Luis Suarez receives football ban over World Cup bite

Luis Suarez banned for four months after

biting player at FIFA World Cup


After Tuesday’s memorable game against Italy in the final stages of the first round qualifiers for the 2014 Football World Cup, Uruguan player Luis Suarez came under intense scrutiny.

After an assault from Luis Suarez, including biting, saw him attack another footballer of the opposing team on the pitch, to which the referee did not act upon, led World Cup governing body FIFA to reassess the footage.


Upon viewing the replay of details FIFA announced eager beaver Suarez, after being given accurate time to respond, took firm action against the tooth Suarez.

FIFA decided under careful revision he will be sanctioned for four months of gameplay.


After being a biter in the past and let off, the Uruguayan fans obviously passionately disagreed with the decision based on loyalty to making excuses. Though no excuses can be made for the actions and it is clear FIFA will act accordingly to maintain a healthy and contained World Cup that does not divert from the tournament that is meant to spread a level of joy and unity through the global game.

We are glad FIFA acted as the actions of Suarez were outrageous. There were FOUR attacks in one on this which most people missed. One, Suarez viciously launched a back attack to the player with a jab of assault. Two, he lunged into the Italian opposition with a headbutt (an automatic red card) which Portugal received in their early game with Germany a week ago. Three, Suarez assaulted with an instant bite which can be seen by the footage as a pre-meditated assault. The Italian instantly had teeth marks to show. Four, there is multiple bacteria in the mouth and this can actually be very harmful and contagious, like spitting, which makes this a severe health risk with hygiene too. Afterwards Suarez dived to the ground in a fake attempt to claim his teeth were injured in the clash.


Previous bite beforehand

Suarez got off very lightly. Fans should be appreciative, as should Suarez, that he received less time than should have been on the scale of the four parameters above. He could have had eight, nine or twelve months on a credible scale. He will now miss the remainder of the World Cup and sit out for Liverpool team play in the new UK football season, starting shortly.

Many began to question the mental state of Suarez regarding his biting antics. Should this continue and perhaps his agent should do so, peckish Suaraz should seek a level of therapy to deal with the issues. The fact someone choose to willingly bite as an attack was a shocking indictment to all of the game, an embarrassment for Uruguay and the World Cup and all the football fans the world over.

Maybe FIFA should ask him to book a dental appointment and have his front teeth extracted to rectify the problem. This simply cannot be happening on any level as assault, in the professional footballing world and FIFA had no option but to take a stand.


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