Strictly Come Dancing Results: Week 2

tess claudia 2

Opening the show were Tess and Claude including the dreaded dance off and Len’s Lens.

Results are in…

In no particular order the first couple going through is Patrcik and Anya. Other returnees will be Deborah and Robin, Natalie and Artem, Ben and Kristina, Susanna and Kevin, Mark and Iveta.

The first couple heading up the danceoff is Tony and Aliona.

The rest of the results will be announced again shortly.

Matt Goss

When will I be famous

matt goss scd

This one was a Rat Pack version of Bros classic when will I be famous. It was a good chance to see something different, but, of course, fans will only ever love the up tempo original more. It was a decent Strictly tone of the song.

Len’s Lens

Returning is the “detailed, tiny little nuggets” up for discussion with Claudia and the judges. Up for chat was Susanna’s Viennese cakes, Natalie’s swan neck, Bruno’s conductor skills with counting along where revealed. Mark’s groovy style praised by Craig for personality. Final shot was of Craig having a snazzy dance with Darcey towards the end of the live show. Groovy, darling!

The results are back and going through to next Saturday are Ashley and Ola, Abbey and Aljaz, Dave and Karen, Rachel and Pasha, Sophie and Brendan, Fiona and Anton.

The second couple joining the dance of is Julien and Janette, leaving Vanessa and James safe to next week.

The dance off



Julien and Janette


Applause – Lady Gaga

A good second performance with leading qualities despite slowness in tune with tempo of Tango requirements.

Tony and Aliona


It Don’t Mean A Thing (If Ain’t Got That Swing) – Duke Ellington and Irving Mills

Dancing around golf club again showed no sustained improvement at all and only show off Aliona once more.

The Judges Vote

If there is a tie then head judge, Len, will have the deciding vote.

Craig – I’d like to save Julien and Janette.

Darcey – The couple I would like to save is Julien and Janette.

Bruno – I would like to see stay, Julien and Janette.

“I’m a tough pupil” Tony mentions as trying to pitch for unsophisticated Aliona in a graceful appeal.

Len – You’ve been one of my golfing heroes all my life, but would have gone with Julien and Janette.

tony aliona 3

dance off 2

BBC iPlayer goes wrong again

Catch up service BBC iPlayer once again made a huge error, as always, this time giving away the result and image on the front of its results catch up episode spoiling the show for viewers. Everyone in television knows and follows the convention that it is cardinal sin to reveal a result before paying the clip/s.

Why is it so difficult for anyone to do the simplest of tasks efficiently? It is not rocket science. Fans felt the BBC once again proved it is incompetent at finding talent to proceed, direct or helpful run the ideas correctly with its own practices of entertainment on offer. The BBC is funded by the taxpayer, without choice of an opt in / out service.

It’s a demanding job, but you’ve gotta get it right, darling.




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