or up tempo.

Also, did someone forget that this was a duet song? Ella, was alone.

Louis – that was electrifying for me. You’re gonna sell millions and millions of records Louis continually adds. Whilst talking to his co-judge “and Mrs. Wag” as Tulisa interrupts with “WAF- was already famous”, Tulisa says. As long as it wasn’t waft from the fag ash breath. Whew!

The young judge added “take a cheesy classic and make it a classic. Little star.”

Same old words every year. Get a new script, but, that won’t change anything. Some of these judges are warped in their own principals of ego and “their acts” and not the music.


James Arthur

Can’t take My Eyes off of You – Andy Williams

There’s James Arthur. With his guitar. Again.

Another acoustic sing through with vocals more than an actual beat or sound of music and just vocal with guitar made it ever more boring and lacking in star potential, despite glowing reviews, there Is no standout spark as Nicole, playing it down to ‘hold something better for next week’ may indeed cost in the long run with sustained longevity. At this rate will have one year in the business at best. Needs to procure longevity than reliance on survival on a show.

LW – song was a bit safe, you’re already gonna get a record deal, because you deserve it.

TC – one of your most cool-est credible artists. Like going down Camden to find the next cool-est, credible artist.

Yes she did just say that twice.

Gary, who said “putting my act aside” meaning other than his own act, choosing someone on the flip side of the other categories, rather than being biased. It wasn’t a trip of words but the audience at home are uneducated at listening and understanding, whilst caught up in the mass distraction of the show to think for one iota of a second.

He said of James Arthur – “I want you to win this competition.” aside from his act. No other judge is willing to play ball and be honest of picking another category member. Respect him for that.

NS – Cliché Nicole said “we can’t take our eyes off of you,” mesmerizing.


Rylan Clark

Girls on Film – Duran Duran / When will I be famous –  Bros

A picture paints a thousand words.

Rylan enters in what looks like a trashy, cheap salon, come back alley house in the red light district for a 2012 Blade Runner installment. Only problem is this wasn’t a Ridley Scott production. It looked terrible. Cheap and tacky, but what of the singing or even the entertainment on offer?

Dead crowd.

Entertainer Rylan, whose real name was revealed last week actually as Ross, failed to enthuse a quietened crowd and couldn’t barely encourage them throughout, even when pleasing for their help mid performance.

If you can only ever do a mash up every song, it proves you have nothing to your repertoire and need cheap gimmicks to carry you #XFactor

TC – not one of my favourites. Comedown from last week.

GB – good news is you are famous, bad is give it a couple of months. This is going nowhere, for me. It’s getting worse, vocals not improving, got to be over now surely.

NS – Every week you’ve taken risks. I want everyone to pick up the phone and vote for Rylan.

Time for OFCOM to investigate!

RC – never ever said I was best competition. This is a live performance. Most people “mime” that was just a pitiful comeback. You are not a star. You won’t be Madonna or Carly Rae Jepson. I was in the sing off two weeks ago where I proved I can sing.

Two weeks ago, Rylan, in the sing off did NOT sing and only produced SOUND with NO vocal singing and a couple of words only.

Lippy Rylan, who bit back at Gary, who was a charming sport about the matter, did prove the childish behaviour and being a ‘rebel’ is what, according to voters, causes him to remain in the competition only.

Makes it a shameful disgrace to Britain and everyone in it. It just makes you sigh, switch off and feel depressed about Britain’s legitimacy, or “legacy” if you will. It is just tedious.

Sha-maze balls. – NS.


Christopher Maloney

Total Eclipse of the Heart – Bonnie Tyler

Rockin’ those coats AND looks a star.

Strong opening, rising further in vocals. Has made the greatest transition and improvement and kept his vocals collected towards the end to prove a romper stomping force to all in the contest. Louis ready to pounce with attack. Tulisa jotting down a few notes.

Nicole, (as is Simon Cowell, who wants a boy to win the show this year) realising potential threat to her X Factor ego crown, said of Maloney – “Wow, that was a, lot, to take in.” “Life sized portrait of your face and laser of your eyes shining through. Really creepy. Other than that you sound nice.”

Wow, nice…

Louis – cannot knock you. Must be doing something right. TC – all established I won’t be buying the album (loud boos) for genre you do, consistent, vocals consistent. Admit defeat, sit back and listen to the song.

Gary said – Glad everyone’s talking about what’s going on behind you. Not your fault, not mine.

Someone’s over inflated head may have put Maloney’s up there. Everyone understands in showbiz expanding images of one is a tactic to sway opinion in a positive or negative context by choosing “creepy” images to attempt a derailment of someone who is silencing critics, despite their reluctance to acknowledge.

Backstage politics to ruin Maloney from winning as Cowell wants one of the three Boys to win for mass exposure. Can’t fault his voice so try to cut his performance down with staging, how the song was cut in parts to try and throw viewers off and downcast his popularity. Show insiders have been plotting to find ways to prevent Maloney from winning, which is also borderline victimisation which should be looked into by regulators.


Jahmene Douglas

Don’t Leave Me This Way – Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes


Is every song acapella and boring tonight? Stood on raised podium was highly uncomfortable and exposed. Lingered on one and another big notes and didn’t shoot them that high to be honest. And the burst into party flowing theme did not even happen, despite the attempt of making this a song of such proportion. It was timid, plain and boring. It was just a performance and not that at best. There has been no stand out qualities shown over the course, which is just shocking.

TC – running out of ways every week to kiss your butt.

GB – your talent is ridiculous, you’re a great singer.

NS – call those ad-libs, Jah-jazzles. Fought through it like every week.


There was no fight, it was a stand and sing and just get the key notes out only.

Strictly goes Wembley, X Factor goes Disney…

Dermot keeps calling him Ryland, while Tulisa and Walsh have a personal joke that failed to please anyone else at Gary Barlow’s expense. Grow up.

Jahmene’s screams of sound are not thrilling in the slightest. Leading them down the wrong path is not something a mentor should do because then that shows the mentor has lost their own understanding of what to do and only in it for a glorified purpose. When there’s a doubter, the show used to figure a way of silencing critics, now its approach is if you don’t like it leave, well viewers have done exactly that.

Has a hand in running things, but how much tonight?

Empty words from Tulisa. No star quality nor special appeal from any one. Barely any standing out. All been carried, and those are the ones the X Factor show specifically hunted down and ASKED them to audition for the show. Half of the 12 contestants who made the finals at Week 1 of live shows were hunted by the show and asked to come to auditions, with an underlying ‘guaranteed’ continuation to live shows. Christopher Maloney was not one of them and voted in by the public.

Strictly Come Dancing 2012 Week 7: Wembley

Strictly Come Dancing 2012,

Week 7: Wembley

Parachuted in, Craig and Bruno were followed with a spiffing arrival of Strictly dancers. Len and Darcey ‘these boots were made for walking’ Bussell added to the glam in good spirits together with a little dance in. “Everybody dance now” blares as the contestants get their opening groove on with an added bit of Whit(ney)as the crowd was electric.

“Operation Sequin”

Saving the nation, one flit at a time. 🙂

Sir Bruce and Tess soon came down the stairs to keep us dancing.

This weeks theme, celebrated at Wembley would be dancing through the decades from the twenties (20s) to the naughties (00s).

Everyone soon breaked into a rendition once more of Gangnam Style, ending with a trademark Brucie elbow. Flex those arms, people.

Soon after the fun and frolics, the first evening dance would begin.

Lisa and Robin


Car Wash – Rose Royce

Glitzy slacked dungaree hillbilly with grease marks Robin and partner Lisa aimed to prove gapping issues with a 70’s Samba.

2 more “hot guys” chaperoned in for Lisa.

Soap up yer glitzy bonnets people…

Exuberant flare and passion beginning strong with a sense of thrill to join in their party. Great work on own and in hold. Very good leg work and turn spins. Positive arm work, satisfying twirls round, ending on a powerful split drop from Riley to a raucous crowd of appreciation. Fantastic moves and grooves in this. Excellent opener, hard to follow that up. Proved to be a contender once again. Could snare that glitterball.

Bruce told us Darce and Craig last week made up over an Indian and Len could murder an Italian. It wasn’t a pizza and delivery boy Vincent that Darcey went for.

Len started with – Headlamps gleaming, would like bit more polish in technique, performance level is great you make ev1 feel fabulous. Work on finesse. BT- funky frisky and /…. Personality. Play for size, public loved and so did I. CRH – Bold and beeuu-tifulll. Hoever, lost bit of timing. Small thing.

DB – Groove to a Samba never seen before. Set that scene, use bend in knees to create bounce.

8, 8, 8, 8


Nicky and Karen


Jailhouse Rock – Elvis Presley

“Raucous lot – you lot” says Brucie. “Be noisy and be raucous!”

Table start good getting into dance theme. Most demanding dance on SCD. Lost bit pace getting back into hold. Fair kick steps. Fair but flimsy arms extended up where aeroplaning. Lazy hands after on left upping. Slide into Jail. Locked up. Tried and did fair, but again, a demanding dance for anyone the Jive, and for good reason. They tried, but not as great as could have been. Still a little backward in coming forward.

BT – everybody loves a rebel. Pumped to rock n roll. Kicks and flicks need be more accurate. Performance one of your best. CRH – all very flat footed, appeared  stompy, no retraction in any of your flicks. Straighten legs d-h-arling on jumps. Loved energy, character.

DB – Great Jive. Style energy, worked hard, something wrong with those kicks, missing retraction. Stretch hamstrings. Wonderful performance, love it. LG – saw totally diff side, quick slick and kicks and tricks. Flavour wasn’t jive was rock n roll,

But then, that goes against the whole dance, doesn’t it? If we use that basis for critique.

6, 8, 8, 8


Denise and James


Walk Like an Egyptian – The Bangles

Cleopatra and explorer themed.  Enter on throne. Good arms and bounce extending. Knees high on travelling round. Over on head lift, with swishy wave rather slowed down, despite the technique very good, second lift up in starfish position. Great character and theme, but lost pace in some areas.

CRH – that is best Charleston ever seen on strictly. DB – such a polished performance. Choreography brilliant. Detail, clean fabulous. LG – Dance of series so far. BT – Queen Nefer-titi… Jewel of crown.

9, 10, 10, 10


Sorry, I do like the progress Denise and James have made in hard work, but has everyone lost the plot? I will not be unprofessional with bias. I am credible. It was good but it wasn’t 10 worthy, yet! Though very capable of achieving it. Building someone so high also means a come down hard can ruin their stead.

Louis and Flavia

American Smooth

I Got a Woman – Ray Charles / Goldigger – Kanye West

Ancient relics removal. Bruce carried off.

Lifts are allowed in this one.

Lift early with then slow connection in hold, good travel along with hop kicks, careless jumping dismount pause from Louis before figuring next part of routine. Turned into a bassy disaster, Louis show off with an unnecessary splits breakdance. It had absolutely no place in the routine. So pointless, seriously. There is no care about this couple from Louis.

Tasteless vote recieval

DB – tiny mistake, love tacky tricks. Lifts very well. LG – didn’t get smooth part, quickstep with tips and tricks. BT – tricks always impressive, fantastic to watch. Side to side you didn’t do them, all about Fred and Ginger lines; you can do it so well, a cop out.

CRH – refreshing choreography, Fred and Ginge. Though you did very good job.

Talk as much as you, like he’s still wrong – BT.

7, 8, 8, 7


I want to praise but cannot because it wasn’t deserving of. I keep you in the realms of reality, not hypocrisy.

Richard and Erin


Club Tropicana – Wham

Oasis filled with banana hammock boys and slow into hold, lift spin around of Erin. Cross over legs very faint in movement. Slow lift spin of Erin. Boys join back in; Erin tossed to sea on mattress plank as Richard lifted by the beauty boys in banana boxers.

‘Ello Boys!

Throw her a rubber hoop! Pina Collada’s at the ready!

LG – it was a party, well done. BT – HAHA! Richard and the banan hammocks, back to speedo world. Lots of fun. Lighting all through. Fun factor compensated for it. CRH – littered with timing issues, very stompy. Mullipuolous. More liquid in nature. (It’s not in the dictionary d-hhh-arrr-ling!) Rather liked the three boys, took focus away from bad routine. Darecy had a brief chat with Rich who stated – “White trousers belong in 1980s.” Pouted his bum to Darcey, “no knickers?” she gasps. “How’s my pantyline?” Richard asks back.

5, 6, 7, 6


Victoria and Brendan

Paso Doble

Bicycle Race – Queen

Recounting his generation conveyor belt, in a great reminisce, never forget the Cuddly Toy! He done well!

Cables. Bike on cables. Better off doing ET, luv. Brit flag transported to Brendan. Off her bike instantly, making the start of dance pointless entirely. Modern Paso. All Brendan again, no Vickie. Good approaching as bull to matador, then carried by Brendan again with walk along part and turns everywhere. No dancing involved from Pendle peddler. Lukewarm. Devoid of dance and minimal character. Sorry, it was bad. Bad is the kindest word I’ll give. Be thankful.

BT – Balance, try to do something to get right, too ambitious. CRH – he’s right, shoulders creep up. (Childish crowd boo like panto) I love her too, (but) dance wasn’t good. DB – overwhelmed with pace, you lose focus.  LG – pretty good.

Play to the crowd, eh? “We love Victoria” Cheap use of British flag to gain votes. Tacky. Real Brits don’t like that… Can’t rely on next performance. Only as good as your last performance. That’s Showbiz!

5, 6, 7, 6


Len’s score VERY questionable. #Bias

Some fans were upset by Tess Daly’s comments labelling Victoria as “the nation’s sweetheart” due to being an Olympian. Britain respects Olympians, but this is not Strictly Come Olympia. It’s a completely different ball game and shouldn’t gain favour votes based on an entirely different basis as it’s not the show she’s being vote on and just popularity contest, just as Louis is. Sympathy is actually a form of disrespect, when you think about it.

Dani and Vincent


You can’t hurry Love – Diana Ross

Mr. Pink

Spritey pink fluffy candy flossed Dani jubilantly fluttered around the floor instead of limiting to centre platform. Use all space available, goo. Back hind legs look a bit camel esq trot. Losing momentum with tiny kicks of an inch or less. Losing energy. End on romantic dip hold by Vincent gazing into eyes. Was a good dance, but lost a bit of passion and interest.

CRH – Fast, efficient, fearless. DB – petite couple, wow, eat up that dance floor, light clean, exactly what Craig said. LG – about quality and quantity. Loved transitions. Little miss dynamite, fabulous. BT – really my gorgeous little Smurf. Never lost style of classic quickstep. Changes of direction, wonderful job.

9, 9, 9, 9


Kimberley and Pasha


Livin La Vida Loca – Ricky Martin

Pasha is going topless alert! Steady yourselves. Another bare chest contender emerges in the wake of Artem’s departure.

Long train of golden shaul behind at start was ok. Attempting to come back from last week’s unpopular vote in the bottom two. Tried to be vibrant but is dipping somewhat in over trying, perhaps? Feeling a little flat and deflated despite brave attempts to resurface.

DB – core is only thing that’s weak. Fiery party, thank you. LG – if you’re in dance off I’ll pickle me walnuts. Fabulous. DB – love it when you flash it and flaunt it. Get everybody going. Well done. CRH – Full of challenging rhythm, what’s so difficult. Fantastic steps. Just hope people out there are voting for you.

Forget the carbonara, I’ll have a cannelloni Sir Bruce posthumourously relays to ‘Pasta’ Pasha as he waltzes off with Kimberley.

8, 8, 9, 9


Michael and Natalie

American Smooth

New York, New York – Frank Sinatra

Good lines on arms. Good lift up spin round. Shock, Vaughny smashed it again. Catch lift and run back very controlled. Spin round drag floor good. Excellent musicality, lift strong should aeroplane hold. Gentlemanly gold strong.

LG – proper production. BT – incredible value. Really sold it. Couple of moments, your face thought you were gonna drop her. Fitting finale. CRH – what an improvement. From the dance gutters, da-h-rling to THAT! Fantastic. DB – gave me the glamour of Fred (Astaire) and Ginger (Rogers). Perfect. Amazing. Brilliant performance.

Revelation what you’ve done with this man – BF.

Excellent work!

9, 9, 9, 8


We understand Bruno. It was a bit off in parts, but overall for us, tipped it, and we went for 9 instead.

Unfortunately tonight’s SCD was a tad ‘off.’ An excellent opener with a great start then had bits in between where all dances were either overhyped, missing a little something or favourably marked considerably higher than they should have received. When the show goes ‘grand’ over at Wembley Stadium, there is no denying it treats it sufficiently and goes all out for that spectacular. It should, but in hindsight, when it does, it shelves performances somehow in the underlying somewhere in the mix of Strictly’s fabric. Hopefully, the couples, crew and public will see a different side next week, with ever more focus on the dancing than the popularity. Do not fall into the category of that other decreasing show. That’s the last thing anyone wants.

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Danger zone –

Richard, Victoria and Dani

X Factor UK 2012: Week 6 Results

X Factor UK 2012

Week 6 Results

Group Song

Beautiful Day – U2

Bono must be livid. Share a cuppa with Sting.

Were told this one is “live.” James started the song to no impact as Rylan ruined as usual. Christopher added a deep, musky beautiful tone. All the rest pile in drowning out the sound. Ella was ok. Not amazing. No opinion on her from anyone. District3 way off and shouty all over every time. Can’t maintain level tempo of composition. Union J sang woooo hoooooooooooooo. That was it. Jahmene chimed in, always having to shout at the end with one note only. That’s the only thing he can do, can’t hold a full song together. Won’t have a future after the X Factor bubble bursts at that rate.

Nicole mocking Britain. Why are you here then? Go “home” if you feel uncomfortable here. Louis gave a humourous quip about urban roots on Tulisa’s hair. Ooooh! But, then, that’s what the show is, unwitty, childish antics of namecalling.

Little Mix


I have succumbed. There is always an artist/group that you dislike for whatever reason, though has a least one “guilty pleasure” you can’t help but like.

This single shows attitude and slight sense of character, but lose gimmicks and the Tulisa hand DNA sign jewellery accessories. Accessories added will destroy your look and view will become labelled as lame instead.

Way too many ‘hunky’ dancers. Struggle to get those notes out. Bit watered down, singing live. Still learning. Wonder if Misha B will get a performance call?

Sexual crotch on display. Record biz does require you to change though, yes, but, damn… Tulisa full of her own inflated ego. There not yours anymore…

“So funny. All grown up now.” She mentions. “Why you meant to do this. So on point and confident now.” She continued. On-point… Anyone would think this a dancing show…

What artists get signed when un-confident in the business? Ah the “beauty” of X Factor and a multi-millionaire music mogul to bail us all out. Won’t take my calls though will you..? Contradiction. Double standard.

Ed Sheeran

Give Me Love

Ed Sheeran gave a pre-recorded performance as he was busy with a Newcastle gig. We don’t blame him; we wouldn’t cancel a music gig for a tele show that can’t be bothered with music.

The Result

Five acts through in “no particular order” are – James, Rylan, Jahmene, Ella and “you’ll find out after the break.”

Wow, X Factor are really mixing it up…

The final place safe for one act next week is revealed – Christopher.

The sing off

Union J Vs District3


Amazing – Bruno Mars

Off key too fast into it and rushing through the song. Tripping over everything. No harmonies. Terrible. Guy in middle tries to save but so wayward off key. Near crying. Can’t hold it together, none can handle pressure, should not be put into spotlight. Louis concern.

Union J

Set Fire to the Rain – Adele

All over one another worse than District3 then shouty linger out guy who thinks is lead man. Terrible alignment. Too big a song, they NEVER learn when a song is too big for them. District3 crying realising they are out on the sidelines.

Union J too aggressive and shouty. All for show, absolutely terrible only the guy in teal is trying to save it. Louis looking solemn, realising both groups were just as bad as one another.

Was it not Gary who said only James Arthur should perform Adele songs? Union J still doesn’t learn, and with that attitude, you won’t make it in the business lads.

The Vote

Louis is going first. Will he take forever to decide?

As mentor to both, Dermot O’Leary asks for “one name to send home.” Here we go again, Cowardly Louis bellows – “I’m not voting.” Fire him on the spot.

It’s happened before, Dermot blasély points out dismissing it, in reference to when saint Cheryl Cole chose to abstain her vote in a disgraceful manner. You are paid tons of money to be on the panel and make a decision, even when your own acts come up against one another. It should not be allowed to be dismissed and anyone avoiding should be fired on the spot!

Gary thought this choice would be “quite simple seeing these two in bottom” initially thought. “Shame, is one of the worst vocals to date” and opts to send home District3.

Nicole said “bad day of harmonies” of District3. On Union J she spoke – “Boys, you have my heart. Group I think is more mature and a little bit more ready is Union J.” Screams of audience are pitiful. Nicole sends home District3.

The vote is over at 2 out of 3 votes due to Louis cowardice.

Tulisa – “think the performances were in different ways, ya know? Have a deep connection with District3 so I would’ve saved District3” Tulisa claims. Good to see her “heart” is in it when judging a music competition based on “singing” as she once expressed weeks ago.

Louis Walsh returns to say they are a ready-made pop act. On their downfall he adds – “I don’t know, maybe two boybands?”

Wait for next week when Ella will be facing James in the sing off.

X Factor UK 2012 Week 6: Best of British

X Factor UK 2012

Week 6: Best of British

Madonn-icole. Very British…

X Factor UK’s sixth week of live turbulent waters ran live on the Saturday November 10th broadcast with national TV station ITV1. How would the show, plunged into crisis dredge itself out of the sinking pool of pitiful plight and maintain audience still with it while attempting to re-engage those that switched off or joined rival shows with interest instead?

This week’s theme was the “Best of British” recognising British artists and ground-breaking music from such phenomenal artists before the reality show hopefuls.

Beginning the show first was “people’s choice” Christopher Maloney.

Christopher Maloney

I’m still standing – Elton John

Liver pud Maloney proved to remain standing as the Over 28 category’s last hope for a talented performer suffering judge’s personal agenda of abuse and de-humanisation on the highest scale with negative press and executive meandering behind the scenes to hinder the 32 year olds progress.

Maloney performed the 80s classic with grace, confidence and charm. Maloney, who has an enriched voice and is improving every week as a potential winner of the show took opportunity to belt out a competent rendition with mood of song, tone and presence.

Reports alleged show henchman Simon Cowell had ordered all judges two weeks ago to personally berate Maloney despite whether he put on a good show or not. Judges Tulisa Contostavlos and Louis Walsh instantly abided, seemingly, and launched attacks, with Walsh claiming Maloney was “Tony Christie” at best whilst smiling with bitter intent. Tulisa chose to attack indirectly by aiming to chose mentor Gary Barlow which was about Maloney, as an intermedium. Nicole Scherzinger, on the end of the table, didn’t fully comply with onslaught but cheekily slipped in defamatories with “cheese” performances to Christopher’s musical renditions. Scherzinger repeatedly mentions this comment every week.

This week Walsh’s sheepish grin mid performance was ready to deliver from puppet master Cowell once again. He agreed on a “good song choice” though added “Like Nicole said, you’re the Karaoke King.”

Tulisa chimed in on relevance. A double standard many agree, though Contostavlos mouthed her concerns, claiming his songs were “old” as Maloney responded the Elton John era of the eighties was one that put British music into a competitive edge in the market as we know it today which in hindsight, has paved the way for the future of the music industry today. Even juvenile Tulisa wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for this “genre.” She added she was “getting bored” of saying the same thing every week. Spare a thought for the audience who have stated they “cannot bear Tulisa’s childish comments” nor “childish political play” as well as “he inability to judge” resulting in 4+ million switching off TV screens. Many initially assumed rival show Strictly Come Dancing was to blame for the dip in ratings, yet proven not to be the case after X Factor, which airs directly after Strictly to avoid timing clashes had viewers actually choose to steer away from the X ship.

Mentor Gary Barlow added his act gave a “Percussive Elton John sound” mentioning Maloney’s progression, extensive range of glorious coats and congratulated for a pleasing performance.

Coats Amaze. Sign him up there at least.

Jahmene Douglas

Angels – Robbie Williams


Giggly Jahmene was the next contestant released into the arena. Beginning an acapella introduction to the lyrics whilst backed up using a gospel choir, felt rather cheap. Jahmene, who still hasn’t sang a full song through and only playing safe to carry to the final with poor levels of attention, cheapened the act and its song. Songs used to be about how amazing the music was and then how the singer made that talent shine through. Now, the songs take a back seat and witness Jahmene attempt to mildly dumb down a song to come across to audience as cute, timid and nervous. Usually many say these qualities don’t make stars from this show. Everyone seems to have forgotten this.

Repetitive Louis Walsh said “star in the making” yet again.

Contradictive Tulisa added “took an old school classic and do it in this day and age. This is how you do it” after panning Maloney’s “old” song earlier.

Gary added “heard the song hundreds of times, never heard it sung like that before. Key to your success is simplicity. It’s what you leave out, not what you put in.” We cannot agree with this entirely. Douglas, performed this song we have all heard numerous times, granted, though it wasn’t in the slightest part monumental.

Over – sexual Scherzinger after her flustered turns claimed Jahmene was “unstoppable.” So was Steve Brookstein, the first male X Factor winner, under Simon Cowell’s mentorship.


If I saw you in Heaven – Eric Clapton

Three random boys lacking direction. Admitting they felt “lost” in competition with favourable rival group Union J and short of mentor Louis attention as a result, proved Walsh’s out of touch communication, as Walsh considering epic songs like The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Coldplay, all outstanding groups that could not be carried and shouldn’t be attempted yet, if at all, saw District3 add their own options relevant to them. Walsh didn’t understand any song choices they gave in today’s market, also asking “how does that go?”

The performance of the trio began with a piano tinkering. With a pitiful sound and tacky way to achieve votes by sitting there and remaining to do virtually nothing with a couple of notes. This group doesn’t transcend any star qualities of being a star. Ruined the high rise note. Was a carry me song. Nicole started crying, later revealing it had a personal meaning. Should a judge be personal and weak? Theatrics are one notion of running the show, viewers express.

X Factor cheering one direction with adverts and trying to encourage audience back with them on programming billed around them. The One Direction audience are not the ones who left, it was those against who you neglected and should be winning back. How redundant.

Very Boring, no sound of singing from them, just humming along…

Youthful Tulisa said they were “three lovely, good looking lads. Beautiful harmonies.”

Barlow however, assessed their market after the show, questioning whether a record producer would consider this to be a breakout future group. Barlow respond – “is it you? Something has not got the edge.”

Ella Henderson

Written in the Stars – Tinie Tempah feat.

Good sound. Safe. Timid. Boring. No personality has ever been shown of Ella. Six weeks in and she still has none.

Louis Walsh wittered with his constant killer line stating Ella was “the best female singer we’ve had since Leona Lewis” Alexandra Burke must be fuming…

Rylan Clark

Say You’ll Be There/ Who do you think you are?/ Wannabe/Spice Up Your Life – The Spice Girls

Indecisive Rylan, with yet another fusion of hits in one sitting, chose to dive out of aeroplane akin to James Bond and the Queen’s 2012 London Olympic entrance. It was the most dismal disaster to ever grace an X Factor screen. Pathetic. It was cloudy in the morning with bright blue skies. Clark was then wired down into the nightly studio. Taking on Spice Girls and a medley, public met with “how dare you ruin classics like that?” You will NEVER come back from that. Lost all respect from audience.

TC – everyone loved it except for grumpy spice. Then not everyone enjoyed it…

GB – Fun factor? – fantastic. Vocals diabolical.

NS – (climbing up the table)

Some members of the LGBT community have raised concerns and want it mentioned. Having connections with various groupings, they asked for yours truly to explain the over extensive charade on show.

Don’t h8 on Rylan, yet Rylan is causing every gay man to become stereotyped and suffer future and further abuse now as a result of his over flamboyance. The LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bi and Transgender) community are NOT a reflection of a Rylan as every gay man, nor woman in this over expressive nature and is not causing general everyday abuse to those who are not Rylan, whose idol happens to be glamour model and serial datist for media exposure Katie Price.

Union J

Coldplay – Fix You

Tough note to start. Way off. ‘Harmonies’ shaky. Judges know.

Barely singing. Safe, cheap, cheesy, boring, numb and no sound of vocal talent. Look highly disconnected as a group. Four random singers. Gospel choir out again to help guide them to a sound. All over the place and can’t be taught. End is nigh. On borrowed time. Taking on another classic artist shows complete disregard and miseducation from the boys. You don’t start by singing huge songs you can’t handle just because you ‘like’ these groups. Falling flat on your face is your result. It’s also an insult to the performers before you.

TC- on a role nailed it again. Tulisa has one girl “only need one” only worry battle of boybands. Literally on fire with another, will it spilt votes? Good job.

GB – sang really well , pithing problems in blending. Needs rehearsal. NS – recognising men and heroes of US?????? Jaime so much soul, there was NO soul in that. Sympathy votes.

James Arthur

Hometown Glory – Adele

Best of British yet Nicole has one everything with America all evening and yellow taxis on screen. Guitar and dubstep.

“Love a bit of dubstep” Tulisa responded, adding, “embrace an act like yet, talented credible” not before mentioning she was “just happy to be on panel.” If I say I’d be happy on the panel, will Mr.Cowell hire me in excess of hundreds of thousands of pounds?

GB – no one cover songs except for you. Work in progress, you’re ready now.

NS – Nicole leaned forward with a breast shake.

One Direction

 Some Pre-recorded song

One Direction’s pre-recorded performance, filmed a month ago when they were last on the X Factor was screened. It was a terrible choice to conduct for the show.

This weekend, the show spent money to advertise the week show because of One Direction being on it. Firstly they weren’t on it, and second, they were not the audience X Factor needed to regain as the One Direction fanbase, which the show is geared towards and cost ratings, have already been with the show. It is those they neglected to re-capture who have left, meaning X Factor completely embarrassed themselves with amounts of advertising on an audience already tuning in and not the one that left. What a mess.

Plus having the band shown on Saturday’s show ruined all the others on it. Talk about lost the plot. Seriously in crisis…

With Scherzinger an oversexual disgrace mounting tables turning fans literally off, and Tulisa’s childish behaviour mixed with Louis Walsh over stench of mediocrity and hypocritical abusive put downs to stars on stage and Barlow, the only truthful saving grace potentially leaving while he has dignity in tact has failed the audience once again from the top. They have no clue how to change for the better and re-encourage audience back. Everyone can be won back if you bother and use the correct strategy, which all involved have missed enforcing.

Last week we had intended to write a show review, though was busy. In the time after, Strictly Come Dancing was on BBC iPlayer, a catch up online TV service instantly. On the following Sunday, ITV had still failed to upload X Factor on its mirrored service ITV Player. It did not upload the show for the whole week. Absoluteness disgraceful. Worse, the X Factor USA show, shown AFTER the UK version was indeed available on Sunday.

If X Factor/ITV cannot be bothered than why should we stress ourselves for their blatant laziness whilst being paid bucket loads to provide a service? Utter Shambles. There is no excuse.