X Factor UK 2012: Week 5: Goodbye Mr.Kye!

Goodbye Mr.Kye!

Last night contestant Kye Sones was voted off the X Factor in another shocking decision to date that has seen all the talented acts leave the show every week for those who cannot sing, according to the public who have decided enough is enough and chose to switch off. Simon Cowell’s X Factor lost yet another 1 million viewers roughly, after the following two weeks back to back lost 2 and totalling 4 million according to reports.

Kye faced novelty act Rylan Clark in the bottom two, where the vote went to Deadlock once again.

Ry beat Kye, in another controversial decision that has neglected more viewers to boycott the show next week.

Kye is the first man to leave the contest after all elimination before him where females, except for male/female duo MK1.

Notice how all people left are Women…

Only teen girl Ella Henderson remains. Reports claim Simon Cowell is seeking a male soloist to win the show.

Nicole has all three males in her category left.

The votes

Louis said he would “do the right thing” and save Kye after controversy with Rylan and Gary’s act Carolynne Poole which sparked the mass decline of X Factor from its first live shows.

Nicole and Gary both save their own acts, Rylan and Kye, respectively.

Last week Judges sent Tulisa’s act home. This week Tulisa sends Gary’s home.

Juvenile Tulisa Contostavlos caused the controversy again, voting “with her heart” than a professional option she is payed to judge for, opting to save Rylan. She said it wasn’t just a singing competition. Inconsistent Tulisa two weeks prior stated it was “a singing show.”

Many believe this was “Tulisa’s revenge” for Gary’s “Fag Ash Breath” comment last week, a joke immature Contostavlos could not take.

Detailed show analysis and review to follow.

I have a life somewhere among all this disaster, you know.


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