Strictly Come Dancing 2012 Week 11: Semi Final

Strictly Come Dancing 2012

Week 11: Semi Final

bruce tess 11

Scores below from judges Craig Revel Horwood, Darcey Bussell, Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli, respectively, along with our professional score and critique below on what it should be in contrast to the hypocrisy on show. Keeeep Dancing!

judges scores 10s 11

Dani and Vincent

American Smooth

Haven’t met you yet – Michael Buble

dani vincent 11 suit

Len – “More I see you dance more I like. Heel turns, quick, crisp, like fluidity of movement.”

Bruno “Carry on like this and wish may come true. Touches of Ginger Rogers. Flair in lifts. Going in right direction. Persist.”

Craig “ liked begin bit, grapevine set scene. Hand above head needs attention. Shaping. Bit clubby. Thought you danced it beautifully.”

Darcey “ lovely quality all way through. Very elegant, chic. Technique all way through improving. Do miss a little bit of sparkle. Bit safe.”

8, 8, 9, 9


Louis and Flavia


Why don’t fools fall in Love? – Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers

louis flavia 11 jock

After some dance tips from Aston from JLS, not to be confused with Aston Merrigold, (Aston?) Lou and Flav had a go on the night at an attempt to dance. Beginning with a jock, basketball throw. Nothing. Usher Flav over. Slow. Basic week 1 steps. Kicks tacky and half hearted. Limp arms swaying. Bad hands in carousel aeroplaning around. Slide thru from Flav only her doing. Trademark backflip. A lift technically. Lazy. Lethargic stole along. Not a Jive in the slightest. Let alone a dance.

Of the public, infatuated Bruno said “Definitely all in love with you. Got performance aspect really worked out. Incredible. Jive, kicks and flicks. Not as clean and sharp. It’s semi-final. Timing issues. Have to be on it. Really sharp. performance wise, don’t be disappointed you’re selling it better than ever.” We know Strictly want to build up stars for its final, but that was just ridiculous and ate into Bruno and Strictly’s credibility.

Craig  agreed “about performance scenario. Soft and laid back. Feet sickled slightly. Laboured throughout. Something seemed to go wrong.” (Whole bloody lot went wrong.)

Darcey added  “Fun routine, style great. Perform so well but its true because so subtle, no strength in your kicks. Expecting more. Could pull it out bag in next dance.”

Len finished “If foxtrot doesn’t come better standard, this didn’t cut it. Lost speed. It was ok. Lot of content quality of dancing not good.”

7, 8, 8, 8


Denise and James


Roxanne – The Police

denise james 11 tango

Good drop swivel around start. Sharp footwork. Connection with partner. Allowing him to lead. Good head spins. Sharp, focused. Sidestep walks down clean and delightful. Careful feet together. Good synchronicity to dark tone. High point come through in attack, end well with James with teasing tantalising trysting. Powerful storytelling.

Craig said it “Got off to flying start with floor spin. Did not stop there, sharp staccato. Little bit of gaping, only on occasion.”

Len heckles “rubbish!”

Craig continued “I loved outline, fantastic dancer.”

Darce felt “Denise, attack you have is extraordinary. You do not fade. So beautiful. Very nice.

Len said “I hate when they are trivial objections. This is semi-final. Stressful. No stress express. Once in hold, you got crashing girl. That was a proper Tango.”

Bruno “You give it to me and I give it back tenfold. Links , build up to end, sensational. It was fabulous!”

9, 10, 10, 10


Brucie asks if his cold makes his “deeper sexy voice” come through. Bruno agreed “Little deeper yeah.” Then they realised the camera was rolling! It was a good exchange.

Kimberley and Pasha

American Smooth

Fever – Peggy Lee

kimberley pasha 11 red

Good start, side to side to musicality. Teasing Pasha along. Lift leg sways in air. In hold around turns bit off. Pushing back well. Into fast twirl around in hold back and forth, slightly disengaging. Too many turns, not enough dance portrayal.

Darcey “amazing double back turns. Well done”

Len  “Would’ve liked a little bit more in ballroom hold. Only say what I see. Parts like Jessica Rabbit. Rest of it fantastic.”

Bruno “That fever can cause epidemic. Rita Hayworth at her hottest. Way you interpret music is fantastic. Let yourself go with music, you becoming it. Keep going that way darling.”

Craig “Would put that routine straight on stage in one of my shows. Creative, contemporary. Just great. Moment when chin was a little bit low down.”

High end borderline, but she gets our borderline score. That means she was almost there to the other score, through panel will favour higher obviously.

9, 10, 9, 10


Lisa and Robin


Best years of our Lives – Modern Romance

lisa robin 11 sass

Behind judges as bongos a lively start. Onto floor with passion and intrigue. Bit slow and halted in middle waiting for direction. Back into it well picking up fun and pace. Turtle shell spin around floor got stuck. Made fun needing help hands. Intentional and fantastic. Robin pick up well, he launches lift onto Riley.

Len “So much fun. Technique little bit laboured. Makes me so happy.”

Bruno “Have fun with it. Crash landing great panache. Everybody loves it, (can’t make) technical assessment. Enjoyed it so much.”

Craig (In Hyseterics.) “The floor spin did it for me darling.”

Darcey  “Something that fast and partying it’s just fabulous. Missing couple of isolations and kicks, but I love you, I really do.”

Bruce “Original good time girl. You really are.”

7, 8, 8, 8


Dani and Vincent

Argentine Tango

Libertango – Astor Piazzola

dani vincent 11 red

Audience over clapping into dance. Hush! They are beginning silently.

Very stationary and stopped for a moment mid dance. Good leg round clockwork floor from Dani. Getting legs in place, though focusing on steps and attempting to add a story in showing then costing routine. Too much causes something to be sacrificed. Wasn’t as great as could be. Was highly downplayed to get steps in place. Shame.

Len “Mood mastered, technique stole my heart.”

Bruno “You’re a lady!” ( Dah dah Daniiii looks like  laddyy!)

Craig “Vincent has taught you so well. One lift little bit bumpy, other than that spectacular.”

Darcey – “So enjoyed your intensity and control. Sustained. Choreography beautiful. Would’ve liked a straighter crisper leg.“

9, 9, 10, 10


Louis and Flavia


Somebody that I used to know – Gotye

louis flavia 11

Bruce told us about Louis’ saucy calendar for the New Year. They all milk it, don’t they? They can look good, but prove they have no skill elsewhere. “Now you know what to buy your lady.” Use it as bog roll paper.

Too eerily dominant with pithy hands. In hold side to side, looking to a distant area of space away from any interest looking lost and disengaging. Tilts head for show only to tick box of dance criteria. Cheap, no real dancing, no performance levels, terrible hands, neck, and minimal footwork, though fair at times. Looks good in a suit.

Craig  “Hand motions. Really did love it, fantastic rise and fall. Moved around floor with authority and drive.”

 Darcey “Thank goodness, you’ve got it. Trouserling, gliding, seamless. Make it look too easy … grace you’ve got it……….”

Len “A little too bobbing up and down. True sportsman get knocked down in one dance you come back stronger.”

Bruno “Smooth operator with twinkle in eye. Smooth, elegant, graceful. Back on top where you belong.”

Strictly Come Dancing is seriously starting to lose its credibility. If goes down this X Factor route it will be curtains in five years or less

All to please a baying mob of over fermenting ladies and some shameful blokes beside themselves with their tongues out wagging as their private parts twinge through a possible menopause. Heaven help us all.

9, 10, 9, 10


High five again. In the world of reality and truth, I’m not high fiving anyone. Often the truthful don’t get the recognition. At least I’m not losing my mind, morals or dignity. 😀 I aint no tart!

Denise and James


First Time Ever I saw your face – Leona Lewis

denise james 11 rumba

Over using my “Crisp” critique now, is Len and the judges to the point of overkill.

Good start of storytelling. Into hold gracefully. Excellent musicality to enhance dance. Ballerina standing mimicry moved by James very good. Excellent open splits never taking heels off floor. Difficult to tell Rumba, was bit off in terms of that but expert routine, footwork and hold with movement.

Darcey “Most stunning arms. Feeling right to fingertips. Feeling beautiful. More romance here. Some moves little broken up. Love to see roll in next.”

Len “Final not proper if you’re not there.”

Bruno “I was deeply moved by this Rumba. Taken another angle to it. Lines superb. Not one moment not on it 100%. Great risk, paid off. Fantastic.”

Craig “Absolutely fantastic storytelling. Seems you come in and out of hip action.

Cheeky James chips in “Weren’t you watching my hip action?”

“Naughty naughty James.” Craig continued. “I loved it.”

9, 9, 10, 10


Considering OUR other scores that was high scoring. All marking was debatable tonight as Twitter users expressed.

Kimberley and Pasha


Prologue/Main Title – Ron Goodwin

kimberley pasha 11 flying

Missed opportunity with aeroplane. Pointless to have implemented it. No effect given to support dance. Sass arms side t side into a hand jest with ooh mouths. Fair legs stamps with kicks and flicks. Lift upside down as propeller not to clean. End with spin around in Pasha arms. Fair but not thrilling overly. Missing a few minor elements to got hat extra, ahem, mile.

Len “First class.”

Bruno “Flying high. Upside down, legs in air. Looking good forom every angle. A feast.”

Craig “F word darling. Fab-U lous!”

Darcey “Quirky, naughty flapper. Great interpretation.”

10, 10, 10, 10


Lisa and Robin

American Smooth

All that Jazz – Chicago

lisa robin jazz 11

Good start, with Jazz hands. Swift feet backward dancing, difficult to do, done well. Into hold. Minor stumble along recovered very well. Good kicks out with facial thrill showcased. Very good overall end of characterisation.

Bruno “When entertainment…. Almost kicking Brucie in the chin with demonstration.”

Craig “Watch free arm. Occasional gapping. Time out ever so slightly, love love love what you do.”

Darcey “Next musical theatre star I love it. Lines in all mirroring and spacing perfect. Only in hold raised shoulders a little that’s your only thought.”

Len “Think I saw your razzle dazzle. Lens hands…. You’re the people’s champion.  High borderline score from us. Others marked too high, not with us.”

Reminded us of a cool Medusa from under the sea (Little Mermaid) with the down to up hand waves. J

Bruno tongue slip of fanny! Oops!

8, 8, 8, 8


Danger zone

Lisa and Robin, Denise and James

Results to follow.

Strictly Come Dancing 2012 Week 10 Results

Strictly Come Dancing 2012

Week 10 Results

mad hatters 10

After some glam glitz from Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman, after the oepning Alice in Wonderland/Mad Hatter professional collaboration, the results were soon revealed as to which couples survived another dance week.

tess 10

Through to the next week were announced – Kimberley and Pasha and Dani and Vincent.

The first couple to grace the dance off later will be – Nicky and Karen.

Bruno chanted disgraceful in the results revelation at Nicky and Karen. He gets a 10 for effort. Well this isn’t an effort scoring because (almost) everyone is working their backsides off. Labelling their dances as “opposite ends of the spectrum.” Therefore that means it didn’t work together, doesn’t it? Therefore meaning that their placement in the dance off is warranted. No?

Michael Buble

It’s beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

michael buble 10

How does he do it?

With a gracious Anton and Erin setting the winter opening scene, with deciduous trees and a shining light filled with a Buble middle surrounded by wooded orchestra, Bubs carried an incandescent, sweet tone with a graceful presentation.

After the smooth bubbles melted we gazed through…

Len’s Lens

After some more close up sneak peeks around the dancefloor arena from the evening with some comedy clips too brief discussion on the dances were also mused over.

Craig managing to keep a level head when giving a 10 score for Kimberley and Pasha.

judges lens 10

Darcey pining over Louis’ beautiful arms. Not hard to be ugly when you have biceps, I suppose. Ugh.

Craig on Denise was sad to see heel slip slightly, as leg too high debated with Len. Costume awareness necessity discussed.

Bruno felt Dani had lots of Sync.

Joyful transition with Lisa and Robin as Riley’s dress was ripped off to thrilling expression of shock and thrill.

Strictly Come Dancing 2012

Big girl can dance!

The remainder of the results were revealed as to who would continue on to the semi-finals.

In no particular order going through are – Lisa and Robin and Louis and Flavia.

Leaving Denise and James in the bottom two.

The dance off


Denise and James

denise raggy dress 10

Stronger drive and go get ‘em attitude instantly at start. Better twirls, and dip point with James in quickstep hold, lift well again, good footwork, very light on floor. Great Jive kick outs again. Skirt wafting to end drop down arch well. Came out fighting.

Nicky and Karen

Strictly Come Dancing 2012

Too much seated leaving too long to get back into hold competently. All twirls and hands, more showy once more than focusing on dance steps in routine. Good lift but careful turning round, then into careful slow steps. Lifts used to much to mask inaccuracies even though allowed. Ends on chair drop down arch back hold of Karen. Wasn’t any improvement on first run and still contained levels of boredom and no progression. Should leave the contest. Can’t be taught any more.

The Judge’s Vote

dance off 10 denise nicky

Time for the votes.

Craig – Denise and James.

Darcey – both very strong performances, Denise and James.

Bruno – Both improved but the outstanding couple for me are Denise and James.

Len – Denise and James.

It was Byrne’s time to go. He was carried a lot. Said it was the biggest and best show. Shaky start with judges, absolutely amazing. Miss the whole thing.

Karen gave thanks to all celebs and pro dancers as well as the show. She had good innings for her debut run on Strictly. Though we don’t know whether she’ll be back. After the results, it was revealed Hauer had made some jibes towards Denise Van Outen, branding her “all smiles and teeth.”  This compelled Outen’s pro partner James Jordan to prompt Hauer to “keep your opinion’s to yourself.”

Ooh Err!

bruno ooh

The show now enters the semi-finals were couples move to next week, hosting two dances each in the competition with the final five remaining couples.

Time to find the contenders.

Images not marked but may belong to BBC/Guy Levy as copyright. We do not claim these for our own and give credit where due. Found through search engine/s where shared in public domain.

Shame I don’t get any 😮 ! If the BBC would like me to sit in the audience and do a live review please let one know. Two tickets should suffice. Thank You.

Strictly Come Dancing 2012 Week 10:Dance Fusion

Strictly Come Dancing 2012

Week 10: Dance Fusion

bruce tess 10

This week’s theme was a brand new concept of Dance Fusion. Mixing two dance styles fused as one. Intertwining a Ballroom and Latin style dance was intended and carried out, but how would the couples fare melding both intuitively?

Below are judges scores from Craig Revel-Horwood, Darcey Bussell, Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli, along with our professional score with constructive critique.

Strictly Come Dancing 2012

Denise and James


Reet Petite – Jackie Wilson

denise james 10

Denise hopes it won’t be a “Dance confusion” after last week’s mishap. Having fun at themselves aside the dance began with James idea of a Jive into quickstep instead of half and half routine.

Cocktail mood, good start of spritey fun, bit more character than dancing at start. Into good round quick spins on floor. Out to hand jiving with a fantastic trumpet back legs lift. Awkward leg knee rise from Van Outen. Jump over head of Denise from James then followed by cartwheel adding routine fun but slightly disconnected from dance for a second. Good arms around twirl on spot, flowing dress turns. Ends well. Good pacing, as Brucie now adds. Held a competent showing with exceptional Jiving as now renowned for. Quickstep was awkwardly matches with this dance, however, was a good in-fusion despite the mis-match initially. Kept momentum. Mishap with shoe caught in dress hole didn’t completely destroy routine. Continued excellent recovery two weeks in a row, showcasing a full professional attitude. Should have stuck with two halves, but took a respected risk.

Bruce humorously adds “If I did that id need a trans-fusion.”

Len said “Fusion, real challenge, not only for pro’s but also celebs. Different techniques. Allowed one lift. Go and show. Proper fusion. Technique in kicks and flicks. Little slip up. Enjoyed it much. Good start to evening.

Bruno begins “Morphing into lively quickstep. Superb. Jive was incredible. Accuracy outstanding.”

Craig added “Agree, Jive part was incredible. Kicks ‘n’ flicks fantastic. Quickstep bit bouncy. Proficient. Fused beautifully. Thank you for remembering routine (to James.) Finished tad late.”

James informs he “Choreographed it that way.”

Sir Bruce tell him “Nice try.”

Darcey says “Strength is Jive, action and attack. Little too much bounce in Quickstep. Love your determination. You go out there and want to perfect every move. Well done.

8, 9, 9, 9


Lisa and Robin

Voulez Vous – ABBA

Tango/Cha Cha Cha

lisa robin 10

Continual round and round flow, losing slight edge. Bit slow and off in attack. It was good but no sustainable impact as such. Fab-ba expressions. Second half with skirt play coming alive with exuberance.

Bruno said “love expose, glitzy. The Cha Cha suits to a tee.” He felt the Tango “needed better toplines,” though much stronger overall in the Cha Cha, “is you” he added.

Craig went on with “Cha Cha Cha works. Top line failing in Tango and ballroom.” Though enjoyed the characters.

Darcey disagreed “Tango was stronger. Topline improved. Cha Cha loose. (You) Always give your all.”

Len finished with “entertainment is infectious. Went wrong in the Cha Cha Cha. Too predictable.” Though ended with a jolly note claiming Lisa was the entertainment “king!”

Artem chicken fillets chest hair alert! Many viewers have missed these.

7, 8, 7, 8


Likeminded, Darce and Bruno gave a high five. Where’s mine!? (Waves virtual hands left to Darce and right to Bruno. Ooph!

Nicky and Karen

Samba/American Smooth

Olly Murs feat. Flo Rida – Troublemaker

nicky karen 10

Sit in chair prop. Karen now takes the chair duties in a musical exchange.  Twirl on floor. Into American Smooth hold. Hop over chair by Boyish Byrne. There was no point to it. Slow lurching step along hold. Fair lift, not exceptional, slide and shimmying half-heartedly a bore. Twirl carousel of finger cheesy. Sit down. Wasn’t really entertaining, all showman, no showbiz talent shown.

Craig mentioned it “needs bounce in Samba” Truly dreadful. Haphazard. Adoring Bruno chipped in “how cruel” Honestly? Can no-one handle the truth and lose their own perspective on who they fancy? Come on, retain your dignity.

Darcey brought reality back “is true” shoulders let you down. Extend arms. Was safe.

Len said to fuse together is greatest challenge. Tough call. Samba terrific. Mix good, lifts good. Good job.

Bruno over eccentrically adds “heroic effort. Two dances different.” Adding he gave 110% (you can only do 100% of anything) “don’t overestimate what you cannot do.”

5, 7, 8, 7,


Dani and Vincent


Happy Feet – Paul Wightman

dani vincent 10

Good start with fun attitude. Slight loose hands fluttering. Very good back heel kick out. Good tilt around spins. Cheeky fun Charleston. Tad slow on leg crossover hands placement. Good steps in place crossing around followed. Lost some momentum. More of a Charleston but pleasing all the same.

She then received an audience standing ovation. This meant nothing and is now adopted from the X Factor fans that have diverted from channel ‘overseas’ surfing. Please remove this hypocrisy instantly if order to maintain show outlook favourably. Last thing the show needs to destroy credibility.

Darcey felt the dance was “extraordinary, shining in and out. Cheeky, fun and sweet.”

Len said she was “happy with feet.”

Bruno added “like two sides of same coin. Brilliant, stylistically – absolute perfection. Whole sequence delight.”

Craig finished “choreography brilliant. Fantastic work.”

 Still stuck in top tier of eights. Needs to push forward with further drive to move to nines. Overzealous ludicrously with marks from judges though.

9, 10, 9, 10


Louis and Flavia


With or Without You – U2

louis flavia 10

Filled with loose women jokes, fainting  and playing up to girls fancying Louis as his only reason for being in the show, the fusion finally began shrouded in shortcomings.

After previous weeks of not bothering to dance, could he actually turn this around? It wasn’t enough. Rumba was a sterotype. All about fancy, not dancing. Lame.

Spin into hold, then meandering hopelessly. Crouching tiger hands as Flav dances. Step back and arm up occasionally. Into fast lift with no essence for a moment to seem interesting to all girls in love everywhere based on no dance merit. Tango then say circling around only. Was looking around where to go. Needed a signpost. Still lost on the floor. Was also very boring, no dance aptitude with no passion whatsoever. No thrill. Became empty dance once again. Tragic.

Len praised with “each end of dance spectrum. Pulled it out. Great.”

Infatuated cartoon Bruno said “soft and sensuous to climax at end. Keep it Up!”

Craig added “Danced with effortless dexterity. Your Thumb was up in the Tango.”

Beaming Darcey went on “emotion perfect, arms delicious. Crisp. One of your best.”

There was nothing “crisp” involved, no dexterity wasn’t pulled off, and was boring not sensuous. The bull****-ometer is cranked up to overdrive. Effortless = lazy. Still hasn’t danced.

Does this mean Strictly is due to die after adopting an X Factor / Big Brother style of adoration?

9, 9, 9, 10


Kimberley and Pasha

Cha Cha Cha /Tango

It’s Raining Men – The Weather Girls

kimb pasha 10

Rule number one. NEVER open an umbrella indoors.

Strong start with legs. Steps a little cautious, good attitude. Though not dark enough, still smiley in Tango. Good kick out and smiles in change of dance. Was an OK dance. Not exceptional, not lowly.

Bruno commented “nuclear fusion. Imaginative, inventive, dance of the season. (This is the problem with American jet hopping.)

Pleased Craig adds “That is dancing.”

Darcey chips in “Fabulous pout in smile. Made it your own. Fabulous.”

Len concluded “Join the audience. Well done” as Len copied the crowd and stood and clapped in a tedious showing which should have kept seated than add hypocrisy to the ovation/Cheryl Cole/ X Factor likeness that crippled part for the show’s credibility.

Much more vast over estimations and lunacy in the scores follow.

10, 10, 10, 10


Danger zone

Nicky and Karen, Lisa and Robin, Denise and James

Results to follow.

Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Week 9 Results

Strictly Come Dancing 2012:

Week 9 Results

tess claudia 9

After the performances and backstage feel from the dancers, couple and judges, “the scary spotlight” cometh Tess informs.

Safely through to next week are – Louis and Flavia, Lisa and Robin.

First in the dance off – Michael and Natalie.


Hold Me Down

jls scd 9

Smooth, tender R’n’B love song from the foursome whilst maintaining a dapper sense of style and originality in attire, also showed their maturity in their performance.

Len’s Lens

Fabulous dickie bow and chevron tissue thingy. Darhling.

Fabulous piece of equipment versatile, able to do dust work Bruno claims, but no Fern return to sweep the floors.

Bruno of his chair again.

Shortly we head back from Claude to Tess for the rest of the results.

Also making it through to the next week are – Denise and James, Dani and Vincent.

Couple dancing again in bottom two are – Nicky and Karen.

Alfie Boe

Bridge Over Troubled Water

alfie boe scd 9

The smiley eyed former mechanic with worldwide success gave a powerful rendition of a classic track adding tone and charisma to the vocals whilst joined by dancers Artem and Aliona. Ending on a powerful and supreme note with pure essence.

Dance Fusion, new to show one piece of music two dance styles.

Mixing two dances into one. Its different, but also very risky to removing fan base. The group elimination dance was fun, lets bring that back too. It may need something new, but this seems rather pointless. We hope were wrong, but… we shall have to see.

The dance off

Michael and Natalie

Mechanical arms and good twirls with minor hip action trying. Good legs side to side. Limp in energy slowing down. Arm extensions fair but flimsy on end. Rather loose in part and devoid of enthusement. Good effort, beaming smile and feel of having a go yourself.

Nicky and Karen

Creeping up on Karen, side to side quick feet remain good. All a little slow and uninteresting. More attack of a paso doble than Tango. Good spin around lifts carried by Nicky. No qualities of Bond, every bit boring. Slight improvement but still off in parts.

The Judges Vote

scd 9 result

Craig – absolutely sensational second time round.  Nicky and Karen.

Darecy – both upped game tonight, but save Nicky and Karen.

Bruno – really have to go with couple with License to thrill, Nicky and Karen.

Len – It was unanimous, Len agrees.

Michael Vaughan – “thoroughly deserved” he said of friendly rival Nicky going through. “Had a ball, (Nat) this is the real winner” he complimented his dance pro Lowe.  Natalie responded – “So incredible” of cricketer Vaughny.

Taking their last dance Michael and Natalie will be missed in the completion, adding fun, beaming smiles and blokey joy to all looking.

michael vaughan out 9

Now the competition is getting very serious. All are ‘strong’ candidates, which will see a few weeded out soon enough. Dance Fusion’s begin next week.

Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Week 9

Strictly Come Dancing 2012:

Week 9

bruce tess

As the competition heats up to finding contenders for the ever sparkly glitterball trophy, as ever, the judges scores from Craig Revel-Horwood, Darcey Bussell, Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli are given, along with our own professional score and critique below.

Kimberley and Pasha


Land of a Thousand Dances – Wilson Pickett

kimb pasha 9

Good sass start, but still starting alone too much for our liking. Takes long time to get back into partner hold to really go for dance. Spin leg around Kimberley. Awkward, lost fluidity. Very slow legs around walks with Pasha. Good kicks after towards end with fair attack, but still rather lukewarm for a Jive.

LG – clean precise fun to be shown. Couple dodgy moments, off in stage but overall nicely done.

BT – pumping it and bouncing like frisky rabbit. Great energy, timing side to side kicks. Spoiled something that was almost perfect.

CRH – brilliant, fast efficient, loved double turn at end. Going through legs very clumsy, will lose you  point, cracking end.

DB – certainly matched pasha energy level. Strong core. Well done.

9, 8, 8, 9


Dani and Vincent

Viennese Waltz

That’s Amore – Dean Martin

dani vincent 9 gondola

Good dip down sweet, smooshy Vincent not too appealing and seeming to be boring in parts, very slow with turns and glide along. Good head turns. Good sync, good feet together and in hold with Vincent to end, but just missing something zesty inside. A lost dance.

dani vincent 9

BT – Rosetta Stone alert! Bruno in Italian. Subtitles. Absolutely enchanting. CRH – really like series of batmon kicks back turns not pretty, full of musicality, sweet but not blow me away, sadly.

BF – blow him away. DB – lower was so clean and neat. Create better curve in upper body, beautiful. LG – my little chipolatas, want normal Viennese waltz all little bits and pieces I enjoyed, had charm.

8, 8, 9, 9


Michael and Natalie


Tequila – The Champs

michael natalie 9

Michael struts down the stairs shaking his maracas as Nat headdress thrown to Bruno who fans himself down. Good twirls, fair hip movement, good aeroplane glide hands, though were limp on descent. Good spins, fair movement ending with the spin of Natalie on the floor. Good fun but very tiresome and lacking in pace.

Craig begins “It wasn’t completely dreadful and slightly improved but it still looks very awkward. I love the shirt darling. What bothers me your free arm is a huge concern, you really have to work on that and we could really have done without those hip, thrusting, things.

Darcy adds “The improvement is outstanding. Amount of content extraordinary. Well done and you got through.

Len continued – “There was a lot of content in there. Plenty of movement. It wasn’t fantastic but it wasn’t that bad so well done for having a go.”

Bruno is a tropical print or you finally turning into one it wonder everything was on one side you could swing both ways my dad Darling with the lips but it is the hips.

5, 7, 6, 6




Nicky and Karen

Argentine Tango

Skyfall – Adele

nicky karen 9

James Bond themed for Nicky creeping up behind Karen with eerily emotions. Slow getting back into hold, good side to side with the fast step kicks along. Good lifts with pointed toes on ground as sundial carousel of Karen pleasing attention to detail. Good kicks and drag along and spiral lift atop Nicky lift. Ends rather anti-climactically. Little boy may have suited though key element missing in-between fantasy outlived on show and not much dance structure transparent.

Darcey – The intensity was perfect. The story, would have liked more lustful Nicky in those moves. You can get a little bit hard, needs to be sensual. In your shaping, in your top line, not gonna be able to get this out (as crowd in hysteria from stiff comments) think about your pecs, (pectorials) think about your shoulder blades sliding down. Definitely a great performance, you went for it.

Len – Was a little too ballroom for me, it was a little bit staccato. I’m only telling the truth everyone, a little bit more fluid. Needed a bit more fluid, the lifts crisp and nice, well done.

Bruno – when I think a lot of people like that hard. You have to license to kill, intense and purpose, determination. Lifts were excellent, yet at times it was a little bit staccato but I think it’s because you put so much power into it, doesn’t take away from the power of the performance which I thought was great.

Craig – I thought the storytelling was absolutely superb throughout that. Was too aggressive and stompy and it ended up looking like a little boy not getting his own way. It was still great though.

7, 8, 7, 8




Lisa and Robin


Bring Me Sunshine – The Jive Aces

lisa robin 9

Bright start with sunshine arms, good twirls in hold working around floor, brilliant bounce looking effortless in feet hops with Robin. Personality shine through, good footwork gliding along, jolly fun great somersault over couch to end, though felt some parts were a minor part less than what could have been. Needs to get back in that higher over bracket. Has the chance to do so.

Len – That’s what you bring to this show, sunshine. Fast, fun.

Bruno – Personality couldn’t be brighter. You have a zest for life. Totally captivating, managed beautifully and I loved the ending, as Bruno then falls off his chair in another hilarious moment.

Craig – Left hand needs more shaping, very flat on Robin’s arm. Messy incident on the Charleston, which got you out of sync, but the energy I have to say is incredible.

Darcey – You shine. Love energy, you get little tired in top lines, but you’re light, fast and you shine.

7, 8, 8, 8




Denise and James


Rhythm of the Night – Valeria

Shimmy Jimmy Jordan. Did you like his Shimmy's?

Shimmy Jimmy Jordan. Did you like his Shimmy’s?

“Shimmy Jimmy Jordan” begins with Denise. Good start of rhythm, good twirls down of Denise and lift around. Footwork well by Van Outen. Swift, fluid and wafting skirt well. Lots of sass and shimmy lift around again, little tired down and awkward from James. We noticed. Denise drop down splits end through James leg well. Covered up mistake well.

Bruno – Hot ‘n’ spicy with sharp edges, spins are fantastic but couple near misses. Covered well, but, is it your fault again? As good as you did it, hips need to be fluid.

James – Can I just say, the professional dancers get just as nervous as the celebrities. And I went blank. It was me. I apologise.

Craig – Well we really do have to blame you now darling, this is marv-ellous. Absolutely loving this. Could be bit more fluid like figure eight thing, if got big fill need to fill them with something.

James – That was where we went wrong.

Craig – Well you have to make something yup instead of giving the game away. You have the best spins I have ever seen from any celebrity.

Darcey – attack, underarm turns so fast, can look bit clumsy. Little dodgy in lifts. Your shimmy’s, you pin your elbows in. Darcey gives her shimmy masterclass.

James – did you like my shimmy’s darling?

Len – not how go wrong its how you recover. James was in a flux, I thought you did good. Ok there was a blunder and you can’t get a ten but I thought you did well.

8, 8, 8, 8


Louis and Flavia


Dr. Wanna Do – Caro Emerald

louis flavia 9

Cheeky monkey Louis should have suited this yet still only walking around the floor, no dancing at all. Spinning Flavia around and lift, couple of kicks out as spin around, adding comedy character acrobatics, with a cheap and tacky somersault twice landing over Flavia, limp and boring no emotional investment and all comedy goof. Really uninteresting and lacking of interest. Only gets fancy votes and still can’t do a single dance move in routine. Tedious. For a gymnast, and Olympian Louis still has no killer instinct and it cannot be taught. Lacks any drive, passion and charisma.

Louis Flavia dazed

Craig – “I think your acrobatic skills were used wisely and to best effect.” At long last, some personality.

Darcey – Yes Louis you got it, you performed. Silent movie star now. Had the wow factor.

Len – You’ve got a personality and you’ve come out and performed.

Bruno – Doctor, Doctor, my heart is pounding! Do you do house calls? We all know you have ability, you shown us fun. Making of a true contender. (Please stop with the bullsh*t ometer.)

8, 10, 9, 10


Hypocrisy continues!

Danger zone –

Dani, Nicky and Michael

Results to follow.

Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Week 8 Results

Strictly Come Dancing 2012:

Week 8 Results


Strictly opened with the dance crew from Britain’s Got Talent performing with the Show’s professional females in a very good opener and pleasing beginning.

After the recap from hosts Tess and Claudia, the first batch of results were revealed as to who were safe.

The couples through to next week were – Kimberley and Pasha, Louis and Flavia, Nicky and Karen.

The first couple to make the dreaded dance off were – Michael and Natalie.

After gazing down Len’s Lens at some more hilarity angles with Craig getting his groove on, bowler hat gent Len entering with a cheeky bum pat with sheer gumption and comedy clips the results were back to Tess.

Making it through were – Dani and Vincent and Denise and James.

The next couple making up the dance off were – Victoria and Brendan, leaving Lisa and Robin through to next week.

The Script

Hall of Fame

The Script. Or Danny, as he’s known…

Good song, good band, was OK performance. Not really moved, like them, but all for Danny show as re-signed to The Voice UK to be screened, on the BBC, in the spring of 2013 to combat Britain’s Got talent on rival show ITV.

The dance off

Victoria and Brendan

Much better second time round letting go and enjoying it as advised by the judges. Still minor in armogarapy and steps timid though better than original performance, but not enough to classify as a full on great routine. Bless her, but, its time to go.

Michael and Natalie

Michael very stationary but will he add any dark personality? Little more grace and movement with attack than previously. Must remain routine as before, however did show more attack and attempt to improve the dance and its presentation. Decision is easy tonight, but, will the votes go as such?

The Judges Vote

Craig – completely smashed it, thought fantastic. Michael and Natalie saved.

Darcey – Yes I’m gonna save Michael and Natalie.

Bruno – Save the best foremost. Michael and Natalie

Len – Agreed with Michael and Natalie.

Victoria humourously adds she would save them too. “So much fun, loved every second, pushed out of comfort zone.” Costume, hair and make up were graciously thanked by Pendleton. “Fantastic experience.”

Brendan added – Emotional rollercoaster. So excited to work with. Proud of her.

Heart of the nation, but “Queen Vic” now peddles on.

Having a fun dance at end.

A lovely lady but her time to go.

Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Week 8

Strictly Come Dancing 2012:

Week 8

As always, scores are below from judges Craig Revel-Horwood, Darcey Bussell, Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli, along with our professional score. Brucie recounts his tale of going on an 18 – 30 holiday after Dani had one. It was in 1830. Ba Boom! Was a great crowd pleaser and start to smile with.

Dani and Vincent


Single Ladies (Put a ring on it) – Beyonce

Good sass and sizzle start with Vincey flamboyant chest gyrate with spangle sequins shimmer. Good for her but lacking some spark in energy a little. Good poised strength of character in routine. Hot aeroplane down end lift, but still a lift, technically.

1 yr out Craig? Cheers. Need a cheap call for a fill in? 😀

LG – got party started. Brave start. Lots of basic stuff going on, thought it was fabulous. BT – I would put a ring on it. Babycham aside, hip action, I loved it. CRH – one hot little dancer. Body ripples perfection. Tidy Samba. Beyonce quotations he loved loved. Sir Bruce Forsyth added –  didn’t hear quotations.

You want a quote? 🙂 I can provide…

Darecy ended the critique – Attitude and confidence brilliant. Running promenades be stronger and cleaner. Loved it.

9, 9, 9, 9


Kimberley and Pasha


When Doves Cry – Prince

To celebrate Kimb’s belated birthday, Strippergram Brucie arrives!

Caught up in beads was just fantastic. Brucie is certainly needed for Stritly.

Attitude to begin, but getting into start from that takes bit of time to regain momentum. Sharp turns but in between gaps not enough powerful feel of dance content. Poised, focused and strong but lacking the narrative to the audience. The dance was good points but what was the story? That was missed in the projection of getting all the steps ticked off the box. As for the dance, it was a good feel and tone to it with a great connection, but not both of their dance, needs to be with the audience a home as well.

BT – vixen. Dance brilliant. Staccato just killing it, going for it, getting better and better, did I see slight wobble in middle? Was absolutely great. CRH – yes you did see. Something happened. Loved drama at top, set story brilliant told all way through, hand shaping placed into the crack, of Pasha’s armpit. Little loose. Fabulous.

Crowd hysteria with “crack.”

Storytelling and moody pouting pleased Darcey. Attack, loved it. LG – gotta agree partly, loved the mood. Passionate. Your hold goes in and out little loose. Feet little flat throughout but feel mood and intensity of dance was spot on.

Bruce bids farewell to Pasha Bolognese as Pash throws his tagliatelle hands up.

8, 9, 8, 9


Victoria and Brendan


Candy – Robbie Williams

Oh my god! at that into hold at start almost knocking one another out. Awkward exchange, despite trying to begin well. Sorry. Falling flat after hand walks looked stranded and awkward on own. lift,

Love her but, atrocious. Sorry, we want to like but it was just awful.  End on shoulders spin around lift.

Bruno lick his lolly. Len nothing. DB – love hearts, CRH – gobstopper.

CRH – prop candy sticks had more fluidity. Len – bit light. Needed more go in it. Lifts good agree with DB, bit more oomph that’s all. BT – very fetching. Gorgeous. When stand still your fabulous. Some much to offer and still don’t deliver. Get into it let yourself go, it doesn’t happen. You look amazing. Use it.

Too shy, doesn’t know how to apply it. Still always Brendan moves.

4, 6, 6, 5


One Twitter user, Katie Kileen added – “Brendan dragging round floor is just cringe.”

Louis and Flavia

Paso Doble

Dirty Diana – Michael Jackson

Cape work. Twirls looking at Flav as a mate.

Jump round to floor uninteresting and a lift. Arms not very good. No impact made, fair feet, lethargic move around in hold. Easy. Safe, in hold repetitive circling the floor. Head shake interaction mean nothing just for show, ends VERY unattractively to no interest on a floor spin.

DB – arrogant, forceful attitude not there for me. Missed the story, wanted you to perform. LG – thunder and lightning. Needs attack. Nothing going on! No fire in the blimmin’ thing. BT – totally agree can produce beautiful shapes, should be left breathless. Based on matador and arena. CRH – have to learn to act these dancers. Go no further unless.



Being a performer as gymnast? Then that means that he hasn’t got ‘it’ as a performer.

Lisa and Robin


As if we never said goodbye – Barbra Streisand

Pampering. Gorgeous Riley rose up to stride towards beau Robin centre of floor with a very good spin and close interaction with emotion and tender romance. Mirroring one another with excellent timing and remaining feel with story,  interaction pertaining to the routine, had a strong basis of love and dance. Near perfect.  Almost a nine. Borderline.

LG – like some, but feeling not exciting. BT – nice surprising and understated, expected fire. Careful, nice but not overwhelming. CRH – slightly tempestuous and aggressive lost sensuality. Not a dance that suits, what did do danced well. DB – so try, hard to sustain moves. So brill in Latin, don’t think this is your dance.

7, 6, 7, 7


How is a big lady who is not “aesthetically” framed to be viewed as doing a good job. She did.

Michael and Natalie

Argentine Tango

Bust Your Windows – Jazmine Sullivan

Good start, dark, commanding, stationary. Natalie leading, however. Good up forward leg back lift. Careful on steps looking to Nat for guidance. Spin around lift. Drag leg back close connected lift good. Spin around and jump spin.

BT – concentrating in getting through routine lost sexuality and routine.  CRH – lacked resistance and lead. Adornments very stiff. DB – such an attentive partner. Missed domineering man. Hungry and passionate for her. Beautiful lifts. Lovely lines. Concentration. Needs more arrogance. LG – wish I had a stiff adornment. (Craig laugh’s) Part one, learn dance, two – perform it. Full routine. Lifts good. Spin on floor. So much good going on. Overwhelmed by one thing.

Bruno scared motions were hilarious.

Woman reacts to male influence of dance actions.

We’ve all come to love the transitions Michael Vaughan has made on his journey but HE was the one carried in that.

6, 7, 7, 6


Nicky and Karen


Doop – Doop

Wanna play the game with you…

Theatrics did not save this dance to begin, a funky beat was too overly disjointed and made this a comedy typical stodge premise. Comedy clown of SCD, lacking  real interest. No connection with partner.

CRH – wasn’t a disaster. Suited you down to the ground, your best yet. DB – it was magic. Quirky, fun. LG – like set up. No stress express. Top two this week. BT – character, slapstick, energising. Never lost Charleston. Imaginative, fresh.

9, 9, 9, 9


Denise and James

American Smooth

Imagine – John Lennon

Lift up around by hands. Embrace with smooth sultry tender around. Good command from James. Elegant twirl above head lift on shoulders. Wobbly carousel spin. Good arm out rotatory action. Stunning lift at end. Lovely job, with exquisite lifts.

DB – graceful, musical, pleasure to watch. Effortless. Make it seamless. Beautiful lines. Sailed round that floor. LG – like sea wave after wave of effortless motion. Class. BT – smooth… finesse, silk, emotional connection, for me was perfection. CRH – James thumb up on occasion, Denise perfection.

9, 9, 9 10


Danger zone –

Victoria, Louis, Michael

If CRH leaves SCD it will be tough. But screw him for trying to pinch my X Factor job, darhling! :p

Results to follow.

Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Week 7 Results, Wembley

Strictly Come Dancing 2012:

Week 7 Results, Wembley

Diner Chic in group collaboration for Wembley’s 2012 class which was a good meld together of all involved at front of house. Even Craig at the lemonade and kisses booth!

James pushing the dodgem with hosts Tess and Claudia was great. Who doesn’t love a sparkling driving wheel?

Claudia Winkleman billed the musical acts highly tonight, as “pop princesses“ Girls Aloud and the “Queen of Pop” Kylie were on tonight. Claude is just doing her job, but, technically let’s re-establish the reality. Kylie is the “princess of pop” which means Girls Aloud are the daughters of pop, perhaps? We shall explain in fuller detail later in the week.

The first round of results were announced as who was saved – Dani and Vincent, Michael and Natalie, Lisa and Robin and Denise and James.

The first couple to face the dance off were – Richard and Erin.

Claudia now explains there was a technical glitch on Saturday’s broadcast where some of Michael’s dance was missed on transmission, however is available in full on the BBC iPlayer catch up service on the BBC website.

Girls Aloud

Something New

After a decade of hits, Girls Aloud performed their catchy comeback single with a risky live performance which was respected as all five females sang to a credible level which made them respected for that. The song, however, was an upbeat, catchy and powerful return for the five strong female group which can really get you enthused and ready to rise up with integrity. We like this one a lot.  Great comeback track.

After some funny clips from Len’s Lens with “six times” the floor expanded from the regular set, and Bruno and Len ploughing into Tess and Claudia in the dodgems humourously, giving some Claudia ‘Whiplash’ Winkleman, the rest of the results were soon revealed.

Joining the safe couples next week are – Victoria and Brendan, Louis and Flavia and “oh is that u?” a voice reminiscent of Flavia rings out. Now its down to boyband versues girlband. On place left going to – Kimberley and Pasha, leaving Nicky and Karen in the bottom two.

Kylie Minogue


Stunning glass frock on Kylie with a great interaction to the floor with dancers around and an all-round star act performing once more in a great production with an all-time classic. Faultless and a go getter theme to encourage party atmosphere. G-lass act!

The Dance off

Richard and Erin

The Man from Del-Monte!

Enthusing the crowd, great cartwheel from Erin with a flutter shuffle of feathers. Lift Erin down looks bit tired but getting more oomph than previously. Banana boys join in sashaying as Richard shoves Erin all at sea. No buoy for her. Will they be voted off the island?

Nicky and Karen

More energy beginning looking better than last night into hold, even though still lacking a little finesse with clarity. More fluid arms and kick with air guitar. Good back drag through legs of Karen with catch lift up, steading themselves. It is a shame that they give better on their dance off. They, like all couples should give it that extra spark of attack to not fall in the bottom two. We did think Nicky would be in the bottom two, but we didn’t wish to influence votes. We give three couples who are facing it, but will probably turn it around.

The Judges Vote

Their fates sealed, the judges now vote.

Craig  – For sheer exuberance and energy I save Nicky and Karen

Darcey – Both performances very well goes down to content and energy. Nicky and Karen saved.

Bruno – highly entertaining but have to go with power and content, delivered by Nicky and Karen.

Len – I did agree, Nicky and Karen.

Richard began his departure speech stating – “I thought I’d always miss the wardrobe most.” Thanking his partner Erin Boag, classing her as “special” as Boag returned with praise and glad she could call him “her friend” out of their partnership.

It will be difficult to see anyone fill the void of Richard and Erin as a great coupling for entertainment, but it was their time to quickstep out of the competition on a high note.

Strictly Come Dancing 2012 Week 7: Wembley

Strictly Come Dancing 2012,

Week 7: Wembley

Parachuted in, Craig and Bruno were followed with a spiffing arrival of Strictly dancers. Len and Darcey ‘these boots were made for walking’ Bussell added to the glam in good spirits together with a little dance in. “Everybody dance now” blares as the contestants get their opening groove on with an added bit of Whit(ney)as the crowd was electric.

“Operation Sequin”

Saving the nation, one flit at a time. 🙂

Sir Bruce and Tess soon came down the stairs to keep us dancing.

This weeks theme, celebrated at Wembley would be dancing through the decades from the twenties (20s) to the naughties (00s).

Everyone soon breaked into a rendition once more of Gangnam Style, ending with a trademark Brucie elbow. Flex those arms, people.

Soon after the fun and frolics, the first evening dance would begin.

Lisa and Robin


Car Wash – Rose Royce

Glitzy slacked dungaree hillbilly with grease marks Robin and partner Lisa aimed to prove gapping issues with a 70’s Samba.

2 more “hot guys” chaperoned in for Lisa.

Soap up yer glitzy bonnets people…

Exuberant flare and passion beginning strong with a sense of thrill to join in their party. Great work on own and in hold. Very good leg work and turn spins. Positive arm work, satisfying twirls round, ending on a powerful split drop from Riley to a raucous crowd of appreciation. Fantastic moves and grooves in this. Excellent opener, hard to follow that up. Proved to be a contender once again. Could snare that glitterball.

Bruce told us Darce and Craig last week made up over an Indian and Len could murder an Italian. It wasn’t a pizza and delivery boy Vincent that Darcey went for.

Len started with – Headlamps gleaming, would like bit more polish in technique, performance level is great you make ev1 feel fabulous. Work on finesse. BT- funky frisky and /…. Personality. Play for size, public loved and so did I. CRH – Bold and beeuu-tifulll. Hoever, lost bit of timing. Small thing.

DB – Groove to a Samba never seen before. Set that scene, use bend in knees to create bounce.

8, 8, 8, 8


Nicky and Karen


Jailhouse Rock – Elvis Presley

“Raucous lot – you lot” says Brucie. “Be noisy and be raucous!”

Table start good getting into dance theme. Most demanding dance on SCD. Lost bit pace getting back into hold. Fair kick steps. Fair but flimsy arms extended up where aeroplaning. Lazy hands after on left upping. Slide into Jail. Locked up. Tried and did fair, but again, a demanding dance for anyone the Jive, and for good reason. They tried, but not as great as could have been. Still a little backward in coming forward.

BT – everybody loves a rebel. Pumped to rock n roll. Kicks and flicks need be more accurate. Performance one of your best. CRH – all very flat footed, appeared  stompy, no retraction in any of your flicks. Straighten legs d-h-arling on jumps. Loved energy, character.

DB – Great Jive. Style energy, worked hard, something wrong with those kicks, missing retraction. Stretch hamstrings. Wonderful performance, love it. LG – saw totally diff side, quick slick and kicks and tricks. Flavour wasn’t jive was rock n roll,

But then, that goes against the whole dance, doesn’t it? If we use that basis for critique.

6, 8, 8, 8


Denise and James


Walk Like an Egyptian – The Bangles

Cleopatra and explorer themed.  Enter on throne. Good arms and bounce extending. Knees high on travelling round. Over on head lift, with swishy wave rather slowed down, despite the technique very good, second lift up in starfish position. Great character and theme, but lost pace in some areas.

CRH – that is best Charleston ever seen on strictly. DB – such a polished performance. Choreography brilliant. Detail, clean fabulous. LG – Dance of series so far. BT – Queen Nefer-titi… Jewel of crown.

9, 10, 10, 10


Sorry, I do like the progress Denise and James have made in hard work, but has everyone lost the plot? I will not be unprofessional with bias. I am credible. It was good but it wasn’t 10 worthy, yet! Though very capable of achieving it. Building someone so high also means a come down hard can ruin their stead.

Louis and Flavia

American Smooth

I Got a Woman – Ray Charles / Goldigger – Kanye West

Ancient relics removal. Bruce carried off.

Lifts are allowed in this one.

Lift early with then slow connection in hold, good travel along with hop kicks, careless jumping dismount pause from Louis before figuring next part of routine. Turned into a bassy disaster, Louis show off with an unnecessary splits breakdance. It had absolutely no place in the routine. So pointless, seriously. There is no care about this couple from Louis.

Tasteless vote recieval

DB – tiny mistake, love tacky tricks. Lifts very well. LG – didn’t get smooth part, quickstep with tips and tricks. BT – tricks always impressive, fantastic to watch. Side to side you didn’t do them, all about Fred and Ginger lines; you can do it so well, a cop out.

CRH – refreshing choreography, Fred and Ginge. Though you did very good job.

Talk as much as you, like he’s still wrong – BT.

7, 8, 8, 7


I want to praise but cannot because it wasn’t deserving of. I keep you in the realms of reality, not hypocrisy.

Richard and Erin


Club Tropicana – Wham

Oasis filled with banana hammock boys and slow into hold, lift spin around of Erin. Cross over legs very faint in movement. Slow lift spin of Erin. Boys join back in; Erin tossed to sea on mattress plank as Richard lifted by the beauty boys in banana boxers.

‘Ello Boys!

Throw her a rubber hoop! Pina Collada’s at the ready!

LG – it was a party, well done. BT – HAHA! Richard and the banan hammocks, back to speedo world. Lots of fun. Lighting all through. Fun factor compensated for it. CRH – littered with timing issues, very stompy. Mullipuolous. More liquid in nature. (It’s not in the dictionary d-hhh-arrr-ling!) Rather liked the three boys, took focus away from bad routine. Darecy had a brief chat with Rich who stated – “White trousers belong in 1980s.” Pouted his bum to Darcey, “no knickers?” she gasps. “How’s my pantyline?” Richard asks back.

5, 6, 7, 6


Victoria and Brendan

Paso Doble

Bicycle Race – Queen

Recounting his generation conveyor belt, in a great reminisce, never forget the Cuddly Toy! He done well!

Cables. Bike on cables. Better off doing ET, luv. Brit flag transported to Brendan. Off her bike instantly, making the start of dance pointless entirely. Modern Paso. All Brendan again, no Vickie. Good approaching as bull to matador, then carried by Brendan again with walk along part and turns everywhere. No dancing involved from Pendle peddler. Lukewarm. Devoid of dance and minimal character. Sorry, it was bad. Bad is the kindest word I’ll give. Be thankful.

BT – Balance, try to do something to get right, too ambitious. CRH – he’s right, shoulders creep up. (Childish crowd boo like panto) I love her too, (but) dance wasn’t good. DB – overwhelmed with pace, you lose focus.  LG – pretty good.

Play to the crowd, eh? “We love Victoria” Cheap use of British flag to gain votes. Tacky. Real Brits don’t like that… Can’t rely on next performance. Only as good as your last performance. That’s Showbiz!

5, 6, 7, 6


Len’s score VERY questionable. #Bias

Some fans were upset by Tess Daly’s comments labelling Victoria as “the nation’s sweetheart” due to being an Olympian. Britain respects Olympians, but this is not Strictly Come Olympia. It’s a completely different ball game and shouldn’t gain favour votes based on an entirely different basis as it’s not the show she’s being vote on and just popularity contest, just as Louis is. Sympathy is actually a form of disrespect, when you think about it.

Dani and Vincent


You can’t hurry Love – Diana Ross

Mr. Pink

Spritey pink fluffy candy flossed Dani jubilantly fluttered around the floor instead of limiting to centre platform. Use all space available, goo. Back hind legs look a bit camel esq trot. Losing momentum with tiny kicks of an inch or less. Losing energy. End on romantic dip hold by Vincent gazing into eyes. Was a good dance, but lost a bit of passion and interest.

CRH – Fast, efficient, fearless. DB – petite couple, wow, eat up that dance floor, light clean, exactly what Craig said. LG – about quality and quantity. Loved transitions. Little miss dynamite, fabulous. BT – really my gorgeous little Smurf. Never lost style of classic quickstep. Changes of direction, wonderful job.

9, 9, 9, 9


Kimberley and Pasha


Livin La Vida Loca – Ricky Martin

Pasha is going topless alert! Steady yourselves. Another bare chest contender emerges in the wake of Artem’s departure.

Long train of golden shaul behind at start was ok. Attempting to come back from last week’s unpopular vote in the bottom two. Tried to be vibrant but is dipping somewhat in over trying, perhaps? Feeling a little flat and deflated despite brave attempts to resurface.

DB – core is only thing that’s weak. Fiery party, thank you. LG – if you’re in dance off I’ll pickle me walnuts. Fabulous. DB – love it when you flash it and flaunt it. Get everybody going. Well done. CRH – Full of challenging rhythm, what’s so difficult. Fantastic steps. Just hope people out there are voting for you.

Forget the carbonara, I’ll have a cannelloni Sir Bruce posthumourously relays to ‘Pasta’ Pasha as he waltzes off with Kimberley.

8, 8, 9, 9


Michael and Natalie

American Smooth

New York, New York – Frank Sinatra

Good lines on arms. Good lift up spin round. Shock, Vaughny smashed it again. Catch lift and run back very controlled. Spin round drag floor good. Excellent musicality, lift strong should aeroplane hold. Gentlemanly gold strong.

LG – proper production. BT – incredible value. Really sold it. Couple of moments, your face thought you were gonna drop her. Fitting finale. CRH – what an improvement. From the dance gutters, da-h-rling to THAT! Fantastic. DB – gave me the glamour of Fred (Astaire) and Ginger (Rogers). Perfect. Amazing. Brilliant performance.

Revelation what you’ve done with this man – BF.

Excellent work!

9, 9, 9, 8


We understand Bruno. It was a bit off in parts, but overall for us, tipped it, and we went for 9 instead.

Unfortunately tonight’s SCD was a tad ‘off.’ An excellent opener with a great start then had bits in between where all dances were either overhyped, missing a little something or favourably marked considerably higher than they should have received. When the show goes ‘grand’ over at Wembley Stadium, there is no denying it treats it sufficiently and goes all out for that spectacular. It should, but in hindsight, when it does, it shelves performances somehow in the underlying somewhere in the mix of Strictly’s fabric. Hopefully, the couples, crew and public will see a different side next week, with ever more focus on the dancing than the popularity. Do not fall into the category of that other decreasing show. That’s the last thing anyone wants.

Photography gained independently from sources, though some claim copyright to Guy Levy, photographer with the BBC. All media is shared in public domain, none intended for own copyright claims of this blog site nor writer/writers. Copyright remains with their respectful owners. Any work wanted to be showcased on this, feel free to message through the contact tab above for more details. We can share your portfolio should you wish. Thank You.

Danger zone –

Richard, Victoria and Dani

Strictly Come Dancing 2012: Week 6

Strictly Come Dancing 2012

Week 6

Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman take hold of presenting duties this week.

Robin and Anton help carry the lasses in as Bruce has a night off.

Claude giving a power flex there. Huuuh!

As we are halfway in the competition, all couples are aiming to make the next week to continue on to Wembley arena’s Strictly showcase.

Artem’s shirt, Brendan’s hat and James’ mesh caused a bit of attention initially on the show.

Beginning the show would be…

Denise and James

Paso Doble

Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes


James suffered a foot injury this week seeing Denise train with him and more so with former Strictly dance supremo Ian Waite.

Commendable waft spin. Denise maintain strong presence of fight. Amicable arms. Force of bullish Denise promising. Splendid sit down as devilish Denise taunts red opening wonderfully tantalising commanding matador James. Kick out adding attack. Catch turn slide to end on gratifying ground.

Showed strength of character, saucy dominance whilst meshed together consistently.

LG – Flair, tear, technique. Terrific. BT- Red menace. Vibrant beauty. Got it all together. Spanish lines with hint of flamenco absolutely wonderful. CRH – one balance issue, sadly, side by side. Drama, passion, out of this world. Strong lapels. Working with Ian, consider swapping partners.  Craig adds, in a light touch.

It is always commendable when a true professional attempts to dance through injury and can only be respected. This doesn’t alter the score, however. Though should think whether is best to sit out a week than strain injury further. This case however, did not seem to be apparent.

James has a little look, we’ll I need some lessons, James if Denise and Ian are busy 🙂

DB – guys are right, great Paso Doble, fabulous.

Dapper Doble Doppelgänger Ian wearing a dashing shade of blue suit and tie with Denise and James when chatting to Claude.

9, 9, 9, 9


Richard and Erin


Pencil Full of Lead – Paolo Nutini

Fun groove. Mimicry of mime with jazz hands into joined steps  bit slow after. Gathering bearings, rather stationary awaiting command. Seemingly anxious. Aeroplane glides were fun. Lift up and leg roll down of Erin fumbly but sweet. End rather cheeky and cheesy. Fun but fumbly. Not enough overall in terms of competition with other calibre stars emerging.  Tentative.

BT – plenty of highlights, bottom slapstick. Must be sore, Erin. Running at end like (comedienne/actress) Miranda Hart for a bus. Bit more swivel, but great fun. CRH – quirky, character driven, which suits. Could have done without spanky bottom. Bit of timing but best dance to date. DB – Fab Charleston, so many moves. Watch flat feet.  LG – teasy weezy. Light, bright, fun, frivolous, did a good job, well done!

May promise a trollie dolly next week. Should he make it the week after, how about a wacky dentist? J

7, 8, 7, 7


Louis and Flavia


Moon River – Andy Williams

Spins. Alone arms to prove something. In hold, no real connection, body language distant. Fair breeze glides after, with dependent spin. Followed with better spin. Yo yo-ing left and right, before human fountain as centerpiece with Flavia circling around. Was firm but fair, though boring and empty. Sadly, it was empty.

Asked by Tess Daly if  pleased Craig responds  – not entirely. Very pedestrian. Got to be rrrrEALLY good at it, Out of time in middle. Wasn’t clear downbeat. Beautiful rise and fall, pivots good, head needs to go left more, free arm gracefully, Trying to find positive. DB – so controlled. Posture. Won me over, thank you. LG – what a load of Bolognese! In reference to Craig’s valid opinion. Len continues – Handled well, more polish. Great! Well done!! BT – Listen to me. You waltz your way into the heart of the nation. Go through it, don’t show it, glide through it, you don’t emphasise. Like crest of wave, never emphasise it. Craig was right in his response. Many have expressed “how dare he” and he was “out of order” to mark Louis, who showed no good skills overall in this piece and dependant on Flavia as he has done for weeks gaining the favourable “I fancy him” vote as a ‘looker’ down questioning how he could give a 6 mark in comparison to three 9’s. Simply put, your “out of order” response is clearly because you fancy Louis and not based on his dancing, which is the format of the show.

Therefore, your response as audience member is invalid, neglectful and contradictory, and you cannot slate Craig for knowing what he is on about. On these occasions, Bruno and Darcey go with the status quo, as Len looks to add contenders as the series ends, with the audience going crazy and caving in to being “popular.” Well, Strictly has ruffled feathers to create a talking point tonight hasn’t it? Len said Craig only “says it for effect.”

Most people, who say something, have a reason behind it when in critique. It is up to those being critiqued to listen and take action to improve if they chose so.  Those unwilling to listen or understand cannot complain at the highest of volume on levels of mass bias. “Louis is so hot!”  That’s the audience between you and me on this occasion. To understand, you must listen to critique without bias.

6, 9, 9, 9


Fern and Artem


You’ll be mine (Party Time) – Gloria Estefan

Can see your Poppy this week… and a bit more… #ChickenFillets

Oooh, here we go… Party Time, Gloria Estefan the mood lifter and, well, Artem’s lifted collar. Will Fern give just as hotter than her partner?

Aiming to polish off Bruno, Fern rips off her cleaner gear to join Artem with a sassy shake in hold with turns and exuberance of beauty and thrill. Slowed down with charming smiley sweetie Artem a wee bit, but good connection with partner. Concentrating on step routine more apparent. Nation loves Fern, but needs to really thrust into the dance with charge with Artem. Twiglet or cheese and pineapple? Always aim for a Twiglet! That’s more powerful than a sour taste of cheese and pineapple.

Darcey said something. LG – came out and partied. Best dance so far, fun. BT – interesting turn of events. Saucy scrumpet. Shaking your boobies and having fun. I enjoyed it.

Not going to solemn faced Craig… Wait for the score… Fern had lovely glitter tights.

6, 7, 7, 7


Victoria and Brendan


Luck be a Lady – Frank Sinatra

Baggage handler bellboy Brendan started clearing up.

Slide on floor to her. Trot along. Close to judge podium. Fair steps from Vic, though still wayward in part. Looks very tense to watch. Lots of tension in body language, presentation and movement. No real connection with one another apparent. Looked a lady. Gorgeous, but still in second gear.

Brendan gives a gift for Craig. A Cobweb with a 10 paddle score.

Happy to be in hold.

LG – quick and lots of steps. Caught every step correctly. Slick footwork. More tone. BT – strong man holding you all way through. Focuses. Plenty of content. Get lost some times. Deliver again next week, good. CRH – Left shoulder raises sometime, lost frame, footwork transfer to upper body. Though moved with gusto.  DB – He’s right, in shoulders. Light footwork, enjoyed, well done. Brendan accepts comments from Darcey yet not happy when Craig said similar. Lose the precious ego and focus on the job.  Then, you may gain positives in your work. Stop taking all to heart, it ruins your core approach.

7, 7, 8, 8


Dani and Vincent


Rumour Has It – Adele

Ring a ding dong…

Lothario Vincent playing Dani romantically in the narrative was a brave and appealing choice from the pair. A lot of routines with dancers have, but most didn’t fully come across beforehand as much to audience.

Attitude immediately, thrust into dance by Vincent with strong kick and twirls, teasing drop slide intriguing doubting Dani. Sharp turn points then losing little dark movement of Tango. Good swift dip turn back and forth, into head lock turns with focus. Spin end having Harmer indecisive at end, narratively. Great storytelling, good portrayal from both and personality coming through. Isn’t full contender as mentioned last week, though is capable of becoming one by next week if continual.

BT – Finger lickin’ good. Start strop, then a drop, drama in between but so clean.  Bruno then Fell onto Len in exciting demonstration before adding – Really enjoyed watching it.

CRH – lovely technicians. Dance finished earlier than movement. Small thing Craig notes as Bruno gets his legs up, in humorous mockage.

DB – didn’t like beginning. Comes over moody teenager, in hold better and better. Loved it. Choreographically fabulous. LG – fast and clever, other parts slow and almost still. Light and shade. Terrific job, choreography (Vincent) and Dani, well performed.

8, 8, 9, 9


Nicky and Karen


The best is yet to come – Michael Buble

I do like Karen’s free, fun and feisty attitude, so incorporate that into the dance whilst unlocking Nicky’s own persona. See how that goes. Got to be better.

In suit and grand theatrics turned into a Michael Jackson / Usher boyish behaviour, which detracts from the tone of the dance as the two did not work together. Very slow walking back and back. Concentrating heavily on steps. Not fluent. Trying to improve. More concerned with his Rhythm stick mic. Karen danced better with that one. No Rhythm donated from Nicky. See last week’s post on how to excel better. Also see last week’s results for close body connectivity issues to overcome. Will be vital to his success or failings. Your choice alone to decide.

Any improvement? Tess ponders to Craig.

CRH – No. Was a vast improvement.  Promising so much excitement, in hold delivered. More drive around floor. Well done. DB – set mood. Missed drive, bit stilt. Fabulous performance. LG – Move more. Flexed in the knee. Great style. Best yet to come.

You can’t rest on your laurels, love.

BT – really did it perfectly. More drive in hold, side to side wonderful to see, can’t wait to see you again.

7, 7, 8, 8


Kimberley and Pasha

Viennese Waltz

A Thousand Years – Christina Perri

Good into hold. Spins. Eye contact. Since Walsh selected a track she felt comfortable with, this brought out the best in her. Minor trots backward in spin and tilt with careful consideration. Proof when understanding the musicality, the dance and indeed the dancer inside becomes unlocked. Like spinning ballerina in music box. Spectacular.

DB – emotive. Really moved me. Extended long neck. Made shapes, recovered well. LG – Kimberley Waltz. Loved transitions. Fleckle, Gentle, whimsical, enjoyed it. BT – Achingly romantic. Near perfection except for tiny wobble. Didn’t cross feet over turns. CRH – hip return and snout hop three time back turn. Delicious Viennese.

Someone throw ‘er a Viennetta!

8, 8, 9, 9


Michael and Natalie


I want you back – Jackson 5

Will it be Latin lovely or Latin-lustre?

Fierce start, sash-ay strong. Mood set. Thrill instantly. Good hips. Mechanical arms with Nat like steam train pistons rotating or a mangle operation. Good catch and fling round in lift. Lift! Close body contact good. Second lift with leg wrap around head. (Lift…) Spiral drop down to end good. Shame. Lifts take marks off. Was good, didn’t need the lifts. Could have been more sensuous if lifts were aborted and focus on more content. Lost one mark from me… Tis the rules…

LG – Content and lifts excellent. BT – can bat for Latin team as well. Lubrication in hip. So much better, almost a revelation. CRH – Ramps (previous winner Mark Ramprakash) in audience, (in reference to being a) Sensation.  Unlike yourself, Craig continues. Automated. Mechanics horribly wrong in centre. Nat got you out eventually. Loved energy and lifts, he finishes.

DB – I liked it. Quite cute. Preparations for lift, confident. Use(d) your thighs. Well done.

5, 7, 7, 7


Lisa and Robin


This Could Be (An Everlasting Love) – Natalie Cole

Cabaret, Victorian era theme with Top Cat backalley, jazz club pizazz.

Good in hold, tight feet from both good. Very steady on feet Lisa. Good presentation and smiles. Fun and energetic routine with skill and talent from bubbly Riley and beefy Windsor. Flew round the floor, with careful charisma.

BT – feet on fire. Pizazz. Minnelli number, pure Broadway, he’s supposed to lead. Wonderful, think giraffe. CRH – impeccable timing, ferocious. DB – worked hard on that. Noticed everything. Love your enthusiasm through. Your best ballroom dance. LG – dunno bout X Factor, you got F factor good foxtrot and fun.

Rob almost had a tumble up the steps, but its ok when the music aint on. 🙂 Rob a tad embarrassed. “Awww”…. Full of enthusiasm. Bless. Don’t worry about it, you did fine.  We have all fallen UP the stairs, trust me, a good 80-90 have or will do!

8, 8, 8, 8


Danger zone?

Richard, Fern and Michael

 Results due to follow next evening.