Album Review: Disclosure, Settle

Settle (2013)


disclosure 2

The hottest new, indie club duo providing a new wave of euphoric beats made a huge impact in their initial ‘being found ‘episodes a few months ago, most noted by us initially before mainstream media joined the bandwagon. Since the music duo Disclosure have risen and now attempt to place a massive footprint in the market with their debut album, Settle.

The sound is fresh, smooth and subtle adding a breezy club euphoria. However with all great albums there is at least one song that needs tweaking or is in the repertoire that isn’t as amazing, but is often forgiven if the rest of the tracks make up for this.

disclosure 1

Up to and including track 5 (When a fire starts to burn, Latch, F for you, White Noise feat. AlunaGeorge, Defeated no more feat. Ed Macfarlane) starts well, but begins to peak into the sixth as wayward and loses focal and aural concentration. Ironically “Stimulation” does not have the required effect and becomes too heavily clunky with boredom seeping through. However the tone of sound changes more positively three songs on going into “Grab Her!” starting to rebuild a more funky, indie reintegration. The end of the album is somewhat of a mild letdown as it tends to just end without a strong signoff.

disclosure E

Nominated for the prestigious Mercury Prize in September 2013.

The album is a classic Ibiza chillout comedown essential, or one for a Sunday morning hangover relaxer. The eclectic comedown has certainly put Disclosure on the musical map as one of its greatest producers for the modern generation with club and indie beats working succinctly together for listening pleasure. The pair, with their debut stamp of approval, may have a longer main stay in the industry if it can produce continual capable sounds that bind revellers together with thrilling joy. The boys have certainly ticked a number of positive boxes that can endorse them further on which will no doubt have musical forces join with than against them to light sounds for those listening in with glowing approval.

Best Tracks?  F for You, Latch, White Noise. Confess to me feat Jessie Ware.


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