British GQ 2014 Awards and Alternative ones too

British GQ 2014 Awards

gq dan stevens

On Tuesday last week British GQ hosted their Awards of the year bash. Meaning Gentleman’s Quarterly, GQ’s awards cast a doubtful shadow over the legitimacy of accuracy and rightful winners, instead plagued with favourites and ‘hot right now’ winners.

Whilst talented some winners such as Peter Capaldi as TV Personality after just One episode of Doctor Who as the new Doctor aired do not show off GQ as a credible entity to look towards, something it usually prides itself on as a brand. We like Peter, but come on, he only had one episode last week.

Cumberbatch accepts award though still deserved and funny too.

Cumberbatch accepts award though still deserved and funny too.

So below, we shall list the Alternative awards with a list of who SHOULD have won and who COULD win also. The SHOULD have won is clear enough. The second, will be who COULD feasibly win for GQ’s reputation to gain interest and be somewhat deserving of the gong over a joint or compromisable decision, keeping the tone of its brand in tact.

Those in bold are the one’s we would have chosen this year. It’s not personal, but these aren’t the ‘give them an award because I like them awards’.


The Alternative British GQ Awards



SHOULDMiles Jupp/Jon Richardson/Lee Mack/John Bishop

COULD –  All of above

DID – John Bishop


Editor’s Special

SHOULD  – Liam Neeson

COULD – David Bowie, Mick Jagger

DID – Liam Neeson



SHOULD – Micheal Roux Jr.

COULD – Either

DID – Tom Kerridge



(no complaints)

SHOULD/COULD/DID – Christopher Bailey



(no complaints)

SHOULD/COULD/DID – Michael Lewis


Breakthrough Fashion Designers

(no complaints)



Hugo Boss Most Stylish Man

SHOULD – Gary Oldman,

COULD – Whoever Hugo Boss decides

DID – Douglas Booth


International Man

SHOULD –  Jon Hamm, Matthew McConaughey, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Chris Hemsworth, Aaron Paul, Peter Dinklage, Ryan Gosling,

COULD – Jon Hamm, Ryan Gosling, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Chris Hemsworth

DID – Jonah Hill



SHOULD – Sir Elton John

COULD – As above

DID – Tony Blair


TV Personality

SHOULD – Josh Bowman

COULD – Ben Whishaw

DID – Peter Capaldi



SHOULD – James Dyson

COULD – Max Waltham

DID – Ewan Venters



SHOULD – Stephen Sutton

COULD – Tom Daley

DID – New Order



SHOULD – Mark Cavendish

COULD – Jenson Button, Mark Cavendish, Bradley Wiggins, George Groves,

DID -Lewis Hamilton



(no arguments)



Special Achievement

SHOULD – Michael Fassbender

COULD – Anyone (in theory)

DID – Paulo Nutini


Vertu Breakthrough

SHOULD – Henry Cavill

COULD – (Anyone young and stylish, in theory)

DID – Jamie Dornan


Solo Artist

SHOULD – Pharrell Williams

COULD – Jake Bugg

DID – Pharrell Williams


Leading Man

SHOULD – Either below

COULD – Damien Lewis, Idris Elba

DID – Colin Firth



(no complaints)




SHOULD – Tom Hiddleston

COULD – Andrew Garfield, Nicholas Hoult, Tom Hardy, Dan Stevens, Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch,

DID – Benedict Cumberbatch



(no complaints)




SHOULD – Angelina Jolie

COULD – Dolly Parton

DID – Kim Kardashian



(no complaints)



It wont be long before Nicole, Cheryl, Louis Smith and the like of luvvie duvvies get their gongs at this rate.

One thing you can be sure of, every fashion company will now undoubtedly endorse many of the names printed above. Clearly they can’t think who is deserving and need to pilfer from here. That’s because they are mindless at how to run the show. GQ UK Mag, Esquire and the like can hire me for job roles. Hell, even I would be better as GQ Editor in Chief. Make it happen GQ, I will boost your sales, instead of declining them and your reputation you sought so hard to achieve as a credible focal point, along stars of the mag.

The awards had some questionable winners including Tony Blair and Kim Kardashian.

Richard Dodgson – who organised the GQ Men of the Year Awards – said controversy is no bad thing.

“We like to have celebrities at our event who cause a bit of a stir,” he told BBC Radio 5 Live. “So having Tony was fantastic. We like to have people who have opinions and are forthright.”

Clearly trying to make a name for themselves to gather attention, this has been done in the wrong way and Dodgson clearly sees to lack the nature of grasping media in a correct context to establish brand identity. Instead it made laughable fools of them instead.



Native Monster

The Mirror

Celeb Big Brother UK evictions 4 and 5 announced

Celebrity Big Brother Double eviction results in

steph pratt

After nominating face to face on Wednesday evening tonight’s show evicted two housemates in a double eviction.

The nominated six were James Jordan, Stephanie Pratt, Kellie Maloney, Audley Harrison, Gary Busey and Edele Lynch.

The first two housemates were saved. James Jordan and Gary Busey were both saved by the public vote.

The first eviction saw Stephanie leave the house as evictee number four. Fans felt Stephanie was a game player who was using George Gilbey for favouritism to win votes to stay. She also admitted to being a germaphobe, having issues with cleanliness. On her eviction interview, she said Gary Busey should be “in a straightjacket” since trying to understand her health issues. American housemate Stephanie was reprimanded for her stern shouting at Gary Busey for no apparent reason.

James, who has been purposely snapping at leading man Gary Busey and verbally vindictive to recent transgender Kellie Maloney was saved after mass shock from fans of the show voting.

james jordann

Homophobic misogynistic condescender  James earlier attacked Kellie with bitchy jibes using her trans gender change as survival leverage. Kellie entered the house only weeks after taking hormonal treatments during her trans progression further showing victimisation to the community with people like James. The show did not reprimand Briton James at all for his personal comments. The production show continue to be under debate by the voting public who feel the show is editing strategically to protect James in hopes for ratings.

kellie maloney

Afterwards the second to be sent out, in the shock double eviction from the house was Kellie Maloney. Fans viciously boo’ed Kellie after James used her trying to adjust to her trans change as a strategy to turn crowds against her unpredictable mood swing as an effect of her transition. Experts have widely explained it is highly difficult to adjust in later years of trans re-assignment. Kellie is a sixty-one, that’s 61, year old woman.

In her eviction interview Kellie thanked the public who supported her and having her time in the house. Kellie said she felt accomplished on her journey to grow as a woman on the show, and praised her closeness with Dee. Kellie pulled James up over his abusive manner of talking to people after suggesting he was playing games. She called him a “lost soul” after a counselling session. He wants to be “top dog” Kellie added. Aging dancer James was sacked by Strictly Come Dancing months ago. Kellie said she came out as a “better person” from the experience. Kellie finally said “I’ve never used my gender or sexuality” as James falsely suggested.

One week is left  for the final eight housemates with another double eviction Wednesday.




Celeb Big Brother Third evictee announced. 2 housemates leave. New nominations in.

Third evictee is…

Celebrity Big Brother - Summer 2014

Last night Big Brother hosted its third eviction of the Summer series.

Nominated for eviction were Kellie Maloney, Angelique ‘Frenchy’ Morgan, Stephanie Pratt, Ricci Guarnaccio, Lauren Goodger and Gary Busey. Catty dancer James Jordan and boxing legend Audley Harrison gained immunity from being nominated.

Glamour model and socialite Frenchy Morgan was the third housemate to get the BB Boot. She thanked the UK for granting her the ‘privileged’ of entering the star studded house. Morgan was regarded by fans as one of the most entertaining and interesting ones, but fell victim to the usual demographic of teen females voting on fickle attitudes and favoured hunks with no shirts on.

frenchy morgan

Soap actress Claire King left the house after being admitted to hospital over health concerns. Unable to return, Claire has since forfeited her place in the house, for obvious reasons. Claire became the first ever and most notorious soap ‘Superbitch’ for her fiery role as Kim Tate in Emmerdale.

claire king hot


After the eviction Big Brother announced the housemates will nominate face to face once more after last week. The six nominated were Gary Busey, James Jordan, Audley Harrision, singer Edele Lynch, Kellie Maloney and Stephanie Pratt.

james jordan smug

Smug, condescending, homophobic, misogynistic dancer Jordan is next in frame for boot.

Friday’s eviction will be a double meaning two housemates are to be democratically removed by the public.

Fans felt Big Brother bosses were abusing the show to keep in disagreeable people in order to keep ratings up, ignoring the process of the show instead.

Jordan, Pratt and Lynch are the favourites to go.



Channel 5

BB Spy


Uncoupling defintion?

What is the meaning of ‘Uncoupling?’

After their high profile, low damaging split, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin entered the “uncoupling” phase. So, what exactly is ‘uncoupling’ and what causes this?

‘Experts’ or some old lady who speaks elocution lessons were asked and gave an around the houses response. So in realistic terms, allow us to intervene.

Uncoupling? The answer is clear. This is nothing more than and ‘amicable divorce’ in which the split is not messy, both care for one another with civil respect but realise they are in an empty relationship on a path to nowhere.

Gwyn and Chris had an amicable divorce. And that, as they say, is that.

Strictly Come Dancing’s 2013 celebrities list revealed

Strictly Celeb’s ready to shimmy!


The 10th Anniversary show, set to launch this coming Saturday, will feature 15 new celebrities ready to shake and shimmy their glitterballs off.

Males and Females are taking part.

The Saturday launch show will reveal who they are partnered with.

Deborah Meaden

54 year old entrepreneur on TV in BBC’s Dragon’s Den series

deborah meaden

Mark Benton

41. Actor recently cast in BBC school drama Waterloo Road.

mark benton

Sophie Elllis Bextor

34. Daughter of legendary BBC Blue Peter presenter and pop star.

sophie ellis

Ben Cohen

34. Rugby Union sports ace.

ben cohen

Vanessa Feltz

51. BBC Radio presenter and famous presenter also featured in Reality TV shows.

vanessa feltz

Julien Macdonald

42. Fierce Fashion Designer and former Judge on Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model.

julien mac d

Natalie Gumede

29. Actress in TV soap with tough storyline as domestic abuser.

nat gumede

Tony Jacklin

69. Legendary golfer.

tony jacklin

Rachel Riley

28. Mathematical whizz on TV show Countdown in their numbers game.

rachel riley

Patrick Robinson

49. Plays Ash in BBC hospital drama Casualty in the past and recently returned a year ago.

pat robinson

Susanna Reid

42. BBC breakfast ‘journalist’ famous for tripping her words constantly.

susanna r

Ashley Taylor Dawson

31. Soap star and former teen pop star from A-Teens.

ashley tdawson

Fiona Fullerton

56. Bond girl with Sir Roger Moore in A View To a Kill.

fiona fullerton

Dave Myers

55. One half of lovable TV cook duo on BBC’s Hairy Bikers culinary show.

dave myers

Abbey Clancy

27. Girlfriend of cheating footballer. Also occasional model.

abbey clancy

Fans do not wish to see certain good celeb’s paired with terrible ‘glory hunter’ professionals. Many routing for early favourite Ben Cohen, rugby ace and gay rights campaigner, to be paired with Karen Hauer, Aliona Vilani or any other female who makes the show ‘about her’ only. Others hold cutey Ashley Taylor Dawson in a similar regard. Others are still dismayed cocky Brendan Cole remains in post. The BBC also lost reputation after it let go veteran dancer Erin Boag an original since the beginning.

erin boag

Erin out.

Professional Australian dancer Natalie Lowe injured her ankle and had to pull out forcing red faced BBC to rehire the disastrous calamity Aliona Vilani. Vilani, who was sacked by the BBC, is classed by viewers as “all t*ts and arse” and nothing else.

aliona leg

Spare Vilani back in after shortfall.

Critics have already begun, adding the lineup is decent but lacks star power and has too many “in-house” names to rival the flagging X Factor franchise.

Should have booked me to dance with Erin.


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Celeb Big Brother housemates CONFIRMED

The list is the confirmed thirteen housemates that went into the Celebrity Big Brother house.


Louie Spence, Sophie Anderton, Ron Atkinson, Lauren Harries, Abz Love (Richard Breen), Courtney Stodden, Mario Falcone, Dustin Diamond, Charlotte Crosby, Bruce Jones, Vicky Entwhistle, Carol McGiffin and Danielle Marr.

Unheard of star Danielle Marr is famous for being on Dublin Wives, which virtually no-one saw or heard of. She is a celebrity botox doctor.

Some original plans pulled out including Big Boi from Outkast and the late Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown.

Many online fans thought TOWIE towngirl Sam Faiers would enter the house, and was a red herring in our previous post on the revealed housemates. Others were highly tipped but talks fell through.

World Aids Day

World Aids Day


World Aids Day begins on 1st December 2012

With a rapid increase in the contraction of the disease, it has never been more crucial to get yourself checked.

Getting checked is easy. Why don’t they get checked?

Some assume many are lazy and this may be true to an extent but not fully as numbers are high in those undiagnosed, meaning those who haven’t gotten checked are carriers and unaware they may be spreading to others.

Some who won’t get tested out of pride or think to themselves they wont have caught it, you may not have, but if you have had unprotected sex a number of times, and in a short space of time, go and get checked, it shan’t take long and will help you in the long run and support society and the world.

red ribbon

Show your support by wearing a red ribbon.

If you have unprotected sex, you could be at higher risk along with numerous unknowing they may have it, should seek help or advice. Go to your local GUM clinic or even a GP (Doctor) and talk with them on your concerns. As anyone knows, the quicker something is diagnosed (or ruled out) the quicker its dealt with, the faster help and support will be available to you to make life easier. You can still live a full and healthy life.

 condom durex

Myths that “all gay men” are the “scourge” that host this STI is exactly that, a myth.

Health authorities, governments and nurses express that men sleeping with men and African American/Black ethnic groups are most at risk and need to get tested if having a fuller sex life.

These are not the only groups who are assumed to be dirty and bad for having sex, but do have it responsibly. Those who assume this are the one’s (as I have been informed by sources from gay communities as well as Black communities) who blindly donate the aids epidemic and blame the obvious two groups because aids began in the media with black men from Africa and homosexual men as the first few publicly announced to bear the bug.

Many forget that in Africa, young children are born with it after sexual abuse, manly rape, to their mothers by callous men who know they are infected and couldn’t care less of spreading such infection.

If you are pregnant and have unprotected sex with one or numbers of men you don’t know off, or have before falling pregnant, get checked as you or your child could be at risk.

Some partners also cheat on their spouses/significant others so those who cheat could contract and then bring it back home to you by sleeping with you to cover their tracks from affairs and “make up” with a seemingly loving romantic liaison.

If the world works together, and the public complies with screenings and testing, then eventually, the world may be able to lower the numbers and risk of spreading the epidemic with co-operation.

Over 100,000 people in the UK are living with HIV, but a quarter do not know they have it – that is 25,000 people who are not benefiting from treatment and are increasing the risk of passing the virus on.

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) state one in 20 men who have sex with men in the UK now have HIV, and the figure soars to nearly one in 12 in London.

This of course, is just one statistic of an increasing rise of all groups.

elton john aids foundation

The key note to understand, first and foremost is that anyone from any group can contract, even Women. There is no shame in getting checked, and with the rates of “it only takes one” to pass it on, testing is crucial.

We live in a world where most of us are uneducated about the infection and its solution which is why it is important to take an interest and think rather than assume and blame as there is no judgment on lack of education on such subject. You can easily say it doesn’t affect you, but anyone could transfer it without you knowing, as well as loved ones you care for.

The most important to take from this is to use a condom. This increases safety and you can have sex responsibly.

Remember, having a sex life is all well and good but do so responsibly.

If you liked it, then you should’ve put a bag on it…

Cheyenne Jackson 11th Annual Elton John AIDS

Cheyenne Jackson. Just one of numerous supporters of the charity by Elton John.

As is Judith Light from Ugly Betty.

As is Judith Light from Ugly Betty.

The Elton John Aids Foundation is just one of many charities and organisations you can donate to (  if you wish to help deal with the issues surrounding, where thousands of musicians  actors, comediennes and showbiz personalities have participated with support and sharing the message. Others include Chevron, GiveWell and others found on their websites.

Have sex, stay safe and keep regular testing. 🙂

Strictly Come Dancing Week 1

Strictly Come Dancing:

Week 1

On Friday 5th  and Saturday 6th October 2012 Strictly Come Dancing glitzed back onto our screens over a two night weekend. Who was about to sparkle, dazzle and delight on the night(s)?

Followed through over two nights on Saturday also, no couples would face elimination in the first week as a try-out session to accustom themselves to the format of the show. This is a valid decision.

Here we’ll give review, advice and agreement or disagreement on all things Strictly, along with Judges scores from Craig Revel-Horwood, Darcey Bussell, Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli, respectively.

Bruce and Tess are back and glammed for 2012

Part 1 – Friday 5th October

Fern and Artem

Cha Cha Cha

Signed Sealed Delivered – Stevie Wonder

Artem’s ‘chicken fillets’

From the get go Artem Chigvintsev joined telly lovely Fern Britton, with his very focal ‘chicken fillets’ to jaw drop at. Setting the premise of the show as first out is always the most difficult challenge, though Fern made sure to be confident, essential for the start but Craig was impressed with her hands, despite footwork and all else needing work. Has the personality, now needs to add the steps fully to begin ‘building a dancer’ piece by piece.

Score – 4, 5, 5, 5

Nicky and Karen


I Wonder Why – Curtis Stigers

Hunk Nicky Byrne from pop group Westlife partnered the new pro dancer on the show, Karen Hauer. It was a little too ‘lone star’ with Byrne on his own for quite some time. Byrne, separated from his partner, had his hands in his pockets and looked slightly sloppy as a result. Though he might be a ‘looker’ that gets a few votes to carry him through, he’ll need more skill to survive the series.

Bruno noted they needed more intimacy and connectivity. Craig was miffed that new pro Karen incorporated a lift into the first show, as lifts are technically banned early on in the competition, until a free style final performance or American Smooth dance.

We agree. Lifts, or the ‘Brendan Cole effect’ as its known, is not acceptable in the early stages. Breaking rules is paramount to penalty. Craig was miffed and explained he would lower the marks for this also, which any pro should expect.

Scores – 2, 5, 5, 5

Michael and Natalie


If You Don’t Know Me by Now – Simply Red

Cricketer Michael Vaughan partnered Natalie Lowe to a boring and lacklustre entry. Devoid of personality and posture problems galore, shared from the judges saw his “bum hang out like a hanging basket.”

Scores – 5, 5, 6, 4

Victoria and Brendan

Cha Cha Cha

Spinning Around – Kylie Minogue

Olympian cycler Victoria Pendleton danced to Kylie’s Spinning Around. Stereotype aside, it was a slow start on the steps before flash show off Brendan Cole typically puts himself over instead of his partner. It was flat as a result without any charisma involved. Pendleton shed a few tears realising the result would not be favourable. Technically, I would have given her a 1 as that’s what it was worth, despite my respect for her as an Olympian, she should not gain favouritism as a result on the show, and she respects that notion also.

Scores – 3, 4, 5, 4

Colin and Kristina

Cha Cha Cha

I Got You (I Feel Good) – James Brown

Colin Salmon, movie star in the James Bond films since joining Pierce Brosnan’s era, had the feisty female Kristina Rhiannov.

The pairing is suited, with high potential to have more style as the show progresses. For the first show, some would naturally be off in minor parts, though Colin proved a possible contender if he works at it fully with improvement. Though a tad slow integration to the dance, there were good steps, smiles and personality. We can’t wait for a bond villain esq Tango.

After the dance they were served a martini, while host Sir Bruce Forsyth enjoyed a cup of cocoa.

Scores – 4, 7, 6, 6

Denise and James


With You I’m Born Again – Billy Preston and Syreeta

Essex babe Denise Van Outen had lippy James Jordan. Despite the character off set, both had a strong partnership with one another, added with pleasing spins and effulgent glow and fluid transitions.  Style, elegance and extended legs proved profitable. It was the best of the first part of the night dancers.

Bruce even sounded like the uncle of Terry Tibbs stating “Beautiful.” Len noted Denise needed to sort out her foot work.

p.s Please do not brand Denise as an “Essex Girl” from awful ‘reality’ docu ‘soap’ The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) which is NOT a representation of Essex and most living in Essex do not say “shut -up” and all that tomfoolery. She’s a real Essex girl who is a lively source with no hoopla and lets it ‘all hang out’ ‘cards on the table.’ Glad we got that sorted.

Scores – 6, 6, 6, 7

Part Two – Saturday 6th October

Kimberley and Pasha

Cha Cha Cha

Domino – Jessie J

Girls Aloud pop star Kimberley Walsh joined to the hips of Pascha Kovalev. There was an awkward pout out at the beginning which lacked charisma and looked more of a merry go round. It lacked the little piece of pizazz. Len said they needed to “make an impression” especially on week 1.

Scores – 7, 7, 7, 7

Sid and Ola


I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz

Soap Actor Sid Owen bagged Ola Jordan, a previous champ, she noted, in what became a very good rendition of story telling with strong narrative added to presentation and integrity. A shock to all watching, Owen looked strong on week 1.

Scores – 6, 6, 7, 7

Johnny and Aliona/Iveta

Cha Cha Cha

Drive My Car – The Beatles

Mishap sees Vilani out for two weeks, allegedly.

Johnny and “Replacement” come on BBC you could have introduced her better than that.

With Aliona Vilani suffering an injury benching her for the first week initially  now for another following, the eldest contestant Johnny Ball had a stand in partner for the starting week. Vilani will return in two weeks. The pro looked a lot better than Aliona usually dances. Consider hiring her and boot Ariola out. The stand in was called Iveta, by the way.

Lively Ball had a competent outing to begin with, despite the first week and accustoming himself to the show.

Score – 3, 5, 5, 4

Dani and Vincent


Open Arms – Mariah Carey

Teen actor for the CBBC channel, 23 year old Dani Harmer had lothario Vincent Simone to guide her. Seeing this young lady who still looks a teen in those revealing outfits highly unsettles me and some others and questions her placement on the show. Technically she is an adult. Though we mark and critique based on performance alone. Her outing was basic to begin with and needs more of a shock impression to stamp her place on the competition.

Scores – 5, 5, 6, 5

Lisa and Robin

Cha Cha Cha

Think – Aretha Franklin

Doubts over skilled beefcake Robin Windsor gaining plump princess of comedy clips Lisa Riley were cast initially, though not one to judge before shows, Riley silenced her critics with a shockingly fabulous sparkle of intent. A minor lift at the end doesn’t force a double standard with us, we agree it shouldn’t be accepted, however  the first week is a safety net as no eliminations, though it did show Riley’s capabilities more than others who lifted, when they should have remained grounded for the real competition next week.

Scores – 8, 8, 7, 7

Riley’s royal seal of approval

Richard and Erin


You Don’t Bring Me Flowers – Klaus Hallen Orchestra

Showbiz entertainment reporter Richard Arnold took to the floor with Strictly honourable Erin Boag, original on the show since its birth ten years ago.

Boag always makes the best of every partner given and Arnold was no exception.

Scores – 5, 5, 7, 5

Jerry and Anton

Cha Cha Cha

Everybody Loves to Cha Cha – Sam Cooke

Get You! Check out the felt trousers!

Sultry minx and supermodel Jerry Hall held hands with Anton DuBeke. As the other half of the original couple, Anton has struggled to find a good partner, though glamour puss Hall may be a slow starter but can go far in the competition should they maintain a higher profile with the required steps and some diva style on the dancefloor. Currently the action was minimal.

Scores – 3, 5, 5, 5

Louis and Flavia

Cha Cha Cha

Forget You – Cee Lo Green

Male Olympian gymnast Louis Smith scored Flavia Cacace. As a dynamic duo and the expertise of Flavia, Louis could learn to be less “loose”, as Len mentioned. Craig felt it was “awkward.” Smith, hasn’t put in much effort as others and seems slightly lethargic and is another ‘looker’ which gets carried but female fancy votes than the talent on offer. Those are his challenges.

Scores – 6, 8, 6, 7

Knows what she’s talking about. Yeah? Yeah!

So what of the first weekend offering? The dress of Tess (Daly), half the celebs divided and Darcey Bussell’s quips of “Yeah” constantly irking viewers with a strong line-up of pairings that mostly matched wasn’t enough to trounce competition overall on rival channels, namely, the X Factor, with which it has an unknown rivalry with, though stood steady and made a massive impact, displayed a show that was relevant to audience need, capable to deliver the necessary fulfillment of onlookers and captured a snapshot of people being able to learn their hidden depths to a slight or overall talent. Viewers are indeed hooked for the next week with a positive attitude going into it.

London 2012, Closing Ceremony

London 2012 began its handover of the closing ceremony with a jam packed concert flowing from decades to showcase Great Britain’s best in the musical spectrum.

Leading us into the show was the gorgeous Emilie Sande a fresh new name who had made her own over the last year or so in today’s current era. After belting out read all about it atop a newspaper wrapped stage, refined actor Timothy Spall appeared out of the roof of Big Ben as politican Sir Winston Churchill.
Quoting superb lines from playwrite William Shakespeare, whom everyone can learn from, reading from the play, The Tempest, Spall did a pleasing job to star the ceremony, while most probably missed the Celloist Julian Llyod Webber below due to dodgy camera angles. Shakespeare, of course, was born in Straford upon Avon should any of you been unaware. The stadium was in Stratford, East London.
Jacques Rogge and Prince Henry of Wales were introduced as they took their seats. Many did not know the name of he prince and many viewers assume his was a mistake by broadcasters. Someone may wish to explain his name to others. He took his seat next to the Duchess of Cambridge, who married his brother and fututre King of England, Prince William, earlier this year, who was absent due to a prior engagement.
Being told to stand for the national anthem, neumatic drills set off. Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt was seated directly behind Prince Harry. Unbelievable. Anything to get himself noticed. Do yourself a favour princes, make sure you distance yourself as far as possible from Hunt. Damage limitation.
Michael Caine appeared on the screens in his trademark vocals from his films before Batman and Robin were launched from a three wheel yellow car with TIT on the side of it. TIT, which stands for Trotter’s Independant Traders is a cultural reference to a popular TV series called Only Fools and Horses, featuring two brothers in a council house aiming to hit the big time with business in the east end. Their classic fancy dress episode where  they saved a councillor from a group of muggers dressed at the caped crusader and his sidekick was the reenactment on stage. The councillor had refuse a plan made by the brothers, who then had her revoke as DelBoy Derek Trotter, dressed as Batman, told her to grant them a chance.
Music group Madness came along in an act of a street party, a British tradition, celebrated by some over the Queen’s diamond mjubilee earlier this April, followed by Blur on soundtrack with trumpets playing their hit, Parklife.
Tempo soon changed with West End Girls as the Pet Shop Boys were wheeled on in cone head getup to pleasing results.
Next up were teeny boppers, One Direction, signing what makes you beautiful. The acts mimng were met with scrutiny to all those watching and asked why they were placed on the show. OneD were formed two years ago, on TV reality singing show, The X Factor.
The bin men came next as Stomp smashed their clutter instruments leading onto Spelbound performing some bouncy routines.
Ray Davies from the Kinks then arrived in a black cab, to sing Waterloo Sunset. Fans were slightly bored and unenthused of the beginning of the show to this point, so perhaps placement should have been rearranged instead.
After showing a mock up of the Gherkin building, Emelie Sande returned to sing a full on hit. Some debated why she returned while others let it pass as she was now signing a ‘proper’ lengthy song.
Indie rock band Elbow held the stage next with some good work though most had never heard of them, as flag bearers entered the stadium. Gold sailing medallist Ben Ainslie carried the flag for Team GB.
While Elbow belted out open arms, the formation was devised as all the Olympiams formed the flag into sections around the stage to watch the concert at he front of the show. This was a valid choice, though took a while as home viewers joked about hurdling sheep.
As they were ushered into cordoned off sections by joined hands of people dressed in blue suits with a lit bulb atop their head, further adding humour to the brainwaves or not of the show in parts, had the song playlist we had all just heard of acts mentioned above replay as it did on the sound system once again. Viewers and on goers we’re highly upset with this, wondering why more acts could not have sang instead. There was no need to replay the song list hey had just heard, in their view.
White boxes reminiscent of Rubix cubes were constructed to build a platform as Kate Bush ‘s running up that hill blared on soundtrack. She was not here, sparking further fury. Should’ve booked her to sing Baboushka with Eurovision’s Russian grannies. That would have entertained.
After medals were presented for the last time to the Men’s Marathon winners,  volunteers were thanked and appreciated.
Then the party started picking up its pace. Rock band Queen’s opening lens of Bohemian Rhapsody began to ring out. Fans went wild. Then John Lennons imagine started to play. Fans respected Lennon but were baffled as to why Queen started playing only to be cut off.
Children began singing imagine as crowds began to be annoyed with the hypocrisy of sterotypical children signing when placed on the stage as a political agenda to the conservative party government. The kids outdid themselves and proudly sang and sign languaged the words for those watching in a caring manner.
Lennon’s imagie made people respond “Proud to be British” which they are, but just not too proud of the way some of it has been handled by the government in the country.
It ended with a fantastic dome jigsaw as kids crammed to gather on the stage to bury the,selves under an igloo rock that bearded the very face of John Lennon as a mark of respect, with Yoko Ono’s blessing. It was an excellent display.
Pace gathered as “Freedom” began and George Michael beated onto the stage with some funky dance moves, as well as belting out his new coming single, I’m Alive. He was happy to be there.
Kaiser Chiefs raced to the scene on backs of bikes, singing just can’t get enough in a short span before leaving quickly as pop supremo David Bowie’s Let’s Dance rang out. Advertisers and sponsors who marred the games with empty seats finally got their attendance they wanted with a mass pay off as billboards were driven into the stadium. Featuring poosters of Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, were driven to the stage as Fashion, Another of Bowie’s excellent hits played. Bowie, was not there.
The boards broke down as crowd roared to see the very supermodels behind their posters, clad in gold cajoled dresses. They then proceed down a catwalk of the stage to meet in the middle with a couple of guys including model David Gandy and a few other females.
The tone quickly changed as Annie Lennox steered out on a ship at its trainload front look hellish. She wasn’t performing Wild Boys by Duran Duran with a modern twist, instead she performed Bram Stoker’s Dracula Portugal to the theme of Little Bird. Some instantly gave the Titanic comparison.
Ed Sheeren, a good guy, was on next as most were uninterested, even if understanding he is talented to some level. It didn’t fit the tone after Lennox or the brief of the show , most felt. Perhaps placement could have been better arranged.
Russell Brand, ex hubby of Katy Perry and comedian and slight actor sparked more interested dressed like Willy Wonka, you can guess what alliteration came from some viewers, as he came out in some flower power bus. Where was Scooby Doo to save us? The mystery machine would have been better.
He handed over to DJ Fat Boy Slim who was inside a massive octopus. Did it all hit the squids? 🙂
Jessie J then brought the show back. Signing Price Tag fans erupted with a singalong they enjoyed. She flew past on the back of a sporty vehicle windswept in pure class. Then we saw Tinie Tempah in the back of a car take to the stage with Written In The Stars. JJ whizzed around the stadium as Taio Cruz Dynamite proved a massive reaction to get the spirit partying.
All three stars met up in the centre of the stage to sing a fantastic Bee Gees track, You Should Be Dancing. The trio did a great job here, though some felt was a bit too long winded and lost some momentum.
The show was about to change for the best part of the evening. Turning dark, five black cabs pulled up, as a thunderous tune boomed over the sound system. This was it. Fans went wild. Ahhhhhh….

Spicey Cabs

“So tell me what you want….” The Spice Girls burst onto the scene, all five of them to electrify the spectators all over the world. The spices cans continued as the girls climbed atop their taxi’s holding guard rails as they set off to whizz around the stadium and “Spice up your life!” “Arrrribbbaaaaa!”
The crowd was filled with madness and enthusiasm galore, prompting many to seek the revival of the five piece band to make their long awaited comeback as felt they were needed in the world one again. The Spice’s stole the night, as some dodgy dancing from London Mayor Boris Johnson and Prime Minister David Cameron was witnessed. The dad and uncle dancing moves made the whole of Britain cringe with laughter for their put of touch swaying and hand clapping.
Transition from lively spice to mundane spice, one Gallagher brother then took per the procession to sing an Oasis hit, which cold not follow his predecessors as well as many wishing both bro’s could have been on stage together.
With a weather forecast looming and “Blue Sky” most were unaware of what was going on as a cannon was launched and a figure fell into the stage breaking it. Emerging from beneath the crowd changed its mood slightly as they saw Eric Idle full on to sing Always look on the bright side of life from the classic Monty Phython series. For those that didn’t know this was the presenters jobs to fill in the blanks all over the world.
Gladiators arrived on stage, as then did a Bollywood take over to express the cultural changes over time. We wonder what the silent MP Aiden Burnley had to as about this one.
Business picked up in an unexpected and excellent act took to the stage. Rock group Muse, winners of numerous best live act gongs with NME and other music industries proved their place on the line up with great live music once more. Shocking more than anything was that someone thought to book them when most assumed they wouldn’t be selected. We were glad they got recognition. They did it in glitter blazer sequins. Dazzling.
Freddie Mercury was then portrayed on a large screen. Uttering every word perfectly from his live tours, the audience were eating out of his every word in unison. It was an amazing collaboration.
Guitarist rock god Brian May dominated the stage with a powerful strumming sensation ripping the arena with sound as Roger Taylor on drums supported him. Both Queen rockers met with the returning Jessie J to perform We Will Rock You in amazing scenes which Freddie Mercury would have applauded.

In an unexplained move we were told the Greek national anthem would be up next. No one understood why. No one explained why.
A welsh choir began signing the Olympic anthem. The flags started to come down. London 2012 was beginning its departure.
Boris Johnson waved the flag, as he passed it to Jacques Rogge, who then waved and transferred it to the Mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes as the Brazilian anthem played. Memorise it, you’ll soon here it a lot more.
We then saw a random sweeper with a broom on the stage. Scared that another security blunder occurred from letdown company G4S, one security guard charged onto the stage to have a word with him. Telling him off, the cleaner, equipped with broom, broke into a dance. The security guard soon blame overcome with the beat and showed him how it was to be done. An umbrella lady and a vibrant samba crew joined the party with some green headed clones, stealing the headdresses of Queen Nefertiti it would seem, to partake in some Pharoa frolics and dance us into 2016, as the man from del monte came on also. It was a mass celebration to raise the part spirit as London handed over to Rio.
Chairman of seven years for the games Sebastian Coe took to a never ending speech of self portrayal to enhance his own reputation on the guise of attempting to coverup with a stance on it being for London. Coe had been the focus of many empty seats, where overpriced tickets, and sponsors who didn’t turn up to sit in those seats marred the games seven years in the making. Blamed for the reason, sponsors only received 8% of tickets. Thousands of seats were empty almost every day.
To save face Coe ended stating “Britain did it right.” In order to prove to the world who constantly knock Great Brtain, GB proved it was more than capable and able to do so. GB acknowledges that. The only problem GB has is the put of touch issues with the government towards its people. Apart from that Great Britain DID do it right.
Jacque Rogge told us to “never forget” and “we all deserved the rot to be called Olympians” for those who excelled to make it a “happy and glorious games” before saying “thank you London” for the hospitality to the games and all the nations and Olympians competing. The crowds were riveting to all in a mass union of respect and heartfelt passion for what they do as well as being a part of sporting greatness welcoming them to the capital.
Pop group Take That, minus Robbie Williams, were about to finish the show. Singing Rule the World the quartet supported the country and one another, as lead singer Gary Barlow had suffered heartache with the loss of his baby, Poppy, just days before. Tremendous respect came from the country as a nation stood with him as he did his duty for Queen and country.
Dancing extrodaniare Darcy Bussel flitted around the stage as a lit Phoenix burning behind jetted her in to the sound of church, occult, gothic chorus themes. Bussel joins TV dancing reality show, Strictly Come Dancing, most know in country’s by it’s spin off sister series Dancing with the stars, from which it DWTS originated.
Busting her moves, Bussel left, though seemingly over fans started to leave. Others wondered at what point it would end. The Wo were the final act of the evening to close the ceremony completely. Most did not know Who they were. The reason they played last was because it featured one word only, which had been the strapline for London 2012’s games. The one was talkin’ bout my “generation” as the strap line for the games was “Inspire a generation.”
Apart from placement of some acts and others omitted, with the absence of Sir Elton John, whom many thought and stated should have closed the show on a jivey end, and Bowie, Boyle and Bush uninvolved fully questioned some of the proceedings of those there.
The Spice Girls clearly dominated the event and with such short space and a track list replaying, could have allowed more time to them and add in a few extra acts. These mismanagement question how out of touch a government and organisers may fully be with a younger and wider audience which Danny Boyle managed to connect fully with on the opening ceremony.
To flaunt London, as great as it truly is, to the world, by being backward with portrayal in certain areas made a slight knock on the show which need to re-encapture the youth of today’s Britain positively, rather than focusing on families with babies and political values in order to “inspire” this generation to get up off their backsides, which they spend mos of their time doing, to encourage seeking work rather than forcing them with ransoms to their benefits and proving experience and attendance which the government snubbed due to their own snobbery for special guest and Rupert Murdoch to gain political exposure favourably. Tell me, did any of them pay for their extortionate tickets the multiple events they attended? Hmmm… Moaning that the country does not put into the pot is a double standard when politicians and special guests paid nothing to sit at the events first class to take liberties, perhaps? Oh, the irony…
The nation may be inspire for a week, but the after effects, with the Prime Minister and his deputy taking a two week holiday, returning in time for the Paralympic Games, leaving the country without anyone to run it in charge, hasn’t thought how to inspire when cutting sports and availability in the country as well as forgetting about how to support the over 25-30 category of the countries residents. They are the one’s you need to focus on giving opportunities to in order to make the country and its economy grow. Then the kids will survive when people can support the prize pot to open funds for sport. Any company needing a PR/strategist/writer can contact me on Twitter for email. 🙂 Only serious offers apply please, i dont need an inbox full of spam, Cheers!

Tom Daley Twitter Troll abuse ends in arrest

After Yesterday’s (Monday 30th July 2012) slightly unsuccessful Synchronised Diving at the Olympic Games, Tom Daley was subjected to a barrage of abuse on micro blogging site Twitter by an obnoxious user.

Olympian Daley suffering a barrage of malicious tweets after Games diving

(Warning: Images and Tweets below may be highly offensive, if offended do not continue to read, they contain the “C” word and obscene images.)

The user in question, Rileyy_69, sent a mammoth amount of abuse to Daley, 18, personally on his account, mocking the death of his late father in a calculated and pre-determined attack.

Daley was notably upset, where users of the site complained calling for the user to be banned, sparking a mass trending of topic. Even a Twit petition was launched.

Tom’s father passed away of a brain tumour last year. Riley after receiving messages from users upset with his behaviour claimed he was not aware of the death, in order to backtrack.

Riley has sent some bitter tweets to another user, one said to be highly engulfed in a Twitter war, where abuse and death threats are sent constantly.

One YouTube clip has also shown the levels of ferocity and hatred in one’s self. The Video, with extreme hatred involved, has since been deleted from the site. Sorry about that.

Tweeters are asking the government to take action and lock this “vile fiend” up as is a threat to society , picking on anyone who disagrees, users claim.

Sky News also picked up the story within hours of the abuse beginning.

Riley threated to sue them for reporting it. Various sites and ITV news, also reported the story.

Riley, while in his feud with the other user @_OllyRiley even tweeted naked pictures of his adversary’s genitalia, mocking him and claiming he was a  “bigger” man than him, and also threatened to kill him.

Most claim the user sought to bump up his follower account while having no respect for anyone else.

The 17 year old, real name found on his Facebook and other Twitter accounts, Reece Sonny James, has been arrested by police instantly. Dorset police stated – “He is helping police with their inquiries.” Some ask for a tougher sentence with death threats and seeking to “hunt you down” to users.