Strictly Come Dancing 2012 Week 7: Wembley

Strictly Come Dancing 2012,

Week 7: Wembley

Parachuted in, Craig and Bruno were followed with a spiffing arrival of Strictly dancers. Len and Darcey ‘these boots were made for walking’ Bussell added to the glam in good spirits together with a little dance in. “Everybody dance now” blares as the contestants get their opening groove on with an added bit of Whit(ney)as the crowd was electric.

“Operation Sequin”

Saving the nation, one flit at a time. 🙂

Sir Bruce and Tess soon came down the stairs to keep us dancing.

This weeks theme, celebrated at Wembley would be dancing through the decades from the twenties (20s) to the naughties (00s).

Everyone soon breaked into a rendition once more of Gangnam Style, ending with a trademark Brucie elbow. Flex those arms, people.

Soon after the fun and frolics, the first evening dance would begin.

Lisa and Robin


Car Wash – Rose Royce

Glitzy slacked dungaree hillbilly with grease marks Robin and partner Lisa aimed to prove gapping issues with a 70’s Samba.

2 more “hot guys” chaperoned in for Lisa.

Soap up yer glitzy bonnets people…

Exuberant flare and passion beginning strong with a sense of thrill to join in their party. Great work on own and in hold. Very good leg work and turn spins. Positive arm work, satisfying twirls round, ending on a powerful split drop from Riley to a raucous crowd of appreciation. Fantastic moves and grooves in this. Excellent opener, hard to follow that up. Proved to be a contender once again. Could snare that glitterball.

Bruce told us Darce and Craig last week made up over an Indian and Len could murder an Italian. It wasn’t a pizza and delivery boy Vincent that Darcey went for.

Len started with – Headlamps gleaming, would like bit more polish in technique, performance level is great you make ev1 feel fabulous. Work on finesse. BT- funky frisky and /…. Personality. Play for size, public loved and so did I. CRH – Bold and beeuu-tifulll. Hoever, lost bit of timing. Small thing.

DB – Groove to a Samba never seen before. Set that scene, use bend in knees to create bounce.

8, 8, 8, 8


Nicky and Karen


Jailhouse Rock – Elvis Presley

“Raucous lot – you lot” says Brucie. “Be noisy and be raucous!”

Table start good getting into dance theme. Most demanding dance on SCD. Lost bit pace getting back into hold. Fair kick steps. Fair but flimsy arms extended up where aeroplaning. Lazy hands after on left upping. Slide into Jail. Locked up. Tried and did fair, but again, a demanding dance for anyone the Jive, and for good reason. They tried, but not as great as could have been. Still a little backward in coming forward.

BT – everybody loves a rebel. Pumped to rock n roll. Kicks and flicks need be more accurate. Performance one of your best. CRH – all very flat footed, appeared  stompy, no retraction in any of your flicks. Straighten legs d-h-arling on jumps. Loved energy, character.

DB – Great Jive. Style energy, worked hard, something wrong with those kicks, missing retraction. Stretch hamstrings. Wonderful performance, love it. LG – saw totally diff side, quick slick and kicks and tricks. Flavour wasn’t jive was rock n roll,

But then, that goes against the whole dance, doesn’t it? If we use that basis for critique.

6, 8, 8, 8


Denise and James


Walk Like an Egyptian – The Bangles

Cleopatra and explorer themed.  Enter on throne. Good arms and bounce extending. Knees high on travelling round. Over on head lift, with swishy wave rather slowed down, despite the technique very good, second lift up in starfish position. Great character and theme, but lost pace in some areas.

CRH – that is best Charleston ever seen on strictly. DB – such a polished performance. Choreography brilliant. Detail, clean fabulous. LG – Dance of series so far. BT – Queen Nefer-titi… Jewel of crown.

9, 10, 10, 10


Sorry, I do like the progress Denise and James have made in hard work, but has everyone lost the plot? I will not be unprofessional with bias. I am credible. It was good but it wasn’t 10 worthy, yet! Though very capable of achieving it. Building someone so high also means a come down hard can ruin their stead.

Louis and Flavia

American Smooth

I Got a Woman – Ray Charles / Goldigger – Kanye West

Ancient relics removal. Bruce carried off.

Lifts are allowed in this one.

Lift early with then slow connection in hold, good travel along with hop kicks, careless jumping dismount pause from Louis before figuring next part of routine. Turned into a bassy disaster, Louis show off with an unnecessary splits breakdance. It had absolutely no place in the routine. So pointless, seriously. There is no care about this couple from Louis.

Tasteless vote recieval

DB – tiny mistake, love tacky tricks. Lifts very well. LG – didn’t get smooth part, quickstep with tips and tricks. BT – tricks always impressive, fantastic to watch. Side to side you didn’t do them, all about Fred and Ginger lines; you can do it so well, a cop out.

CRH – refreshing choreography, Fred and Ginge. Though you did very good job.

Talk as much as you, like he’s still wrong – BT.

7, 8, 8, 7


I want to praise but cannot because it wasn’t deserving of. I keep you in the realms of reality, not hypocrisy.

Richard and Erin


Club Tropicana – Wham

Oasis filled with banana hammock boys and slow into hold, lift spin around of Erin. Cross over legs very faint in movement. Slow lift spin of Erin. Boys join back in; Erin tossed to sea on mattress plank as Richard lifted by the beauty boys in banana boxers.

‘Ello Boys!

Throw her a rubber hoop! Pina Collada’s at the ready!

LG – it was a party, well done. BT – HAHA! Richard and the banan hammocks, back to speedo world. Lots of fun. Lighting all through. Fun factor compensated for it. CRH – littered with timing issues, very stompy. Mullipuolous. More liquid in nature. (It’s not in the dictionary d-hhh-arrr-ling!) Rather liked the three boys, took focus away from bad routine. Darecy had a brief chat with Rich who stated – “White trousers belong in 1980s.” Pouted his bum to Darcey, “no knickers?” she gasps. “How’s my pantyline?” Richard asks back.

5, 6, 7, 6


Victoria and Brendan

Paso Doble

Bicycle Race – Queen

Recounting his generation conveyor belt, in a great reminisce, never forget the Cuddly Toy! He done well!

Cables. Bike on cables. Better off doing ET, luv. Brit flag transported to Brendan. Off her bike instantly, making the start of dance pointless entirely. Modern Paso. All Brendan again, no Vickie. Good approaching as bull to matador, then carried by Brendan again with walk along part and turns everywhere. No dancing involved from Pendle peddler. Lukewarm. Devoid of dance and minimal character. Sorry, it was bad. Bad is the kindest word I’ll give. Be thankful.

BT – Balance, try to do something to get right, too ambitious. CRH – he’s right, shoulders creep up. (Childish crowd boo like panto) I love her too, (but) dance wasn’t good. DB – overwhelmed with pace, you lose focus.  LG – pretty good.

Play to the crowd, eh? “We love Victoria” Cheap use of British flag to gain votes. Tacky. Real Brits don’t like that… Can’t rely on next performance. Only as good as your last performance. That’s Showbiz!

5, 6, 7, 6


Len’s score VERY questionable. #Bias

Some fans were upset by Tess Daly’s comments labelling Victoria as “the nation’s sweetheart” due to being an Olympian. Britain respects Olympians, but this is not Strictly Come Olympia. It’s a completely different ball game and shouldn’t gain favour votes based on an entirely different basis as it’s not the show she’s being vote on and just popularity contest, just as Louis is. Sympathy is actually a form of disrespect, when you think about it.

Dani and Vincent


You can’t hurry Love – Diana Ross

Mr. Pink

Spritey pink fluffy candy flossed Dani jubilantly fluttered around the floor instead of limiting to centre platform. Use all space available, goo. Back hind legs look a bit camel esq trot. Losing momentum with tiny kicks of an inch or less. Losing energy. End on romantic dip hold by Vincent gazing into eyes. Was a good dance, but lost a bit of passion and interest.

CRH – Fast, efficient, fearless. DB – petite couple, wow, eat up that dance floor, light clean, exactly what Craig said. LG – about quality and quantity. Loved transitions. Little miss dynamite, fabulous. BT – really my gorgeous little Smurf. Never lost style of classic quickstep. Changes of direction, wonderful job.

9, 9, 9, 9


Kimberley and Pasha


Livin La Vida Loca – Ricky Martin

Pasha is going topless alert! Steady yourselves. Another bare chest contender emerges in the wake of Artem’s departure.

Long train of golden shaul behind at start was ok. Attempting to come back from last week’s unpopular vote in the bottom two. Tried to be vibrant but is dipping somewhat in over trying, perhaps? Feeling a little flat and deflated despite brave attempts to resurface.

DB – core is only thing that’s weak. Fiery party, thank you. LG – if you’re in dance off I’ll pickle me walnuts. Fabulous. DB – love it when you flash it and flaunt it. Get everybody going. Well done. CRH – Full of challenging rhythm, what’s so difficult. Fantastic steps. Just hope people out there are voting for you.

Forget the carbonara, I’ll have a cannelloni Sir Bruce posthumourously relays to ‘Pasta’ Pasha as he waltzes off with Kimberley.

8, 8, 9, 9


Michael and Natalie

American Smooth

New York, New York – Frank Sinatra

Good lines on arms. Good lift up spin round. Shock, Vaughny smashed it again. Catch lift and run back very controlled. Spin round drag floor good. Excellent musicality, lift strong should aeroplane hold. Gentlemanly gold strong.

LG – proper production. BT – incredible value. Really sold it. Couple of moments, your face thought you were gonna drop her. Fitting finale. CRH – what an improvement. From the dance gutters, da-h-rling to THAT! Fantastic. DB – gave me the glamour of Fred (Astaire) and Ginger (Rogers). Perfect. Amazing. Brilliant performance.

Revelation what you’ve done with this man – BF.

Excellent work!

9, 9, 9, 8


We understand Bruno. It was a bit off in parts, but overall for us, tipped it, and we went for 9 instead.

Unfortunately tonight’s SCD was a tad ‘off.’ An excellent opener with a great start then had bits in between where all dances were either overhyped, missing a little something or favourably marked considerably higher than they should have received. When the show goes ‘grand’ over at Wembley Stadium, there is no denying it treats it sufficiently and goes all out for that spectacular. It should, but in hindsight, when it does, it shelves performances somehow in the underlying somewhere in the mix of Strictly’s fabric. Hopefully, the couples, crew and public will see a different side next week, with ever more focus on the dancing than the popularity. Do not fall into the category of that other decreasing show. That’s the last thing anyone wants.

Photography gained independently from sources, though some claim copyright to Guy Levy, photographer with the BBC. All media is shared in public domain, none intended for own copyright claims of this blog site nor writer/writers. Copyright remains with their respectful owners. Any work wanted to be showcased on this, feel free to message through the contact tab above for more details. We can share your portfolio should you wish. Thank You.

Danger zone –

Richard, Victoria and Dani


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