Recipe: Home-made Lemonade

Home-made Lemonade



200g/ 7oz Caster Sugar

850ml / 11/2 pint (Chilled) Still / Sparking Water

150ml / 1/2 pint hot water from the kettle

6 Lemons

Mint leaves (Optional)

Ice (Plenty of it)

Preparation and completion time – 10 minutes.


Every thought how to make your own Lemonade? Need an easy, healthier and more affordable summer/heatwave drink? Then here’s how.

Average cost

Under £10 pounds, maybe even £5


1) Pour the sugar in a heatproof bowl and add hot water from the kettle. Add in stilled water. Stir to dissolve the sugar then set aside to cool.


2) Roll out your lemons on a worktop or surface as this helps release the juice. Cut the lemon in half and squeeze out the juice. 250ml/9fl oz will do if your measuring. Use a colander if you want to remove the pips all in one, than individually.




3) Pour the lemon juice into a tall jug or pitcher, if you have one.


4) Pour in the sugar syrup mixture, which should be clear now.


5) Add lemon slices to dress jug mixture for extra flavour or in your glass, you decide.

6) Add fresh Mint leaves if you have them for added taste.


7) Put your feet up, relax and chill in the garden, at no extra cost.

Move over Fanny Craddock, there’s a new people’s chef in town! 🙂

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