Strictly Come Dancing, Week 3 Results

Strictly Results 2014, Week 3

tess claude 3

The results are in. The couples saved for next week in no particular order are Pixie and Trent, Jake and Janette, Alison and Aljaz, Mark and Karen, Sunetra and Brendan and Tim and Natalie.

The first couple in the dance off is – (Shock!) It’s Simon and Kristina.Not really shocking to be honest. Over-concentration on routine and missing it as well as losing out to the other hunks like Mark Wright, why would they vote for him? Can’t expect tame performances to carry through.


Donny Osmond

Moon River

dony scd judge

I thought he was judging? That’s over now, so time to flog a new album with a performance. It was good, but if this is the judges place for a plug of album, what’s the point.

Len over salivating over Frankie’s shaping. Darcey looked back on Simon’s non-risky Rumba. Craig re-assessed the lunacy of Mark Wright’s playground antics on the floor. Of course, Scott’s silly lobster and Steve cheesy chimping around was reviewed. We also saw Anton’s power scream as he rotated Judy. Whatever gets you going. Don’t do a Fiona Fullerton mid-dance. 😮

The results are back, in no order. Safe again are Caroline and Pasha. Also through are sympathy vote Scott and Joanne. Coming back are Frankie and Kevin, Steve and Ola and Thom and Iveta.

The couple in the dance off are Jennifer and Tristan leaving lousy Judy and Anton safe to next week.

Jennifer and Tristan


Mamma Mia – ABBA

jenifer 3

If only new dancing hot stuff Tristan took his clothes off, he might have got through a few more weeks. It’s shamefully how the audience vote now.

Simon and Kristina


Take my breath away – Berlin


The Judges Vote


Craig – Simon and Kristina.

Darcey – Couple like to save. Simon and Kristina.

Donny – Simon and Kristina.

Bruno – I agree. Simon and Kristina.

Len – I do indeed, Simon and Kristina.

Jennifer and Tristan became the second couple to graciously leave the show.

jen trist 3 res

Jennifer thanked Tristan “like one of the family.” Tristan had a good craic about Jen and added it “was a pleasure.”

For all those who didn’t get a chance here’s one of Trist formerly on the US version, Dancing With The Stars.

tristan 3 hot


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