Top 5 Tunes (5)

Top 5 tunes (5)

Here are five more cool tunes for you to mull over if you need some fresh sounds.


Ed Sheeran – Sing

The flame haired puppeteer is back with a hot new sound and smooth beat. The puppet is cool, too.


Kasabian – Eez-eh

This new sound is fresh and a must for all indie rock lovers.


Lana Del Rey – Shades of Cool

Lana Del Rey is back with a fresh and chilling sound that screams for more.


Pharrell Williams – Marilyn Monroe

The smoothest guy in music, which everyone wants to work with sings an ode to all beautiful females. The sound is encapsulating and a fitting tribute in the name of the late Norma Jean.


One Republic – Love Runs Out

The cool band with strong beats return with a rich groove.


Luis Suarez receives football ban over World Cup bite

Luis Suarez banned for four months after

biting player at FIFA World Cup


After Tuesday’s memorable game against Italy in the final stages of the first round qualifiers for the 2014 Football World Cup, Uruguan player Luis Suarez came under intense scrutiny.

After an assault from Luis Suarez, including biting, saw him attack another footballer of the opposing team on the pitch, to which the referee did not act upon, led World Cup governing body FIFA to reassess the footage.


Upon viewing the replay of details FIFA announced eager beaver Suarez, after being given accurate time to respond, took firm action against the tooth Suarez.

FIFA decided under careful revision he will be sanctioned for four months of gameplay.


After being a biter in the past and let off, the Uruguayan fans obviously passionately disagreed with the decision based on loyalty to making excuses. Though no excuses can be made for the actions and it is clear FIFA will act accordingly to maintain a healthy and contained World Cup that does not divert from the tournament that is meant to spread a level of joy and unity through the global game.

We are glad FIFA acted as the actions of Suarez were outrageous. There were FOUR attacks in one on this which most people missed. One, Suarez viciously launched a back attack to the player with a jab of assault. Two, he lunged into the Italian opposition with a headbutt (an automatic red card) which Portugal received in their early game with Germany a week ago. Three, Suarez assaulted with an instant bite which can be seen by the footage as a pre-meditated assault. The Italian instantly had teeth marks to show. Four, there is multiple bacteria in the mouth and this can actually be very harmful and contagious, like spitting, which makes this a severe health risk with hygiene too. Afterwards Suarez dived to the ground in a fake attempt to claim his teeth were injured in the clash.


Previous bite beforehand

Suarez got off very lightly. Fans should be appreciative, as should Suarez, that he received less time than should have been on the scale of the four parameters above. He could have had eight, nine or twelve months on a credible scale. He will now miss the remainder of the World Cup and sit out for Liverpool team play in the new UK football season, starting shortly.

Many began to question the mental state of Suarez regarding his biting antics. Should this continue and perhaps his agent should do so, peckish Suaraz should seek a level of therapy to deal with the issues. The fact someone choose to willingly bite as an attack was a shocking indictment to all of the game, an embarrassment for Uruguay and the World Cup and all the football fans the world over.

Maybe FIFA should ask him to book a dental appointment and have his front teeth extracted to rectify the problem. This simply cannot be happening on any level as assault, in the professional footballing world and FIFA had no option but to take a stand.


The Guardian

The Times


Phone Hacking scandal finds Andy Coulson guilty

Ex-editor and David Cameron’s Head of Communications found guilty of Phone Hacking. Partner Brooks cleared of all charges.


After years of the fallout from the phone hacking scandal which saw scores of celebrities and members of the general public, including a murdered teen used for information revealed a court verdict yesterday.

coulson brooks

It was revealed that David Cameron’s now ex-spin doctor, (Head of Communications) Andy Coulson, who the Prime Minister hired after his time from leaving the newspaper to a government aide was convicted. Coulson was found guilty by jury of a number of charges (listed below) after hacking confidential material of others. They included a murdered schoolgirl by the name of Milly Dowler. By accessing the information, the family were led to believe the deceased girl had used her phone and was still alive, when, in reality, she lay in a shallow grave.

At party together.

At party together.

The chilling verdict found him guilty of plotting to hack phones and are considering further charges of conspiring to commit misconduct in a public office. He now face jail terms as well. Coulson had a six year long secret affair with the editor of the paper conducting the hacking, now defunct Sunday newspaper News of The World. The sister paper of The Sun was later replaced by the Sun on Sunday.

Tory cabinet ministers and leader of the country David Cameron, who were warned at the time but arrogantly decided against public outroar said they were “extremely sorry” for his employment at Downing Street whilst trying to turn popularity from their neglectful decisions.

Shameful. Having tea with Dowler family in attempts to smooth over grief.

Shameful. PR PM having tea with Dowler family in attempts to smooth over grief.

Speaking in 2011, scandal ridden Conservative party leader Cameron said that if Coulson “”knew about the hacking at the News of the World, he will not only have lied to me, but he will have lied to the police, to a select committee, to the Press Complaints Commission and, of course, perjured himself in a court of law”.

Cameron once left his underage daughter in a pub after inviting the media to take ‘unknown’ pictures for press attention. A car soon returned to pick up the forgotten girl. The Tories are said to be bending the law in favour to gain mother’s votes at general elections.

The jury of eight women and three men decided to clear editor Rebekah Brooks, who many firmly believe was ‘in on it’ with Coulson, including their torrid working affair. Brooks, who rubbed shoulders with David Cameron, The Queen, Rupert Murdoch and others had strong connections and denied any knowledge or wrongdoing over the scandal. Other reporters and colleagues were cleared of the questionable charges.

After press campaigns of a public jury, the decision has now been met with upset. Insiders feel Brooks got away with it because she was a ‘woman’ and had jury sympathy. Her legal team was represented by David Cameron’s brother, who is a barrister. Brooks was said to have collapsed upon hearing the verdict and needed to be helped out of court by officials.

The jury are since considering a verdict on the remaining material until 11 June.


Since the case was revealed the now sketchy Leveson inquiry was launched to report on press ethics. Lord Justice Leveson laid out numerous suggestions on regulatory practices with media ethics to the press. The press regulation debacle, which drew up a Royal Charter in secret nd failed to display the ‘contract’ to the public domain and simply added it to the records as a doctrine of law was deemed inaccurate by all the press. Since then no press newspaper has willingly supported nor signed to the Charter, despite The Independent’s inclinations towards doing so before selling the paper off.

It is important that the press retain self-regulation, though must reform attitude to press ethic reporting based on attacking with political ideology and ‘free for all’ onslaughts of non-public figures. Adding a little taste to non public figures who make the news should be endorsed.

The press continue to favour self-regulation and press freedom. With the recent Egyptian Journalist jailings for seven years for doing their job and wrongly branded as supporting terrorist organisations for reporting responsible in a democratic society, journalists are needed now more than ever. Any level of regulation is a strain on the industry and its workforce. If politicians do not like what is reported. Mainly to cover up their dirty secrets, most notably the Tories, they should grow a thicker skin.

queen signing

If you do not like the reporting of your misdeeds when it is responsible, then don’t be corrupt. It is fundamental to hold all ruling elites to account with responsible journalism. Since then celebrity gossip and sex scandals of footballers, classed as trash, have been gracing front covers, causing a chilling effect on journalism as a whole. Protecting the government abuses is not what the tool of the press is and any attempt to regulate the law from ministers in future to hide such scandals should be rejected by the court and only allow independent bodies, judges or Head of State to consider changing the rules. Cameron has been changing the laws in secret since 2010 to this point and has restricted press reporting. The evil totalitarian leader plans to further attack Human Rights, online spaces and welfare claimants to protect big business and scandals.

Being this out of touch with Europe, the world and its own country is a shameful disgrace that undermines Parliament, the UK and the judicial system. After Home Office Secretary previously stated “Human Rights must be scrapped” with the European Union support, the UK is becoming a shambolic authorative dictatorship. The courts may have to intervene and stop governments abusing the rules. Perhaps the Tory Queen can do something right by her country for once and protect what was once one of the greatest nation states for Human Rights, ethics and Democracy in an already problematic world.

We’re saying nothing about the heavy rumour from insiders regarding the ‘keys in the fishbowl’ party with the Cam’s George Osborne, Boris Johnson, Brooks, her husband and Coulson, among others. Though many believe it true, amid tense speculation.


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England crash out of World Cup 2014

England leave Brazilian World Cup

after early preliminary exit


Since Thursday’s crushing defeat by Uruguay and Italy’s follow up loss to Costa Rica, England have crashed out of the 2014 World Cup making it the first early exit for 24 years. The extravaganza, from Rio de Janeiro in host nation Brazil, blame, disappointment and upset spurred from fans of the Three Lions squad.

 What exactly was England’s problem and can it be rectified?

The manager

roy hodgson team

As with every defeat, the manager is always the first point of call for blame. Instant calls for manager Roy Hodgson to step down were sent out by disheartened footie lovers. Hodgson, who was revealed not to give his players a pep talk before heading onto the pitch and instead allows them to quietly contemplate what the match means to them may be a starting point of enthusiastic flaw. Whilst Hodgson does not need to give huge loving appraisals to boost his team’s spirits with a heavy spout of shout, the team could benefit with a tad of enthusiasm. With a confidence boost England can thrive fuller to an extent and develop a compact beginning to tighten their on pitch performance as a unit.

We don’t believe Hodgson should resign after one entry but the formation of the team was simply to ‘look diverse’ and ‘give everyone a chance to play’ which did not benefit the team overall. Caving into PR pressure on look than skill has marred England’s shabby performance this World Cup season.

The players

england team

New and fresh faces were added to boost a newer, fresh opportunity. The goalkeeper is the second cause of blame for letting the goal pass through to the net, obviously. While Joe Hart isn’t the best goalie out there, Mr. Elastic Man is tall, compact and stable. His catching of the ball from afar, playing more football than the players in the game and maintaining as much defence as possible is a credit unwarranted by many. Hart should not have been allowed to be so easily exposed. His teammates were not there on defence and all upfront. Where were the defence? The defence push themselves forward with all on attack. This itself leaves Hart alone and vulnerable. The only star player of the match, especially in the floundering Uruguay match, was the heading sensation Gary Cahill. The twenty-eight year old’s passion, agility and attempts to get stuck in and defend were an outstanding display that shamed the rest of the team. He needs to be used more.

The shocking actions that Frank Lampard was on the bench instead of on the pitch was a choice that is questionable. Lampard has the skills, drive and gumption to boost a forward thrust on the pitch.

joe hart elastic man

Mr. Elastic Man Joe Hart dives for the ball

Wayne Rooney complained he needed to be placed as its top striker. Instead Darren Sturridge and Raheem Sterling were the key players here. Both were doing good jobs as strikers but in the Uruguan game they were misplaced and unfortunately agreeing with Rooney, he should have been switched with Sterling, and Lampard then in Rooney’s position.

The team of young stars are a benefit to England. Baines and Henderson in particular were two who really drove a new front of defence and support, Welbeck, Jagielka and Lallana should continue to be utilised well. With more training and refinement, they could become stable positions for the squad.

The squad

eng squad

Perhaps they can offer me a position on the management team.

The system

Cahill (centered) with the team, Sturridge, Lallana and Rooney (L-R)

Cahill (centered) with the team, Sturridge, Lallana and Rooney (L-R)


The system may be broken. With managers of clubs being too old and not young enough to drive full connections to the players and the game, is the job of manager and England’s team behind the scenes predominantly for old age men with no other prospects to clutch onto something other than retirement? Such decision could be sapping the lifeforce from the game by not allowing a younger range of influence to really drive home from an old gentleman’s club. This doesn’t mean expelling all the old players for young ones, the players are not the full problem of the system flaws.

Media and public

joe hart has

Flaky free.

Are we expecting too much of England before they began? Pure fan lovers of the game will thrust the need to win to establish faith in the game. As with others, hoping for the best actually doesn’t put such pressure on the team. England’s problem is to continue a level of complacency and fail to concentrate when the game is in full swing.

With more focus on adverts and media support than the game itself, the team have placed themselves into a level of ‘see how it goes’ rather than a fuller focus of making the game a success in live action. Is it all about pocketing a big chunk of salary and giving a half-hearted performance? Media makes money for clubs and the advertisers want the big and new names to front their campaigns. There is nothing wrong with good promotion but when it affects the priorities of the high earning stars and its head offices it needs to readdress the love for the game and its fans.

This World Cup for England wasn’t about winning; we are all sure about that. The point was to put in a decent performance and go far whilst recognising and building a new team mixed with old and new stars. This would give a balance of driving a new way forward for England and this needs to be continued. The problem is that England’s passion is simply not there. Whilst they have a quietened love for doing well the love is not passion. When those who have passion develop, they become too wayward with their focus and cannot contain it. England need to think and be tactile. They pass the ball, score a goal and then sit back and rest.

They need to have a closer team bond on the pitch and interconnect with a tighter unity. When Suarez scored his final goal in the Uruguay match, he was on the outside, all alone and had a clear run of the goal line with only Cahill attempting to protect Hart. Decisions like this is clear on England’s positions. It has great defence when it wants to, but when approached with a threat, whilst it has strong action to keep at bay, one always slips through the net. Saddening for fans and damaging for lively supporters, if England hone their skills, they can be much closer to a World Cup entry that we can really be proud of. Younger connections will be needed to mix with what is seen as an old, outdated and disintegrated underline of British football which aims to please fans, but simply rewards the old and unappealing financial games.



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Film Review: X:Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

Film Review: X:Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Hugh Jackman, Nicholas Hoult,

Peter Dinklage, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen,

Director: Bryan Singer


X-Men always seem to get their castings correct with new age or up and coming actors in the parts alongside the more esteemed actors. This in itself creates a perfect balance of the connection in film. Marvel adore the fact the X-Men resembles human interactions to the comic book heroes. These decisions further enhance that imperative.

Old favourites are back including Storm, Raven and the Iceman in the future as well as the past to tell the tale further from the young and old Professor X and Magneto.

Under the distinct leadership of director Bryan Singer, the X:Men series has developed considerably well. Leading on from X:Men First Class, the second in the backlog of the X:Men’s history blends past and future together. Following the new favourites with the younger Magneto, Professor X and Beast, they are tasked to guide and protect Mystique. Whilst the younger story leads, Wolverine crosses over with both time frames as the go-between.

Michael Fassbender’s smoothness, Lawrence’s emotional drive and the partnerships with Xavier in past and future are tenderly connected. Jackman’s reliance in previous X:Men stories is not overly emphasised through clever tweaking of the rest of the other characters making him a joy to watch.


Singer’s story transports us, literally, to 1970’s America with a smooth and carefully laid out presentation. Adding the new threat of iron clad mutant destroyers known as Sentinels, the government against mutant story continues constructively. He manages to keep the binding ties of time travel apparent than most director’s forget when in charge of a big budget movie to wreak havoc.

The cinematography on display is exceptional, with a dark and impressive opener showing not all X:Men are invincible. The story will keep you guessing further along with interest. However, the story is the sequel of the new age X:Men and was clearly never going to be as amazing as its predecessor. Though what Singer realises is that this instalment can be just as good as. The rest of the cast realise this and have played their parts well.

This will surely lead on to the next part which opens a bigger range of mutants, skills, battles and story. With the younger teams developing the backstory of the present with the older heroes this film franchise has a comfortable future.

The film has taken its place from comic book genre and transformed onto the screen with a level of human interest in its own right as a serious blockbuster series.

For X:Men lovers this is a must see for piecing together the collective story. For those not into Sci:Fi this is still worth a look but may not be a full interest and could drive boredom early.



Mathew Imaging

Could also take a possible role?

Hollywood have already rumoured and confirmed that Channing Tatum will play the role of Gambit in a coming movie. Though I am unsure if Tatum is an accurate fit for the job despite being Hollywood’s number one gross box office draw, the third will undoubtedly cast more characters. Ian Somerhalder and Matt Bomer would be better choices and perhaps they can be the new Cyclops, though James Marsden gets a hard ride. We always thought he did a pretty decent job. Maybe they could be the younger versions in the forthcoming Apocalypse movie. I could only wish to be on the team to add some guidance and who to boost up there, but Hollywood seems to have their own understandings. Singer has proved outstanding in these films, but the third is always the most difficult to encourage. Once the thrill is there, the film can often fail to deliver among the hype. There aren’t any signs of this for X:Men as of yet, and we hope not, but let’s hope no complacency creeps its way forward.

We give it a well earned four star rating.







Womens Health

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Dear Deandre #9

Dear Deandre… #9


Dear Deandre is back to deal with any of your problems you have that need dealing with. No subject is too taboo and advice is given to help with your troubling issues in a clear and constructive way. If you have any issues or problems you would like dealing with, please contact us or leave a comment below.


My boyfriend’s too nice to dominate me in bed


“I want to be dominated sexually but my boyfriend is too nice to do it. I’m 22 and I’ve only felt like this since I was raped two months ago. I had broken up with my boyfriend and went out drinking with my mates. I got very drunk and lost my friends. I noticed a good looking guy watching me. We got talking and he asked where I live. I told him and he said we could share a taxi. He seemed genuine. He directed the taxi to his house, nowhere near mine. He undressed me and demanded sexual things of me. I told him I was too drunk and he called me a slut. I asked him to stop but he raped me and wouldn’t call a taxi till the next morning. I got back together with my boyfriend last month. He’s 25, knows everything, is supportive but is not satisfying me in bed. I now crave the feeling of being dominated.”

We are very sorry to hear of what has happened to you. This however is a sexual assault and I would honestly advise you to contact the police. I would also suggest counselling, seeing as you feel sexually drawn to dominance since this attack. You may be someone who enjoys dominance or not but it is clear you should talk to someone to figure out how you felt before the attack and then you can decide if you wish to be dominant in bed. Maybe you had these thoughts in the mind and this attack has drawn them out but the wires are crossed and in court this could be used against you as ‘asking for it’ instead. The act itself could return all the feelings of the assault and be painful reminders you can then never erase forever once doing dominant sex. I would advise against doing this sexual act until you have decided how you really feel from the trauma you have suffered. If you do not contact police then I would suggest you see your doctor as the next point of call. You cannot make your male partner do whatever he feels uncomfortable to do and maybe caring for you so much means he does not wish pain upon you.

The other guy took unprecedented abuse of you in the most disgraceful way. He could do this again and I really do suggest you talk to someone. This is clearly toying with your emotions.

Son, 8, kissed his pal


“I found pictures on my eight year old son’s iPod of him kissing another boy and they’ve taken pictures of each other’s gentials. I’m a single mum of 37. I tried to chat to him about it but he won’t talk. He admitted he likes boys and I said that’s fine but that kind of photo is wrong. I said a nasty adult may see the photos and try to persuade him to do more. I haven’t told the other boys’ mum. I’m struggling to say the right things.”

It is clear that the two are experimenting and trying to undestand their sexuality. You should explain that these photo images are wrong as you say you have but in a better context. If you say the words ‘wrong’ then this will make them feel distant from you. Explain that pictures of one another is not something children of his age should do and speak in a calm and non judgmental attitude. The key is he must listen to you, understand what is said and its implications. If the hint of a parental overbear comes into the conversation you risk losing all communication in future. It is good that you have spoken to him and have a good relationship. Your point about wrongful adults is good, but its clear that you yourself are a little uneducated about this in full with language. Tell him that he shouldn’t do this and these pictures in time could be upsetting to others. It could also be seen by people who should not see them. Explain they are called private parts and explain they must be kept to a private level with selected people like himself, you and the other child in question. This may be difficult for an 8 year old to understand, but with such evidence on hand, you cannot ignore it and hope it disappears. This will take time, so after the talk continue to live daily life better, ask about his day and remain close to him at breakfast, dinner etc and share communal time together. Always keep an eye on the situation, but do not make it seem like this is a snooping focus.

Huge Manhood hurts during intercourse

big pn

“My girlfriend was shocked when she first saw my manhood. Most men would kill to have one as big as mine but it’s frustrating. I’m 22, she’s 19. We were best friends for years before we fell in love. Everything is perfect except for our sex life. She’s tiny and when we have sex we have to stop because it hurts her too much.”

Once men get over the fact that they need a huge whopper to please a girl, they need to realise it can be more harmful to them. Having such a huge manhood can often rupture or be extreme and make sex distressing and not in the pleasurable sense. When you try you must make sure you have plenty of lubricant. You must also arouse and stimulate your girlfriend’s erogenous zones to loosen tension. When people are relaxed and in a comfortable environment sex can be more pleasurable. Try finding different and more accommodating positions as well as new techniques she could perform on you. Hopefully this can engage more connection between you for less worry when beginning penetration. Loving sex needs to be comfortable than stressful.

Don’t fancy mine much


“I lust after other women but can’t get aroused with my wife, because I just don’t fancy her. I’m 29 and she’s 30. My previous girlfriend was beautiful and I was always up for sex with her. She dumped me without warning and I was devastated. I met my wife soon after and she helped me pick up the pieces.”

There is something here which is workable. But you have to be prepared to make this work and try to reconnect. You and her need to discuss, make time and try being more sexual with one another. If this fails then cheating on your wife, or urging to go elsewhere could become highly problematic for you all. It seems that you chose this woman after your break up as a rebound. You got with her because she showed you enough compassion to help you through your devastation. It may be now that the attraction between you is more friendly than loving. Be honest with yourself. Did you choose her because she was there and didnt want to be alone? Is your lust for beautiful women like your previous girlfriend, all you know? Because you haven’t fully gotten over the break up and your new wife turned up, you haven’t had the time to pass away from the image of your ex and now you see her in others. You need her presence in other women to finish your unfinished business from the previous relationship. Try going on dates with your wife again, to erase your memory with the ex and build a relationship you remember with your current wife.

We’re so fed up with bossy boots


“I’ve always had a turbulent relationship with my girlfriend’s dad but his new partner has made things worse. I’m 20 and my girl’s 19. She lives with her dad and our baby son. We’re saving for a place of our own but it’s taking ages. She tells us what we should eat and how we should dress.”

There are often cases when a new partner wishes to maintain control of their relationship that they neglect who has the power, if you will and attempt to unsettle it. In this case your girlfriend is naturally her father’s key importance. Feeling a threatened woman, she needs to prove herself as in control of something, and for her it means distancing you and you girlfriend. Your girlfriend needs to have a word with your father about the situation and address her concerns. You may only get one chance to make him listen and explain about the future you don’t have with moving out and the need to provide stability for your child. Explain that she is becoming a problem and doesn’t have any right to do so and the more this happens the more distant you’ll become as a family. Tell him you have no issue with the need for a relationship, but his partner must understand she cannot put her values onto you with dress sense and other decisions.

Sent on guilt trip by mum


“I want to go travelling with my girlfriend, but her mum makes her feel so guilty about leaving that I don’t think she’ll come. I’m 27 and my girlfriend is 26. We’ve just got back from a year travelling in America and Canada. We’ve both got the travel bug and are planning our next trip to Australia. I think her mum knows how to make my girlfriend feel sorry for her but she’s stopping her from living her dreams.”

Some people who do not get to live their lives in full or fulfilment often resent or feel upset about others close to them leaving them behind. They are not necessarily jealous of you, but feel alone and perhaps you can all do more things together when you are back at home. This will make her feel more connected to you all as a family and see that you are trying to have a great life of adventure. Some feel others are taking their close ones away from them. This is not the case but they often need something to confirm otherwise. See if you can make plans for some more family time. Explain to your girlfriend that you are only young once and that you want to do what you can, but also do not neglect your close one’s by just jetting off with an up sticks mentality. While this works for some, the aftereffects are there. Give her mother something to look forward to. You go globetrotting because you want memories. Think for a second of the mother. She wants the same, but on home soil, with the best she has got to offer.

Multiple worries after my hot fling with maths Miss

diaz math

“I had passionate sex with my teacher but now I’m afraid to go back to school. I’m 18 and in my final and most important year in school. I’d planned to go to university but now I think all my plans might be in ruins. A new maths teacher started in September. I think she’s in her early twenties. She’s got long brown hair and a smile that makes me feel weak. I was out with my mates last weekend and I bumped into her at the bar in a nightclub. We we’re a bit drunk when we left. She asked if I’d walk her home and invited me in for coffee. The next thing I know we were in the bedroom naked, having the hottest sex ever. Now I’m afraid to go back to school.”

Making grown up decisions, especially with sex have their disadvantages. You will have to go back and face up to your responsibilities now. School crushes are natural but the boundaries of sex are now becoming more out of control. The only one who can decide this control is yourself. Try to be less seduced and not act on these urges. They can also have damaging consequences within the confines of the law. While I will give you the right ranting details to be responsible and tell the school you had sex, because she has abused her position, you must also go back. This is your education. Hopefully you can learn from this mistake, and be more considerate to situations in future. If you believe that alcohol is affecting your decisions then try to cut back on your intake over time. If not, you must learn that problems can arise from situations and we must deal with them. Facing up to responsibility is one of those. I would suggest continuing to focus on your education and forget about sexual desires. Now you have experienced this, your lust for her will naturally disappear over time. She was a fling.

Endless search for lusted after guy in club

drunk pals

“I was in a bar minding my own and drinking with friends who were mixed around the place. A guy accidentally bumped into me and drunkedly said “Ooh sorry love.” I overreacted and sneered at him in a mood. I regret doing this. Ever since, I cannot stop thinking about handling it differently. I wish to see him again and if it happened I want to turn him around and kiss him. I don’t know if he is gay. I keep fantasising about this now. I’m 28 and he looks like he’s 25 -30. I have gone back to the bar a couple of nights to see if he would return, but no such luck. Am I gay or bisexual and why am I feeling this keen on him? I’ve had a lot of girlfriends, most of which fail to stimulate me fully with sex and in general.”

You seem to be a good person with respect but have had a moment of error. We’ve all been there with a random bump which sometimes is nothing and other times just nags you at that certain time. It is good that you let this pass. It seems as though you are interested in this guy romantically and should not suppress your feelings. If girls do not really help you then you might be considering bisexuality but looking for the right guy even though you haven’t properly set up a looking program. This may be the type of man that interests you and there is nothing wrong with being bisexual. It is about connecting with someone you feel stimulates you and makes you fulfilled, either sexually or generally in a relationship or lifestyle. I don’t know if you will find this guy again in that bar, but you can try to head back their a few times if it is nearby. If it isn’t I would say to stop going out of your way. Maybe this was a call you needed to explain your feelings and make you realise what could be easily lost.













Top 5 tunes (4)

Wilkinson feat. P Money, Arlissa – Heartbeat

Pure, deep rap/rave/dance battle.


Republica – Ready To Go

Upbeat oldie still rockin’ the place down.


Cedric Gervais – Molly

Something for the hardcore ravers 🙂


Kiesza – Hideaway

Fresh street mover with rockin’ hair and tasty lippy.


Breach – Everything You Never Had (We had it all) feat Andrea Triana

Cool, urban club beat. Wave those fists and move them hips!