Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Week 6

Strictly Come Dancing 2012

Week 6

Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman take hold of presenting duties this week.

Robin and Anton help carry the lasses in as Bruce has a night off.

Claude giving a power flex there. Huuuh!

As we are halfway in the competition, all couples are aiming to make the next week to continue on to Wembley arena’s Strictly showcase.

Artem’s shirt, Brendan’s hat and James’ mesh caused a bit of attention initially on the show.

Beginning the show would be…

Denise and James

Paso Doble

Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes


James suffered a foot injury this week seeing Denise train with him and more so with former Strictly dance supremo Ian Waite.

Commendable waft spin. Denise maintain strong presence of fight. Amicable arms. Force of bullish Denise promising. Splendid sit down as devilish Denise taunts red opening wonderfully tantalising commanding matador James. Kick out adding attack. Catch turn slide to end on gratifying ground.

Showed strength of character, saucy dominance whilst meshed together consistently.

LG – Flair, tear, technique. Terrific. BT- Red menace. Vibrant beauty. Got it all together. Spanish lines with hint of flamenco absolutely wonderful. CRH – one balance issue, sadly, side by side. Drama, passion, out of this world. Strong lapels. Working with Ian, consider swapping partners.  Craig adds, in a light touch.

It is always commendable when a true professional attempts to dance through injury and can only be respected. This doesn’t alter the score, however. Though should think whether is best to sit out a week than strain injury further. This case however, did not seem to be apparent.

James has a little look, we’ll I need some lessons, James if Denise and Ian are busy 🙂

DB – guys are right, great Paso Doble, fabulous.

Dapper Doble Doppelgänger Ian wearing a dashing shade of blue suit and tie with Denise and James when chatting to Claude.

9, 9, 9, 9


Richard and Erin


Pencil Full of Lead – Paolo Nutini

Fun groove. Mimicry of mime with jazz hands into joined steps  bit slow after. Gathering bearings, rather stationary awaiting command. Seemingly anxious. Aeroplane glides were fun. Lift up and leg roll down of Erin fumbly but sweet. End rather cheeky and cheesy. Fun but fumbly. Not enough overall in terms of competition with other calibre stars emerging.  Tentative.

BT – plenty of highlights, bottom slapstick. Must be sore, Erin. Running at end like (comedienne/actress) Miranda Hart for a bus. Bit more swivel, but great fun. CRH – quirky, character driven, which suits. Could have done without spanky bottom. Bit of timing but best dance to date. DB – Fab Charleston, so many moves. Watch flat feet.  LG – teasy weezy. Light, bright, fun, frivolous, did a good job, well done!

May promise a trollie dolly next week. Should he make it the week after, how about a wacky dentist? J

7, 8, 7, 7


Louis and Flavia


Moon River – Andy Williams

Spins. Alone arms to prove something. In hold, no real connection, body language distant. Fair breeze glides after, with dependent spin. Followed with better spin. Yo yo-ing left and right, before human fountain as centerpiece with Flavia circling around. Was firm but fair, though boring and empty. Sadly, it was empty.

Asked by Tess Daly if  pleased Craig responds  – not entirely. Very pedestrian. Got to be rrrrEALLY good at it, Out of time in middle. Wasn’t clear downbeat. Beautiful rise and fall, pivots good, head needs to go left more, free arm gracefully, Trying to find positive. DB – so controlled. Posture. Won me over, thank you. LG – what a load of Bolognese! In reference to Craig’s valid opinion. Len continues – Handled well, more polish. Great! Well done!! BT – Listen to me. You waltz your way into the heart of the nation. Go through it, don’t show it, glide through it, you don’t emphasise. Like crest of wave, never emphasise it. Craig was right in his response. Many have expressed “how dare he” and he was “out of order” to mark Louis, who showed no good skills overall in this piece and dependant on Flavia as he has done for weeks gaining the favourable “I fancy him” vote as a ‘looker’ down questioning how he could give a 6 mark in comparison to three 9’s. Simply put, your “out of order” response is clearly because you fancy Louis and not based on his dancing, which is the format of the show.

Therefore, your response as audience member is invalid, neglectful and contradictory, and you cannot slate Craig for knowing what he is on about. On these occasions, Bruno and Darcey go with the status quo, as Len looks to add contenders as the series ends, with the audience going crazy and caving in to being “popular.” Well, Strictly has ruffled feathers to create a talking point tonight hasn’t it? Len said Craig only “says it for effect.”

Most people, who say something, have a reason behind it when in critique. It is up to those being critiqued to listen and take action to improve if they chose so.  Those unwilling to listen or understand cannot complain at the highest of volume on levels of mass bias. “Louis is so hot!”  That’s the audience between you and me on this occasion. To understand, you must listen to critique without bias.

6, 9, 9, 9


Fern and Artem


You’ll be mine (Party Time) – Gloria Estefan

Can see your Poppy this week… and a bit more… #ChickenFillets

Oooh, here we go… Party Time, Gloria Estefan the mood lifter and, well, Artem’s lifted collar. Will Fern give just as hotter than her partner?

Aiming to polish off Bruno, Fern rips off her cleaner gear to join Artem with a sassy shake in hold with turns and exuberance of beauty and thrill. Slowed down with charming smiley sweetie Artem a wee bit, but good connection with partner. Concentrating on step routine more apparent. Nation loves Fern, but needs to really thrust into the dance with charge with Artem. Twiglet or cheese and pineapple? Always aim for a Twiglet! That’s more powerful than a sour taste of cheese and pineapple.

Darcey said something. LG – came out and partied. Best dance so far, fun. BT – interesting turn of events. Saucy scrumpet. Shaking your boobies and having fun. I enjoyed it.

Not going to solemn faced Craig… Wait for the score… Fern had lovely glitter tights.

6, 7, 7, 7


Victoria and Brendan


Luck be a Lady – Frank Sinatra

Baggage handler bellboy Brendan started clearing up.

Slide on floor to her. Trot along. Close to judge podium. Fair steps from Vic, though still wayward in part. Looks very tense to watch. Lots of tension in body language, presentation and movement. No real connection with one another apparent. Looked a lady. Gorgeous, but still in second gear.

Brendan gives a gift for Craig. A Cobweb with a 10 paddle score.

Happy to be in hold.

LG – quick and lots of steps. Caught every step correctly. Slick footwork. More tone. BT – strong man holding you all way through. Focuses. Plenty of content. Get lost some times. Deliver again next week, good. CRH – Left shoulder raises sometime, lost frame, footwork transfer to upper body. Though moved with gusto.  DB – He’s right, in shoulders. Light footwork, enjoyed, well done. Brendan accepts comments from Darcey yet not happy when Craig said similar. Lose the precious ego and focus on the job.  Then, you may gain positives in your work. Stop taking all to heart, it ruins your core approach.

7, 7, 8, 8


Dani and Vincent


Rumour Has It – Adele

Ring a ding dong…

Lothario Vincent playing Dani romantically in the narrative was a brave and appealing choice from the pair. A lot of routines with dancers have, but most didn’t fully come across beforehand as much to audience.

Attitude immediately, thrust into dance by Vincent with strong kick and twirls, teasing drop slide intriguing doubting Dani. Sharp turn points then losing little dark movement of Tango. Good swift dip turn back and forth, into head lock turns with focus. Spin end having Harmer indecisive at end, narratively. Great storytelling, good portrayal from both and personality coming through. Isn’t full contender as mentioned last week, though is capable of becoming one by next week if continual.

BT – Finger lickin’ good. Start strop, then a drop, drama in between but so clean.  Bruno then Fell onto Len in exciting demonstration before adding – Really enjoyed watching it.

CRH – lovely technicians. Dance finished earlier than movement. Small thing Craig notes as Bruno gets his legs up, in humorous mockage.

DB – didn’t like beginning. Comes over moody teenager, in hold better and better. Loved it. Choreographically fabulous. LG – fast and clever, other parts slow and almost still. Light and shade. Terrific job, choreography (Vincent) and Dani, well performed.

8, 8, 9, 9


Nicky and Karen


The best is yet to come – Michael Buble

I do like Karen’s free, fun and feisty attitude, so incorporate that into the dance whilst unlocking Nicky’s own persona. See how that goes. Got to be better.

In suit and grand theatrics turned into a Michael Jackson / Usher boyish behaviour, which detracts from the tone of the dance as the two did not work together. Very slow walking back and back. Concentrating heavily on steps. Not fluent. Trying to improve. More concerned with his Rhythm stick mic. Karen danced better with that one. No Rhythm donated from Nicky. See last week’s post on how to excel better. Also see last week’s results for close body connectivity issues to overcome. Will be vital to his success or failings. Your choice alone to decide.

Any improvement? Tess ponders to Craig.

CRH – No. Was a vast improvement.  Promising so much excitement, in hold delivered. More drive around floor. Well done. DB – set mood. Missed drive, bit stilt. Fabulous performance. LG – Move more. Flexed in the knee. Great style. Best yet to come.

You can’t rest on your laurels, love.

BT – really did it perfectly. More drive in hold, side to side wonderful to see, can’t wait to see you again.

7, 7, 8, 8


Kimberley and Pasha

Viennese Waltz

A Thousand Years – Christina Perri

Good into hold. Spins. Eye contact. Since Walsh selected a track she felt comfortable with, this brought out the best in her. Minor trots backward in spin and tilt with careful consideration. Proof when understanding the musicality, the dance and indeed the dancer inside becomes unlocked. Like spinning ballerina in music box. Spectacular.

DB – emotive. Really moved me. Extended long neck. Made shapes, recovered well. LG – Kimberley Waltz. Loved transitions. Fleckle, Gentle, whimsical, enjoyed it. BT – Achingly romantic. Near perfection except for tiny wobble. Didn’t cross feet over turns. CRH – hip return and snout hop three time back turn. Delicious Viennese.

Someone throw ‘er a Viennetta!

8, 8, 9, 9


Michael and Natalie


I want you back – Jackson 5

Will it be Latin lovely or Latin-lustre?

Fierce start, sash-ay strong. Mood set. Thrill instantly. Good hips. Mechanical arms with Nat like steam train pistons rotating or a mangle operation. Good catch and fling round in lift. Lift! Close body contact good. Second lift with leg wrap around head. (Lift…) Spiral drop down to end good. Shame. Lifts take marks off. Was good, didn’t need the lifts. Could have been more sensuous if lifts were aborted and focus on more content. Lost one mark from me… Tis the rules…

LG – Content and lifts excellent. BT – can bat for Latin team as well. Lubrication in hip. So much better, almost a revelation. CRH – Ramps (previous winner Mark Ramprakash) in audience, (in reference to being a) Sensation.  Unlike yourself, Craig continues. Automated. Mechanics horribly wrong in centre. Nat got you out eventually. Loved energy and lifts, he finishes.

DB – I liked it. Quite cute. Preparations for lift, confident. Use(d) your thighs. Well done.

5, 7, 7, 7


Lisa and Robin


This Could Be (An Everlasting Love) – Natalie Cole

Cabaret, Victorian era theme with Top Cat backalley, jazz club pizazz.

Good in hold, tight feet from both good. Very steady on feet Lisa. Good presentation and smiles. Fun and energetic routine with skill and talent from bubbly Riley and beefy Windsor. Flew round the floor, with careful charisma.

BT – feet on fire. Pizazz. Minnelli number, pure Broadway, he’s supposed to lead. Wonderful, think giraffe. CRH – impeccable timing, ferocious. DB – worked hard on that. Noticed everything. Love your enthusiasm through. Your best ballroom dance. LG – dunno bout X Factor, you got F factor good foxtrot and fun.

Rob almost had a tumble up the steps, but its ok when the music aint on. 🙂 Rob a tad embarrassed. “Awww”…. Full of enthusiasm. Bless. Don’t worry about it, you did fine.  We have all fallen UP the stairs, trust me, a good 80-90 have or will do!

8, 8, 8, 8


Danger zone?

Richard, Fern and Michael

 Results due to follow next evening.


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    • Hello Zoe and thanks for asking. We believe the costume team in-house at Strictly custom designed them so you may have to get down to a haberdashery and throw some glitter on your tights 🙂

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