Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Week 9

Strictly Come Dancing 2012:

Week 9

bruce tess

As the competition heats up to finding contenders for the ever sparkly glitterball trophy, as ever, the judges scores from Craig Revel-Horwood, Darcey Bussell, Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli are given, along with our own professional score and critique below.

Kimberley and Pasha


Land of a Thousand Dances – Wilson Pickett

kimb pasha 9

Good sass start, but still starting alone too much for our liking. Takes long time to get back into partner hold to really go for dance. Spin leg around Kimberley. Awkward, lost fluidity. Very slow legs around walks with Pasha. Good kicks after towards end with fair attack, but still rather lukewarm for a Jive.

LG – clean precise fun to be shown. Couple dodgy moments, off in stage but overall nicely done.

BT – pumping it and bouncing like frisky rabbit. Great energy, timing side to side kicks. Spoiled something that was almost perfect.

CRH – brilliant, fast efficient, loved double turn at end. Going through legs very clumsy, will lose you  point, cracking end.

DB – certainly matched pasha energy level. Strong core. Well done.

9, 8, 8, 9


Dani and Vincent

Viennese Waltz

That’s Amore – Dean Martin

dani vincent 9 gondola

Good dip down sweet, smooshy Vincent not too appealing and seeming to be boring in parts, very slow with turns and glide along. Good head turns. Good sync, good feet together and in hold with Vincent to end, but just missing something zesty inside. A lost dance.

dani vincent 9

BT – Rosetta Stone alert! Bruno in Italian. Subtitles. Absolutely enchanting. CRH – really like series of batmon kicks back turns not pretty, full of musicality, sweet but not blow me away, sadly.

BF – blow him away. DB – lower was so clean and neat. Create better curve in upper body, beautiful. LG – my little chipolatas, want normal Viennese waltz all little bits and pieces I enjoyed, had charm.

8, 8, 9, 9


Michael and Natalie


Tequila – The Champs

michael natalie 9

Michael struts down the stairs shaking his maracas as Nat headdress thrown to Bruno who fans himself down. Good twirls, fair hip movement, good aeroplane glide hands, though were limp on descent. Good spins, fair movement ending with the spin of Natalie on the floor. Good fun but very tiresome and lacking in pace.

Craig begins “It wasn’t completely dreadful and slightly improved but it still looks very awkward. I love the shirt darling. What bothers me your free arm is a huge concern, you really have to work on that and we could really have done without those hip, thrusting, things.

Darcy adds “The improvement is outstanding. Amount of content extraordinary. Well done and you got through.

Len continued – “There was a lot of content in there. Plenty of movement. It wasn’t fantastic but it wasn’t that bad so well done for having a go.”

Bruno is a tropical print or you finally turning into one it wonder everything was on one side you could swing both ways my dad Darling with the lips but it is the hips.

5, 7, 6, 6




Nicky and Karen

Argentine Tango

Skyfall – Adele

nicky karen 9

James Bond themed for Nicky creeping up behind Karen with eerily emotions. Slow getting back into hold, good side to side with the fast step kicks along. Good lifts with pointed toes on ground as sundial carousel of Karen pleasing attention to detail. Good kicks and drag along and spiral lift atop Nicky lift. Ends rather anti-climactically. Little boy may have suited though key element missing in-between fantasy outlived on show and not much dance structure transparent.

Darcey – The intensity was perfect. The story, would have liked more lustful Nicky in those moves. You can get a little bit hard, needs to be sensual. In your shaping, in your top line, not gonna be able to get this out (as crowd in hysteria from stiff comments) think about your pecs, (pectorials) think about your shoulder blades sliding down. Definitely a great performance, you went for it.

Len – Was a little too ballroom for me, it was a little bit staccato. I’m only telling the truth everyone, a little bit more fluid. Needed a bit more fluid, the lifts crisp and nice, well done.

Bruno – when I think a lot of people like that hard. You have to license to kill, intense and purpose, determination. Lifts were excellent, yet at times it was a little bit staccato but I think it’s because you put so much power into it, doesn’t take away from the power of the performance which I thought was great.

Craig – I thought the storytelling was absolutely superb throughout that. Was too aggressive and stompy and it ended up looking like a little boy not getting his own way. It was still great though.

7, 8, 7, 8




Lisa and Robin


Bring Me Sunshine – The Jive Aces

lisa robin 9

Bright start with sunshine arms, good twirls in hold working around floor, brilliant bounce looking effortless in feet hops with Robin. Personality shine through, good footwork gliding along, jolly fun great somersault over couch to end, though felt some parts were a minor part less than what could have been. Needs to get back in that higher over bracket. Has the chance to do so.

Len – That’s what you bring to this show, sunshine. Fast, fun.

Bruno – Personality couldn’t be brighter. You have a zest for life. Totally captivating, managed beautifully and I loved the ending, as Bruno then falls off his chair in another hilarious moment.

Craig – Left hand needs more shaping, very flat on Robin’s arm. Messy incident on the Charleston, which got you out of sync, but the energy I have to say is incredible.

Darcey – You shine. Love energy, you get little tired in top lines, but you’re light, fast and you shine.

7, 8, 8, 8




Denise and James


Rhythm of the Night – Valeria

Shimmy Jimmy Jordan. Did you like his Shimmy's?

Shimmy Jimmy Jordan. Did you like his Shimmy’s?

“Shimmy Jimmy Jordan” begins with Denise. Good start of rhythm, good twirls down of Denise and lift around. Footwork well by Van Outen. Swift, fluid and wafting skirt well. Lots of sass and shimmy lift around again, little tired down and awkward from James. We noticed. Denise drop down splits end through James leg well. Covered up mistake well.

Bruno – Hot ‘n’ spicy with sharp edges, spins are fantastic but couple near misses. Covered well, but, is it your fault again? As good as you did it, hips need to be fluid.

James – Can I just say, the professional dancers get just as nervous as the celebrities. And I went blank. It was me. I apologise.

Craig – Well we really do have to blame you now darling, this is marv-ellous. Absolutely loving this. Could be bit more fluid like figure eight thing, if got big fill need to fill them with something.

James – That was where we went wrong.

Craig – Well you have to make something yup instead of giving the game away. You have the best spins I have ever seen from any celebrity.

Darcey – attack, underarm turns so fast, can look bit clumsy. Little dodgy in lifts. Your shimmy’s, you pin your elbows in. Darcey gives her shimmy masterclass.

James – did you like my shimmy’s darling?

Len – not how go wrong its how you recover. James was in a flux, I thought you did good. Ok there was a blunder and you can’t get a ten but I thought you did well.

8, 8, 8, 8


Louis and Flavia


Dr. Wanna Do – Caro Emerald

louis flavia 9

Cheeky monkey Louis should have suited this yet still only walking around the floor, no dancing at all. Spinning Flavia around and lift, couple of kicks out as spin around, adding comedy character acrobatics, with a cheap and tacky somersault twice landing over Flavia, limp and boring no emotional investment and all comedy goof. Really uninteresting and lacking of interest. Only gets fancy votes and still can’t do a single dance move in routine. Tedious. For a gymnast, and Olympian Louis still has no killer instinct and it cannot be taught. Lacks any drive, passion and charisma.

Louis Flavia dazed

Craig – “I think your acrobatic skills were used wisely and to best effect.” At long last, some personality.

Darcey – Yes Louis you got it, you performed. Silent movie star now. Had the wow factor.

Len – You’ve got a personality and you’ve come out and performed.

Bruno – Doctor, Doctor, my heart is pounding! Do you do house calls? We all know you have ability, you shown us fun. Making of a true contender. (Please stop with the bullsh*t ometer.)

8, 10, 9, 10


Hypocrisy continues!

Danger zone –

Dani, Nicky and Michael

Results to follow.


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