Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Week 8 Results

Strictly Come Dancing 2012:

Week 8 Results


Strictly opened with the dance crew from Britain’s Got Talent performing with the Show’s professional females in a very good opener and pleasing beginning.

After the recap from hosts Tess and Claudia, the first batch of results were revealed as to who were safe.

The couples through to next week were – Kimberley and Pasha, Louis and Flavia, Nicky and Karen.

The first couple to make the dreaded dance off were – Michael and Natalie.

After gazing down Len’s Lens at some more hilarity angles with Craig getting his groove on, bowler hat gent Len entering with a cheeky bum pat with sheer gumption and comedy clips the results were back to Tess.

Making it through were – Dani and Vincent and Denise and James.

The next couple making up the dance off were – Victoria and Brendan, leaving Lisa and Robin through to next week.

The Script

Hall of Fame

The Script. Or Danny, as he’s known…

Good song, good band, was OK performance. Not really moved, like them, but all for Danny show as re-signed to The Voice UK to be screened, on the BBC, in the spring of 2013 to combat Britain’s Got talent on rival show ITV.

The dance off

Victoria and Brendan

Much better second time round letting go and enjoying it as advised by the judges. Still minor in armogarapy and steps timid though better than original performance, but not enough to classify as a full on great routine. Bless her, but, its time to go.

Michael and Natalie

Michael very stationary but will he add any dark personality? Little more grace and movement with attack than previously. Must remain routine as before, however did show more attack and attempt to improve the dance and its presentation. Decision is easy tonight, but, will the votes go as such?

The Judges Vote

Craig – completely smashed it, thought fantastic. Michael and Natalie saved.

Darcey – Yes I’m gonna save Michael and Natalie.

Bruno – Save the best foremost. Michael and Natalie

Len – Agreed with Michael and Natalie.

Victoria humourously adds she would save them too. “So much fun, loved every second, pushed out of comfort zone.” Costume, hair and make up were graciously thanked by Pendleton. “Fantastic experience.”

Brendan added – Emotional rollercoaster. So excited to work with. Proud of her.

Heart of the nation, but “Queen Vic” now peddles on.

Having a fun dance at end.

A lovely lady but her time to go.


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