David Cameron, The Untried Contemptuous Criminal

Leader of United Kingdom commits Contempt, breaking

law, remaining unpunished.

cameron smile

David Cameron has become Britain’s first ever national leader to bring a convicted criminal in the heart of British politics. Ignoring heavy warnings from numerous advisors Cameron decided to give ex news editor Andy Coulson a “second chance.”

After being found guilty initially over phone hacking, Coulson was to be retried under further charges ending on 11 July.

Before the hearing David Cameron decided to break the law and commit contempt of court, often regarded as a serious issue. Since irking the judge, the fury of Cameron’s criminal abuse has gone unmentioned by the right wing national press and governments have quietly allowed their totalitarian dictator free reign to avoid a criminal judicial case. Cameron’s contempt was issued in this statement below.

“knew about the hacking at the News of the World, he will not only have lied to me, but he will have lied to the police, to a select committee, to the Press Complaints Commission and, of course, perjured himself in a court of law”. – David Cameron.

Cameron, who should be tried for contempt of court, who continually says “no one is above the law, as I’ve always said” has avoided a criminal proceeding.

queen eliz

Though Britain may not want to show to the world it has a corrupt leader of its state, ignoring action is just as worse as supporting a criminal act which involves conspiracy and invasions of privacy, including a teen death.

The fact Cameron publicly admitted “a second chance” given to Coulson clearly sees that if needing a second chance means he was in doubt for the first time. This was not a ‘normal’ job role.

If Cameron is not tried then it proves that the once Great British democratic state which used to be the best in the world for freedom and culture is severely damaged by ‘matters of sovereignty rhetoric.

Many citizens believe the government are entirely corrupt by protecting Cameron’s breaking of the law. Once again, it proves that when “no one is above the law” David Cameron and his corrupt allies are given priority to that rule. This undermines the criminal justice system, the judicial system and the state of Great Britain. Cameron has continually run to the courts in secret to keep changing the laws in favour of his corruption purposes. It needs to be dealt with and be dealt with now. If the criminal courts do not proceed, The Queen must act and have Cameron impeached imminently. That is a matter of democratic sovereignty which she cannot ignore no matter how much she likes the Tory party.





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