Jesus Christ Superstar is Crowned!

Last night saw the finals of Superstar, ITV1’s new reality telly talent search genre show crown a winner to play the role of Jesus in Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s West end theatre production, Jesus Christ Superstar.

The three finalists were Ben Forster, 31, Rory Taylor, 24, and Roger Wright, 41. Ben Forster became the winner, landing the role. Forster, who has previous experience with credits including Thriller LIVE (based on the late Michael Jackson’s hits), where Ben, having seen him live myself at the very show, manages to make the crowd interact in the actual theatre, which is a rare feat. He could even make a stiff like me move down the aisles. I’ve got some moves, but not everyone can handle ‘em, but Ben managed to prise them out of me, as with everyone else in a magnificent musical gathering. It became one of the best nights to remember since.

Runner up Rory, highly backed because he was from “the Wirral” became popular due to postcode, as most shows do. Rory is a great singer, but more of a shouter, whereas Ben has stage presence, powerful vocals, able to adapt to all ranges, and has acting credentials to invoke emotional connection to audiences. He was right for the role, which the public thankfully selected.

Over on Twitter, some users noticed the “nasty” Dan Wooton, a showbiz columnist for the Mail tabloid newspaper, in which he would back Rory and write suggestively negative comments throughout the night aiming to derail Ben’s victory. It did not work.

Could he play Judas?

The “Anti-Christ” Perez Hilton

Wooton is now being classed by the internet community as a growing concept as “Perez-Hilton-ism” you know, where he loves to be seen getting a glamour shot with a celebrity to pose for to raise his so called profile in the media and will dump on anyone he doesn’t fancy or favour through own personal taste, which begins to make a mockery of the British press, also cutting into his own credibility as nothing more than someone who doesn’t actually understand anything fully and delivers personal opinion that shines a light on him as inconsistent in every word typed.

The panel on the show, which ran every night for two and a half weeks, comprised of Jason Donovan, Mel C, Dawn French and the Lord Andrew himself. Comedy writer and actress French came under scrutiny for being on the panel, unable to sing herself, however in this instance, when certain levels are related to writing, on screen stage presence and acting, and with someone of French’s experience, had a valid place on the panel, as being able to give credible advice for improvements. Spice Girl Mel C shall star opposite the winner in the role of Mary Magdaline.

The show was hosted by Amanda Holden, suffering from a deadly disease any presenter can face, Kate Thornton-itis. Classed as “wooden” and “uninteresting” Holden, as down to earth as she may be, was not considered the correct host for the role. We would have to concur. Whilst managing to look glam, seemed to cause an inflammation on Twitter with her dress wear on the final, which looked at one point she was beaming up to Babylon 5.

Babylon 5, can you hear me?

Forster, from Sunderland, who had previously auditioned for X Factor (2009), and also starred in Grease and Le Cava was humbled with winning, stating on Twitter, “Thank you ! Thank you! Thank you!! You have made my dreams come true tonight!! Ur support has been amazing!!! Love u all!”

Sadly Ben didn’t have a thorned crown, to wear, while most would have preferred a loin cloth ceremony.

ITV had been cautious of the name of the show, which had dipped ratings lowly on its first episode to roughly three million only, rechristened it Superstar, as worried to call the hopefuls a potential “Jesus”, which the show Jesus Christ Superstar is looking for.

The stage show begins on September 21st with tickets on sale now. Though many ask why Ben will only be doing roughly ten shows, starting at the O2 arena in London. Ben will also take part on the live tour.