Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Week 9 Results

Strictly Come Dancing 2012:

Week 9 Results

tess claudia 9

After the performances and backstage feel from the dancers, couple and judges, “the scary spotlight” cometh Tess informs.

Safely through to next week are – Louis and Flavia, Lisa and Robin.

First in the dance off – Michael and Natalie.


Hold Me Down

jls scd 9

Smooth, tender R’n’B love song from the foursome whilst maintaining a dapper sense of style and originality in attire, also showed their maturity in their performance.

Len’s Lens

Fabulous dickie bow and chevron tissue thingy. Darhling.

Fabulous piece of equipment versatile, able to do dust work Bruno claims, but no Fern return to sweep the floors.

Bruno of his chair again.

Shortly we head back from Claude to Tess for the rest of the results.

Also making it through to the next week are – Denise and James, Dani and Vincent.

Couple dancing again in bottom two are – Nicky and Karen.

Alfie Boe

Bridge Over Troubled Water

alfie boe scd 9

The smiley eyed former mechanic with worldwide success gave a powerful rendition of a classic track adding tone and charisma to the vocals whilst joined by dancers Artem and Aliona. Ending on a powerful and supreme note with pure essence.

Dance Fusion, new to show one piece of music two dance styles.

Mixing two dances into one. Its different, but also very risky to removing fan base. The group elimination dance was fun, lets bring that back too. It may need something new, but this seems rather pointless. We hope were wrong, but… we shall have to see.

The dance off

Michael and Natalie

Mechanical arms and good twirls with minor hip action trying. Good legs side to side. Limp in energy slowing down. Arm extensions fair but flimsy on end. Rather loose in part and devoid of enthusement. Good effort, beaming smile and feel of having a go yourself.

Nicky and Karen

Creeping up on Karen, side to side quick feet remain good. All a little slow and uninteresting. More attack of a paso doble than Tango. Good spin around lifts carried by Nicky. No qualities of Bond, every bit boring. Slight improvement but still off in parts.

The Judges Vote

scd 9 result

Craig – absolutely sensational second time round.  Nicky and Karen.

Darecy – both upped game tonight, but save Nicky and Karen.

Bruno – really have to go with couple with License to thrill, Nicky and Karen.

Len – It was unanimous, Len agrees.

Michael Vaughan – “thoroughly deserved” he said of friendly rival Nicky going through. “Had a ball, (Nat) this is the real winner” he complimented his dance pro Lowe.  Natalie responded – “So incredible” of cricketer Vaughny.

Taking their last dance Michael and Natalie will be missed in the completion, adding fun, beaming smiles and blokey joy to all looking.

michael vaughan out 9

Now the competition is getting very serious. All are ‘strong’ candidates, which will see a few weeded out soon enough. Dance Fusion’s begin next week.


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