The Staggering Cost Of One Man’s Delusions: £25 Billion Squandered On Bungled Welfare Reforms

Very informative re-blog on vicious welfare reforms from sadist minister and failed Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith.

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iain-duncan-smithThe recent report from the Major Projects Authority, which revealed that Universal Credit is such a fucking disaster they had to invent a whole new category to describe it, also laid bare the astronomical cost of Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare reforms.

Just under £11 billion is budgeted to be squandered on some of the DWP’s largest projects, and that figure doesn’t include Universal Credit.  The cost of this hare-brained experiment is shrouded in mystery now it has been classed as ‘reset’, but last year the Major Projects Authority reported that the bill would reach £12.8 billion.

Even this is far from the whole story.  Community Work Placements, the latest mass workfare scheme, will cost almost a third of a billion.  The costs of other Jobcentre schemes, such as Mandatory Work Activity, are not included in the above figures.  At the very least the budgeted costs of welfare reform exceed…

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Recipe: False Fabs Asian-Inspired Sweet, Tangy Turkey Kabobs

Recipe: False Fabs Asian-Inspired Sweet, Tangy Turkey Kabobs

Looking for a quick, healthy and tasty recipe for your bank holiday. Or perhaps a general cooking recipe? Well here we have one specifically for you. All instructions below and affordable.



x1 Tablespoon sugar

½ Teaspoon ginger

¼ Teaspoon black pepper

Bell peppers (2 colours)

Turkey Breast (Diced)


x2 Cloves of Garlic (minced/pressed)

1/4 cup of Sunflower Oil




Rice (Optional)


If you don’t like some of the ingredients above you can use substitutes. You can use Vegetable Oil (Sunflower is healthier) ¼ cup Soy Sauce instead of Lemon/Lime etc.

So it’s the bank holiday weekend here so many are looking for a different way to cook this weekend. Why not try this recipe above, which is a healthier option for foodies, musclemen and everyone in general. You can substitute your toppings and flavours accordingly.

Serves 4-6 people dependent on the Turkey you use. We got through half a pack so had plenty left over from a single pack of diced pieces and served 2-4 on this occasion.

Preparation time – 15 minutes

Cooking time – 20 minutes

Overall time – 35 minutes

Serves – 4-6



  1. Have the diced turkey placed into a shallow glass dish or resealable bag. Add in the remaining ingredients, Ginger, Black Pepper, crushed Garlic, sugar, sunflower oil, lemon juice and lime juice. Cut the lemon and lime apart from the sides in a separate bowl to separate the pips and stringy extras. Use the juice only.

2         2. Cover the dish for 1-3 hours, with cellophane/cling film.


3. Before cooking, prepare your remaining ingredients, Mushroom, Bell Peppers, or substitutes to be placed onto the skewers to make the kebabs.

4. Keep the marinade from the bowl to one side.


5. Add the turkey diced breast to the skewer in order with ingredients. For example – Turkey Bell Pepper, Mushroom. Repeat the layers. Roughly 5 portions of turkey can fit one skewer.

6. Place them onto the grill (or barbecue if you prefer) and brush with marinade multiple times during cooking using a gentle glide up and down. Check after roughly4-5 minutes to marinate, then another time period to turn and marinate.


7. Judge cooking accordingly.

8. Stop brushing marinade 5 minutes before cooking is finished.

       9. Optional – You can serve with a small portion of rice or equivalent if you prefer.

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UK Voting day, Local and Euro Elections. Go vote!

Today is the day the United Kingdom will vote on its local council and European elections.

As a quick note I would encourage all members of the country to go out and vote and restore some faith into the system of the elcetorate.


Huge numbers of people do not vote. Whilst feeling so distanced from politics, the public then get upset or annoyed because they don’t understand what they are voting for but then moan when politicians do not help their daily needs. This is why it is vital to vote and get what you feel you need in your life to make it better for you. As they say, you cannot moan about it if you didn’t vote. Do not leave it to only mothers and old age pensioners, who only vote on getting what they biasedly want from corrupt politicians like the UK Conservatives, for example.

Some people are upset that their is not enough parties to choose from, so then, go out and vote for completely different parties and make the votes more of an even playing field. If you don’t vote it won’t ever happen. It only takes a five minute walk to your nearest polling station.

Have the conviction not to change or feel anxious when you stare at the ballot paper, pencil in hand reverting to the same old routine of sticking with the same. Be bold and choose something different. What have you got to lose? Did the previous counsellor come around to see you in the past 4 years of their candidacy?

Here in this area, we never saw a Tory (Conservative) elected politician at all and had no views represented. In their pledge they did nothing of the sort and the area got worse in terms of society and segregation. There is nothing available or of interest and the cost of living soars.

Today, I personally shall be voting for Labour and the Green Party in local and European votes. I was considering UKIP but over the last week, despite its charismatic frontman Nigel Farage, other party members have lost my vote. I would urge you all to vote as you wish, but I don’t see how a Troy government will benefit anyone any longer. With high taxes, a party protecting rich friends and high earning bankers with no grasp on reality, the Tories have neglected and reneged on all their promises. That itself mean that the politicians have not done their job description and should therefore, be sacked. The only way is to vote them out at the polls.

Vote for Democracy and take back the country for yourself, not a scaremongering tactic based on empty promises. You are the ones who now have the power. Don’t give it away to power hungry, abusive politicians who want to control the state their way and erase Human Rights and Democratic society. Proof of the last four years have been a looking glass to that very statement.




Top 5 tunes (3)

Garbage – I think I’m Paranoid

An old fave that never gets old.


Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl  feat. Georgi Kay – In My Mind (Axwell Mix)

Fresh, boosting sound for Summer feeling.


Foxes – Let go for Tonight

A newer, different way to move.


Le Youth – Dance with me

Great indie vibe with a modern twist


Disclosure feat. Mary J Blige – F For You

Hard, juicy beat with a cool and urban freshness with Blige in this sound.

Tax this! Gary Barlow’s boyband hit by hefty tax bill

Tax evader Gary Barlow bashed with big bill state rebate


After years of tax evasion Gary Barlow and his bandmates Mark Owen and Howard Donald of Take That have been hit with a whopping, £20 million pound tax bill. Jason Orange, however, did not invest in the scheme.

The boys will have to pay back the cash after putting it into a strategy that allowed a specifically designed tax dodge scheme to be implemented.

The scandal has yet to be condemned by UK blabbermouth David Cameron. Cameron, who is good friends with Gary Barlow and has been constantly at events publicly smiling and congratulating the rich tax evader, has yet to say anything.

Condemned. Carr was quickly criticised by Cameron years ago.

Condemned. Carr was quickly criticised by Cameron years ago.

The public are further upset that welfare claimants and poor people are demonised and would serve sentences in jail for these acts if they did so yet rich guys can ‘get away with it.’ Barlow and others will face no charges or public demonisation for their crimes.

X Factor supremo Simon Cowell previously added Barlow was the reason for his shows’ nosedive in millions of ratings losses six months ago.

Tax dodgers.

Tax dodgers.

Barlow got a knighthood from The Queen after he produced a birthday concert for her at the Golden Jubilee celebrations.

A number of high profile business men owes millions in tax avoidance, including Sir Philip Green who owes the state many pounds. David Cameron has only ever been focused on the last four to five years in crushing the poor claimants of £70 a fortnight instead of the tax evading elites who are also said to be his friends.

Cameron took swift commentary attack on comedian Jimmy Carr, who once understood, choose to hold his hands up, admit he was wrong and repaid the cash in a righteous manner. No one else has done so since. Cameron then called Carr “morally wrong.” Since then it was revealed over the years numbers of scandals had occurred in Cameron’s UK Conservatives Party with too many to count as near daily or weekly grind.


Barlow, receiving Queen’s birthday party gift, rewarding an OBE.

Cameron’s sadistic welfare cuts and attacks on the poor, which are “morally wrong” have been justified by the rich millionaires of the Tory party, including Cameron himself, in what people call lies and deceit as a double standard. Last week a mentally unwell former army troop took his own life in a public display over social network Facebook, to which Cameron has said nothing of. He still believes cuts haven’t affected the lives of many in such severe circumstances making him ‘out of touch’ with the general public.

Cameron’s cabinet, its party donours and unwelcome media attention that the Conservatives can’t meddle with regarding legislation have been under intense scrutiny. The party has been overridden with tax ad expenses scandals including fraudulent behavioural often excused by corrupt tea-leafing Tory politicians.


Corrupt scumbag Cameron even went on breakfast television this morning to defend Barlow saying “I don’t think that’s necessary” after claims his OBE should be returned. Cameron in viewers minds once again went to protect a public friend, conflicting his political with very personal biased policies. OBE’s are often handed out by the Queen’s favourite friends ‘like sweeties.’ Though Cameron and others said that sexual predator Sir Jimmy Savile lose his knighthood. The answer is you cannot strip someone of a knighthood when they are deceased. Cameron was quick to call for Sir Jimmy Savile to be de-classified with the honour, yet prescribes a free pass to rich friend Gary Barlow. The totalitarian Tory and country leader said Barlow had “raised money for charity with Children In Need” in shameful attempts to claw mother voters for the upcoming general election in one year’s time. “It’s right that they are going to have to pay back the money” Cameron echoed, after failing to take action on his friend and politician Maria Miller who conned the taxpayer and got away with expenses fraud. He still believes if caught you simply pay it back, but welfare claimants who are unlawfully branded con-artists are vilified and serve jail sentences instead.


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Nil Points? The Eurovision Song Contest 2014

It’s May and the up and coming extravaganza that is the Eurovision song contest is fastly approaching. Previous years have seen the United Kingdom suffer at the hands of a controlling Europe in the very contest. A Europe that has neglected one of the big 5 and a heavy country who supports the European spectrum fruitfully when in need. Often treated badly and used as a measure of discontent through the political field of the song contest itself, are Europe actually casting away one of its biggest achievements and success stories to the strength of the contest?

eurov denmark

We are all fully aware the contest is anything but based on musical talent. The UK does vote on its song entries alone. The national parade to protect neighbouring borders is actually damaging trade, economic or stable relations with other countries.

In the case of the United Kingdom, many countries have often politically tried to damage the UK reputation through Eurovision. The now laughable contest is something that has lost all respect by everyone in it and has no actual basis for developing healthy relations to other countries as intended. The UK are often on Nil Points or barely make it past 100 points to double figures. This political statement that Europe never tire of, is actually becoming quite tedious and predictable now. At least you could do it in a more cleverly planned construction to seem less rigged.

2013 winner for Denmark, Emillie de Forest.

2013 winner for Denmark, Emmelie de Forest.

Regardless of this, Europe have often forgotten that it is the UK who have helped support nations in need. Greece, Ireland and others have needed financial support at the highest of level to which the UK has been one of the strongest donators. With the two latter, the UK has given huge bailouts in the banking crisis of the EU monetary fund. Yet, there have never been any, let alone 8, 10 or 12 points returned. If Europe continues to forget this, it should remember, any of their countries can crash at any time. The UK will always be one of the first to help bail you out. Don’t forget or take this for granted, because this is one of many reasons forcing the UK to begin politically abandoning the EU.

With an EU referendum approaching the UK and a chance to leave Europe looking debatably positive in certain areas, Europe could lose one of its biggest contributors. Losing the UK’s financial backing despite upset towards the nation would not be healthy.

euro sc voting

We also donate tons of international aid, food, and support to ‘developing countries’ to tide them over. It is about time to forget neglecting your sources of income, support and propped up stability or else you will soon wallow in your debts. This isn’t being nasty, let us clarify. This is common sense and you have to work with wealthy nations to support you even if you dislike them. The job of a politician is to diplomatically interact with other nations and show signs of grace, good nature or gratitude to keep two disagreeing areas of the world in tact. No. We do not endorse the UK Conservatives often classed as the “Nasty Party” for further clarification. Though the contest is political in voting, we are not their political support system.

Let us not forget the UK has won the contest a number of times. With five wins, just like Sweden, in different decades, it would be a very supportive sign of gratitude to re-establish voting communications. You cannot simply erase history of the contest even if you desire it so. The UK is also one of the big 4 now 5 as high contributors to the EBU with France, Germany, Spain and the 2011 return of Italy.

Yes, the UK have, on occasion put in a couple of horrible entries and deserved low points. We accept that. But doing so constantly is not beneficial. Plus most of the countries that have won were just as bad sometimes, along with high scorers that could not be understood through shrieking and the like.

1997 UK winners, Katrina and the Waves.

1997 UK winners, Katrina and the Waves.

Don’t judge us on David Cameron and his nasty values. The UK itself is a supportive nation with aid, finance, donations and with asylum and immigration.

This year needs to show a turn around in the way Europe ‘play’s ball’ with its processes.

The UK has been deserving enough of a win, possibly even two. Maybe Europe can show their charismatic and caring nature for the ‘love of Eurovision’ ideology and gracefully reward so. With strong enough entries to gain a conceivable win, Europe can follow suit and look less abusive.

leaderboard esc

Maybe a 2016 or 2017 win would be a measure to stop the ill feeling and bring nations further together. Or 2018 if we, hopefully, and I believe most likely, to remain in the EU. Signs of good faith can only help support this and in the run up to the show voting, the numbers and significance should increase to show positive change.

Over the years, the UK has helped support many in a number of ways. France, Germany, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Ukraine, Hungary, Malta, Turkey, Poland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Bosnia, Macedonia, Ireland, San Marino, Greece, Switzerland, Croatia, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria and even Russia. That’s a big bag of votes already. And don’t be giving us the pathetic and measly 1, 2 or 3 votes, either. We’re talking in the 4s up to 7s at least.

euro stag

The most points the UK has given as its top 5 is to Ireland with a record 240. Second is Sweden, third Germany, fourth Switzerland and fifth Denmark. So a contribution returned over consistent years from all is also welcomed.

Cyprus, Poland, Georgia, Israel, Latvia, Monaco and Portugal have also benefited from points or tourist support. We have been strong supporters of a lot of countries on paper, so the votes reflecting good communications would re-establish that faith. We would appreciate such kind gestures.

Austria, Belgium and France have given the most as have Ireland and Switzerland, but lately those numbers have decreased in value so please re-distribute higher up the scale, if you don’t mind.

Lithuania’s Donny Montell was also another favourite we liked highly.

donny montell

Turkey was one of the countries who left due reasons which included the big four/five. It is upsetting that this happened, as we in Britain have strong connections with Turkey, residents, tourism in both countries and always give high points to them. If they do return it would be a good way to re-establish communication. As for the big five, they have earned their place regardless of the voting and we cannot be upset with them for this. This also stabilises connections with all of Europe, even those not involved in the five.

Despite the conflict from Russia and Ukraine, points from both would be respected. From Russia’s perspective, we have praised Putin and the Federation quite some time ago over its handling of World Affairs including Edward Snowden with a positive and honest stance of reporting. We would welcome your support at Eurovision. Thank You.


Borgen star, Nikolaj Koppel (centre) will help the hosting festivities in Copenhagen. A good choice.

Let’s not allow political interference to completely mar the show or the contest. Let’s remember to try and have fun for everyone, as much as possible and recognise the connection it brings for Europe as first established upon its beginning. We don’t have to fully like every countries policies or ways of living, but at least we can show a bond of unity at the contest and gracefully smile and nod and accept everyone for their participation in a charismatic way. If this fails, then no-one will ever get ‘their way’ at Eurovision, which is also not what the contest was about. It is impossible to win numerous times with a level of countries involved being so immense. Only one can win.

We cannot fully change the political involvement of voting, but we can put aside ideals and contain communications on a stable level which is what the Eurovision Contest has become in the understanding of other countries. Keeping relations smooth, there is high chance it will turn around a country or countries opinion on a world wide level as well. That can only ever be a good win to take away from Eurovision itself.


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Tory MP Scandal of Patrick Mercer. Will UKIP Leader take seat instead?

Another Tory Party Scandal. Cash corruption, cons and deceit

pat mercer

The Tory party have entered yet another scandal in recent week’s. This time Patrick Mercer was caught undercover exposed for ‘cash for questions’ in which he was shamed for levels of near bribery and corruption.

Being fully caught out, the Tory politician decided not to muck about and put out a strong appearance for the media, quickly admitting his mistakes and taking responsibility. This was done because their was no other way and is an attempt to look like he is playing ball or saving face, as it were. While some can respect the fact that he took responsibility instead of other drama’s including the Maria Miller scandal of dithering to resign, the Tory did so only because he was so caught out there was no going back.

The scandal now unleashes yet another damaging amount of proof that corruption is rife in a conservative UK government and can not be trusted. Politicians can always get away with it. Mercer plans to quietly return after a six month, yes MONTH return. The £65,000 earner will come back for an estimated £71,000 pay increase.

Some high-profile scandals include Maria Miller, Theresa May, George Osbourne, Jeremy Hunt, Iain Duncan Smith and Grant Shapps with an alleged affair with another Tory MP over his wife. David Cameron has also been involved in many scandals believed to be allegedly covered up. Cameron has attempted to regulate the press with all of the above ministers on his front bench, who are also his friends. Cameron has also attempted to cover up such scandal with human rights abuses, legal aid refinement and evil welfare reforms. He has a barrister brother. Only this week, his brother told him his legal aid abuses were “unfair.”

The Workers’ party? That’s us, say Tories in bid to rebrand

Now the story develops much more interestingly. Nigel Farage, leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party has “shown interest” in campaigning for the by-election for disgraced Mercer’s vacant seat.

Our advice to Farage is clear. If he does not, send another candidate to go for it. This is the time, at the height of your momentum with voters to launch a chance to go for the seat. If UKIP’s profile is high in the region then there is high chance with good campaigning that they will take the seat and represent resident’s they way they like. Farage is someone who public’s feel very connected to. But Farage will have to nail down his policies more clearly and set an agenda other than UK Immigration as its primary concern.

Ukip Nigel Farage

In the right area of the UK, Farage would win votes. They just have to figure out where that area of the UK is, and if Farage, or some other UKIP candidate, is ready to take this challenge. The longer they dither, the most momentum they will lose. Acting fast is crucial for UKIP, a party that has no strong politicians and connected publics that require a seat in UK Parliament based on the ever conflicted and disparaged views of the electorate.

The Tories are the party always heavily involved in heavy cash pilfering scandals. They only have themselves to blame.


The Guardian