Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Week 7 Results, Wembley

Strictly Come Dancing 2012:

Week 7 Results, Wembley

Diner Chic in group collaboration for Wembley’s 2012 class which was a good meld together of all involved at front of house. Even Craig at the lemonade and kisses booth!

James pushing the dodgem with hosts Tess and Claudia was great. Who doesn’t love a sparkling driving wheel?

Claudia Winkleman billed the musical acts highly tonight, as “pop princesses“ Girls Aloud and the “Queen of Pop” Kylie were on tonight. Claude is just doing her job, but, technically let’s re-establish the reality. Kylie is the “princess of pop” which means Girls Aloud are the daughters of pop, perhaps? We shall explain in fuller detail later in the week.

The first round of results were announced as who was saved – Dani and Vincent, Michael and Natalie, Lisa and Robin and Denise and James.

The first couple to face the dance off were – Richard and Erin.

Claudia now explains there was a technical glitch on Saturday’s broadcast where some of Michael’s dance was missed on transmission, however is available in full on the BBC iPlayer catch up service on the BBC website.

Girls Aloud

Something New

After a decade of hits, Girls Aloud performed their catchy comeback single with a risky live performance which was respected as all five females sang to a credible level which made them respected for that. The song, however, was an upbeat, catchy and powerful return for the five strong female group which can really get you enthused and ready to rise up with integrity. We like this one a lot.  Great comeback track.

After some funny clips from Len’s Lens with “six times” the floor expanded from the regular set, and Bruno and Len ploughing into Tess and Claudia in the dodgems humourously, giving some Claudia ‘Whiplash’ Winkleman, the rest of the results were soon revealed.

Joining the safe couples next week are – Victoria and Brendan, Louis and Flavia and “oh is that u?” a voice reminiscent of Flavia rings out. Now its down to boyband versues girlband. On place left going to – Kimberley and Pasha, leaving Nicky and Karen in the bottom two.

Kylie Minogue


Stunning glass frock on Kylie with a great interaction to the floor with dancers around and an all-round star act performing once more in a great production with an all-time classic. Faultless and a go getter theme to encourage party atmosphere. G-lass act!

The Dance off

Richard and Erin

The Man from Del-Monte!

Enthusing the crowd, great cartwheel from Erin with a flutter shuffle of feathers. Lift Erin down looks bit tired but getting more oomph than previously. Banana boys join in sashaying as Richard shoves Erin all at sea. No buoy for her. Will they be voted off the island?

Nicky and Karen

More energy beginning looking better than last night into hold, even though still lacking a little finesse with clarity. More fluid arms and kick with air guitar. Good back drag through legs of Karen with catch lift up, steading themselves. It is a shame that they give better on their dance off. They, like all couples should give it that extra spark of attack to not fall in the bottom two. We did think Nicky would be in the bottom two, but we didn’t wish to influence votes. We give three couples who are facing it, but will probably turn it around.

The Judges Vote

Their fates sealed, the judges now vote.

Craig  – For sheer exuberance and energy I save Nicky and Karen

Darcey – Both performances very well goes down to content and energy. Nicky and Karen saved.

Bruno – highly entertaining but have to go with power and content, delivered by Nicky and Karen.

Len – I did agree, Nicky and Karen.

Richard began his departure speech stating – “I thought I’d always miss the wardrobe most.” Thanking his partner Erin Boag, classing her as “special” as Boag returned with praise and glad she could call him “her friend” out of their partnership.

It will be difficult to see anyone fill the void of Richard and Erin as a great coupling for entertainment, but it was their time to quickstep out of the competition on a high note.


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