Dear Deandre #10

Dear Deandre #10


Dear Deandre is back with more problems you have to be solved in this bumper issue. As always if you have a dilemma need fixing please get in touch by looking at the contact page or posting a comment below. We hold full discretion and protect sources should you wish to remain anonymous.

Her engagement bash bonk with my best mate

cheat kiss

“My fiancée had sex with my best mate at our engagement party. She won’t admit it but I know the truth. My girl and I are both 23. We’ve been together for two years and it seemed that our love had got better and stronger as time had gone on. I showed her the ring and she cried and said “Yes”. We held an engagement party at my parents’ house a month later. By midnight my parents had gone to bed and the numbers and thinned. I was chatting to a mate when I heard a thumping overhead from the bedroom that used to be mine. I realised my fiancee had been off the scene for a while so I thought I should find her. As I went up the stairs I was stopped by my mate coming down. He wanted to chat. He tried to keep talking but I pushed past him and went on upstairs. The bedroom door was locked so I said “Whose in there?” My fiancée called out it was her, that the room was spinning and she didn’t feel well. Ten minutes later she opened the door looking a bit worse for wear. I found a used condom under the bed. If that isn’t proof, what is?”

This isn’t full proof, however it is abundantly clear they have been having sex behind your back. This guy is not your friend and clearly tried to stall you downstairs. Why did your girlfriend wait ten minutes? The guy may have seen an opportunity to use your fiancee against you and maybe he dislikes you for some reason, or perhaps it is a thrill to do this in a house with other people in as a risk. Either way it is distasteful but you will need to speak to your fiancee now it has calmed down. Tell her calmly you want answers and tell her you are not stupid. Ask her why it happened as their must have been a strong reason and why of all people was it your friend? You need to decide if she is the woman for you in your future. Do not rush into a marriage. This one seems to have no love in it, full of trust issues and you should consider what you want from it.

Drunken sex free’s me of inhibitions

05_Flatbed_2 - SEPTEMBER   Original Filename: sb10064863y-001.jpg

“I have to get drunk to have sex. When I’m sober I’m much too self conscious even to go on top. I’m a 24 year old girl and I lost my virginity five years ago when I was drunk. I’m now used to drunken sex. My mum says when I meet the right person this problem will go but I’m worried I’m stuck in this pattern and wont be able to get over it as I have low self esteem.”

When we get into routine or habits they become the norm because they are the only thing we know and continue to make the same errors of judgement or choices that override what we may want more differentiation from. You may have low self esteem because you were not ready for sex five years ago and gave it away willingly with an ice breaker being alcohol. Since then it has been all you know and has become your habit. You can break this. Try to have more sober sex and build a communication slightly with a partner without drink. In time, less drunk sex will become more appealing and you will understand a new way of feeling better. This can boost your confidence. Also, don’t rely on just sex, try applying your skills to something you enjoy and build more time for yourself than trying to please others.

My Porn Hell

ex 2

“I have been watching far too much online porn since I split up with the love of my life. I am 26, my ex is 24. We were arguing way to much and decided to call it a day. But I’ve been so miserable and depressed. I don’t go out any longer and turn to porn on my laptop several times a day. If I carry on like this its going to ruin my chance of having a life.”

It is clear why you are focused on online porn. You are not ready to mingle in the offline world yet after having a relationship so committed to someone you feel was your one and only. Therefore, instead of going on the rebound, you are taking time for yourself online. There is no problem whatsoever with this and is a good choice to simmer down from strong relationships after your previous one. The problem here is not online porn, but your communication with it. You are taking time out from the ending relationship but now you can try to focus on a little porn online and your social life too. Try going out and socialising again and sharing time offline as well as online. Making time for both with shared limits than full dependency will be beneficial. Your life will not stop because of watching porn. Think of it as a service just like any other in a shop. It isn’t as simple as saying “switch it off” and the stigmata attached to porn being dirty is wrong. It wont destroy your life but you need to devote time to it. Set a limit of hours of online porn and then doing other things. The reason for this reliance is that you are bored and it has become a routine for you.

Lack of love leaves me feeling undesirable

 couple in bed

“My boyfriend says he loves my body but I feel undesirable because he never pays me any attention. We are both 28 and have been together for six months. We have an active sex life and are both into the same things. My boyfriend used to caress me. I’ve spoken to him and he was more intimate and caring for a while but it faded away after a week. I feel like it’s my fault.”

This is no one’s fault overall. The problem is that you have become so comfortable with each other than sex is a fumble than a thrill. Instigate situations or touch him and tell him you both should try foreplay with one another more often in your sex life. You could begin with role play if this is easier for you both to set the ball in motion. If all else fails then you will have to speak to him bluntly and tell him you are not satisfied and explain what you both like sexually and what you’re willing to try. Assure him you are committed to making your sex life work and explain your feelings for him.

Dirty Dad having affair with Aunt?

 man house

“I’m convinced my dad is having an affair with my aunt. I’m a guy of 28. My parents have been married for 40 years and I always thought they were happy together. I helped get my dad online a few months ago and now he seems to be constantly checking his emails. He’s also started going out more, saying he is pursuing his hobby of collecting wartime memorabilia. One day I followed him and saw his car parked outside my aunts – for three hours. My gut instinct tells me something is going on.”

Whilst it does seem fairly obvious they are playing away together, there could be a simple explanation. They could be arranging a party or something. Though I would agree with you that there is a strong likelihood of an affair, you will need more proof. Also, though it may be upsetting, they are grown adults and it is not your place to be involved, even though it involves your family. If they are then it is yours and others in your family to make choices on the situation. Keep an eye on a few instances over the next couple of weeks. His suspicious behaviour on email checks are his choice and not yours, but it does give concern. Are your parents happy? Has something changed in their relationship? Once you accuse someone of something that could not be true you cannot easily take that back. If you have very strong detail on an affair then it is up to you to discuss this with your father. You could simply ask him in a politefull manner at a quiet moment or even wait for him outside your aunts to talk. He will not have a prepared statement and you can gauge his reactions. It’s up to you but think about the after effects of your family and decide what is best.

In love with a mate

mate love

“I’m holding a party with a close friend I’ve known since school but I’m worried I wont be able to keep my hands to myself. I’m a woman of 25 and my friend’s 26. We are holding a joint party soon. I secretly like him and would love to share my feelings with him but he has a girlfriend. We’ve been friends for years. It’s only recently I have come to realise that I am in fact in love with him. I am worried that at the party I wont be able to stop myself from trying to kiss him. That would really get me into trouble with his girlfriend – who will also be there.”

Stop this now. You are asking for confirmation to hit on him. You should not. He has a girlfriend and he is with her, not you. He will not likely leave her for you. You have built up a fantasy out of this infatuation and it is dangerous for all concerned. You will need to distance yourself from him and try to get over him in time, whether you tell yourself you want to or not. You have convinced yourself he is your ideal man and are seeking to disrupt a relationship that neither him or his girlfriend will thank you for. You are simply infatuated and the closeness of a friend has naturally drawn you to him. Stop chasing him or creating situations to get him and focus on going out and finding others or partake in a hobby. Find friends and other men to talk with and build up relationships. Even if he picked you, he would not respect you for driving away his girlfriend when this relationship between you would eventually bore him. You also risk losing your close friendship too.

Wife’s just a friend – so I use escorts


“I can’t stop seeing escort girls. I even fell in love with one, but all this is so unfair on my wife. My wife and I are both 42 and we have been together since we were 30. But I love her much more these days as a friend and we have not had sex for a couple of years. I started to view porn online. That did the trick for a little while but unfortunately it wasn’t enough. So I started looking at escort sites. After I had been doing this for a year or so I met a girl who really felt special to me. I started buying her gifts and took her out to shows. It was clear that she loved the sex. She is 26. I saw her for nearly six months. When I emailed her to fix the next time to meet up she didn’t say why. I have seen a couple of other girls since. I know I need to break the cycle. The real victim here is my wife.”

You will need to go cold turkey on this. It won’t be easy but you can decrease your use of escorts. Find something else to look up online not in line with escorting. Make small changes over time and it can get better for you. You have a wife so try spending time with her. Watch television, help cook etc. While sharing time together see if you can re-communicate a loving relationship than a friendly one. Tell her you worry your marriage is too friendly and express your sex concerns over two years. Try to make time for one another and perhaps start going on dates again. See if you can rekindle your spark.

Porn vid actors are pal’s parents

couple bed

“I’ve seen my mates parents in online porn videos. Should I tell him? My mate and I are both 23. His parents are in their forties. I was in our local and an older man I know had had a few drinks and was showing off. I was trying to ignore him so he said “And I bet you haven’t seen your mates parents sh**gging but I have.” I didn’t believe him and he showed me various websites on his phone. It was them all right. They were getting up to all sorts with multiple others. I don’t think my mate has any idea of this. I’m trying to act as though nothing has happened. Do I confront his parents or tell him?”

Yes you should tell him. The fact that people around him are mocking him means that it will come out one time and he could become involved in a fight, especially in the pub which could be bad for him or others. Being the local laughing stock will not help his confidence either and the longer you stall he may feel you are not a friend. Find a quiet moment and tell him you saw them online. It will then be up to him how he handles it but you can be there to support him throughout as a friend. Tell him he should talk to his parents about it and if he doesn’t then perhaps you can. His parents seem to have an avid sex life and they are consenting adults who have made their choices. Talking about it will be a better decision than ignoring this.

Boyfriend lies of whereabouts at night

night leave

“I am a girl of 23. My boyfriend is 24. My boyfriend is out all night and comes home late the next day. He says he went out with mates and crashed at their place. I casually mentioned it to his friends and they did not let him stay with them. He must be having an affair. Should I try and catch him out or ask him straight out? He always seems to lie lately about everything and I never get a clear answer.”

It is possible he may not be having an affair but is highly likely. If you are wrong, be prepared to apologise and explain why you thought this possible. It does seem he is having an affair though. His sketchy details and false information is not enough to convince you otherwise and has proved to lie about staying with friends. If he is due to go out then you could ask him where he is going and if he says friends mention you know he is lying and have it out with him. Try to remain calm and express your points so you can get at the truth. If he walks out on you and lies or has no respect it is clear that this relationship may be doomed. You must decide what is best for you and if you can go on living as a girlfriend always cheated on. You could also be at risk of sexual infections should you have sex sometime afterwards.

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MH17 destroyed. What are the details?

Malaysian aircraft destroyed killing hundreds of innocent victims over Ukraine airspace.

Are Russia to blame?

Ukraine Plane

By now the world has all heard of the shocking events that took place on Thursday involving airline flight MH17. The airliner, which was shot out of the sky, crashed and killed all 298 people on board. The crash site landed over Eastern Ukraine, in the midst of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Many forces believe that pro-Russian separatists were to blame for the downing of the aircraft, murdering its crew. The flight was on course from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. The majority of citizens on board were Dutch. One was dual American. The others include 43 Malaysians (including 15 crew), 27 Australians, 12 Indonesians and 10 Britons (including one with dual South African nationality), four Germans, four Belgians, three from the Philippines, and one each from Canada and New Zealand.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has denied being at fault nor any involvement with Russia and added Ukraine “bears responsibility” for the crash. The Ukrainian government claim the pro-Russian rebels removed 38 bodies from the crash site leading to calls of cover ups.

The separatists were also accused of stealing luggage from the deceased crash victims. They also took the black box recorder and said it was “on its way to Moscow.” Why Moscow are receiving the box as well as amid fears of evidence tampering casts a dangerous light on Russia and its interactions with the world in these conflicting times.

putin meeting

The plane had also been carrying a UN worker and officials specialising in the AIDS health problem which casts another shadow over Russia with their recent abuses to gay citizens and assumption all gay men carry the predicament.

Ukrainian officials called it “an act of terrorism” and calls for Europe to renew its position with Russia has been mentioned.

It is believed the separatists had significant technology to shoot down the plane traced back to exclusive Russian military systems.

President Obama instantly called President Putin to discuss the situation briefly.

Whilst Putin may choose to deny the issues at hand, and in the case with the benefit of the doubt, if Russia is at fault, it needs to take responsibility rather than deny everything said towards the nation as a general routine.

Putin has had months of time to de-escalate the Ukrainian crisis and why this still continues is amazing to all among the world. Putin can call off the rebels at any time and should do so.

If this is a ‘Cold War resurgence’ of recapturing all the previous countries that sought independence from Russia should be left alone and respected. Building relationships with them as communicate countries is what is needed, not to use methods of fear to scare the world or neighbouring countries. This will only ever make Russia and Putin look weak, something they think responsibility would do instead.

What President Putin fails to understand is that any actions from pro-Russian separatists directly affect Russia and its influence on them. Reports claim the separatists were trained by Russian troops and are being used to conduct the fighting in Ukraine to directly shift full Russian blame.

The evening following the crash, on Friday, totalitarian dictator David Cameron was enjoying himself in London’s glitzy West End at the theatre watching the play Warhorse. He was said to have been informed of the on-going details.

Amid such world crisis Cameron watches theatre plays instead on night out.

Amid such world crisis David Cameron watches theatre plays instead on night out.

Russia had also been accused of using propagandist methods on its television news station Russia Today, which used to be independent, now said to be influenced by the Kremlin instead. One journalist quit the station over its treatment of the news story.

Pro-Russian separatists claim the Ukrainian forces took down the aircraft.

Inspectors are at the crash site whilst over help to give the deceased as dignified a death as possible are helping retrieve the bodies.

In recent months Malaysia and its airlines have been dogged with trauma after previous flight MH370 crashed off the coast of Australia. The flight remains an unsolved mystery. Its black box flight recorder has not been located and is feared to have lost all its data.

Vladimir Putin’s real life game of Risk is a major one indeed. Putin needs to understand that he does not have to accept the world’s decisions on everything, however the communist state must be able to communicate with the rest of the world despite certain country principals involving democracy and such others. If Putin can show he is a world leader that can effectively stand tall with other nations than impose on them, then he will be respected and considered when making suggestive influence on decisions of the world. Currently, Putin has no trust, respect and effectively with the world, which it spent over forty plus and even centuries to rebuild a communicative platform. Whatever the case, Putin needs to think and act accordingly that will change course in a fair and concise manner that allows everyone to live their lives their way, including Russians. Running around with weaponry only makes a country look weaker by the day, especially if it can stop the fighting at the click of its fingers.



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9 disturbing things you should know about Cameron’s reshuffle

The lovely wibbly wobbly old lady

Reposted from Labour List



1. The Minister for Equalities but not equal marriage

Nicky Morgan has replaced Gove at Education, while keeping the Minister for Women brief she has had since Maria Miller’s resignation. This morning, Cameron also announced  she was being given the Equalities brief, except… she voted against equal marriage. To get around the problem of having your Minister for Equalities opposing your flagship equalities policy, they have given Nick Boles, the new Minister of State for Business and Education, the job of dealing with same-sex marriage.

2. EU Commissioner doesn’t want to be EU Commissioner

Lord Hill has become the new EU Commissioner, but in an interview with Conservative Home last yearhe was asked whether he would want the job – and he replied: “Non, non, non.” LabourList would like to extend our congratulations to him on the role.

It’s not the first time he’s been stuck…

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World Cup’s sexiest footballers list 2014


World Cup 2014’s hottest ‘fitballers’ list


So the World Cup is almost over, but if your still in need of the hottest boys on the pitch, here’s a guide to the fittest footballers of the 2014 World Cup. The majority are all round studs the World have liked all over. We’ve been kind enough, however to list at least one of each country, showing there is always something for everyone. They are decided in no particular order.

Below we have ordered them in terms of all listed as by appeal decided by fans and their interactions over the duration of the football contest.



Mats Hummels

mats hum

Per Mertesacker

per mert
Mario Gotze

mario gotze
Philipp Lahm

Andre Schuerrle

andre schuerrle


Dries Martens

dries martens
Eden Hazard

eden hazard
Kevin Miralias

kev mirallas
Kevin De Bruyne

de bruyne
Jan Vertonghen

jan vort
Toby Alderweireld

toby alder


Gerard Pique

gerard pique

Iker Casillas

Sergio Ramos

sergio ramos hot

Cesc Fabregas



Joe Hart

joe hart wett
Frank Lampard


Adam Lallana

adam lallana
Steven Gerrard

steven gerrard
Jordan Henderson

Ben Foster

Ben Foster
Daniel Sturridge



Olivier Giroud

olivier g

Yohan Cabaye


Holland / Netherlands

Robin Van Persie


Joel Veltman

joel veltman
Wesley Sneijder








Xherdan Shaqiri

Xherdan Shaqiri
Haris Seferovic



Matt Besler

matt besler
Graham Zusi



James Rodriguez

james rod
Jackson Martinez



Carlos Carmona

Mauricio Pinilla



Andrea Barzagli



James Troisi

james troisi
Mitch Langerak

mitch langerak
Dario Vidosic

Australian Socceroos Portrait Session
Mathew Lockie

matt leckie


Fabrice Olinga



Javier Hernandez

javier chic
Francisco Rodriguez



Orestis Karnezis


Bosnia and Herzogovinia

Emir Spahic

emir spahic
Mensur Mujdza


Korea Republic

Ha Dae Sung

ha dae sung


Daniel Daivari

daniel davari
Ehsan Hajsafi



Martin Demichelis

Lucas Biglia

lucas biglia


Christiano Ronaldo

c ronaldo
Joao Moutinho

Joao Moutinho


Jordan Ayew

Olympique Marseille's Jordan Ayew celebrates his goal against AS Nancy during French Ligue 1 soccer match in Nancy


Aleksandr Kokorin

Aleksandr Kerzhakov



Jerry Bengtson


Costa Rica

Yeltsin Tejeda


Ivory Coast

Didier Zokora



Cristhian Stuani

Nicolas Lodeiro



Fidel Martinez



Yoichiro Kakitani



Ogenyi Onazi

Football - 2013 Africa Cup of Nations Finals - Final - Nigeria v Burkina Faso - National Stadium - Johannesburg


Nabil Ghilas

File picture of Ghilas


Danijel Pranjic


Of all listed we would rank them in this order (1 being highest) not based on favourite countries or players.

1. Sergio Ramos

2. Gerard Pique

3. Olivier Giroud

4. Maurici Pinilla

5. Robin Van Persie

6. Jordan Henderson

7. Andrea Barzagli

8. Mario Gotze

9. Frank Lampard

10. Joe Hart

11. Ehsan Hafsaji

12. Steven Gerrard

13. Neymar

14. James Rodriguez

15. Kevin De Bruyne

16. Adam Lallana

17. Mats Hummels

18. Oscar

19.  Andre Schurrle

20. Yohan Cabaye

21. Joel Veltman

22. Dries Martens

23. Daniel Sturridge

24. Toby Alderweireld

25. Carlos Carmona

26. Dario Vidosec

27. Graham Zuzi

28. Ben Foster

29. Mathew Lockie

30. Jan Vertonghen

31. Orestis Karnezis

32. Wesley Sneijder

33. Nicolas Lodeiro

34. Iker Casillas

35. Mitch Langerak

36. Kevin Miralias

37. Phillipp Lahm

38. Matt Besler

39. Javier Hernandez

40. James Triosi

41. Aleksadr Kerzhakov

42. Cristiano Ronaldo

43. Joao Moutinho

44. Daniel Pranjic

45. Francisco Rodriguez

46. Cristhian Stuani

47. Xherdan Shaqiri

48. Martin DeMichelis

49. Cesc Fabregas

50. Mensur Mujdza

51. Yoichiro Kakitani

52. Didier Zokora

53. Nabil Ghilas

54. Jackson Martinez

55. Eden Hazard

56. Per Mertesacker

57. Haris Seferovic

58. Jordan Ayew

59. Fabrice Olinga

60. Emir Spahic

61. Daniel Daivari

62. Ha Dae Sung

63. Aleksandr Kokorin

64. Jerry Bengtson

65. Lucas Biglia

66. Yeltsin Tejeda

67. Fidel Martinez

68. Ogenyi Onazi

Agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments below.



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David Cameron, The Untried Contemptuous Criminal

Leader of United Kingdom commits Contempt, breaking

law, remaining unpunished.

cameron smile

David Cameron has become Britain’s first ever national leader to bring a convicted criminal in the heart of British politics. Ignoring heavy warnings from numerous advisors Cameron decided to give ex news editor Andy Coulson a “second chance.”

After being found guilty initially over phone hacking, Coulson was to be retried under further charges ending on 11 July.

Before the hearing David Cameron decided to break the law and commit contempt of court, often regarded as a serious issue. Since irking the judge, the fury of Cameron’s criminal abuse has gone unmentioned by the right wing national press and governments have quietly allowed their totalitarian dictator free reign to avoid a criminal judicial case. Cameron’s contempt was issued in this statement below.

“knew about the hacking at the News of the World, he will not only have lied to me, but he will have lied to the police, to a select committee, to the Press Complaints Commission and, of course, perjured himself in a court of law”. – David Cameron.

Cameron, who should be tried for contempt of court, who continually says “no one is above the law, as I’ve always said” has avoided a criminal proceeding.

queen eliz

Though Britain may not want to show to the world it has a corrupt leader of its state, ignoring action is just as worse as supporting a criminal act which involves conspiracy and invasions of privacy, including a teen death.

The fact Cameron publicly admitted “a second chance” given to Coulson clearly sees that if needing a second chance means he was in doubt for the first time. This was not a ‘normal’ job role.

If Cameron is not tried then it proves that the once Great British democratic state which used to be the best in the world for freedom and culture is severely damaged by ‘matters of sovereignty rhetoric.

Many citizens believe the government are entirely corrupt by protecting Cameron’s breaking of the law. Once again, it proves that when “no one is above the law” David Cameron and his corrupt allies are given priority to that rule. This undermines the criminal justice system, the judicial system and the state of Great Britain. Cameron has continually run to the courts in secret to keep changing the laws in favour of his corruption purposes. It needs to be dealt with and be dealt with now. If the criminal courts do not proceed, The Queen must act and have Cameron impeached imminently. That is a matter of democratic sovereignty which she cannot ignore no matter how much she likes the Tory party.