The Big Society. A day in the life. 1:1

The Big Society. A day in the life. 1:1



So today’s venture into the outside proved an interest into the so called ‘Big Society’  that David Cameron prattles on about in the United Kingdom in stabilising the country in a democratic state.  Built on many perplexing formations, today’s instance was delivered in two forms.

The first, sitting on the bus next to some middle aged man who after five minutes, decided to lean in and mutter in my ear. “How are you” he began. I was taken aback, as many common folk in London do not speak to one another, but I was pleasant to listen.

He prompted to ask me, “are you a chusti?” As a mutter of quietened tone and hard of hearing I lean further in asking for a repeat. “Are you a chusti?”

“What’s a chusti?” I naively reply.

“Do you go to church?”


He decides instantly after to ask me if I can lend him some money for something I can’t hear what. Instantly offended and unsure what to think in a split second, he chooses to stop asking.

Just because a guy sits on a bus respectfully and bothers no one with dignity and grace does not mean they are a Christian, or even religious in any right. Why must I always endure other people’s issues when minding my own business? To top it all, when he gets off the bus, he pulls out a bundle of cash! Diabolical! Do I look like I have enough money to support myself, either? Yet asking me for a hand-out when the chieftain of benefits blitz David Cameron has rendered me poorer than poor? The cheek of asking me for a charitable donation that isn’t charitable and filled for your greed? That is what is highly offensive. Please do not bother me on public transport asking for money which I don’t have. Goodness sake. People wonder why charity organiser’s now get a rough ride.



It didn’t end there, Boarding my second bus home, a youthful white gent approaches two English-Muslim teens if they would like a free education, “paid for by the government and you get a £10,000 grant for it”  he adds. The girls laugh him off and say no, they are already in education. He instantly walks past looking me up and down in a split second, as a white, British young male and dismisses me thoroughly. Thanks a bunch! What is this country now turning into? Free education for special demographic targets, yet any white Britons in decreasing numbers must be ignored? And you wonder why numbers in the BNP rose?


Shutting out ordinary citizens of white British origin is becoming a deadly minority. David Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ is excluding the hard working, or tough attempting business minds or educational beings unable to afford it shut down by the system to get quota’s up? This is a disgraceful attitude that is underlining a deadly society of fractured segmentation rather than unified support.

Source: Huffington Post UK

And before anyone chooses to moan in response. I have friends of all ethnicities and sexualities and have respect of  numerous  cultures. I take no sides in multicultural society, but I have stood by and allowed it to go unmentioned for centuries and this is unacceptable by the government, and I would say the same for any other societies or backgrounds I see in disrepute.

So the question is, what exactly is this ‘Big Society’ that David Cameron blurts out? Stating it “does what it says on the tin” what exactly is the message on the tin. Back in the days of rationing we never knew if the contents were baked beans, ambrosia rice/pudding or spotted dick! So, Mr. David Cameron, what exactly is in the tin?




One thought on “The Big Society. A day in the life. 1:1

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