Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer released

Long awaited hero mash-up teases mini clip

Over this Weekend Superhero lovers were treated to no one but two epic coming movie trailers. Yesterday on this site we showed the Star Wars Episode VII clip. (Previous post)

Now it’s the turn of the long awaited and somewhat sceptical coming film Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Well, here we go… 🙂 Sound off in the comments below! (Please try to keep them clean.)

The Film is set for release in 2016, starring Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill. Gal Gadot also joins as the revamped Wonder Woman.

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures/Youtube

Film Review: Gone Girl (2014)

Gone Girl (2014)

Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris

Director: David Fincher

gone girl poster

Amy Dunne has disappeared. Husband Nick confesses to dreams of harming her. A dark and chilling morning follows Ben Affleck as Nick Dunne around town to a local bar. He refuses then asks for liquor in a flash of conversation from twin sister Margot. Both are writers laid off in a struggling recession. The year is 2012.

It’s Nick’s five year anniversary. Nick and Amy’s initial meeting five years ago reveals a charismatic and inquisitive communication, where both are drawn to one another from their hard stance of life. They soon lead to time between the sheets. A different type of mutual attraction on personality is all the more while rare and appealing.

Returning home to find a turned over chair, broken glass and an empty place, Nick calls in the cops. Keen eyed, the kitchen marks on a near spotless cupboard are tagged by the wide eyed detective. Nick’s nervousness shudders as a flicker through his files resonates with anyone hating their material under scrutiny.

A glimpse into the popularity of the star writer, wife Amy’s great child character “Amazing Amy” even amazes law enforcement. Realising her character is bigger than her Amy adds “Amazing Amy has always been one step ahead of me.” Her own creation is above her. During such a launch, advised to interest Bloggers, reports and the new wave of media the language is playful and prevalent. Nick adds that Amy even plagiarised herself to create the animation. Not before naughty Nick helps the interview scoop with her “world Class vagina” appraisal.

The feds don’t usually consider this an important case, but decide to take an interest this time. All the stops are pulled out including tracing all her cards, phones and details. The missing person appeal soon becomes “Find Amazing Amy” instead of Amy herself. The police are quite disturbed by Nick who fails to know his partner’s blood type. He’s also classed as type B, a placid, easy going type displaying no real dismay for his lost wife. Further adding to doubt, Nick’s temper is slightly raised with his sick father in another room by chance. Nick gets a bit annoyed with a louder voice drawing police attention.

Marriage is hard, as explained through Amy’s memoirs. She’s an imaginative mind, likely to hold a book and have no real friends. As for her love with Nick, these two are kinky. Enjoying risky, outdoor sex, with frank yet timid discussions sets their sexual tension. They even did it up the stacks of a library.

“Complicated is a code for bitch.” Amy says as later sarcastic sis Margot give a chuckle for the audience adding “she always attracts this” during her absence.

gone girl ben a

There’s the smile! Benji loves reading FalseFabs 🙂 Good to know.

All of a sudden the nosy locals are blabbing to cops noticing the house becoming an instant hub of forensic intervention.

Rifling through her unmentionables gives us the first clue. A letter, naturally. At the missing person’s appeal Nick can’t help being no frills. “Any info, please come forward” whilst cocking an awkward smile. Short, punctual and morose. The in-laws handle it best. The website is “find Amazing Amy.”

Admirers are first on the agenda for blame. One was reported to police much to the oblivious Nick, having no clue.

Every anniversary Nick and Amy like to host treasure hunts. A riddle for her “favourite writer” to which Benji Batfleck gets early. Instead of finding his girl, the lead investigator magically appears during a resetting of entry alarms. Only Nick is sensing sirens. “Are you following me?” he questions.

As the lead money maker, Amy has a near cool one million dollars in savings, and she plans to give it to her struggling parents. They get $879 million to be precise. We are to assume Nick spent the rest on takeout, video games and a laptop. All of which items classed as bad by the authoritive state. Layabout bum Nick relies on his misses, including the bar he co-owns with sis Margot.

This is a story of how relationships easily get out of hand. So much so that Amy feels unsafe to the point she looks to purchase a gun on Valentine’s Day. Most people require a condom, but not Amy. Disparaged as being used by Nick as a sex object and burned for her money, Nick fails to give Amy her one donation. A baby. She feels unheard and invisible. A feeling she all too well used to mock others for.

Nick as we learn, however, has his own year and a half secret.

The media swarm gets its fair share of attention. One shameless female cleverly places herself into a cheeky selfie with the celebrity victim come criminal. Invading such privacy, she tells Nick she won’t be deleting that pic anytime soon, per his request. Whoops. That selfie was from a news casting journo hack. A sociopath is a lack of empathy she explains on her television news show, branding Nick exactly that. The news even go as far to stirring it up implying incest. Watchers joke and smirk at “twincest” in this unravelling tale of depravity.

Influence by media quickly causes tension among townsfolk. All the nosy neighbours look at him in pre-meditated disgust. The cops have already made up their mind. A heckler also drops another revelation to Nick during a public speech, again unbeknownst to charming Nick. One lady also eyes up being a potential replacement to the absent widower.

Amy recounts of her lazy partner taking away her dignity, hope, money and pride, “that became a murder” she adds. Constant taking and no receival has pushed the envelope too far.

gone g neil patrick harris

Mr. Dunne is also advised to look “less wooden” in a later show to turn his image around whilst receiving his Gummi Bear training. We’ve got a pack right here for ya Benji Bear.

Lack of interest makes a key suspect. Can a good journo and the right show turn it around? Has he found the right outlet to do that? Only able to hire a hotshot lawyer with an extortionate price tag (but, hey, they’re rich) “I win the unwinnable cases” his lawyer explains. “The truth is my defence” Nick bleakly adds one time in efforts to clear his name.

Now the strength falls on Neil Patrick Harris as the main provider. As Amy’s first former love with a clearly possessive nature could there be a new twist in the tale? His bag is filled with suspicion, control and need.

A marriage built on pain is the premise of Gone Girl. A break down with such hate, many instances of deceit and a burden for love. Is this a woman who can look out for herself when all other options wrong her? Or is she a vulnerable woman scorned with a powerful brimming talent? “Just don’t piss her off.” Gone Girl could be proof that marriage can attain a stronger bond when such tragedy unfolds regardless of the outcomes.

But what precedes that with a level of self-loathing, invisibility and oblivious nature can drive further apart than together laced with sexual objectivity, debt and financial ruin.

Rosamund Pike’s portrayal of a self-confident, calculated female assured of her talents help her protect herself from problems around her. Faced with a greater risk, Pike sets into full-on mode. During the film, we have to ask, did we allow her to be forgotten? Or was it a PR stunt for attention gone wrong, which viewers may blame her for? Either way Pike has excelled in this foretelling story, with smooth grace and starlit spotlight among a tantalising air of mystery. There are many points which claim empathy and the opposite.

gone g ben rosamund

For Ben Affleck the cool, calm and placid nature of Nick is perfect to maintain. Able to show a fair attitude and look objectively at the situation retains depth of character. The tone set is one of loneliness in a relationship setting. Falling on hard times and trying to make things work, Affleck’s Dunne keeps you guessing, with a strong affiliation to him, even if he is guilty. Forget Nick, Gone Girl saved Ben Affleck’s career.

The lonely life of a writer, let alone two together has been perfectly swayed into the characters easily.

With a treasure hunt gone wrong, partial nudity from both Ben and Pike, routine to relationships and the breakdown of them in everyday lives is a must see. Bordering on real relationships, adapted slightly for dramatisation, of course, the film finally showcases all relationships have severe problems. A tender relationship gone sour, a mix of alcohol and some rough language exemplify a true romance. All romances are flawed, but how you work through them is how to strengthen such affinity. Giving perfect insight into the deeper contexts of what they mean and guidance for blindly entering loveless encounters, Gone Girl is worth every part of its running time. Originally built on the best-selling novel by author Gillian Flynn both she and director David Fincher can be proud of the big screen adaptation. This is a cool 4 of 5 stars and a great tale of thought provoking storytelling for a modern generation living under old age values. I would add that despite the criticisms that women can’t be bad, to which this film sets to disprove, it doesn’t go far enough. This was a great but lightly tame way to paint that picture and it needed it. If it didn’t this would have been a bad film. For that, Gone Girl has made it relevant and insightful.



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Wonder Woman has been cast for Superman sequel

This is the new Wonder Woman!



Israeli star Gal Gadot will slip into the female Wonder’s hotpants under the direction of Zack Snyder, presumably. She will be joining the coming Batman vs. Superman sequel to Man of Steel, meaning Wonder Woman is due to launch.

While Gadot is a stunning and sexy lady, Zack has proved to be completely mindless in making a superhero franchise thrive. After his misdirection casting Ben Affleck ( a talented actor unfit for the role) into the Caped Crusader’s costume, Warner Brother’s is proving to be little competition to its rival, Disney, owning the Marvel group. The aim is to produce the long awaited Justice League film. Many view this as a cheap and lame way in conducting the film only based on Marvel’s boost of the Avenger’s unit.

Many believe Snyder is literally rushing the franchise along without Batman or Wonder Woman in their re-castings gaining new films beforehand.

Our view?

Warner need to sack Snyder imminently. Bringing the franchise down and crippling its mentality before it begins is horrific. When the movie plays out, Snyder’s rush to cast ‘popular favourites’ (especially after FalseFabs debated Wonder Woman’s inevitable on-screen return) will ruin the film, the actors and the characters. It is something that the movie house will never live down. On top of this, it will clearly hand the victory to Marvel.

Set for 2015, Snyder’s Superman sequel with Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck is now rumoured to have been pushed back from its release date to 2016. Warner Bros. confirmed the film was put back till May 2016, which is another slap in the face to the fans. Prepare for more outrage on YouTube, no doubt.


While this is an amazing opportunity for Gadot, whom we have no hatred towards personally, the hiring of a random pin up will ruin the reputation of Wonder Woman herself. It could also make the franchise look very disillusioned from what a superhero actually is and what makes them connected to the audience.

Aiming to find someone ‘new’ and unknown to create some buzz and boost Snyder’s ego is ridiculous. The man has now proved immensely inferior and no picture house should work with the tool ever again. Your reputation is on the line and is something that when taking a huge hit, can ruin everything strived for.

Taking this long to deal with and filled with hot air, the film is already a massive mess and hasn’t even had any real detail on the release. If you need a new director, email us.



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Lex Luthor has been cast

Bryan Cranston bags Luthor role


After the recent revelation Ben Affleck was chosen to take the keys of The Batmobile for a spin, the kyroptonite to Bruce Wayne’s power has been acknowledged.

Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston has received the role of the bald headed baddie.

An online petition scoring thousand of signatures against Affleck portraying Batman was signed in hope Snyder, infatuated with Affleck, reconsider.


We previously wrote in our shortlist of Batman choices Cranston could be one of three hot choices. Mark Strong was also tipped to secure the role and on our list too.

Cranston will certainly put a strong emphasis on the role.


Director Zack Snyder had come under scrutiny after rewarding Affleck, an unwise choice with fans hoping to buy the film, the cape of Gotham City. Snyder may have attempted to make a name for himself, but will certainly go down in history as unfavourable and clueless.

ben affleck batman

Funny enough, in 2001, Ben took to an interview to say “I am not Batman.” The production team are the same studios that produced the Green Lantern. They cast sweet-looking Ryan Reynolds, a then Hollywood luvvie, into the role. The film was a massive flop soon after.


The Hollywood Archive

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Ben Affleck named Batman

Ben Affleck has won the role of Batman!



Zack Snyder’s latest epic Batman Vs Superman will see the two superheros collide. However Affleck, 41, who most recently won awards for self directed Argo, is a little too merose and timid for the role.

Snyder added “Ben provides an interesting counter-balance to Henry’s Superman,” Snyder wrote. “He has the acting chops to create a layered portrayal of a man who is older and wiser than Clark Kent and bears the scars of a seasoned crime fighter, but retain the charm that the world sees in billionaire Bruce Wayne. I can’t wait to work with him.”

We certainly think someone had a gander at our shortlist in a previous post on the Bat-potentials. 🙂

We’ve nothing against Benji, but he wasn’t right for this role and Synder has made a gloryfied mistake to gain Hollywood headlines and the movie is going to peak lower than what it could have achieved in fan support.

Ben also comes with stigma from playing a hero previously typecast as Daredevil, which was a sensational flop in cinemas.

Some people do not fit the role and Ben is past the Bat suit unfortunately and was given the role for some media attention only which now questions the legitimacy of the superhero characters themselves when more sequels need to be made.


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The Oscars 2013

The Oscars 2013

The 85th Academy Awards took place last night on Sunday 24th February. Below is the full list of winners from the evening with added mishaps, thrills and prestige.

seth macfrlane

Host MacFarlane. Great set of Gnashers and Dickie Bow.

Best Supporting Actor – Christoph Waltz, Django Unchained

Best Short Film (Animated) – Paperman

Best Animation – Brave, Mark Andrews, Brenda Chapman

Best Cinematography – Life of Pi, Claudio Miranda

Best Costume Design – Jacqueline Durran, Anna Karenina

Best Hair and Make-up – Lisa Westcott, Les Miserables

Best Short – Curfew

Best Documentary Short – Inocente

Best Documentary – Searching for Sugar Man

Best Foreign Film – Amour, Austria

Best Sound Mixing – Andy Nelson, Mark Paterson and Simon Hayes, Les Miserables

Best Sound Editing – Zero Dark Thirty and Skyfall

Best Supporting Actress – Anne Hathaway, Les Miserables

Best Editing – William Goldenberg, Argo

Best Production Design – Rick Carte, Jim Erickson, Lincoln

Best Original Score – Mychael Danna, Life of Pi

Best Original Song – Skyfall

Best Adapted Screenplay – Chris Terrio, Argo

Best Original Screenplay – Quentin Tarrantino, Django Unchained

Best Director – Ang Lee, Life of Pi

Best Actress – Jennifer Lawrence, Silver Linings Playbook

Best Actor – Daniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln

Best Picture – Argo

Almost, if not every award was what False Fabs predicted and are pleased with the list. Honouring all those deserving and a batch of credible winners among candidates made this eighty-sixth awards bash a great contest based on talent, skill and sustained resolve. All graceful yet itching to win, we wrote in our BAFTA’s review a week or so ago on this site, about the steering towards Argo and Ang Lee’s displacements. Some may argue we are tough. Well you’re ‘wrong’ to assume this. We are highly impartial but mention the underline. As with the Oscars, Ang Lee nabbing the Director was highly deserved. Ang Lee’s sheer poignancy with piercing eye and forthcoming visuals with deep narrative structure to excel Life of Pi onto the screen was simply sensational.

ang lee oscars

Tiger Lee kisses the gold!

Argo scooped the Picture nomination and this was also deserved for the film, though Ben Affleck’s presence surrounds it. The omission of Director for Affleck was seen as unjust. We have to disagree. We respect Affleck, however the Director nomination was based solely on Affleck’s presence, not the Directing and this was lower for recognition than those nominated who made headway so for that could potentially place him in ‘sixth’ place for example, meaning only five go through, obviously. Affleck did deserve the Picture, granted, alongside the other Oscar’s so he can be happy with that, surely.

ben affleck oscars

Beaming Benji! Argo a-got an Oscar for Best Picture.

As for Daniel Day-Lewis, now the first ever male to catch the triple crown for winning three Oscar’s for Actor had been a monumental achievement for the method actor, who is highly conformed to the roles he undertakes with severe precision, nobility and technique. The man thoroughly deserved to be placed as one of Hollywood’s enriched greats. Congrats to you, fine sir.

Third times a charm.

Jennifer Lawrence at the tender age of twenty-two, took home the Actress gong for Silver Lining’s Playbook. While a clear front-runner to win, Lawrence, with serenity, grace and dignified maturity has lined herself for a bright future in Hollywood, despite her fashion faux pas, tripping over her dress as she approached the podium for her honours. Her peers encouraged her recovery with respected applause. One moment of the flying birdie occurred not for the stumble, but when Lawrence spotted one photographer who was ‘THAT’ photographer to her. Done with pure style and taste, Lawrence could not be harmed whatever the outcome. Even a fabulous Dior dress could not stifle the radiant youngling.

jen lawrence

Controversial host and Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane sang with a “We saw your boobs” which was supposed to be funny but was really rather dry and tacky. Some glaring eyes were annoyed from the audience of those actresses mentioned, while others laughed along. I get the humour, believe me, but it was rather lame and probably shouldn’t have happened. Nothing good came from it and it had no real sustained impact in delivering for the host, the audience watching and in attendance as well as an awards ceremony, though managed to follow through after with a well-rounded, unpredicted hosting duties later on in the evening.

Tarrantino, and Waltz have earned their tremendous rights to their sheers talents in what may be unconventional film settings yet both have expert understanding of one another that shines through and the pair working together also cements that precision on stage. Waltz and Quentin have BOTH received all three grand slam awards taking Golden Globes, BAFTAs and Oscar’s for their portrayal of Django Unchained. Epic.

christoph waltz

quentin oscars

Adele took the song for Skyfall as expected and earned. Her performance of the Bond hit with a medley from Dame Shirley Bassey and Sir Tom Jones was a joy for the show in itself.

adele oscar sass

Sassy Songstress Adele.

On a parting note, I have to give immense plaudits to ones that may not be the ‘big’ news. These include the brilliance of Les Mis and the stunning Costume Design for Anna Karenina. Impeccable visuals, sound and style make them a must see regardless.

les mis oscars

Overall the awards were a sterling success. Gaining a nomination alone is a huge feat to receive but to take one home is the ultimate nod from Hollywood. To gain such important prestige can launch and support careers further in film, which should maintain the levels of talent in the room further along to ensure Hollywood keeps a sturdy place in producing really hot, quality films that have once again list an entire checklist for DVD’s and must see screenings for those who haven’t already seen the goods on offer, or to simply own a classic in the making.

jacqueline durran oscars

helena karenina

Helena Bonham Carter in Anna Karenina

Maybe next year the Oscar’s would also send me a VIP badge to report from the luxurious carpet and backstage hobnobbing with the stars. Cheap plug, but hey, I’m good for it! 😀

Images found via search engines of other sites, though ultimately belong to ‘The Academy.’ No copyright infringement intended and credit goes to them, overall.

The Baftas 2013

The BAFTAs 2013

stephen fry

Below is the list of the full winners of the prestigious awards which took place this past Sunday in London.

Best Film – Argo, Grant Heslov, Ben Affleck, George Clooney

Outstanding British Film – Skyfall, Sam Mendes, Michael G.Wilson, Barbara Broccoli, Neal Purvis, Robert Wade, John Logan

Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer – Bart Layton, [Director] Dimitri Dognais [Producer] – The Imposter

Film not in the English Language – Amour, Michael Haneke, Margaret Ménégoz

Documentary – Searching for Sugar Man, Malik Bendjelloul, Simon Chinn

Animated Film – Brave, Mark Andrews, Brenda Chapman

Director – Ben Affleck, Argo

Original Screenplay – Django Unchained, Quentin Tarantino

Adapted Screenplay – Silver Linings Plybook, David O. Russell

Leading Actor – Daniel Day Lewis, Lincoln

Daniel Day Lewis BAFTA

Leading Actress – Emmanuelle Riva, Amour

Supporting Actor – Christoph Waltz, Django Unchained

Supporting Actress – Anne Hathaway, Les Miserables

Michael Balcon (Oustanding British Contribution to Cinema) – Tessa Ross

 Tessa Ross BAFTA

Original Music – Skyfall, Thomas Newman

Cinematography – Life of Pi,  Claudio Miranda

Editing – Argo, William Goldenberg

Production Design – Les Miserables,  Eve Stewart, Anna Lynch-Robinson

Costume Design – Anna Karenina, Jacqueline Durran

Make up and Hair – Les Miserables, Lisa Westcott

Sound – Les Miserables, Simon Hayes, Andy Nelson, Mark Paterson, Jonathan Allen, Lee Walpole, John Warhurst

Anne Hathaway BAFTA

Special Visual Effects – Life of Pi, Bill Westenhofer, Guillaume Rocheron, Erik-Jan De Boer

Short Animation – The Making of Longbird, Will Anderson, Ainslie Henderson

Short Film – Swimmer, Lynne Ramsay, Peter Carlton, Diarmid Scrimshaw

EE Rising Star – Juno Temple (public votes)

Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema – Tessa Ross

Fellowship – Alan Parker

Noticeable was the close up shots of the Argo crew from the beginning of the evening throughout  With the sultry, morose Ben Affleck unable to crack a smile and display melancholy mood after a snub from the Oscars, alongside wife Jennifer Garner and the whole crew there including Hollywood’s dream impregnator, George Clooney, any clever onlooker could see the transparency to unfold.

Ian McKellen BAFTA

Presented by Sir Ian McKellen, accurately explaining the Director has the toughest job, rightly so, one has a pure understanding of the difficulty to act, director, plan the vision of the film and station those lieutenants to deliver good on the film from front of house actors to the staging and camera crew. Believe me, I understand to a full extent how difficult one’s job is to control everything when certain product must finally be melded together to place the final draft on screen to deliver the narrative succinctly. I am not without praise for Ben’s big BAFTA bemusement. By the end of the evening it made him smile, but the levels of credibility removed by BAFTA for molly-coddling Argo all day and seemingly caving in to make a niche opening for the ceremony to compete with the Oscars as an awards ceremony was rather saddening.

Ben's Big BAFTA Bemusement

BAFTA used to and still has notoriety, but this act showed the severe levels of bull on offer. This is not a douching on Argo, but let’s face it, it wasn’t as great as it was awarded for. That’s the key issue here.To compete with Oscars, and possibly gather mainstream status in headlines, BAFTA may have placed itself in realms of slight stupidity as a credible intention.

Les Miserables also stole the show with awards, including Anne Hathaway winning the gong for Actress, deservedly so for her great portrayal in the film adaptation of the musical movie.

ang lee BAFTA

Daniel Day Lewis once again became the graceful and talented BAFTA owner for his expert screening in historical biopic Lincoln. Flawless and talented in every right.

Tessa Ross took the BAFTA for Outstanding contribution to British Film. Ross proved to be an exceptional woman with a piercing eye for detail and prepared to take risks on scripts and ideas on film and television to get them on screen when the idea seems too scary or awkward to undertake for mainstream companies worried of PR implications of negativity. Ross, part of Film4, placed faith in those aspirating film makers, and has produced numerous films of style, wit and integrity that wouldn’t have made it elsewhere. Exceptionally earned.

Quentin Tarrentino joined the “club” which he doesn’t usually do, but was welcome for his intense, witty and humourous offerings on screen.

Juno Temple with the now Turquoisal BAFTA

Juno Temple with the now Turquoisal BAFTA

Skyfall won Best British thing. Obvious wasn’t it? An honour to recognise the staple of the James Bond franchise and mirror the box office worldwide numbers. IT did well at the Box Office, and well done for that. However, this was just a sigh of, get it over with and move on. We’ll have more on a coming Bond piece, but until then, Daniel Craig needs to be removed as Bond if the legacy is to continue for the great and sadly departed writer Ian Flemming and composer John Barry, R.I.P.

Quite frankly, Ben Affleck stole the headlines so it did its job. He used to be the Hollywood heartthrob who had a zest for life, which is now seen as moody, serious and highly altered. Try and bring the fun back out, somehow and let loose. Don’t get us wrong, we ‘like’ Ben Affleck and respect his work, but the proceedings were amok with point scoring global scales.

We felt Ang Lee should have got the Director BAFTA, but there you go. This hasn’t been a biased approach to the above responses, but Life of Pi was an exceptional work form Lee and was one of the best nominees in the category, but many not honoured make films for the reason of making film. It would be a pleasure for that to be recognised by awards than headline grabs, which the awards already makes, regardless.