Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Week 6 Results

Strictly Come Dancing 2012

Week 6 Results

Opening with a group dance with a tantalising Argentine Tango from Strictly powerhouses Vincent and Flavia, with three other indepenadnat ocouples showing strong criteria for the remaing couples in future, hosTess Daly delivered the crucial results.

Tess revealed the first batch of results of the couples safe and returning next week in “no particular order” guaranteed a place in next week’s show. Making it through were – Victoria and Brendan, Lisa and Robin, Louis and Flavia, Nicky and Karen and Denise and James.

The first couple in the dance off are – to be revealed shortly. Strictly changing the rules a little bit there.

After some humourous clips from Len’s Lens including Darcey Bussell on her mobile to a secret call revealed to be Vincent from his dance with Dani at the beginning playing her! What a shocker…  I thought she was ordering a pizza… Bruno felt she was a character from Star Trek.

Yeah, 1 Margherita, 1 Hawaiian, 2 Pepperoni, 1 Lemon Tang Ham and Pineapple for Craig and an Italian…

Hi Darcey, its me, Vincey.

Andre Rieu

The Rose

Classic violinist Andre Rieu played a stunning composition to a heartfelt dance piece as an interval period from the vote revelations took place.

Pure class, technique and musical wit added perfectly to the premise of the show. Artist in every right.

The next three couples were revealed who made it to next week’s supershow at Wembley stadium. The first couple facing the dance off was – Fern and Artem.

Fern’s feather duster flash!

Going through were – Dani and Vincent, Richard and Erin and Michael and Natalie. Meaning Kimberley and Pasha were in the bottom two in the first mass shock of the series.

I am not surprised Kimberley is in the bottom two. The reason may be down to one factor overall, performing such levels of ‘safe’ performance even though the steps were there and a routine, it didn’t jump off the page and was a little too ‘nice.’ She needed to take a risk in some aspect. This is future experience to draw on to your advantage, now.

The dance off

Fern and Artem

Sparkly tights!

Fern took to the floor with a more empowered and go get ‘em attitude which gave another fun filled and sexy Salsa for the nation’s lovely. Would her time however finally part ways as everyone assumed? Nothing in Strictly is ever dead-cert.

Second time round Fern and Artie had a great dance with heightened sense of attack and passion. It was thrilling to watch.

Kimberley and Pasha

Performed again in the dance off with good glide and technique. Billed as “shouldn’t have been there” we can only think a too evangelic presentation can often halter the outlook with audience. It was a “nice” dance, and any self respecting journalist and speaker of linguistics understands that the word “nice” doesn’t actually mean anything.

Almost every journalist or random chatter uses the word “nice.” Now you may notice a change in habit for a more candescant scripture.

The Judges Vote

Craig opted to save in a “no-brainer” Kimberley and Pasha.

Darcey agreed and saved Kimberley and Pasha.

Bruno decided Kimberley and Pasha were the better couple “no offence” to the other pair.

Len agreed with the choice making 4-0 in Kimberley’s favour, sending Fern out of the competition.

We would have agreed also.

Lady lifted

He’s gone too…

She thanked partner Artem despite wayward reports of problems between the couple on the show backstage among the media stirred up. Britton ended stating – “This is the best party on the television, it’s the best programme in the world, and I’m thrilled to have been part of it,” she said upon hearing the judges’ verdict. “There have been highs and lows, we’ve got to know each other pretty well, and I do adore you.”

Artem thanked her on the floor as they took their last dance as an adoring Strictly family of couple and contestants embraced them goodbye. A true lady with grace, dignity and passion, her drive can only be commended. She’ll be missed.

Who will be the shirtless desired now, then? Well, there always James Jordan and Robin Windsor to duke it out,  isn’t there…


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