TV Review: Gotham

Gotham has landed. How will Batman’s prelude intertwine with a post-modern culture?

ff gotham copy

Before Batman, there was Gotham. The drama serial debuting on television began its dark and mysterious tale of the upbringing of orphan Bruce Wayne with the instant robbery of his mother and father. Confronted by a reckless robber, callously shooting them dead down a darkened alleyway after they handed over their rich valuables, saw the balaclava menace spare young Wayne.

Actor David Mazouz, playing the young Wayne proved instant praise with his affinity to his father more than his mother with a tentative caress followed by carefully pitched shriek. For many child or teen actors, these instances would have been extremely difficult to encapsulate to the viewing audience. It is comforting, then, that the production team thought carefully about its casting crew which makes all the difference.

All the while witnessed by a young cowering woman with feline abilities jumping to the ladder top sanctuary of the sky, also previously nabbing milk for a stray cat around the streets of gritty New York.

Dashing. McKenzie as Gordon

Dashing. McKenzie as Gordon

The super sleek introduction by Detective Gordon, (Ben McKenzie of The O.C and Southland) working at the lower ranks of the back-story to Commissioner, promises to find the assailant. Though the casting and smooth veneer of Gordon looks promising for Gotham as a whole. Young, determined and following a moral code (at least for now) in a dark city of crime provides perfect pitch for the rookie recruit. Given a tough edge and rightful mind, however, how long will it be before he is tested to bend the rules to achieve such justice? Viewers waiting for a vulnerable side to Jim Gordon could be treated to it later down the line, which actor McKenzie is clearly capable of delivering. His instant connection with Bruce Wayne sets the bar for their level of intimacy. Eloquent Butler Alfred (Sean Pertwee) arrives to escort Wayne, wishing Gordon the best of luck.

We are also able to see and be treated to the young budding Penguin, under the tutelage of the dark but colourful Fish Mooney. A debatable name by some, but carefully crafted into excellence by the boot filling actress herself. Deeper down the city as another menacing threat in the form of Jada Pinkett-Smith, Mooney strives for excellence. Not to be outdone as a supporting character, her guidance as the go to girl for all things necessary in the dark city itself, with bad behaviour balances both character and city. Already we see depth, past influences and allegiance sharing her core character. Betrayal does not sit well with her, as young Oscar ‘Penguin’ Cobblepot quickly discovers. Robin Taylor plays the bumbling deceiver convincingly and is a great addition to unknown actors who have the skills to make it among a couple of well known names.

fish mooney


Gotham slips in the cultural references from the start to subtly tell viewers whose who and set the tone for their beginning in just three minutes or less. That is a difficult challenge for any storyteller, editor or producer. That itself is a task under-looked by many and exceptional to set the boundary of characterisation. There’s also a lady who likes to decorate her home with vines. Puzzling Edward Nigma is also dropped in among the mix.


gotham cast

Some heavy loving fans of the franchise and comic book features have been vocal of the concerns to take a great story and adapt awkwardly. These include turning Gotham into a heavy US cop drama, of which many shows are base on in the States. Even McKenzie previously comes from one. (Southland) However, in a world filled with crime and a crime fighting superhero in the future, it was inevitable this would constitute the backdrop for Gotham. As far as we see it, there is no real problem with this. Viewers and fans however clearly are voicing their concern that of what it could become it producers start veering off in all directions where the obvious distorts the reality of what Batman is supposed to be, as well as Gotham itself.

Donald Logue was likely to have a hard time of it. Unglamourous, no-frills and brash, the cop who has seen it all in Gotham is there to guide his rookie partner Gordon. Naive and young meets experience and badness. Harvey Bullock makes the partnership with McKenzie have an air of development with will clearly set Gordon’s future path. Some parts are a perfect, long wait to bloom option.

Batman’s relegation to minor role has also been critiqued. However this is valuable to see how the young kid becomes. In order for this we need vulnerability and depth, which young Wayne adds to the mix. This also allows the others to shine in the cast. Batman needs to be relegated because he is young. No-one starts out as a hero when they are young. The advancement will be a necessary start and with only the pilot, fans are being somewhat fickle. To make a great series, you have to strip all away and begin afresh. This includes developing the cast who are setting the prequel for Bruce Wayne’s eventual rise.

gotham tv

Gotham has managed to keep the city dark, its characters developed and set on pathways whilst not making it a ‘sexy leading star’ watered-down cop drama epic. Thankfully someone finally understood what is required of television. For avoiding all of these, Gotham has become ‘dark sexy’ with a chilled and moreish love of desire. Dirty, gritty, sleek and stylish, this one has the makings of not only leading television from lazy directors but maintaining a legacy that retains Batman’s identity.

For a beginning, this near perfect prequel earns a raptuous four of five stars. Casting is superb. Backstories for everyone are tied in seamingly effortlessly. The city is set in motion. The style is like no-other. Unique and leading the way, which will shamefully try to be copied by others has set the tone. Even empathy for the villains is fantastic.




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TV Review: The Paedophile Hunter

Web vigilantes: The threat to civil society.

Stinson Hunter and his team of vigilantes

“You will be arrested, you will be charged, and you will go to prison for this,” Hunter tells the man sternly, revealing how he shared indecent images with them under the assumption of sharing them with an underage girl. – Stinson Hunter, 31, Unemployed Vigilante. (The Mirror, Online)

On Wednesday evening, disgraced television station Channel 4 aired a new documentary of a vigilante group of self-named ‘Paedophile Hunters.’ Three young men called Stinson Hunter who changed his original name from Kieren Parsons, Grime and Stubbs, the idea is that the young guys lie online and pretend to be underage teen girls to groom paedophiles. Once arranging a meeting, the group, led by Hunter, then hope to film them and chase them down the road screaming to expose them to police and on the internet as potential sex offenders.

On their website, the group are not shaming paedo’s in a new tactics mission for good, they are simply being unruly thugs in their attempt to tackle this growing crisis. While the need to expose paedophiles is necessary, where appropriate, ordinary citizens of the public cannot simply run around at free will doing as they wish. Certain acts they have done have also broken high protocol and laws which police should now investigate.

Wanting to catch a paedophile for ‘sport’ sends a terrible message to society which is aimed to encourage them to become vigilantes and abuse ordinary members of the public they disagree with because they have not analysed content thoroughly enough. Their only sole focus is to text someone online and ask them an initial question. Not listening or analysing their response which could be genuine, they aim to set out to expose every message as paedophilic and the like thereafter already assuming they are paedos.

These actions are as perverse as being a paedophile. But who will argue with them?  Everyone including press, police and politicians, who should be dealing with it will naturally, turn a blind eye. But they also shoulder some of the blame, too. For years these actions have encouraged people to become more obscure and think they can take matters into their own hands. When they should deal with such measures they instead ignore it for politically framed ideology often conflicting the job of an actual journalist/politician or investigative professional.

Three young lads running around amok, causing public anarchy akin to rioting and pub crawl mentality is simply abhorrent behaviour. Their actions directly influence the denotation of thuggish people to go out and attack people and cause harm to ordinary members of the public under their warped versions of suspicion.

paedo film

It is the sole action of the police authority to deal with and act accordingly with these claims. Instead of a name and shame option, if the police are failing at catching them, then it is the police who need to re-train its approach. It is not down to three young lads on the prowl, using EXACTLY the same techniques as a, and therefore in retrospect, using the entire values of a paedophile instead.

Let’s be clear, this is no “To Catch a Predator” CBS Dateline likening. There is no invites, discussion or explanation of their misdeeds paedophiles could be causing. The three guys are as brash and sickening as they come. Calculated, coarse and crass, their actions threaten the very notion of liberal democracies and the subject of civil society.

Many cases in the UK have seen innocent men killed and abused by thugs because they “looked at a boy/girl” when passing down the street.

Let’s also be clear. This is another senseless ‘attack the internet’ rhetoric. Newspaper press, who are failing to sell and struggling to migrate online, have found an easy cause to target. Failure to adapt online and stuck in a 1920s – 1950s approach to writing, the internet, which no-one can regulate to profit from, is ‘a source of all evil.’ Yet as we all know from any type of media source, this is a platform for use, just as is television, mobile devices, radio and the like. It is neither good nor bad and a neutral platform.

Trying to gain a level of fame and re-integration into society since being a CONVICTED CRIMINAL, Stinson decides instead to interrogate his now victims, which causes some level thinking audience watchers to even have symphony for a paedophile. Hunter served time in jail six years ago as a convicted woman beater. This article is completely neutral in that respect, and we fully endorse what paedophiles do is wrong and sickening, but we cannot allow personal upset to allow society to call for a public destruction of immoral behaviour conducted by the aggressors of exposing those types of wrongdoers.

In an except from the Daily Mail, online, they added of Hunter’s past –

Parsons, 32, who served a custodial sentence for arson as a teenager, has been disowned by relatives.

His grandmother, who asked not to be named, said: ‘Keiren has caused a lot of trouble for the family. We have disowned him. When he was about 16 or 17, he ended up in prison for burning down a school.’

Next we will have people attacking ordinary citizens because they had a certain ‘look’ where they seem to be a paedophile. Any man with child could soon be accused of being one because a thug chav watching saw the pair playfully smile and touch each other. These are the intense problems this pitiful attempt at Stinson becoming a public hero/celebrity causes at large.

The way they attack people online, purposely going after random targets and tricking them by pretending to be underage girls/boys is immoral. On their site, they have exposed the conversations and other messages, which see them abusing services. They have decided to infiltrate gay dating sites as well, continually assuming that gay men are paedophiles, which is entirely wrong and inaccurate. Why, in the first place are you tricking gay men, who have been cast out of society, to boost your celebrity profile and destroy lives for a bit of fun?

This is where blurred lines are becoming more and more intoxicated with public discourse.  Such actions are disgraceful and of high distaste. Anything could happen to these people who could well be innocent in cases of mistaken identity. All the hunters need is one text that is ‘suggestive’ to frame a certain way with a certain, calculated question from the paedo hunting cartel.

Stinson even admits he created a profile of a 15 year old girl to entrap people. They even get their phone numbers and label them ‘Nonce’ in the text as a contact to put online for exposure with pictures of them. The group also pretend to be underage boys ‘not out’ using the social inacceptance to homosexual men as a trick to cause comfort from others with such understood hardship from their perspective, which society continues to defame. They then take photos of their legally-aged sex life from profiles or texts and simply post them as levels of revenge attacks, which is again, unethically acceptable. This is also a level of what is actually called TROLLING. No-one has seemed to mention this at all. The art of trolling is when you lead someone on, and then hunt them down to post pics and information about them in which you get enjoyment from ruining their lives for own and group watching amusement.

When the group hear something they disagree with to their cause, they purposely choose to target them in response, which causes another level of muckraking abuse which is against the law and ethically incorrect which again exposes these vigilantes as anything but and causes them and their ‘cause’ to become entirely perverse itself. They even targeted a female ‘anti-child abuse campaigner’ too. She spoke out against the guys and tried to close them down. The group decided to post and attack her in a vicious revenge attack online instead. This can be classed as hate speech, which is also a crime.

What we as a society are dealing with here, is not the exposure of paedophile’s but the expose of a group of disillusioned vigilantes who want to attack anyone they dislike and use the premise of branding them the most sickening term possible. Yes, there are some who genuinely are and while that is a very high cause for good to bring into the national conversation, this is not up to, nor is it correctly implemented by this trio of hunters using the exact same measures of paedophiles themselves. Society is now going to become more obscure and an assumption that everyone who is genuine is one of these men, due to the insecurities of three lone rangers, distorted from society itself, with a one-way view that ‘paedo’s are all online’ which isn’t always the case as many are around schools and parks offline.

paedo trap

The choice to attack specific targets and gain their private information proves that this group are planning to cause upset and destroy people’s lives for the sake of their own satisfaction that they ‘f*cked up’ someone’s life with the highest stain on their name because they didn’t like their actions as a gay man or other type of life choice or religious belief, for example. That is also classed in a form of hate preaching defamation.

Hunter also again stigmatises the welfare pool of society as bad. Unemployed, a former drug addict and a convicted arsonist jail serving criminal brands all welfare claimants as bad, when many are good and in struggling poverty across the United Kingdom.

The chats are only shown from a certain point of the conversation, not the very beginning, which casts a shady view on the dark side of the vigilantes, carefully posting constructed messages that suit their cause. They don’t use any pictures as a profile on chats from their end, either. This is simply a method of wake up, who can we get today? Let’s try this chat site today. See if we can get anyone. They are not waiting to be approached; they are specifically targeting people for their fun game of sporting boredom. They have expanded to all platforms of Social Media, too. Even as these ‘kids’ the group send suggestive messages back to encourage a sexy or perverted conversation including kisses and talk of being “a virgin” to encourage sexual conversation. The group even send genital pictures, including penis pictures in their measures to entrap people. The pictures are not of the group and are sourced, clearly from elsewhere, possibly search engines and are stored on the group’s archives with mobile phones and ‘cloud’s’ which exposes their shady tactics. Another point made in the documentary was that a girl on an 18+ website contacted them. Underage people and including the Hunter using it as such, posing as teen girls, is also wrong on their part.

Dating itself, in today’s society is even more difficult as we develop over time, but having infiltrating abusers ready to meet people to attack them is not acceptable in any circumstance. This group need to be arrested and pulled down by Metropolitan police. Their actions are entirely wrong, even if they try to justify this as a good cause. This is the job of the police and all material should be handed to them to deal with. It is their job to deal with precisely and with the technology and capabilities to act or not.

Based on their assumptions only of how the dating world has changed and sending of explicit messages has become the state of societal change, segregation of communal groups and individuals. With a biased view from people like Hunter, who view it as not likable text content, is now the way others communicate, whether liked or not. It is not up to a lone ranger to react with a level of action that can place anyone in danger of substantial risk, even if there disingenuous ‘don’t harass them’ is going to encourage others to do so, which is their aim. Based on Stinson’s own views without any moral thought and simply a ‘hear one story’ scare tactic and also on the verge of stalking, is just as sickening. Uneducated vigilantes with nothing in their life attacking those who have something, to justify on a moral backdrop of ‘protecting kids’ which is the framework for such celebritism is just as disgraceful. Yet another question must also be discussed of the fact this country is entirely sexually repressed and this has stoked up the entire discourse with attitudes and actions with sexual interactions. Furthering the tactics of turning the screw is the same level, just in a pick a side’ mentality to excuse any abuse you can get away with because you were ‘on the good’ side. No-one is above the law.

The group further their spin calling themselves ‘investigative journalists’ which is nothing of the sort pertained to the title and is therefore fraudulence. This is not journalism at all. They are in no shape or form NGO’s and the like. They are clear, outright vigilantes, hunting for sport and fame. Malicious and unreserving at causing risk to those who may or may not be offenders from Stinson and Co. do not care about anything in society other than being a paedo hunting machine. This machine removes them from understand what is a ‘right or wrong’ process and their only defence is without any rationale to say ‘they are paedos’ including those hounded who may not be. Assumptions do not guarantee truth. This neglect places the trio in the same bracket only one tier above the paedophiles themselves. We have to talk and act about cases in rational debate, not sole one man missions, removing himself from all responsibility.

This is simply another act of scaremongering.

From Channel 4’s perspective another attempt to buy into their brand of ‘Born Risky’ is tacky at best. This, like stigmatising people on benefits with inaccurate portrayal (where a second series is on its way) was only for ratings. The failing TV station with low ratings in general since new management overtook the once popular channel a couple of years ago, has no shame in accelerating its ‘creativity’ with programming. Uncreative and simply perverted, 4’s creative bigwig Jay Hunt has continually destroyed the inside halls of Channel 4. Her and the team’s approach is all about ratings and not ‘being risky’ in the slightest.

From the perspective of the media, any story that helps to attack the internet and raise statistics for the struggling industry doesn’t make them insightful or unique. People will read the story because it is around, not because it was new and original. If you are ever going to sell and raise stats, that’s what they want. They only read it because it is there. Then they don’t have anything than a mild reaction or rant, before it is fish and chip wrapper.

Clearly what we need to address, is why girls and boys as young as this age, have sexual tendencies. Then we have to understand why the UK has the highest rate of teen pregnancies. Why girls have such low self-esteem and are ‘prepared’ to sleep with anyone at first sight is alarming. With over-sexualisation in TV shows such as X-Factor, and the continual struggle with poverty in the UK with benefit cuts, continue to keep families and people in this position. None of these issues have been addressed in this programme, nor pockets of wide spread media. Why it is now considered by some as the norm to sleep with underage kids who are ‘giving it away’ needs to be addressed as much as any potential paedophile. And then there is the final question. What constitutes a paedophile? Are women not paedophiles too? Only men? This archaic approach continues to prove that Britain as a society and a country in the world, will continually remain backward, with a lost generation who never achieve, because all is held down or put back on ‘shock factor’ tendencies without taking a two way perspective to any debate or situation. Only fuelled with personal spin and assumption of disgust, with lack of information, this country is being pulled further into the depths of despair for many a future to come. These pitiful shows for a ratings buzz do not help, nor support this under any measure. It is in every word, shameful.

Whilst chaperoned on a sting, police officers found the interactions of these hunters a disgrace and had huge concerns over his methods.

The domino effect mentality also rained down as the three, chasing one suspected paedophile down the street called him “paedo” encouraging motorists to stop and join in, in a mob mentality of defamation based on no evidence whatsoever. Whilst the show might have it, the street collaborators did not. Once the evidence is collected, there is no full sustainable proof that some are paedophilic and that any are built with strong clarity or credibility. Unreliable chance opportunities from the lowest common denominator in society have not helped criminals who seek a second chance in society.


This has branded all criminals as ‘once a criminal, always a criminal’ with such mind-set values thanks to Hunter’s loose portrayal of sustainability. Convicted criminal Stinston broke down in the documentary after the chase, crying adding this was “vindication” of his own previous crimes. If the trio cannot reform their attitude, then perhaps behind bars is the best place for them.

Many people who do these actions are usually people who have been involved with or had an instance with something they felt is paedophilic. As a result they ‘turn’ on everyone around them, distrusting of all in society because of their own insecurities. They need counselling, not internet and TV shows. He later adds he witnessed abuse while growing up in a children’s home. What a surprise. While this is not acceptable, you cannot go off on your own crusade against people of the public without any evidence at all. Then you cannot simply ‘create the evidence’ much of which is highly linked to being viewed as fabricated or uncredible.

Former chief executive of CEOP, Senior police officer Jim Gamble, said to the company filming, “Some people with very low training have proven just how easy it is to go out there and catch individuals. Very quickly they are shooting fish in a barrel. The fact of the matter is this – that needs to be done by law enforcement.”


The Mirror

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Review: Monkey Planet

Monkey Planet


The BBC have gone all natural into the wilderness for a new three part exploration series. Focusing on Monkey’s in all forms and varieties, Dr. George McGavin investigates the culture involved with the furry friends holding a level of humanity within. Watching how these species reflect some of the most humane aspects of lifestyle is impressive by all means.

With the clever and artistic Orang-utan’s,  clever hearing from the astute Tarsier monkey, resilient Japanese Macaque’s and the provider in the Chacma Baboon leading the charge, the show is full of  primate pleasure.

Toasting Marshmallows

Toasting Marshmallows

With their manly features often angry, square faces and human eyes filled with a glaring soul, one thought was clear. Everyone is trying to keep their own place of calm amid unknown threats to their very existence.

The monkey’s don’t often get much acknowledgement, much like humans and often prance around in such similar behaviour. When proving to be King of the Jungle, a standoff takes place. This standoff proves that man can withdraw without having to battle in an amicable sense without either being weak to own their own territory.

The production team must also be rewarded for stunning beauty of scenery, naturistic shots and Dr. George’s reporting.  With some added wit from George “Look! We share a similar face!” highlighted a great interaction with our natural counterparts.


The most clever species on offer where the Orang-utans. Not ‘tangs, to clarify. Over in Borneo, where a decrease in the caring creatures occurs, this series saw boat sailors, washing with soap, drinking from cups and the journalist within writing with pens.

Whilst it could seem humourous at first, the level of unique likelihood is extraordinary and a joy to see. Now isn’t it a shame that man wants to remove all talented people from its natural habitat for commercial gain or ruin.

ice cold mon

Though giving us a little further insight into the amazing world of humane species, maybe we can all find a little something to focus on ourselves and figure we aren’t so different from the animal kingdom, simply trying to survive. If we all allowed people to live their own lives just a little more as they would like without such prejudice or invasion upon them, we can all achieve something more that we consider our own peaceful space. But will man ever allow such a thing? Could we at least not try?

This thought provoking series has been a great show to watch. If more types of programmers were available to really interest common folk that the disastrous reality TV fails at, maybe the audience would be likely to generate newer thinking, Then this could also guide younger generations to a more stable lifestyle involved with culture and beyond as many high above men claim should be the way. The only problem, is it costs money.

Here’s a couple of extra pics of the crew doing a good job.


mp crew

monk cam



UK TV Review 22/03/14 – 30/03/14

Missed Last Week’s TV? Well, we caught a few programs so you didn’t have to. Here’s the best (or worse) of the week.




The Voice UK, BBC1

Saturday evening’s reality TV slice offered The Voice UK. After reaching the semi finals and whittling teams down to two on each, it was all too hard, blotchy and constrained to watch. The two hour show was heavy, boring and tired out. More of the dominating story was the revelation new series coach Kylie Minogue, now known by the BBC as Kylie, decided to leave next year. Committed to her new tour dates alone which take up much time, the show plans to schedule around Kylie’s schedule. This then prompted to claim he’d leave if Kylie did. Then Ricky Wilson, (yeah, i know) claimed he would go too if she left. Earlier revealed by media weeks ago was the case that Ricky was likely to be booted off by the producers. Even Sir Tom Jones wasn’t allowed off the hook. Producers backstage are annoyed of his one word niceties and being too empty and boring. One things for sure, this show is slowly evaporating on UK shores, which proves two things. One, the BBC have no clue how to handle a reality TV, especially a sing off show. Two, the show just can’t seem to survive being boring and running out of steam. Institutions as such are always the one’s who ruin a show. Britain doesn’t have a clue how to run it, because, simply put, all the wrong people are behind the production desk. And so, a show will simply lose its core soon enough. Don’t worry though, X Factor won’t be gloating for long either. That’s on borrowed time.

Rev, BBC2

On Monday Rev returned. A comedy series featuring a reverend. Played by not the average actor, Tom Hollander, who manages to make the role his own and is pleasing to watch for thirty minutes. Adding to the dry, subtle comedic value is partner and mother of their child, Olivia Coleman. All round thumbs up on this one so far.

Shop Secrets, Channel 4

Shop secrets exposes the techniques how shop and market traders con buyers into parting with bundles of cash by telling them interesting little fibs. Telling a customer the fashion is “vintage” and “this season” in fashion, among other trades, this is interesting and yet annoying at times. So far its bearable, but should stick to being focused than pic and mix in a sweet shop.

Mary Berry Cooks, BBC2

After a quick flick over whilst looking for anything else, before the end of the show, we manage to see old pastry chef from the 1940s Mary Berry pop in, well, berries, into a flange filled roulade. What an image that was. 😮

The Missing, Channel 4

Wednesday gave us a more meaningful documentary following the lives of loved ones searching for people in their lives who have disappeared. One wasn’t found, another was and wished to remain away from his previous roots escaped from and the other a mystery partner abandoning their car. It’s a little like US drama Without A Trace.

Compelling and tender this was strong. Some families can be abusive and drive loved one’s away. Others do not wish to be found or associated with their former hardship once broken free. Some cannot help their disappearance while others sadly take their own lives. Most tend to leave of their own accord due to either domestic or emotional in house abuse. The rest disappear or remove themselves because of the harsh and evil benefit reforms or welfare cuts as they are known from a foreboding and unforgivable government abusing common folk. This should teach you one thing if you love someone dearly. Don’t vote in someone you know will willingly ruin your life which you know will happen if you tick their box. You really don’t know what you have until it is gone. Then, it is too late. Value your family, whether it is close friends or relatives that make it so. You only have one set.

Auf Wiedersehen, My Pet, ITV1

On Wednesday dog owner Tim had to face an agonising choice to give up his beloved pet pooch, Baloo. Unable to give him the support and time due to his heavy work schedule, Tim selected his Staffordshire bull terrier to a new home. This show however, meets three hopefuls vying for the well trained, loveable mutt. Faced with a legal secretary, wannabe dog owner with a young family and retired couple with previous dogs, we can say Tim made the right choice. He chose the legal secretary. Usually a typical and daft programme genre ITV cook up on the fly, this was actually a good show, granted it was one episode caught. We’ll have to see if it has further value down the road. Though ITV are now forcing viewers to register an account on its catch up service ITVPlayer to watch recaps. Laughable management will not make people sign up to watch based on demands over free will. Change it back to free with the option, or lose your custom base. Commercialisation with dictation does not work and only ever ruins your reputation.

Mammon, More 4

If you like Scandinavian/Nordic drama’s this could interest you. A new, eerie and smooth drama with fictional setting that instantly captivates. The Norwegian import is another in the line of dramas such as The Killing and Salamander. Many however, might be put off to read subtitles on a Friday evening after a long week of work.

And so Sunday arrives once more, with nothing available (again.)

As it goes, this week was quite empty and boring, TV wise. With all these channels, why is it so difficult to have interesting content? It’s not difficult. Or maybe it is for some. Maybe this means old formats are past it which drive TV to online stations or new content elsewhere. TV may be around for eternity, but it may means less reliance is moving forward from it. Put something good on, and all will be forgiven.


Billy Howard

X Factor UK Categories revealed

X Factor UK Categories revealed


The tenth anniversary series of UK X Factor has decided which judge gets their categories.

After plans to host a ceremony on his luxuioris yacht in the middle of French waters, slimeball Simon Cowell aborted that idea. Cowell, who recently made waves of getting his married lover pregnant whilst she was in wedlock, phoned the judges instead.

Resident clingon Nicole Scherzinger recieved the girls category while X Factor veteran Louis Walsh was given the boys. After ten years on the show sponge Walsh was given a credible category. He added this would be his final year on the show, with aims to launch a boyband after.

Baron of truth Gary Barlow was given the groups. Barlow also plans to leave to focus on a musical tour afterward. Bosses gave him and Louis the top categories to keep them on the show, according to producers.


Returning diva Sharon Osbourne, who left the show in 2007 since its birth left after launching a vicious spat towards then co-judge Dannii Minogue. She will get the Over 28s category. Boisterous Shaz was sacked by America’s Got Talent after a fallout with producers. Mrs.O earlier participated in a calculated row with pop superstar Lady Gaga, online.

She is currently on a one year trial after asking Simon Cowell at an informal dinner if she could get the job by offering to suck his manhood.


Si planned to return to the anniversary bash with originals Osbourne and Walsh but failed due to US filming commitments. He will videocall in during live shows via Skype.


Fans are said to be sick of the show hoping it will leave screens shortly after.

If it is clever it would add an entire new panel that connects with the format of the show. But it won’t, because stubborn media mogul Cowell won’t take direction from anyone.



Daily Mirror

12th Doctor Who named. WHO is the best?

The newest takeover of Doctor Who was revealed worldwide on Sunday. The twelfth timelord was officially named as Peter Capaldi.

Capaldi, known for his stern mouth in political drama The Thick of It, whose accolades include and Oscar and Bafta, took the role to some debate.


WHO Are Ya?

Some younger fans had no understanding or knowledge of Capaldi, which can be a good thing if people are willing to give him a chance by judging him once in the role onscreen. Capaldi revealed he was releaved to air his secret, one he kept from his daughter.

Right for the role?

Given his track record and acting experience, Peter is a worthy choice. The role of the Doctor is one that requires a unique quality but has strong presence on screen and only a role so few people can truly undertake. The traditional role was being considered as female or a black star. Fans were not interested in this casting seen only by the ailing BBC corporation to cave in to social pressure and bee seen as a company that can say it is a cultural one in society today. Many see this as caving to Political Correctness which can actual create further fragmented audiences by casting as such. There are some roles in drama series that are not meant to be challenged in this way. Another example is James Bond. We will have something coming on that later in the month.

Fans should give the actor a chance to show his on screen skills before judgement. When Matt Smith took the role as timelord, some fans would support no matter what, in order to protect their fan culture. Though Smith was a fair choice, he and its scripting upset the entire fabric of the Doctor and its sterling work from Christopher Ecclestone and David Tennant for the new generation of WHOvians. Capaldi also starred in an episode of Doctor Who under David Tennants leadership in modern Roman Pompei.

Doctor best?


Which now leads us to a little fan fun for all you reading. Im certain their will be rife debate and you can comment below to let us know your views should you wish. Who was a remarkable or “the best” of the Doctors? They (whoever they are) often suggest anyone who watches the timelord in their childhood takes instant bias to them s their favourite. For the most part, I agree. However Iam completely impartial. I wasn’t born when the Doctor began, but can still recognise the greatness for drama watching re-runs. At the end will be my favourite/best actor of who, with a ranking of all Doc’s.

William Hartnell


Hartnell brought the Doctor to life. Fans adore the original who gave leaps and bounds to create a cultural phenomenon that inspired great storytelling whilst holding sheer style in character. He may have stumbled a few lines, here and there, but hartnell did lay the foundations for a fifty year old icon.

Patrick Troughton


Troughton had the most difficult job to carry the previous Doctor’s work. Held a more goofy manner above everything in his role.

John Pertwee

jon pertwee

John Pertwee had class, style and poignancy. Striking, vibrant and tender in places the thrid Doctor held his own. Viewers came along with him, mystified by the very next action to defeat his foes. Though he was highly underrated by many, Pertwee is one of the all-time greats and highly memorable for his skill. Added with a moral tone, Pertwee.

Tom Baker

Film Title: Dr Who.

The most memorable Doctor and most kooky. Trademark scarf, hat and poise had fans along for the ride with the Doc. Hanging on every word, moment and motion, Baker defined a whole new dimension to the timelord himself.

Peter Davison

peter davison

Davison had a problem. Trying to discover how to make his Doctor different and his own. Following another sterling alien in Tom Baker, Davison was the youngest before Smith. To his credit, Davison kept the old man inside a younger shell narrative to enhance the Doctor’s legitmacy.

Colin Baker

colin b

Baker the second tried to add some colour. But mmost of it was against him. Classed as the worst Doctor, Colin couldn’t find a platform to take off and got lost in the Who shuffle.

Sylvester McCoy


McCoy returned a more eccentric style with a get up that looked a lot like Bedknobs and Broomsticks or Mary Poppins. He can be commended for aiming to return mystery to the spaceman, but was too big a task to challenge. Only after he got the series back to a stable level of TV shows, the production time was over.

Paul McGann

paul mcgann

This doctor only had an hour and a half to prove himself and undoubtedly failed. Though he did retain some qualities to the timelord with an eccentric flavour. Shame as he held strong presence in the role instantly but the decision to regenerate in a timespan episode was beyond him.

Christopher Eccleston


Returned the Doctor after nine long years away. Reformed the classic to a modern era and kept strong individuality whilst being distant, charismatic and pleasurable. Style in abundance. Early departure as role growing surprised viewers but still holds credibility.

David Tennant


Tennant adored the role, established relationships and handled scenes perfectly. Oddball moments that made sense and couldn’t be switched off for even one minute, Tennant’s inquisitive and descriptive unearthy of foreign planet lifestyles further contrasted depth. A troubled Doctor who ran away from one thing alone gave vulnerability to an almost almighty hero. Faultless, timeless and commanding, Tennant not only continued the modern era of Doctor, but melded his own from the previous to continue the legacy. For an alien, he had high humane qualities.

Matt Smith


Smith may be hailed by some who don’t want the feel of the Doctor tarnished, but Smith was lacking in areas. He was a fair choice for the role initially but peaked when given childish dialogue and a more kid friendly demographic that forgot about the grown ups. The child represented wasn’t close to even eight year olds as intended and went lower. So did the series which had many turn off. Though Smith does have some fans and kept Whovians mildly happy.

Since Smith’s takeover the future of Doctor Who looked bleak. Loss of funds, viewers and respect, the series was flagging. While fans will not have their childhood taken from them by insisting Smith did not destroy the lineage of the timelord, Who has a chance to resurrect it with Capaldi. Though it needs to get the writing and function correct or it really will be the final flight of the TARDIS. Stephen Moffat has tried but his scripts, child friendly re-branding and adoration for making a name for himself under the Who brand is causing rippling tension. Russell T Davies and Co’s work for modern Whovians had to change granted, but the change in Moffat’s direction has been lackluster. He even killed off Matt Smith’s timelord twice, and yet did not resurrect any new actors. This alone proves that he does not understand the fabric attached to the narrative arch of the Doctor and cannot be capable of leading the way forward. Under Moffat’s leadership, I feel, the WHO extravaganza is on life support. Eventually, it will flatline should this continue.


(first to last)


Jon Pertwee

David Tennant

Tom Baker

Christopher Eccelston

William Hartnell

Patrick Troughton

Paul McGann

Matt Smith

Peter Davison

Sylvester McCoy

Colin Baker












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BBC National Lottery Saturday Draws wrong ball

National Lottery Blunder

bbc lotto

Tonight’s National Lottery draw, known as LOTTO, was drawn live on television this evening, Saturday 20th April 2013.

However controversy continued after the first ball drawn was number 45 and clearly visible numerous times on camera as 45, yet was announced as number 46.

The BBC at their Lotto Twitter account failed to respond after public enquiries. They defiantly announced the results again as 46 some twenty minutes later from those enquiries.

lotto results 2

The BBC currently have declined to comment, nor issue any statement since 20.00pm following through till 21.25pm when a usual update is included on television.

LOTTO blunder.One Twitter user tried to locate the draw online to check her numbers, to which the BBC have not yet released claiming debate of a cover up. Queries of their blunder may have to see them pay out to both 45 and 46 on potential winning tickets.

lotto results

Lotto handlers once again defiantly kept 46 as their winning number instead of addressing the mistake to maintain their ignorant credibility as a mainstream brand.

bbc logo

The BBC had recent troubles with the continuation of the Jimmy Savile sex scandal and appointment of new management which is still eating into their credibility undermining their handle on public issues being addressed.


UPDATE 22.33pm


The BBC News was broadcast at 22.15pm until 22.30pm. Usually an update on the Lottery draws is given, though the BBC neglected to do so after the controversy. BBC have yet to explain nor address these impending issues.


bbc sport rugby blunder



Earlier the BBC Sport website made a massive blunder again with the Rugby Union coverage spotted by other hawkeyed viewers earlier today.