Strictly Come Dancing 2012 Week 10 Results

Strictly Come Dancing 2012

Week 10 Results

mad hatters 10

After some glam glitz from Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman, after the oepning Alice in Wonderland/Mad Hatter professional collaboration, the results were soon revealed as to which couples survived another dance week.

tess 10

Through to the next week were announced – Kimberley and Pasha and Dani and Vincent.

The first couple to grace the dance off later will be – Nicky and Karen.

Bruno chanted disgraceful in the results revelation at Nicky and Karen. He gets a 10 for effort. Well this isn’t an effort scoring because (almost) everyone is working their backsides off. Labelling their dances as “opposite ends of the spectrum.” Therefore that means it didn’t work together, doesn’t it? Therefore meaning that their placement in the dance off is warranted. No?

Michael Buble

It’s beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

michael buble 10

How does he do it?

With a gracious Anton and Erin setting the winter opening scene, with deciduous trees and a shining light filled with a Buble middle surrounded by wooded orchestra, Bubs carried an incandescent, sweet tone with a graceful presentation.

After the smooth bubbles melted we gazed through…

Len’s Lens

After some more close up sneak peeks around the dancefloor arena from the evening with some comedy clips too brief discussion on the dances were also mused over.

Craig managing to keep a level head when giving a 10 score for Kimberley and Pasha.

judges lens 10

Darcey pining over Louis’ beautiful arms. Not hard to be ugly when you have biceps, I suppose. Ugh.

Craig on Denise was sad to see heel slip slightly, as leg too high debated with Len. Costume awareness necessity discussed.

Bruno felt Dani had lots of Sync.

Joyful transition with Lisa and Robin as Riley’s dress was ripped off to thrilling expression of shock and thrill.

Strictly Come Dancing 2012

Big girl can dance!

The remainder of the results were revealed as to who would continue on to the semi-finals.

In no particular order going through are – Lisa and Robin and Louis and Flavia.

Leaving Denise and James in the bottom two.

The dance off


Denise and James

denise raggy dress 10

Stronger drive and go get ‘em attitude instantly at start. Better twirls, and dip point with James in quickstep hold, lift well again, good footwork, very light on floor. Great Jive kick outs again. Skirt wafting to end drop down arch well. Came out fighting.

Nicky and Karen

Strictly Come Dancing 2012

Too much seated leaving too long to get back into hold competently. All twirls and hands, more showy once more than focusing on dance steps in routine. Good lift but careful turning round, then into careful slow steps. Lifts used to much to mask inaccuracies even though allowed. Ends on chair drop down arch back hold of Karen. Wasn’t any improvement on first run and still contained levels of boredom and no progression. Should leave the contest. Can’t be taught any more.

The Judge’s Vote

dance off 10 denise nicky

Time for the votes.

Craig – Denise and James.

Darcey – both very strong performances, Denise and James.

Bruno – Both improved but the outstanding couple for me are Denise and James.

Len – Denise and James.

It was Byrne’s time to go. He was carried a lot. Said it was the biggest and best show. Shaky start with judges, absolutely amazing. Miss the whole thing.

Karen gave thanks to all celebs and pro dancers as well as the show. She had good innings for her debut run on Strictly. Though we don’t know whether she’ll be back. After the results, it was revealed Hauer had made some jibes towards Denise Van Outen, branding her “all smiles and teeth.”  This compelled Outen’s pro partner James Jordan to prompt Hauer to “keep your opinion’s to yourself.”

Ooh Err!

bruno ooh

The show now enters the semi-finals were couples move to next week, hosting two dances each in the competition with the final five remaining couples.

Time to find the contenders.

Images not marked but may belong to BBC/Guy Levy as copyright. We do not claim these for our own and give credit where due. Found through search engine/s where shared in public domain.

Shame I don’t get any 😮 ! If the BBC would like me to sit in the audience and do a live review please let one know. Two tickets should suffice. Thank You.

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