Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Week 8

Strictly Come Dancing 2012:

Week 8

As always, scores are below from judges Craig Revel-Horwood, Darcey Bussell, Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli, along with our professional score. Brucie recounts his tale of going on an 18 – 30 holiday after Dani had one. It was in 1830. Ba Boom! Was a great crowd pleaser and start to smile with.

Dani and Vincent


Single Ladies (Put a ring on it) – Beyonce

Good sass and sizzle start with Vincey flamboyant chest gyrate with spangle sequins shimmer. Good for her but lacking some spark in energy a little. Good poised strength of character in routine. Hot aeroplane down end lift, but still a lift, technically.

1 yr out Craig? Cheers. Need a cheap call for a fill in? 😀

LG – got party started. Brave start. Lots of basic stuff going on, thought it was fabulous. BT – I would put a ring on it. Babycham aside, hip action, I loved it. CRH – one hot little dancer. Body ripples perfection. Tidy Samba. Beyonce quotations he loved loved. Sir Bruce Forsyth added –  didn’t hear quotations.

You want a quote? 🙂 I can provide…

Darecy ended the critique – Attitude and confidence brilliant. Running promenades be stronger and cleaner. Loved it.

9, 9, 9, 9


Kimberley and Pasha


When Doves Cry – Prince

To celebrate Kimb’s belated birthday, Strippergram Brucie arrives!

Caught up in beads was just fantastic. Brucie is certainly needed for Stritly.

Attitude to begin, but getting into start from that takes bit of time to regain momentum. Sharp turns but in between gaps not enough powerful feel of dance content. Poised, focused and strong but lacking the narrative to the audience. The dance was good points but what was the story? That was missed in the projection of getting all the steps ticked off the box. As for the dance, it was a good feel and tone to it with a great connection, but not both of their dance, needs to be with the audience a home as well.

BT – vixen. Dance brilliant. Staccato just killing it, going for it, getting better and better, did I see slight wobble in middle? Was absolutely great. CRH – yes you did see. Something happened. Loved drama at top, set story brilliant told all way through, hand shaping placed into the crack, of Pasha’s armpit. Little loose. Fabulous.

Crowd hysteria with “crack.”

Storytelling and moody pouting pleased Darcey. Attack, loved it. LG – gotta agree partly, loved the mood. Passionate. Your hold goes in and out little loose. Feet little flat throughout but feel mood and intensity of dance was spot on.

Bruce bids farewell to Pasha Bolognese as Pash throws his tagliatelle hands up.

8, 9, 8, 9


Victoria and Brendan


Candy – Robbie Williams

Oh my god! at that into hold at start almost knocking one another out. Awkward exchange, despite trying to begin well. Sorry. Falling flat after hand walks looked stranded and awkward on own. lift,

Love her but, atrocious. Sorry, we want to like but it was just awful.  End on shoulders spin around lift.

Bruno lick his lolly. Len nothing. DB – love hearts, CRH – gobstopper.

CRH – prop candy sticks had more fluidity. Len – bit light. Needed more go in it. Lifts good agree with DB, bit more oomph that’s all. BT – very fetching. Gorgeous. When stand still your fabulous. Some much to offer and still don’t deliver. Get into it let yourself go, it doesn’t happen. You look amazing. Use it.

Too shy, doesn’t know how to apply it. Still always Brendan moves.

4, 6, 6, 5


One Twitter user, Katie Kileen added – “Brendan dragging round floor is just cringe.”

Louis and Flavia

Paso Doble

Dirty Diana – Michael Jackson

Cape work. Twirls looking at Flav as a mate.

Jump round to floor uninteresting and a lift. Arms not very good. No impact made, fair feet, lethargic move around in hold. Easy. Safe, in hold repetitive circling the floor. Head shake interaction mean nothing just for show, ends VERY unattractively to no interest on a floor spin.

DB – arrogant, forceful attitude not there for me. Missed the story, wanted you to perform. LG – thunder and lightning. Needs attack. Nothing going on! No fire in the blimmin’ thing. BT – totally agree can produce beautiful shapes, should be left breathless. Based on matador and arena. CRH – have to learn to act these dancers. Go no further unless.



Being a performer as gymnast? Then that means that he hasn’t got ‘it’ as a performer.

Lisa and Robin


As if we never said goodbye – Barbra Streisand

Pampering. Gorgeous Riley rose up to stride towards beau Robin centre of floor with a very good spin and close interaction with emotion and tender romance. Mirroring one another with excellent timing and remaining feel with story,  interaction pertaining to the routine, had a strong basis of love and dance. Near perfect.  Almost a nine. Borderline.

LG – like some, but feeling not exciting. BT – nice surprising and understated, expected fire. Careful, nice but not overwhelming. CRH – slightly tempestuous and aggressive lost sensuality. Not a dance that suits, what did do danced well. DB – so try, hard to sustain moves. So brill in Latin, don’t think this is your dance.

7, 6, 7, 7


How is a big lady who is not “aesthetically” framed to be viewed as doing a good job. She did.

Michael and Natalie

Argentine Tango

Bust Your Windows – Jazmine Sullivan

Good start, dark, commanding, stationary. Natalie leading, however. Good up forward leg back lift. Careful on steps looking to Nat for guidance. Spin around lift. Drag leg back close connected lift good. Spin around and jump spin.

BT – concentrating in getting through routine lost sexuality and routine.  CRH – lacked resistance and lead. Adornments very stiff. DB – such an attentive partner. Missed domineering man. Hungry and passionate for her. Beautiful lifts. Lovely lines. Concentration. Needs more arrogance. LG – wish I had a stiff adornment. (Craig laugh’s) Part one, learn dance, two – perform it. Full routine. Lifts good. Spin on floor. So much good going on. Overwhelmed by one thing.

Bruno scared motions were hilarious.

Woman reacts to male influence of dance actions.

We’ve all come to love the transitions Michael Vaughan has made on his journey but HE was the one carried in that.

6, 7, 7, 6


Nicky and Karen


Doop – Doop

Wanna play the game with you…

Theatrics did not save this dance to begin, a funky beat was too overly disjointed and made this a comedy typical stodge premise. Comedy clown of SCD, lacking  real interest. No connection with partner.

CRH – wasn’t a disaster. Suited you down to the ground, your best yet. DB – it was magic. Quirky, fun. LG – like set up. No stress express. Top two this week. BT – character, slapstick, energising. Never lost Charleston. Imaginative, fresh.

9, 9, 9, 9


Denise and James

American Smooth

Imagine – John Lennon

Lift up around by hands. Embrace with smooth sultry tender around. Good command from James. Elegant twirl above head lift on shoulders. Wobbly carousel spin. Good arm out rotatory action. Stunning lift at end. Lovely job, with exquisite lifts.

DB – graceful, musical, pleasure to watch. Effortless. Make it seamless. Beautiful lines. Sailed round that floor. LG – like sea wave after wave of effortless motion. Class. BT – smooth… finesse, silk, emotional connection, for me was perfection. CRH – James thumb up on occasion, Denise perfection.

9, 9, 9 10


Danger zone –

Victoria, Louis, Michael

If CRH leaves SCD it will be tough. But screw him for trying to pinch my X Factor job, darhling! :p

Results to follow.


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