Strictly Come Dancing 2012 Week 11, Semi Final Results

Strictly Come Dancing 2012

Week 11, Semi Final Results

tess results gold 11

After Tess reveals her fave dance as the Robot, we get a little recap of the previous night’s proceedings.

The results are now revealed. First through to the grand final is – Kimberley and Pasha

First “in danger” and in the dance off is – Lisa and Robin.

Katherine Jenkins

Santa Baby

katherine jenkins sing 11

Careful side pouting baby. Red and white balloons, trumpeteers and elegance. Pro’s Robin and Kristina add to the great atmosphere on the floor.

Len’s Lens

len 11

Peeking down the camera to see this week’s Triple cartwheel from Kimbers. Overmarked though, but hey she made the final. Yeah?!

No 10 for Denise. Proud of his 9 paddle. From judges debate, of Craig’s marking.

Vincent murmur when miked up before dancing on floor heard. “Please let me be in the final.”

Bruce then basks in the “Fountain of Youth.” Bruno jokes.

Highlights of Len’s Lens over the weeks also plays out.

It was absolutely a part-ayyy! Len rounds off.

Claude hands the results back to Tess as Daly delivers the decisions.

claudia results 11

Going through to the final in “no particular order” as before, is Louis and Flavia.

Fighting in the dance off are – Denise and James.

A Jive with Mark Ballas from Katherine Jenkins, who came second in USA version Dancing With The Stars takes to the floor.

Katherine and Mark


katherine jenkins mark ballas 11 scd

Hot dickie bow, crotch chop thrust and spangley feet with high enthusiasm and drive. Flawless already. End spectacular. If judging, that would have gained a 10. Another perfect Jive in the face of criticism. Many fans felt it was “all over the place.” Probably why Louis is high on votes. Fans don’t make credible critiques.

Next weeks spectacle of the final will host THREE dances. Tough.

Those dances will be the Judges Pick, the Showdance and the couples’ Favourite dance.

The dance off

Their highest scoring dance will  be performed in the dance off.

Lisa and Robin

Good fun to begin more apparent this time round. Fierce kicks with attitude. Powerful stride down middle kicks into hold to end to musicality perfectly. Great routine and attack.

Denise and James

Strong spin around once again. At beginning. Into hold twirls excellent. Extreme powerful attacks in hold, heads, kicks, poise and posture. Extraordinary footwork when dropping a feather from dress. End with powerful attack once more. No shrinking violet.

Shameful travesty, but hey, the vote is the vote.

The Judge’s Vote

dance off 11

Craig – “Purely based on technique. Denise and James.”

Darcey  – “Technically, the one I save is Denise and James.”

Bruno – “Both done so well to come this far. Great dancing and entertainment. Have to go for best dance. That was delivered by Denise and James.”

Len – “Did agree. Denise and James.”

Genuinely sad to leave the competition. A true star on the floor.

Genuinely sad to leave the competition. A true star on the floor.

Lisa best time of my entire life. Costume make up everybody backstage beyond. Robin Windsor been amazing. Help me through one of toughest times to him. He’s just amazing.

lisa end 11 lift robin

Robin – absolutely amazing. Shown don’t have to be certain size to dance and inspired.

The final airs on Saturday with Dani and Vincent, Denise and James, Kimberley and Pasha and Louis and Flavia.

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