Strictly Come Dancing Results: Week 3

The first batch of couples, in no particular order, safe to next week is Sophie and Brendan, Fiona and Anton, Ben and Kristina, Rachel and Pasha, Susanna and Kevin and Natalie and Artem.

The first couple facing the dance off is Julien and Janette.

Andrea Bocelli

When I fall in love

andrea boceelli scd 3

Impressive tone and amazement from the beginning from the tender tenor. Crowd loved it. Was smooth, collected and compassionate. Class act.

Len’s Lens

We now peep through the lens where we discuss Sophie’s Samba, Natalie’s divinity, Ashley’s hips grinding and Craig being “harsh” to Ben. If he chose to get on board and improve, which he did this week, he would get further praise instead of everyone loving him for wearing just a pair of pants rather than doing nothing else except support his own charity and ignore those he says he is meant to represent and do something for. Dave and his hilarity was also up for discussion.

The following result was revealed as to how is safe for next week. Going through are Ashley and Ola, Abbey and Aljaz, Deborah and Robin, Mark and Iveta, Patrick and Anya.

The final couple in the dance of is Vanessa and James leaving Dave and Karen to head back into next week’s show.

Strictly hired both for thrills and now the two fun acts under Strictly bosses ideals re going head to head.

Julien and Janette


Everybody Needs Somebody To Love – The Blues Brothers

More proficiency from Julien this time round with arms and enjoyable attitude. Stronger style than previously as more relaxing in a strange, ‘facing the dance off again’ way the contest tends to have.

Vanessa and James


Lay all your love on me – ABBA

Vanessa just doesn’t have the acting style and fierce, sharpness in contrast to her tongue lashings with the judges. Very stiff and waits for James to command her outside of leading tendencies. Decent kicks around. Not much to add, really.

The Judges Vote

julien janette doff 3

Craig – Julien and Janette.

Darcey – The couple I would like to save is Julien and Janette.

Bruno – I would like to keep Julien and Janette.

Len – I would have gone with Julien and Janette.

vanessa james 3 doff

Vanessa said of her experience of what she’ll miss – James, the glamour and sequins. Thank you for having me.

James – I thought you were gonna be possible arguing, you are a wonderful sweat lady and I have a lovely experience.

James is now free to find a new partner to dance with. 😮 The ladies still have Artem, Robin and Kevin and Aljaz to compensate.

james ola cake

Congrats to 10 years for James and Ola.

On his tenth anniversary, James bows out of the Strictly ballroom.



The Mirror

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