Strictly Come Dancing 2012 Week 5

Strictly Come Dancing 2012

Week 5

After Sir Bruce Forsyth attempts to work his new gadget the Smartphone, impressed but unable to turn it on, and Tess Daly’s gleaming stylistic silver lasso belt on stunning red gown, Week five of Strictly Come Dancing began for its Fireworks weekend.

Artem’s chicken fillets were WELL out tonight. Ole!

First up was “Pasta Pavlova” Pasha. Bless. He can take a joke gone wrong that it became right.

Kimberley and Pasha


Naughty Girl – Beyonce

Pasta twists took to the floor as Kimberley began elevated above in a hoop seat in the air. She wanted to fly. This was the closest to that this week. If she wants more, then she won’t fly, it will add nothing to her routine than just a gimmick. This hoop lower down entrance added nothing to it. Pointless entry, which could have been hot. Music did not fit dance mood. Lot of fumbling arms over each other. Good judges interaction, liking the arms back and forth, but losing stead. No intensity. Lift over shoulders. Had no impact, attack, flair nor spark. Shame.

LG – Return of nimble Kimble. Sparkler. One incident with arms early going awry. BT – so naughty, saucy, fiercely sexy. Armologies intricate and beautiful. Do it again, brilliant. CRH – Lascivious, Licentious, Lubricious dar(h)ling. DB – natural performance. Seamless. Liked (her) lifts.

I thought Pasha’s braces were spiffingly cool. Kimberley did have a troublesome knee injury restricting training somewhat early in the week, though sought no sympathy which is important not to cave to a farce of votes, thankfully.

8, 8, 8, 9


Lisa and Robin


Let’s stick together – Bryan Ferry

Poised, joined hold. Good Twirls. Mouthing by Rob a focal point, both good and bad perhaps. Good dip move along head turns. Good connection in hold and sharp turns. Good legs around Robin. End was little off and anticlimactic. Ended dominating though, which did show signs of power couple emerging.

BT – ready to give plenty. Can’t fault for delivering. Body contact (was) glued together. Needed to be sharper, lines better. Though perfect and  faultless. Flick could have been sharper. Nobody could ever fault you. CRH – I can darling. Glide across floor. Left hand needs shaping. Too much up and down. It’s nice to see you (to see you nice?) doing something seriously. Routine itself was amazing. DB – did create sharp head. Clean, sharp change of direction. Needed sharper feet. Wonderful performance everytime. LG – you come out and perform. Commended. Sharp and had attack. Needed refinement in hold. Attitude – fabulous.

7, 7, 6, 7


Richard and Erin


Big Spender – Shirley Bassey

More character based to begin. Good spin tilts with leading qualities. Good backward walking. Slowed down, looking lost after. Looked down for guidance in hold. Falling apart. Started well, fell apart. Shame – dancefloor disaster!

CRH – Complete dance dis-ahhhs-ter! (ooh err, similar minds?) All went horribly wrong. DB – Went off balance, bit wooden. Every week you improve. A shame. LG – Tad ploddy. Going to call you the ‘Plodfather’ he adds. All going quite nicely. Most difficult dance for males. Tough dance, did a good job. Bruno Tonioli responds – Too tight for a big spender! Had a face like a frozen haddock. Like the puppet cut the strings. All went terribly wrong.

3, 5, 5, 4


Denise and James

Viennese Waltz

At Last – Etta James

Good begin of effulgent elegance. Breezy glide along. Good spins with James at side. Grace personified in hold with partner. Strong partnership. Belle of the ball. Beautiful. Excellent work. Looked effortless.

LG – poise, posture, performance, absolutely spectacular. BT – romantic dream set to music. Fluid, rotations exquisite.

CRH – One word (3 syllables) Ah-may-zing!

9, 8, 9, 9


Victoria and Brendan


It’s Not Unusual – Tom Jones

Judge desk footwork was unnecessary to show off to judges that she can dance under Brendan’s direction. Lift into arena. A lift. More Brendan again. Let her dance. Good turns to hip with partner. Arms off. Needed direction from Brendan, should have been given that help instead of covering with Brendan’s self-imposed fun bits.

LG – You come out of your shell. Brave. Unstable in places. BT – Victoria does Vegas. Promising beginning then turned into Las Vegas with a hangover. Shaky, much more rhythmical needed. Rhythm needs to be precise. Work to your strength.

CRH – awkward in places, free arm needs work. Coped quite well with whole routine. DB – started so well, (you) lose focus at end. Don’t tell us you’re coming to the end. Did improve.

Too early for this dance attempt. Victoria has been a natural leader of herself with a desire and passion to win, and that competitive edge was booked for Strictly. What she needs to do is allow herself to take control in the training room as Brendan is not doing so with helpful technique. She needs to stand up and voice how she wants the rough draft to go, then Brendan can figure the routine, instead of creating one that masks her flaws and has Brendan show off to try and cover up for her which exposes her at the highest level. She needs a partnership. Strictly should sack him afterwards. Always has the habit of ruining every partnership. It doesn’t help the star, which the show is about, along with the partnership.

6, 6, 6, 5


Brucie took the remaining showgirls by his side in another humourous tickle of the feathers.

Louis and Flavia


La Bomba – Ricky Martin

Flavia was smoking hot. Louis standing there, carry in as extra. Not very focused. Clunky turn arounds of Flavia. Wafted arms. No direction. Back walking wafting ass for a cheap cheer of adoration. All sex gimmick only. Lame. End with knees spin on floor. Really wasn’t that hot but had energy from Flavia. Louis practically did nothing of value except play up to ‘I’m so hot, vote for me girls.’ It was cheap and tacky and it showed in routine.

BT – king of pelvic hypnotic gyrations. Comments are only about sexual… that’s all it is. Stylistically a salsa. CRH – very masculine. Loose double bounce. Missed parts, but well done. DB – disappointed. Safe. Too calculated. Needed to be freer (free-are). Not one of your best. LG – recognisable samba steps. Messed start-up of running promenades, won’t say that… well done.

6, 7, 8, 8


Colin and Kristina


Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the positive – Aretha Franklin

Elegant gentlemanly leadership of Kristina. Sweet. Timing to music. Judges kisses to Len. (He would have eliminated them last week if opportunity arose.) Good high kicks. Dancing to height. Good ballroom, minor point where bit off in moments which could have turned boring when stopping for a sec, but came back from that pitfall. Overall was graciously great.

DB – feet were pointed, well done. LG – not glided enough. Like dancing on a shagpile carpet. Difficult dance changes of rhythm, coped well. Move more. BT – smart elegant with ore of sophistication. More movement but great performance.

6, 7, 7, 7


Nicky and Karen


I don’t wanna miss a thing – Aerosmith

Pleading for romance. Embrace. Back and forth gliding on own, not with partner. Run to her with more an aerobic than aromatic expressive. Good pull back leg hold with VERY careful spins not to be a lift which was acknowledged and highly respected. Needs concentration and power to do such. Good. Still slightly off with partnership and all a bit showy of Byrne to camera 1… Needs to fully integrate with Karen. Don’t be afraid to stand completely close body to body. Has close connectivity issues. Needs classes to cure. Mustn’t disband from her and lose connection when out of hold breaks are to come in dances. This has been problem from Week 1 and is still halting progress. This is key issue to cure.

DB – seduce Karen. Beautiful poses. Hard to sustain. Amazing turn. Control and more content please next time. BT – plenty of intensity and purpose. Chemistry, he was playing the girl. More propulsion in hip action. Perfect, strong. I’m sorry to disagree, thought performance was very good. CRH – series of presentations. More hip, basic rumba….

BF – improvement all the time

4, 7, 7, 7


Fern and Artem

Paso Doble

Espana Cani – Ross Mitchell Orchestra

Wow, that’s a close up ain’t it girls… (and Boys…)

And then there’s that smile. But can Artie back it up with Fern than just hot piece of meat? Impressive physique, I’ll give him that.

Senorita Fern began seducing as she entered arena to wafty cape well. Had all eyes on Fern which was important and careful, pleasing choreography. Excellent musicality. Strong presence to her bulging bull/Matador portrayal. Throughout legs with a swift, good drag around. Steps. Turns. Hunt down caught well. Good floor spin. Strong being involved but tired towards end and lost a little momentum. Needed pace to build up the big points in the dramatic dance. Though it was one you wanted to watch thanks to music an the entire setting of arena with its combatants.

LG – like looking in the mirror. This  fizz but it  never exploded. BT – Fern on fire with him was not difficult, but then off you go you start dusting and polishing the floor again. Requires strength, lines and artistry, get fire and power out. Got to get it out there. CRH – distracted by Artem. Few wobbles. DB – like skirt cape choreography. Assertive. Thought was a fire.

Must be cold in there? Artem covered his “Maracas” (Tess Daly) with his cape.  Tis jumper season, perhaps M and S might get a new advert out of him. I have a jumper if you need one Artem. 🙂

6, 6, 6, 6


Michael and Natalie


(I get the) Sweetest Feeling – Jackie Wilson


Liked dragging her at knee level. Good lunge down. Grace. Slow walks. Swift turns. Pause. Good command. Slightly timid. Careful not to have points that seem empty.

BT – still in the zone. Carry momentum in the Latin, I hope. CRH – steps all there. (Add) Style swing and sway, then be perfect. DB – (You) shine in ballroom, so in control of those moves. Neck a little stiff. LG – best foxtrot of the night, well done.

7, 8, 8, 8


Dani and Vincent


Dance with me Tonight – Olly Murs

Rizzo and Wiggo!

Fast start. Good character feeling. Set tone of fun. Turn and a little stumble, only minor. Pausing moments needed more depth. Fast moves in part with added slow down periods. Cool down aside, was tad off. Good characterisation though. Building confidence to dance strong. Jive bunny hoped good though too ‘nicey’ approach isn’t going to go fuller mile if she wants to move further in the competition. Time to find out if she is a contender or not. Only she can decide.

CRH – “keep feet together” he warned as Craig-  “copped a massive eyeful.”  However he “Loved it.” DB – style perfectly. Feet closer together. LG – cleans as a whistle crisp as pringle, absolutely fabulous. BT – cutie pie of a jive. Turns could be cleaner, full of joy.

8, 8, 9, 8


Danger zone

Richard, Colin and Nicky

Results to follow.


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