False Fabs is short for False Fabrication.

Aiming to eliminate shoddy journalism with credible and proffessional Journalism from a writer (yours truly).

Informing those of subjects tricky, important or worthwhile for discussion in today’s society, locally and worldwide. Your involvement is appreciated.

Please feel free to comment, like, share and follow on Twitter if you like what you read or have an opinion that is debatable. Any rude responses are not welcomed, so don’t bother to ruin your integrity.

The moment we unlock ourselves, is the moment we connect with one another.

Using Logic, common sense and general respect for others is favoured, which needs recognition and re-evaluation in today’s world.

Also available for hire, as freelance writer in Columnist format, media, Writing, Features, News, PR, Marketing and forward planning, Advertising.

Unafraid to get stuck in on hearty issues needing to be addressed. Think you have something? Let me know.

Thank You.

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