Strictly Come Dancing 2015: Week 4, The Results

Strictly Come Dancing 2015:
Week 4, The Results

tess claudia scd 15 4 do

A cheesy, flat and outdated group dance of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun with Wild Boys made the girl and guy pro’s look so pathetic. We all know they can dance. With Neon Lights and sparkles that did not justify paying a Licence Fee. Cheap cocktails with Brendan were poor.

The first set of results are revealed by host Tess Daly. Making it through to next week, in no particular order, are – Peter and Janette. Joining them are Anita and Gleb, Jeremy and Karen, Katie and Anton and Ainsley and Natalie.

The first in the dance off are Daniel and Kristina.

The second set of results were later revealed in no particular order. Safe are – Helen and Aljaz, Kellie and Kevin, Georgia and Giovanni, Jamelia and Tristan, Jay and Aliona and Carol and Pasha leaving Kirsty and Brendan in the dance off.

scd 15 do 5

Music came from the talented but overlooked Voice mentor Will Young. Great to see good talent back on television.

Will Young

Len’s Lens was on to give us a chance to pop the kettle on. All sorts of nonsense were discussed with Claudia and the judges.

The dance off

Daniel and Kristina

American Smooth

Fly Me to the Moon – Frank Sinatra

scd 15 daniel 5 do

Off on a busman’s holiday? Missing a lot of oomph, buzz and connection. Cleaner but empty. No partnership despite effort from Daniel. Slow spins. Limp movement on floor.

Kirsty and Brendan

Paso Doble

Beautiful Day – U2

scd 15 kirsty 5

Slow start. Limp arms. No passion. Wrong music. Circling only. Dancing around Brendan like a Totem Pole. No attack, character or Paso content. Pitiful and only just bearable because of Daniel’s failings.

The Judge’s Vote

If there is a tie lead judge Len will casting the deciding vote.

Craig – Kirsty and Brendan

Darcey – Kirsty and Brendan

Bruno – Less mistakes. Kirsty and Brendan

Len – I did agree.

Daniel O’Gonnell

O’Donnell left the show but gave praise to Kristina as the gentlemanly way he is. That could not be enough endorsement for the maneating nymphomaniac who gave no skill to this contest and allowed him to fail because he was “an old man” as she put it.

Kristina said he was “so easy to work with.” Easy when no-one says anything.



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