Final Fantasy VII mini game as App set for release

Final Fantasy VII set to open Gold Saucer gaming to mobile Apps


Excellent news for all Final Fantasy lovers or just the one’s fond of number VII. Makers SquareEnix have decided to relaunch a new digi version of a mini game from the blockbuster series.

Final Fantasy VII G-Bike will be a new game available on iOS in the fall. Focusing on Cloud and Aeris world, the content will be a relaunch of the original escape from Midgar G-Bike mission with a few added features. Jumping and sliding will also be included as will customisable bikes.

The game is set to be released in Japan this fall and will be available on all iOS devices including Android phones and tablets. It is likely this will be tested for roll-out purposes worldwide.

Also in the pipeline are a bundle of unannounced favourites from the Gold Saucer to be develop for App as well.


For Square this is a good decision to move into a current technology while not overly destroying the magic of FF VII. Fans do not want the entire game to be ripped off, however and Square have thought cleverly on how much not to expand on. As one of the best Role Playing games ever, FF VII has stood the test of time. It would be a shame if all of it was unpacked 20 years on for a moment of madness that could ruin all it stood for.

With these mini-games this is a good way forward, but maybe they should get me on board. There are tons of things that could be done to expand the franchise but corporate bosses above wouldn’t understand on their own and may ruin the show. Don’t let them.


For now though, the step is in a contemporary direction which ultimately fans will no doubt love.

So fan lovers, which mini-games from the Saucer do you wish to see? Are we all fond of playing Mog’s House again? *yawn*


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