UK TV Review 22/03/14 – 30/03/14

Missed Last Week’s TV? Well, we caught a few programs so you didn’t have to. Here’s the best (or worse) of the week.




The Voice UK, BBC1

Saturday evening’s reality TV slice offered The Voice UK. After reaching the semi finals and whittling teams down to two on each, it was all too hard, blotchy and constrained to watch. The two hour show was heavy, boring and tired out. More of the dominating story was the revelation new series coach Kylie Minogue, now known by the BBC as Kylie, decided to leave next year. Committed to her new tour dates alone which take up much time, the show plans to schedule around Kylie’s schedule. This then prompted to claim he’d leave if Kylie did. Then Ricky Wilson, (yeah, i know) claimed he would go too if she left. Earlier revealed by media weeks ago was the case that Ricky was likely to be booted off by the producers. Even Sir Tom Jones wasn’t allowed off the hook. Producers backstage are annoyed of his one word niceties and being too empty and boring. One things for sure, this show is slowly evaporating on UK shores, which proves two things. One, the BBC have no clue how to handle a reality TV, especially a sing off show. Two, the show just can’t seem to survive being boring and running out of steam. Institutions as such are always the one’s who ruin a show. Britain doesn’t have a clue how to run it, because, simply put, all the wrong people are behind the production desk. And so, a show will simply lose its core soon enough. Don’t worry though, X Factor won’t be gloating for long either. That’s on borrowed time.

Rev, BBC2

On Monday Rev returned. A comedy series featuring a reverend. Played by not the average actor, Tom Hollander, who manages to make the role his own and is pleasing to watch for thirty minutes. Adding to the dry, subtle comedic value is partner and mother of their child, Olivia Coleman. All round thumbs up on this one so far.

Shop Secrets, Channel 4

Shop secrets exposes the techniques how shop and market traders con buyers into parting with bundles of cash by telling them interesting little fibs. Telling a customer the fashion is “vintage” and “this season” in fashion, among other trades, this is interesting and yet annoying at times. So far its bearable, but should stick to being focused than pic and mix in a sweet shop.

Mary Berry Cooks, BBC2

After a quick flick over whilst looking for anything else, before the end of the show, we manage to see old pastry chef from the 1940s Mary Berry pop in, well, berries, into a flange filled roulade. What an image that was. 😮

The Missing, Channel 4

Wednesday gave us a more meaningful documentary following the lives of loved ones searching for people in their lives who have disappeared. One wasn’t found, another was and wished to remain away from his previous roots escaped from and the other a mystery partner abandoning their car. It’s a little like US drama Without A Trace.

Compelling and tender this was strong. Some families can be abusive and drive loved one’s away. Others do not wish to be found or associated with their former hardship once broken free. Some cannot help their disappearance while others sadly take their own lives. Most tend to leave of their own accord due to either domestic or emotional in house abuse. The rest disappear or remove themselves because of the harsh and evil benefit reforms or welfare cuts as they are known from a foreboding and unforgivable government abusing common folk. This should teach you one thing if you love someone dearly. Don’t vote in someone you know will willingly ruin your life which you know will happen if you tick their box. You really don’t know what you have until it is gone. Then, it is too late. Value your family, whether it is close friends or relatives that make it so. You only have one set.

Auf Wiedersehen, My Pet, ITV1

On Wednesday dog owner Tim had to face an agonising choice to give up his beloved pet pooch, Baloo. Unable to give him the support and time due to his heavy work schedule, Tim selected his Staffordshire bull terrier to a new home. This show however, meets three hopefuls vying for the well trained, loveable mutt. Faced with a legal secretary, wannabe dog owner with a young family and retired couple with previous dogs, we can say Tim made the right choice. He chose the legal secretary. Usually a typical and daft programme genre ITV cook up on the fly, this was actually a good show, granted it was one episode caught. We’ll have to see if it has further value down the road. Though ITV are now forcing viewers to register an account on its catch up service ITVPlayer to watch recaps. Laughable management will not make people sign up to watch based on demands over free will. Change it back to free with the option, or lose your custom base. Commercialisation with dictation does not work and only ever ruins your reputation.

Mammon, More 4

If you like Scandinavian/Nordic drama’s this could interest you. A new, eerie and smooth drama with fictional setting that instantly captivates. The Norwegian import is another in the line of dramas such as The Killing and Salamander. Many however, might be put off to read subtitles on a Friday evening after a long week of work.

And so Sunday arrives once more, with nothing available (again.)

As it goes, this week was quite empty and boring, TV wise. With all these channels, why is it so difficult to have interesting content? It’s not difficult. Or maybe it is for some. Maybe this means old formats are past it which drive TV to online stations or new content elsewhere. TV may be around for eternity, but it may means less reliance is moving forward from it. Put something good on, and all will be forgiven.


Billy Howard

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