Strictly Come Dancing 2014, Week 4 Results

Strictly 2014 Results, Week 4

Launch Show

Tonight’s third dancing celebrity will leave the competition as the results are in. As ever the judges, Claudia and Tess have the results.

Safe for the next week are, in no particular order, –  Thom and Iveta. Also joining the crew are – Sunetra and Brendan, Caroline and Pasha, Simon and Kristina, Judy and Anton.

The first couple in the danceoff is – Mark and Karen. (Hallelujah!)


Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga

bennett gaga album

For the first time on British tele come the amazing duo of Bennett and Gaga. A flawless jazz emsemble from the veteran and the skilled pop diva showing worldcalss vocals tonight. Two of the best in the business of music. Cha Cha for Gaga!


Len’s Lens

Some more chatter down Len’s Lens about the acts was next.


The rest of the results are revealed now. The rest going through in no particular order are, – Steve and Ola, Jake and Janette, Pixie and Trent, Frankie and Kevin, Alison and Aljaz.

The couple in the bottom two to dance again is Tim and Natalie leaving Scott and Joanne to coast through another week.


The dance off


Mark and Karen


Tiger Feet – Mud


Still cheesy, still limp and still slow ploddy feet. Cannot dance and should go but is likely to get saved due to ‘not one of the favourite lookers as a contender’ to go so early to an old bloke with style. No spark to interest in dance.



Tim and Natalie

Paso Doble

The Best – Tina Turner

tim nat 4 do


Better footwork, stronger grace. Kept command. Great posture for 64 years old. Has a lot of dance credentials and did more dancing than many ‘favourites’ in the show. Better than Mark and Karen but likely to leave due to age.


The Judges Vote

Craig – Mark and Karen.

Darcey – The couple I would like to save is Mark and Karen.

Bruno – White Knight. Mark and Karen.

Len – No time to ask him.

Its a great treat to be on a programme. Cannot tell you what a wonderful thing this whole programme is. Thank You to my lovely Nat. Tim and Natalie bow out gracefully with great attitude.

Bargin bin! Tim and Nat leave the show tonight.

Bargin bin! Tim and Nat leave the show tonight.






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