Strictly Come Dancing 2012 Week 11: Semi Final

Strictly Come Dancing 2012

Week 11: Semi Final

bruce tess 11

Scores below from judges Craig Revel Horwood, Darcey Bussell, Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli, respectively, along with our professional score and critique below on what it should be in contrast to the hypocrisy on show. Keeeep Dancing!

judges scores 10s 11

Dani and Vincent

American Smooth

Haven’t met you yet – Michael Buble

dani vincent 11 suit

Len – “More I see you dance more I like. Heel turns, quick, crisp, like fluidity of movement.”

Bruno “Carry on like this and wish may come true. Touches of Ginger Rogers. Flair in lifts. Going in right direction. Persist.”

Craig “ liked begin bit, grapevine set scene. Hand above head needs attention. Shaping. Bit clubby. Thought you danced it beautifully.”

Darcey “ lovely quality all way through. Very elegant, chic. Technique all way through improving. Do miss a little bit of sparkle. Bit safe.”

8, 8, 9, 9


Louis and Flavia


Why don’t fools fall in Love? – Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers

louis flavia 11 jock

After some dance tips from Aston from JLS, not to be confused with Aston Merrigold, (Aston?) Lou and Flav had a go on the night at an attempt to dance. Beginning with a jock, basketball throw. Nothing. Usher Flav over. Slow. Basic week 1 steps. Kicks tacky and half hearted. Limp arms swaying. Bad hands in carousel aeroplaning around. Slide thru from Flav only her doing. Trademark backflip. A lift technically. Lazy. Lethargic stole along. Not a Jive in the slightest. Let alone a dance.

Of the public, infatuated Bruno said “Definitely all in love with you. Got performance aspect really worked out. Incredible. Jive, kicks and flicks. Not as clean and sharp. It’s semi-final. Timing issues. Have to be on it. Really sharp. performance wise, don’t be disappointed you’re selling it better than ever.” We know Strictly want to build up stars for its final, but that was just ridiculous and ate into Bruno and Strictly’s credibility.

Craig  agreed “about performance scenario. Soft and laid back. Feet sickled slightly. Laboured throughout. Something seemed to go wrong.” (Whole bloody lot went wrong.)

Darcey added  “Fun routine, style great. Perform so well but its true because so subtle, no strength in your kicks. Expecting more. Could pull it out bag in next dance.”

Len finished “If foxtrot doesn’t come better standard, this didn’t cut it. Lost speed. It was ok. Lot of content quality of dancing not good.”

7, 8, 8, 8


Denise and James


Roxanne – The Police

denise james 11 tango

Good drop swivel around start. Sharp footwork. Connection with partner. Allowing him to lead. Good head spins. Sharp, focused. Sidestep walks down clean and delightful. Careful feet together. Good synchronicity to dark tone. High point come through in attack, end well with James with teasing tantalising trysting. Powerful storytelling.

Craig said it “Got off to flying start with floor spin. Did not stop there, sharp staccato. Little bit of gaping, only on occasion.”

Len heckles “rubbish!”

Craig continued “I loved outline, fantastic dancer.”

Darce felt “Denise, attack you have is extraordinary. You do not fade. So beautiful. Very nice.

Len said “I hate when they are trivial objections. This is semi-final. Stressful. No stress express. Once in hold, you got crashing girl. That was a proper Tango.”

Bruno “You give it to me and I give it back tenfold. Links , build up to end, sensational. It was fabulous!”

9, 10, 10, 10


Brucie asks if his cold makes his “deeper sexy voice” come through. Bruno agreed “Little deeper yeah.” Then they realised the camera was rolling! It was a good exchange.

Kimberley and Pasha

American Smooth

Fever – Peggy Lee

kimberley pasha 11 red

Good start, side to side to musicality. Teasing Pasha along. Lift leg sways in air. In hold around turns bit off. Pushing back well. Into fast twirl around in hold back and forth, slightly disengaging. Too many turns, not enough dance portrayal.

Darcey “amazing double back turns. Well done”

Len  “Would’ve liked a little bit more in ballroom hold. Only say what I see. Parts like Jessica Rabbit. Rest of it fantastic.”

Bruno “That fever can cause epidemic. Rita Hayworth at her hottest. Way you interpret music is fantastic. Let yourself go with music, you becoming it. Keep going that way darling.”

Craig “Would put that routine straight on stage in one of my shows. Creative, contemporary. Just great. Moment when chin was a little bit low down.”

High end borderline, but she gets our borderline score. That means she was almost there to the other score, through panel will favour higher obviously.

9, 10, 9, 10


Lisa and Robin


Best years of our Lives – Modern Romance

lisa robin 11 sass

Behind judges as bongos a lively start. Onto floor with passion and intrigue. Bit slow and halted in middle waiting for direction. Back into it well picking up fun and pace. Turtle shell spin around floor got stuck. Made fun needing help hands. Intentional and fantastic. Robin pick up well, he launches lift onto Riley.

Len “So much fun. Technique little bit laboured. Makes me so happy.”

Bruno “Have fun with it. Crash landing great panache. Everybody loves it, (can’t make) technical assessment. Enjoyed it so much.”

Craig (In Hyseterics.) “The floor spin did it for me darling.”

Darcey  “Something that fast and partying it’s just fabulous. Missing couple of isolations and kicks, but I love you, I really do.”

Bruce “Original good time girl. You really are.”

7, 8, 8, 8


Dani and Vincent

Argentine Tango

Libertango – Astor Piazzola

dani vincent 11 red

Audience over clapping into dance. Hush! They are beginning silently.

Very stationary and stopped for a moment mid dance. Good leg round clockwork floor from Dani. Getting legs in place, though focusing on steps and attempting to add a story in showing then costing routine. Too much causes something to be sacrificed. Wasn’t as great as could be. Was highly downplayed to get steps in place. Shame.

Len “Mood mastered, technique stole my heart.”

Bruno “You’re a lady!” ( Dah dah Daniiii looks like  laddyy!)

Craig “Vincent has taught you so well. One lift little bit bumpy, other than that spectacular.”

Darcey – “So enjoyed your intensity and control. Sustained. Choreography beautiful. Would’ve liked a straighter crisper leg.“

9, 9, 10, 10


Louis and Flavia


Somebody that I used to know – Gotye

louis flavia 11

Bruce told us about Louis’ saucy calendar for the New Year. They all milk it, don’t they? They can look good, but prove they have no skill elsewhere. “Now you know what to buy your lady.” Use it as bog roll paper.

Too eerily dominant with pithy hands. In hold side to side, looking to a distant area of space away from any interest looking lost and disengaging. Tilts head for show only to tick box of dance criteria. Cheap, no real dancing, no performance levels, terrible hands, neck, and minimal footwork, though fair at times. Looks good in a suit.

Craig  “Hand motions. Really did love it, fantastic rise and fall. Moved around floor with authority and drive.”

 Darcey “Thank goodness, you’ve got it. Trouserling, gliding, seamless. Make it look too easy … grace you’ve got it……….”

Len “A little too bobbing up and down. True sportsman get knocked down in one dance you come back stronger.”

Bruno “Smooth operator with twinkle in eye. Smooth, elegant, graceful. Back on top where you belong.”

Strictly Come Dancing is seriously starting to lose its credibility. If goes down this X Factor route it will be curtains in five years or less

All to please a baying mob of over fermenting ladies and some shameful blokes beside themselves with their tongues out wagging as their private parts twinge through a possible menopause. Heaven help us all.

9, 10, 9, 10


High five again. In the world of reality and truth, I’m not high fiving anyone. Often the truthful don’t get the recognition. At least I’m not losing my mind, morals or dignity. 😀 I aint no tart!

Denise and James


First Time Ever I saw your face – Leona Lewis

denise james 11 rumba

Over using my “Crisp” critique now, is Len and the judges to the point of overkill.

Good start of storytelling. Into hold gracefully. Excellent musicality to enhance dance. Ballerina standing mimicry moved by James very good. Excellent open splits never taking heels off floor. Difficult to tell Rumba, was bit off in terms of that but expert routine, footwork and hold with movement.

Darcey “Most stunning arms. Feeling right to fingertips. Feeling beautiful. More romance here. Some moves little broken up. Love to see roll in next.”

Len “Final not proper if you’re not there.”

Bruno “I was deeply moved by this Rumba. Taken another angle to it. Lines superb. Not one moment not on it 100%. Great risk, paid off. Fantastic.”

Craig “Absolutely fantastic storytelling. Seems you come in and out of hip action.

Cheeky James chips in “Weren’t you watching my hip action?”

“Naughty naughty James.” Craig continued. “I loved it.”

9, 9, 10, 10


Considering OUR other scores that was high scoring. All marking was debatable tonight as Twitter users expressed.

Kimberley and Pasha


Prologue/Main Title – Ron Goodwin

kimberley pasha 11 flying

Missed opportunity with aeroplane. Pointless to have implemented it. No effect given to support dance. Sass arms side t side into a hand jest with ooh mouths. Fair legs stamps with kicks and flicks. Lift upside down as propeller not to clean. End with spin around in Pasha arms. Fair but not thrilling overly. Missing a few minor elements to got hat extra, ahem, mile.

Len “First class.”

Bruno “Flying high. Upside down, legs in air. Looking good forom every angle. A feast.”

Craig “F word darling. Fab-U lous!”

Darcey “Quirky, naughty flapper. Great interpretation.”

10, 10, 10, 10


Lisa and Robin

American Smooth

All that Jazz – Chicago

lisa robin jazz 11

Good start, with Jazz hands. Swift feet backward dancing, difficult to do, done well. Into hold. Minor stumble along recovered very well. Good kicks out with facial thrill showcased. Very good overall end of characterisation.

Bruno “When entertainment…. Almost kicking Brucie in the chin with demonstration.”

Craig “Watch free arm. Occasional gapping. Time out ever so slightly, love love love what you do.”

Darcey “Next musical theatre star I love it. Lines in all mirroring and spacing perfect. Only in hold raised shoulders a little that’s your only thought.”

Len “Think I saw your razzle dazzle. Lens hands…. You’re the people’s champion.  High borderline score from us. Others marked too high, not with us.”

Reminded us of a cool Medusa from under the sea (Little Mermaid) with the down to up hand waves. J

Bruno tongue slip of fanny! Oops!

8, 8, 8, 8


Danger zone

Lisa and Robin, Denise and James

Results to follow.

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