Voice UK Series 2 winner crowned

After last night’s final of the second series, The Voice UK crowned its winner.


Stunning the competition with her sensual and tender vocals, Andrea Begley, 27, from County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, won the contest over favourite Leah McFall, Mike Ward and Matt Henry.


Final Four. Winner Andrea, country singer Mike, will.i.am lookalike Matt and frizzy diva Leah

Many instantly stated Andrea won due to a sympathy vote for being partially blind, however this is not the case. The reason she beat others was down to area code. As often shows do, they vote based on who they like, or where they are from. With a whole country behind her, Andrea shocked the show but did deserve to win as a credible artist.

It wasn’t her condition, it was because she was Irish. Now, before anyone suggests ‘Irophobia’ I have had and do have friends who are Irish, get on well with them and not stigmatising the paddy’s. I love the paddy’s and they love me. However this is the way reality TV works. Producers know that voting on one demographic will line their pockets with gold and it always happens on X-Factor, for example. Eoghan Quigg and Janet Devlin were two very bad acts but got through because of the votes. Producers specifically pick for this to gain as much money as possible on phone votes.

Proud winner Andrea

Last year Leanne Mitchell, who has since flopped on her win to no man’s land was Welsh. Many were surprised Leanne, the worst of the four in vocal ability in the final of The Voice UK series 1, won the show because of Welsh voting.


Leah McFall’s mentor will.i.am allegedly stormed off the stage when Andrea was announced. Danny O’Donoghue bolted up to congratulate his winning act to maintain bragging rights and be on the show for series 3. Lord help us.


Last year Danny dated one of his contestants Bo Bruce who went on to realise an album now unheard of.

Bo selector. Danny chooses duet with Bo.

My advice? Get used to it. This is how shows work and this is what will continue to happen. Your best chance of no disappointment is not to vote and accept this outcome. At least you wont be wasting the money on the producers gold cash ins.

Andrea does have more of a chance at success than Leanne but fans of the show feel it is headed the same way as before rendering the show pointless. Americans can always do the show better. The show currently airs on the ‘by the book’ safeguard channel BBC in the UK, funded by the taxpayer.


will.i.am continues to annoy the BBC after he pounces on acts that fail to advance to steal them and produce or “work” with them under his record label. will tried to poach Joseph Apostle , of Filipino descent after losing out to Mike Ward in the semi finals from Sir Tom Jones’ team. Will did this last year on the show which frustrated BBC producers. Will is said to plan to launch Leah’s career after being furious she lost the vote. Jessie J also said that “Leah was the winner” earlier in the show.


Contender Leah

Overwhelmed Andrea secures a recording contract as the show attracted 7.2m viewers. Leah McFall’s performance from the show previously reach the top 10 record singles.



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