Strictly Come Dancing 2015, Week 3: Results

Strictly Come Dancing 2015,

Week 3: Results

scd 15 tess calude 3

The second week of elimination results are in. Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman reveal who is back and who faces the Judge’s boot.

The pro’s started with a sweet movie group dance jumping Kevin into the picture screen to bring Karen to out to the dancefloor with the rest of the pro’s Tristan and Joanne were stuck in the screen. This was the best we’ve seen of Karen and probably the best we’ll see this series. It was a great start despite some cheese on top.

In no particular order Tess reveals the first couple back next week which is Kellie and Kevin. Joining them are Jay and Aliona, Jeremy and Karen, Anita and Gleb, Carol and Pasha and Georgia and Giovanni.

The first to fall in the bottom two are Ainsley and Natalie.

The second set of results return to reveal who is safe. Returning next week are Helen and Aljaz, Peter and Janette, Kirsty and Brendan, Jamelia and Tristan, Katie and Anton and Daniel and Kristina.

The second dance off couple is Anthony and Oti.

Tonight’s musical guest is ever great classic superstar Andrea Bocelli with and Evita classic.


Len’s Lens returns to discuss the dances in more detail. The biased Jive of Jay to outdo Jill Halfpenny’s epic was shameless of the producers. It had flaws and was surprising Craig could not notice the limp and throwaway hands and strolling on uselessness of Aliona. It was a 7 at best.

Darcey talked on Kellie and Kevin’s Star Wars hoo-rah as Craig gracefully master-classed Peter’s Paso. Jeremy was Bruno’s focus.

The dance off

The two dance off-ers take to the floor for their last chance dance.

Anthony and Oti

Paso Doble

Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

scd 15 anthony oti 3

Oti’s stunning and fierce entry was letdown by Anthony’s limpness and rigid frame, even if it is Week 3. Better spin arounds and effort but still to stiff. Not much passion involved with his partner. Got to let loose and engage self to music. All about doing the steps and hoping for the best. Feel good guy who just wanted a go.

Ainsley and Natalie

Cha Cha Cha

Boogie Wonderland – Earth, Wind and Fire

scd 15 ainsley

Great connection with partnership and dance. Improved effort and fun filled. Maintained style, grace and fancy footwork. Commanding leading man and smooth charisma. Amazing performer, with great steps and ballroom spectacular. Should stay but likely to go.

The Judges Vote

Judges Craig, Darcey, Len and Bruno will save one couple from elimination. If there’s a tie lead judge Len will cast the deciding vote. Ainsley proved to be better but the overall look was chosen for Strictly by its mouth feeding producers. Anthony just doesn’t have it, which is a shame for the gorgeous Oti.

Craig – Save Ainsley and Natalie.

Darcey – Very hard to choose. Ainsley and Natalie.

Bruno – Ainsley and Natalie.

Len – Agreed with my colleagues.

O-go-go and gone…

Anthony – I can’t dance. She’s done a wonderful job.

Oti – Really good friend.

oti mabuse

He’s a decent guy but couldn’t get to grips with it. It was sad to see Oti go who really tried hard but it was beyond her. It was the right choice and let’s hope Strictly keeps her around for next year, should it be re-commissioned. She’s gorgeous and a stunning dancer.



Guy Levy


Strictly Come Dancing Results: Week 3

The first batch of couples, in no particular order, safe to next week is Sophie and Brendan, Fiona and Anton, Ben and Kristina, Rachel and Pasha, Susanna and Kevin and Natalie and Artem.

The first couple facing the dance off is Julien and Janette.

Andrea Bocelli

When I fall in love

andrea boceelli scd 3

Impressive tone and amazement from the beginning from the tender tenor. Crowd loved it. Was smooth, collected and compassionate. Class act.

Len’s Lens

We now peep through the lens where we discuss Sophie’s Samba, Natalie’s divinity, Ashley’s hips grinding and Craig being “harsh” to Ben. If he chose to get on board and improve, which he did this week, he would get further praise instead of everyone loving him for wearing just a pair of pants rather than doing nothing else except support his own charity and ignore those he says he is meant to represent and do something for. Dave and his hilarity was also up for discussion.

The following result was revealed as to how is safe for next week. Going through are Ashley and Ola, Abbey and Aljaz, Deborah and Robin, Mark and Iveta, Patrick and Anya.

The final couple in the dance of is Vanessa and James leaving Dave and Karen to head back into next week’s show.

Strictly hired both for thrills and now the two fun acts under Strictly bosses ideals re going head to head.

Julien and Janette


Everybody Needs Somebody To Love – The Blues Brothers

More proficiency from Julien this time round with arms and enjoyable attitude. Stronger style than previously as more relaxing in a strange, ‘facing the dance off again’ way the contest tends to have.

Vanessa and James


Lay all your love on me – ABBA

Vanessa just doesn’t have the acting style and fierce, sharpness in contrast to her tongue lashings with the judges. Very stiff and waits for James to command her outside of leading tendencies. Decent kicks around. Not much to add, really.

The Judges Vote

julien janette doff 3

Craig – Julien and Janette.

Darcey – The couple I would like to save is Julien and Janette.

Bruno – I would like to keep Julien and Janette.

Len – I would have gone with Julien and Janette.

vanessa james 3 doff

Vanessa said of her experience of what she’ll miss – James, the glamour and sequins. Thank you for having me.

James – I thought you were gonna be possible arguing, you are a wonderful sweat lady and I have a lovely experience.

James is now free to find a new partner to dance with. 😮 The ladies still have Artem, Robin and Kevin and Aljaz to compensate.

james ola cake

Congrats to 10 years for James and Ola.

On his tenth anniversary, James bows out of the Strictly ballroom.



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Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Week 5 Results

Strictly Come Dancing 2012

Week 5 Results

Claudia and Tess reveal the results

After a group dance and recap, the first batch of result were revealed by Tess Daly who would dance again in the next week of the competition.

Making it through in no particular order where – Denise and James, Fern and Artem, Dani and Vincent, Kimberley and Pasha and Louis and Flavia.

The first of the two couple in the dance off was – Colin and Kristina.

Tess also teased the next couple in the dance off… “to be revealed later.”

The Wanted

I Found You

Singing guests boyband The Wanted gave another electric performance to the dancefloor as dancers Karen and Pasha took to a routine with good intent.

The boys looked very comfortable and proved ever more stars with a catchy new beat. Everyone can’t fault their favourite adult boyband of today’s generation.

After some gazing through Len’s Lens at some comedy angled clips of the evening, the results where handed from Claudia Winkleman back to Tess.

Making it through to the next week again were – Michael and Natalie, Victoria and Brendan, Nicky and Karen and Lisa and Robin as the second pair in the dance off were revealed to be Richard and Erin.

Andrea Bocelli

Nessun Dorma

With a powerful and engaging classical interaction, Bocelli once again showed why he is an alltime great. Faultless tone and style.

The dance off


Richard and Erin

Seeing the dance as it was intended, as it fell apart in the previous show, Richard and Erin gave a great rendition and proved to dance this one well, though still slightly off in places.

 Colin and Kristina

Colin had good work here but faltered slightly where it counted in the overall presentation, though was still a competent effort.

It was steps Vs momentum. I would save Colin and Kristina as the overall better prospect.

The Judges Vote

CK none.

Craig Revel-Horwood said one was better, the other worse and proves with “pressure enormous” anything can happen.  Craig opted to save Richard and Erin.

Ballet babe Darcey Bussell voted – so hard, wouldn’t put neither of you in the danceoff. So miss the couple sending home she added. She saved Richard and Erin.

Bruno Tonioli was next up. Would he put the cat amongst the pigeons? He said – a turn of events, like rising from the ashes. Born again. He choose to protect Richard and Erin, who make the next week with 3 votes to 0.

Len Goodman wood have made it a full house to save Richard and Erin, as Colin and Kristina were left to Waltz off the dancefloor with grace.

Tomorrow Never Good-bye. Colin and Kristina bow out of the competition.

Colin said of his time on the show – One of the greatest shows. The quality has been seminal. Respect all the judges say. (It’s) Knowledge, he added. Tess mentioned he was a “gentleman” as moved Colin said it was a “discipline beyond…” and he “accept(ed) your decision” to the judges with tremendous respect and grace. Partner Kristina “enjoyed every second working with this gentle giant.” Both took the last dance with adoration. The rest of the dancers will clearly miss him. He was well liked. Not hard to see why.