BBC National Lottery Saturday Draws wrong ball

National Lottery Blunder

bbc lotto

Tonight’s National Lottery draw, known as LOTTO, was drawn live on television this evening, Saturday 20th April 2013.

However controversy continued after the first ball drawn was number 45 and clearly visible numerous times on camera as 45, yet was announced as number 46.

The BBC at their Lotto Twitter account failed to respond after public enquiries. They defiantly announced the results again as 46 some twenty minutes later from those enquiries.

lotto results 2

The BBC currently have declined to comment, nor issue any statement since 20.00pm following through till 21.25pm when a usual update is included on television.

LOTTO blunder.One Twitter user tried to locate the draw online to check her numbers, to which the BBC have not yet released claiming debate of a cover up. Queries of their blunder may have to see them pay out to both 45 and 46 on potential winning tickets.

lotto results

Lotto handlers once again defiantly kept 46 as their winning number instead of addressing the mistake to maintain their ignorant credibility as a mainstream brand.

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The BBC had recent troubles with the continuation of the Jimmy Savile sex scandal and appointment of new management which is still eating into their credibility undermining their handle on public issues being addressed.


UPDATE 22.33pm


The BBC News was broadcast at 22.15pm until 22.30pm. Usually an update on the Lottery draws is given, though the BBC neglected to do so after the controversy. BBC have yet to explain nor address these impending issues.


bbc sport rugby blunder



Earlier the BBC Sport website made a massive blunder again with the Rugby Union coverage spotted by other hawkeyed viewers earlier today.