World Pride: London

World Pride: London

As preparations begin for World Pride Day, celebrated in London on Saturday July 7th, formerly and still collectively known as London Pride, many speculate the event overall, as problems arise on the underlying surface.

In the run up to the event, which will see a Parade travel through Central London to celebrate liberation from oppression in the 21st century, Pride has been somewhat knocked by the handling.

Numerous do not feel proud, nor happy to be at the event, most feel has become a gathering for either all of Soho’s businesses to latch on to boost sales in bars and establishments, dejected from the event, as now being used to highlight to a worldly scale to show off rather than celebrate the country and its LGBT culture.

Some want to go but are put off, also feeling lost or non-important and shutout of the proceedings which is meant to encourage them to join in and be a t one with themselves and one another, from all walks of life in general, to meet people and be united.

For some this has not been the case. Feeling shut out or that the event has been altered to fit with a “brief” of some sort to show to the world what it offers when other world places celebrate.

Many simply don’t know anything about it, what happens and the festivals going on in the fortnight before the parade day nor the happenings after the march leading into the evening.

Pride do not update nor upload any information on what to expect, just a few names for a free concert and the map pulled from Google to show the parade event. Many don’t know whether they must stand in one space down the roads at railings or whether they must move with the parade. Others don’t know how to be a part of the parade or what to do with it.

Without any forward thinking, which has happened for years, many feel this is a big showoff event that is only for the twinks, or fit, buff toned beauties in their pants to show off, and in hindsight, gives the reputation of the LGBT community an inaccurate presentation, which continues to encourage abuse and hatred.

Some Islamic activists also plan to boycott the events around London preaching hate speech.

It is liberation that allowed you to stand there and abuse people, perhaps you should think about that?

Regardless, the biggest hit must have come when Patrick Williams, the chair of Pride London, finally resigned earlier this week.

It seems that the government and officials only jump on the band wagon, once the world does something. As diverse as London is, it chooses to stage an event once other parts of the world do so, so it can say we are doing it too. London used to be able to do its own thing and still be recognised for it.

Accusations that London Mayor, Boris Johnson and his seniors vetoed Gay Rights campaigner Peter Tatchell the opportunity to speak at the event on Saturday.

Mayor Boris, with his stereotypical pink cowboy hat

When questioned in City Hall, Jenny Jones who challenged for the role of Mayor posed the question to Johnson. Boris turned the question around to the campaigner being a member of the Green party. Most have no idea that Peter Tatchell was a member of the Green party, as never expressed by himself, as Jenny Jones mentions also.

Jones, a Green party politician, came third in the polls of seven candidates for the role of London Mayor.

Mistakes to the fiasco causing the head to resign as chair saw Smirnoff and Gaydar, plough more than £60,000 to allow the diverse event to function better, after Pride had not received enough financial support from the Conservative government. The Mayor had the opportunity to rescue the operation, which he claimed was “too late” to fund resources, which many feel is simply a blatantly lie or pass off to cover the fact they simply did not want to put money into an event for London’s LGBT community, liberation, and the most cultural capital in the world, London, currently in a state of Democracy, seemingly. The pride parade costs are claimed to be up to £100,000 or nearbouts.

Those running the proceedings are said to have used expensive contractors, from low support initially. Both City Hall and Pride bookers would not accept responsibility on both parts for causing a mass problem in running the festivities. Stakeholder, financers and advertisers were not included to help support the showcase further. The Mayor did not consult with a wider outreach of the LGBT community neither to gauge the level of detail wanting to be included to stage a solution. The GLA are believed to be demanding Pride to use certain contractors.

It is the Mayor’s role and duty to save and continue the Pride event. Many politicians have tried to cut the funding and allow the whole design to collapse in order for it to willingly fail to dissolve into nothingness. Pride is heading to its 40th anniversary, since beginning in 1972, which will see veterans lead the parade ceremony. London and its Mayoral team gagged the commission from being allowed to mention certain details to the LGBT community and press. The Pride event is seen more as a charity, than anything else. Last year Prime Minister David Cameron invited figures of the gay community who help drive the economy or support charities to a dining evening at No 10 Downing Street, by invitation only. Many felt it was to acquire what is now dubbed “the pink vote” in order to remain in politics.

What a shambles. Add some sequins!

Usually in the parade, floats are travelling though this year, they have been sensationally cut, but one item is allowed! Shopping Trolleys! Seriously! Decorate your trolley my dear, however no supermarkets have publicly advertised supplying them.

The event taking place just three weeks before the Olympic Games highlights a mass embarrassement to Westminster and the country at large.

With such a diverse, unique collective of independent people, unswayed by the mass media and capable of their own mind and decisions, while never hurting anyone in the process and just getting on with it, suffering continual abuse, while we have moved on from all forms of –ism consisting of racism, feminism, islamaphobia, terrorism and many more oppressive situations, the only thing left in the world to truly have an equal society is with the LGBT community. It is the one brushed under the carpet, but the last sole milestone to complete in stamping out abuse and differentially. If we truly live in a world that wants rid of abuse to faith, skin colour or any other form of abuse, surely this should be dealt with also? How can we allow something as big as Racism to become free to encourage Democracy, yet oppress others because it doesn’t “fit” the mainstream, or has are politicians filled with bigotry from the beginning?

Looking very shady…

Boris has barred Tatchell from speaking at LGBT events and in City Hall, which casts a serve level of discourse and distance to the LGBT community and what is really occurring in Westminster with its snobby politicians. One outcome is clear. Pride, and its community need to move forward rather than quietly trying to let it come into problems to use as an excuse to say that after 40 years, it can ‘quietly dissolve’ and disappear. The LGBT community are the most passionate, caring and supportive people in the world. They help charities and others, they support people in trouble. If you were dying on the street, they would wait with you, help nurse you and look after you instead of others who blindly look, leave or disappear and ignore. Many are individuals with their own mind who don’t follow crowds and contribute to society peacefully, supportively and democratically. If we were to loose this, to the street hatred we have now, encouraging mob culture, destruction and a lack in morals, we would all lose what London and the UK supposedly, truly stands for.

London Mayor 20…

London Mayor 2012: Who to vote for?

An early lead last week showed Labour candidate Ken Livingstone only behind by a minut number.

So it seems the country/London are choosing Ken? Why would you vote for Ken? Boris Johnson for the Conservative party, also standing to retain his crown believes his main opposition to be a liar,  having constant rows with him and dropping the fabled F bomb in a confrontation in a lift after a radio show  near two weeks ago.

Supporter of the labour party Lord Sugar even stated in The Sun newspaper last week that Ken was “egotistical” and felt to be a bad fit for the party as its main candidate.

The reason Ken was chosen was because he was the only name who could possibly match Boris in terms of a political spectrum that is in an entertainment-esq field in terms of personality.

I have a vote. I shall be voting. Who for?

My original choice of Liberal Democrats Brian Paddick has waivered. As a student in his first year at a London University, coming from a poor background which Conservative’s would say is middle class to avoid helping my situation and unable to fund most things in my life. Whilst being skilled, yet unemployed, I have not cast him into the ‘Nick Clegg’ camp, which saw a backtrack on manifesto ethics on student fees.

Asking Mr.Paddick on social networking site, Facebook for an interview some months ago, to drum up journalistic support for Bri wasn’t answered. His profile picture changed a day after.

What it did signal to me was one thing. Not that I didn’t get an interview, but for the fact that it proved he wasn’t serious about his career as Mayor.

I live in a poor household that is not my own, though our area is a Conservative led one, in North East London/Essex, just outside of London. Crime has started to increase, with next door neighbour burglaries and a string down our road. My father’s range rover was stolen at 4am in the night and possibly melted down for scrap. It was outside our front door. The police gave us some forms. Since, the police have not bothered to investigate and dropped the case in a disgrace of ‘support’.

Boris claims he will change policing for the better. We never had much trouble at all in our area, though it seems the figures are slipping all over.

My family are going to vote for Boris. Am I?

Boris’ 9 point plan mentions nothing about fares and funding for students, let alone mature ones.

Everyone loves Boris. I do too. He’s a real person, down with it and a right ol’ laugh. I love how he sticks it to everyone in his meetings at town hall. This is not a ‘vote for your mate down the pub’ moment though, is it?

My choice is down to – Travel (Underground to London), Income/Job options. I am in the lines of media and Journalism, though most are not open for any ‘feet in the door’ so what are your options for me, other than to sit and fester into a pool of nothingness?

I can contribute to London’s economy, create a new lease of life in Journalism and print media and many more, but I currently am further away from these options due to the government and the mayor of London.

I cannot live near my Uni because they do not offer housing, which is shambolic. I can’t barely live outside of my parent’s house, let alone get a flat, nor even move to London closer to campus.

These are fundamental issues that need addressing and given opportunity to help make tomorrow’s professional’s today.

Ken Livingstone is a shrewd, cunning and dirty politician. He will do anything to win. He will cling onto any form of power at the last attempt. He is drab, monotone and annoying. He looks like he can’t be arsed.

However, we do not need to like Ken. The job of mayor is to do the job and give the member of London and around/visiting the most cultural capital in all of the world the chance to live their life with chances to breakout of hardship and have help that supports people in London and allowing them to be re-humanised into living life and achieving goals, or even able to buy the weekly shopping at an affordable rate.

I think, on Thursday 3rd May, I shall be voting for Ken! Ugh! Never thought I’d say it. Though Ken has shown to me he is more capable to do the job that I need to benefit me. Sure, he will probably put the fees he is decreasing by 5% up the next year, which you shouldn’t. Though I need to get to London and sort my life out! I am broke and have no career. I am studying part time and full of stress and hardship. Do I really need ever more problems? No.

It will always come down to when you’re at the polling booth.  I may change my vote, but currently I am at an 85 – 90 % red favoured vote. In the last election I voted yellow.

If Boris can pledge to decrease fares in the next day then I will be able to change vote. Though I do not have that guarantee, do I?

Brian is going for the old dear’s, Ken is going for the multicultural student, and Boris is after the suburban middle class. I don’t fit into any category. Though this is Ken’s chance to deliver for me. If you don’t, well…

Whatever everyone votes for, make sure you vote! Women were not allowed, many died for it, and others who don’t vote allow your vote to automatically go to the party in power. I encourage everyone to vote in future elections against the big two parties fighting one another, though in this case, only those two have put manifesto’s forward that are in tune with Londoner’s needs and not what is best for London for people in Europe looking with neglect.

7 candidates are standing. 1 disgraceful party (BNP), a bigoted one (UKIP), some random lady (that’s how the public view it, not me), Jenny Jones for the Green’s (No-chance) and the main three.

We would welcome any candidate willing to be interviewed here on the site, should you want to.

Thank You, and happy voting!